Broken Routine Ch. 02

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The men had met in an online chat room. They were exploring, and curious about their sexuality. They had no idea that they already knew each other. But that’s where it all began.

They had been talking back and forth for about two months now, and sending each other pictures depicting sexual content. Soon, they started to plan out a meeting so they could meet in person. They had to be careful, though. They were both married men. They didn’t want this to get out. If their wives found out, they would both get into serious trouble. Their wives might dump them. So, for the first meeting, they decided they were going to just go out for lunch. That’s when it happened.

Brad and Rick both arrived at the Carl’s Junior at the same time. They were both on foot, since they didn’t want anyone from their work following their cars. They walked in within two and a half minutes of each other. Rick ordered after Brad. They both went to sit at different tables. At exactly the same time, they both stood up and looked around. Rick pulled a rose out of his pocket, and so did Brad. They didn’t see the other, until they both spotted the roses.

“Oh…, my…, God.” They both gasped.

Brad grabbed his food, and walked over to Rick’s table. Both of them were blushing so much, you could feel the heat coming from their faces. They just stared at each other.

“You’re Bradl313?” Rick whispered.

“Yes!” Brad gasped. “And you’re RickyG667?” he asked.

“Yes.” Rick said softly.

“Holy shit.” They both gasped.

“I can’t believe this! I’ve been seeing pictures of your—”

“—Don’t talk about it!” Brad said softly interrupting the other male. “I am just as shocked as you.” He said bitterly.

“Now what?” asked Rick bitterly.

“I don’t know.” Brad replied as he looked at his son-in-law. “Did you…, save all the pictures?” he asked.

“Yes.” Rick said softly. “I really liked them. I didn’t know it was you.”

“I really liked them, too.” Brad said softly. “What do we do?” he asked.

“Well, this minimizes the risk of our wives catching us cheating.” Rick said simply as he finished his fries. “Ellen will just assume that I’m hanging out with you because I have a shut-in father who doesn’t want to do all the stuff I like to do. And Ellen’s mom can just…, you know, hang out with her.” He explained.

“If we resume the relationship.” Brad corrected.

“Right. If.” Rick said smartly. “I mean, I don’t want to. Do you?” he asked.

“Not if you don’t want to.” Brad said as he felt his pants tighten around his crotch area.

He saw a slow blush creeping up Rick’s face. He knew exactly what was happening. The boy was getting hard as well.

“Maybe just once.” Brad said as his curiosity got the better of him.

“Uh…, yeah. Maybe just once.” Rick said as his hand disappeared under the table.

Brad touched his own hardening tent. He was getting aroused at the prospect of finally fulfilling his fantasy. He smiled.

“So…, uh…, what now?” Rick asked.

“There’s a big game tonight. You can come over to my house. The girls hate sports.” He said as he looked at his son-in-law. “They’ll probably go shopping or something.” He explained.

“All right. I’ll see you at your house. And remember, just this one time.” Said Rick bitterly. “We are not…, you know. That one word.” He was trying not to say gay.

“Right.” Brad said as his blood rushed to his penis. “This is just…, an experiment.” He proclaimed.

Both men left for work after they cooled themselves down and were able to make themselves presentable again. Time couldn’t have passed any slower if it tried.

Soon, Brad was at home before he knew it. He told Ellen’s mom that there would be a big game today, and that Rick and he were going to watch it. As expected, she groaned, and immediately made plans for shopping and dinner with her daughter. They both hated sports with a passion. So it was settled.

The men watched as their wives left. They waited. The TV was already on the game channel. Brad closed and locked the door. Rick watched as the car sped off. Then, he closed the curtain. He looked at Brad, and smiled.

Brad flipped through the TV until he found what he was looking for. It was a gay porn flick. The men were kissing furiously right now.

“Remember,” Brad said as his face flushed and he started to be aroused. “we’re only doing this…, once.”

“Right.” Rick said as he took his shirt and pants off. Now he was in his boxers. “Just once. Who knows. We might not even like it.” he said as he looked back at the TV. The men had gotten undressed, and were furiously rubbing their cocks together.

Brad took off his clothes as well. He was now down to his boxers. He was so nervous. He looked down at Rick and saw that his boxers held a prominent bulge. He smiled as their gazes met.

“Relax, dad.” Rick said making him harden even more. “We probably won’t even like it.” he said as he walked forward.

Soon, the two men were kissing. Brad moaned softly as sex hikayeleri he felt Rick press his tongue against his lips. Brad opened his mouth, and they both started making out. Soon, Brad was rubbing Rick’s thick meat through his boxers. Rick reached over and did the same. The men stood there, kissing and stroking each other passionately. It felt so natural, and so arousing. This was better than being with his wife, Brad thought. Rick was thinking the same thing.

The men went and sat down on the couch, and watched the TV. The men on the screen were now getting into a sixty-nine.

“Let’s go to my room.” Brad said as he turned the TV to the sports channel and to the weather channel. He flipped it back to the sports channel, and turned it off.

Both men walked into the room, and took off their boxers. Brad lay down on the bed, and Rick wasted no time in climbing on top of him. He was taking both their dicks and stroking them together. It was sending shocks through both of the men. Both of them started kissing again.

Soon, they both started touching all over the other’s bodies. They had gathered a rhythm and were both humping the other making their cocks rub on each other.

“I think I’m gonna cum.” Brad moaned.

Rick got off him, and got between his legs. Before Brad could say anything, Rick was sucking the very tip of Brad’s cock into his mouth.

“Oh! That’s so sensitive! I’m gonna cum, son!” he moaned. “Oh, yeah! Let your daddy shoot in your mouth!”

Before they both knew it, Brad was exploding into Rick’s mouth. Rick swallowed most of it, and held on to some.

He quickly climbed back on top of Brad, and kissed him. They had seen this on a movie once. The practice of snow balling was supposed to be very arousing for some people. Rick and Brad kissed, and Brad felt his cum falling into his mouth. He moaned as he felt himself get hard instantly. They kissed, and shared the cum between each other for a couple minutes as they humped some more. They both split the cum in half and swallowed it.

“That was hot.” Brad moaned. “Having you pin me down, and do this to me is really actually a turn on.” He moaned.

“Yeah.” Rick said as he lay there gasping for breath. “I want you to do that to me.” He requested.

They traded spots, and Brad was on top of Rick in no time. He was furiously rubbing his cock with his son-in-laws, as Rick trembled beneath him. He moaned as they made out. Rick suