Broken Promises

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Emily awoke in the dead of night in her soft pink bedroom to the feeling of big hands shaking her by the shoulders.

“Get up, sweetheart. We have to go out. Come on now, it’s time to wake up.”

It was her daddy. She looked around, her eyes trying to adjust to the dark. She was having a hard time trying to understand what was happening. It didn’t seem like a school day – no, she remembered, it was the weekend.

“Daddy, what’s wrong? Why do I have to get up?”

“I’ll tell you all about it in the car, baby. Here, Daddy has your jacket. Put it on, it’s chilly out.” He swung the coat around her little body, covering her thin nightie and then took her by the hand, leading her out of her room and towards the front door.

When father and daughter were safely buckled into their seats and on their way, Emily asked again.
“Where are we going?”

“Do you remember the man that was at the house this afternoon? He was there to have a meeting with Daddy. Well, honey, that man was sort of mad at me for not keeping a promise I made to him. And he came by to give me a chance to make it up to him.”

“What do you have to do?” Emily asked, not sure what this had to do with her or why they were driving on the highway at this time of night.

“Well, see…I don’t have any more money to give to him right now but the man said that if I came to visit him and brought you with me, he might be able to forgive me. He saw you swimming in the pool and playing with your friends today and he told me how sweet he thought you were. You reminded him of his granddaughter and he thought it would be fun if you could come over and play for a little while.”

“But it’s so late, Daddy. Why can’t we go visit him tomorrow?”

“Because he’s very busy in the daytime, he has lots of meetings and clients. He just doesn’t have the time for visits. So I told him it would be alright, just this time, for you to stay up late and play.” Daddy reached over and stroked his daughter’s knee lovingly.

Emily looked towards her father and gave him a little smile, as though this all made perfect sense. She really didn’t mind being woken up if it meant that her daddy wouldn’t get into trouble with his work friend.

So they drove for a little while before pulling into the manicured, circular drive of a very large, elegant house. It was even bigger than their own house. Emily’s father told her that the man owned horses and even had a tennis court out back. This made Emily very happy. She knew she was going to love coming over here to play, who cares that it’s nighttime!

As they got out of the car, the man Emily had seen at their house earlier was standing in the front door. He was wearing different clothes than before. These ones looked comfy, like pajamas.

Hand-in-hand, Emily and her dad approached the front porch, said hello to the man and entered the house. The man, who her father had formally introduced to her as Mr. Ellis, ushered them right away up the stairs and into a gigantic room with a king sized bed, a whirlpool bathtub, two long, velvet couches, the biggest television Emily had ever seen, and pillows everywhere – every colour and size you could imagine. No toys or games though. It didn’t really seem like a fun place to play but maybe Mr. Ellis kept the games in the big cupboard by the bed.

She looked at Mr. Ellis as if to question him about the night’s activities and she saw him direct her father’s gaze to the end of the big bed. Her daddy led her by the hand and told her to sit down and be a good girl, to do everything that Mr. Ellis told her to do. She wasn’t exactly sure what this meant but she would go along…

Mr. Ellis then told her father to take a seat on one of the overstuffed chairs in either corner of the room, which he promptly did. He seemed a little bit nervous to Emily, trying to smile at her but not quite coming across as happy.

As she sat quietly on the end of the bed, trying not to fidget too much, Mr. Ellis crossed the room to a row of cameras that were set up on tripods. He angled one of them towards Emily and moved the others to different spots around the room. She could now see that all of them were glowing red. This is when Emily began to feel somewhat uncomfortable, like something just wasn’t right.

And then the real panic began.

Mr. Ellis walked slowly over to the bed and stood in front of her. He reached out his hand and stroked the side of her face. He then took her by the chin and forced her face up to look at him. Emily attempted a smile, tried to look past the man to find her daddy but the man turned her head back and held her face there. As he brushed her cheek with his thumb, Emily saw him slide his own hand over the front of his cotton pants. Her eyes were fixed on the bulge that was clear as day and though she was young, she knew what was causing the growing tent in the older man’s pajamas. Emily was trembling now.

“It’s alright, sweetheart. We’re going to have so much fun, you and I. You don’t have to be scared, your daddy is right over there and he says it’s ok.” Emily nodded slightly but couldn’t stop a single tear poker oyna from escaping and falling down her cheek.

The man dropped his hand from her face and began unbuttoning his shirt. He threw it onto the floor and told Emily to touch him. Almost imperceptibly, Emily saw her father nod to her and so she reached out and placed her tiny hand on the man’s stomach. He covered it in his own and moved it up and down his smooth torso.

“That’s good. You have such soft, little hands. They feel so nice.” He was smiling down at her.

Then he hooked both his thumbs in the waistband of his pants and in one motion slid them down and off. Emily gasped as she watched his swollen, stiff penis spring out over the top, bounce a couple times and come to a swaying stop directly in front of her face. Like it was pointing right at her.

“Stroke it.”

She was frozen. She’d never seen a man’s naked penis before and she didn’t know what she was supposed to do.

“Stroke it!” This time, he yelled and it startled Emily and she immediately placed her hand on it, wrapped her fingers around it and rubbed it tentatively.

Mr. Ellis sighed and began rocking his hips back and forth as he watched her hand manipulate his engorged cock. Her inexperience was a big turn-on for him. He liked being the teacher. He liked to see a little bit of fear in the young, naive eyes that looked up at him.

Emily continued to stroke the man and occasionally she would catch glimpses of her father as he shifted from side to side in the big comfy chair. He was watching and never taking his eyes off the events taking place between her and his business friend. And he didn’t seem like he was angry with her or frightened of the man. He just looked a bit anxious. And Emily remembered why she was here – so her daddy wouldn’t be in trouble. She would do whatever the man told her to do, just like her daddy asked, no matter how much she might hate it.

Mr. Ellis suddenly stopped her and pulled his body from her grasp.

“Move to the middle of the bed, stay on your knees, facing me and pull your nightgown over your head.”

He stepped to the side and watched her slowly crawl to the centre of the mattress. When she looked up, she saw that now her father had a front row seat and would be able to watch her undressing. This made her feel like crying. He hadn’t seen his little girl naked since she was five years old and now she was starting to grown boobs and was self-conscious, especially around her dad.

Mr. Ellis snapped his fingers and shouted, “Now!”

She jumped and reached for the bottom hem of her nightshirt, crossed her hands and pulled it up and off her body. She was now naked except for her tiny, blue panties and instantly, her exposed nipples puffed out and stood at attention. She stole a glance at her father and saw that he sat motionless, staring intently at her shivering, nude form.

Mr. Ellis moved to the side of the bed and made his way to her on his knees. He positioned his body behind hers and she felt his hands close around her breasts, his thumbs and forefingers pinching each nipple in turn. She could feel his erection poking into her back. It felt warm and a little wet and as hard as a tree branch. His breath on her neck made her skin break out in goosebumps.

He kissed her shoulder, across the back of her neck and soon, he was leaning around and taking a stiff, pink nipple into his mouth. He continued to knead and squeeze the other as he suckled like a baby from her immature tit. It didn’t hurt but her embarrassment was almost as bad as if it had been pain.

As the man came around to the side of her body, his mouth moved to the other nipple and his free hand slid down over her stomach, over the top of her panties and between her legs. Emily choked back a cry and bit her lip to stop herself from calling to her father, who was now positively gazing at the couple on the bed.

His finger pushed between her little lips, her panties being shoved into her slit as he moved his hand back and forth. His body started rocking against her again and the sucking on her nipple became harder and he was moaning now. Then his hand came up and slid down inside her panties. His fingers were soft but forceful as they parted her pussy lips and slid back almost to her bum. He wiggled them and pressed them until he found her tiny, uncharted, virgin hole and in one swift move, penetrated her. He pushed it so deep inside her and it felt like she was on fire. Her eyes were wide with her contained panic. But then the man withdrew his hand from her pussy and his mouth from her nipple and he pushed her onto her back, onto the bed. He peeled off her panties and she was now fully exposed. He came back to kneel by her head and now his enormous cock was dangling just inches from her face. He leaned over her, squeezed both her tits and moved his hand down her body, pulling her leg to the side, spreading her open….directly in front of her father’s vision. She heard a groan from across the room and knew it had come from her daddy.

Mr. Ellis’s finger pushed its way inside her once again and she watched canlı poker oyna as he took his cock in his hand and guide it to her lips. He wiped it across them, she could feel its sticky tip, feel how hot it had become, how red and swollen the head was.

“Open your pretty little mouth for me. That’s a girl…mmm, yes. Suck my big dick. Take as much as you can.”

He kept repeating to her what a good girl she was, how soft and wet her mouth was as it sucked him in, how much he loved watching her lips being stretched by his girth. She would choke and gag after every third or fourth thrust but she promised herself that she would not throw up. She just kept her mouth closed tight around him and let him push his penis into her over and over. She wasn’t concentrating on the feeling of his finger buried in her pussy but she could feel that she was wet down there and absently wondered if she had peed herself without even knowing it.

After what seemed like an hour, Mr. Ellis removed his cock from her mouth and repositioned himself near the foot of the bed. Emily took the opportunity to look for her father, she wanted to make sure that he was still ok with what was being done to her. Just before the man moved in front of her daddy, Emily saw something she had never imagined she would ever see. Her father lay back in the chair, staring at her small, naked, vulnerable body, and his pants were around his ankles. He was pulling on his own stiff cock. He stroked it slowly and expertly and his face was a mask of euphoria. He was enjoying the show that she and the old man were giving him. He was pleasuring himself to the sight of his young daughter being molested by a stranger – her first sexual experience, and one that had come way way too early.

But the image of her father was quickly overcome by the sight of the man lowering his face between her open legs. She heard him inhale and then his hot tongue darted out and caught her right in the centre of her puffy, bald little lips. Her hips jerked up in reaction to this foreign feeling and Mr. Ellis took her by the hips and pulled her body back down and closer into his face. His mouth was slobbery and wet, his tongue lapping at every inch of her privates. His lips closed around her clit and he sucked on it , hard at times, until he would let it pop out and then suck it back in again. Two fingers, this time, forced their way into her as he continued to assail her smooth folds with his lips and tongue, all the while, moaning and slurping.

She had her hands curled into tight fists around the luxurious duvet, her eyes closed tight because she didn’t want to catch a glimpse of anything that her daddy might be doing at this moment. But her efforts were in vain because while Mr. Ellis burrowed deeper between her spread legs, she felt a pair of warm, damp lips close around one of her erect nipples. She opened her eyes in surprise to see her father had removed all of his clothes and had joined them on the bed. He was still stroking his cock and was now sucking away at her pert little breast.

“Daddy, no! Please stop…please. I want to go home!” She cried but neither of the men let up. She squirmed and wiggled to get free but was only met with a more forceful tonguing down below and her father’s tight grip on her waist.

“Baby, just relax. Daddy just wants to taste you, just like Mr. Ellis. You’re just so beautiful.” he said as he switched to her other breast.

His tongue folded around her rigid nipple as he moved his body closer. She could now feel her father’s stiff rod on her leg. He bucked into her, sliding his dick up and down her side. Mr. Ellis stopped what he was doing to come up and join her daddy at her swollen nipples. Each man rubbed his cock against her as he pulled and lapped at her chest. Both their hands were caressing her body, one or the other constantly poking at her dripping pussy. She knew she had to let this happen. There was no way to stop it. She just lay there and let them do what they would to her.

Mr. Ellis was the first to break away from her. He moved back between her legs and she watched him stroke his cock head against her tender outer lips. It slipped in between them and came to rest against her tiny hole. She felt the pressure of it being pushed inside and at the same time, her father had come to lower his now-throbbing organ against her mouth. Both men entered her at the same time. Both sighed in pleasure as Emily took them reluctantly inside and stimulated them with her enveloping warmth. These two old men, taking everything they wanted from her tiny, shivering body.

Mr. Ellis didn’t bother to be gentle with her. He drilled his cock into her, holding her legs up over his shoulders, his balls slapping her ass every time he sunk himself into her. And her father, pulling her by the hair to take his cock into her throat. He twisted her nipples as he fucked her mouth. Her daddy’s penis was so thick, it was hard to hold it inside. She could taste the juice that was leaking from it. Every time she thought she had licked it all off, her daddy would pull out of her, squeeze the tip and more would come internet casino out. Sometimes he rubbed it over her lips and other times he just told her to suck it off.

The other man was in his own world, buried to his balls inside her. It didn’t hurt as bad as when he first started. It just felt wet and full. He would push it all the way in and then take it out completely. He seemed to like watching the big, fat tip of it as it speared her opening. He plunged his cock in and out, over and over while he circled her trembling clit with his thumb. He kept asking her if it felt good, if she liked his hard meat inside her tight little cunt. She didn’t want to tell him yes or no and she was able to avoid answering because her mouth was full of her daddy’s big cock.

Then both men stopped abruptly and her daddy pulled his cock from her mouth and turned and lay on his back on the bed. Mr. Ellis pulled his pussy-soaked cock out of her and moved back to her side.

“Climb on top of Daddy, baby,” her father instructed.

“Daddy, no. I don’t want to do this,” she pleaded with him.

“It’s alright, Daddy will be gentle. Look how big and hard you make me, sweetheart. Please come and make your Daddy happy.”

She was being nudged by Mr. Ellis and couldn’t see how she was going to resist. So she rolled over and swung her leg over her father’s waiting form. His cock immediately leapt at the feel of her moistness as it brushed against him. He took her by the hips and slowly lowered her onto his pole. He tossed his head back at the feeling of her sucking him in, her pussy lips closing around him. His big hands engulfed the cheeks of his daughter’s ass and he forced her body up and down. When Emily seemed to pick up the rhythm for herself, he let go and moved up to her bouncing breasts, tweaking her nipples, mauling and squeezing the taut flesh.

Mr. Ellis knelt to the side of them and pulled on his own cock. This young girl riding her father’s cock was the stuff of fantasies. And he was so close to release…but he needed to feel her sweet tender skin under his hands and around his manhood one more time before he spent his built-up load. He quietly took position behind Emily as she continued to slide on her father’s big dick and he took her ass in his hands. She shrieked and turned her head to look at him. He only smiled and pushed her forward onto her daddy’s stomach, exposing her little stuffed pussy and her puckered, virgin asshole. He let a trail of saliva drop from his lips and drip down her crack, then scooped it with his finger and pushed it into her. He prodded her ass with his finger until he felt she was stretched enough to accept his bulbous cock head. Holding her cheeks apart with one hand, he guided the tip of his penis to her entry. One more mouthful of spit rained down against the opening and he rubbed it into her, his head bearing down, easing her open. Both men could feel her body stiffen at the invasion. Emily cried out and clenched her teeth as the first inch of the old man’s cock penetrated her.

As he felt the other man’s unit rubbing against his own, Emily’s father began a furious assault from below on her ravaged little cunt. He pumped himself up into her, hard and fast and Mr. Ellis dug into her ass from above. Her little body was crushed between the two men, both of them filling her to capacity, both moaning and panting, sweating and cursing. The two enormous cocks battling inside of her. She couldn’t help it, she couldn’t stop it…her body stiffened and her pussy clamped down on her daddy’s quivering dick and she orgasmed for the first time in her life.

Feeling his baby tightening around him, her juices like warm lotion, coating his cock, her father could take no more and with a last, unforgiving heave, he exploded inside Emily, screaming her name as he gushed and gushed into her tiny body.

Ellis kept slamming Emily’s tight, tight hole, his grasp on her cheeks never letting up. He bit his lip and his head rolled back as he felt his own flood of semen rushing through his snugly sheathed cock. He pulled Emily hard against his body, his full length impaling the little girl, and his volcano of seed spilled out inside her. After the last drop had been planted, the old man collapsed on both father and daughter. Three sweaty, spent bodies breathing heavily, one on top of the other, both shrinking cocks still embedded inside the violated young girl.

How long they lay like this, Emily didn’t know. She had somewhat passed out from exhaustion but came to as she felt the mens’ weight being shifted. Mr. Ellis climbed off of her, his limp dick dropping from her ass. Then her father lifting her off and rolling her onto her back. She lay on the bed, so still, and could now feel the wetness between her legs, the two huge loads of cum now oozing out of her, soaking the blankets. She was tingling and sore and could only think of her own bed and her stuffed animals and sleeping for a week.

She must have fallen asleep because when she woke again, she was in her bedroom, it was still dark outside and her daddy was leaning over her. He brushed her hair from her face as he leaned down to kiss her goodnight.

“I love you, my sweet girl. You made Daddy so happy tonight. And I know you’ll make Daddy happy again, very very soon. Sweet dreams, Emily.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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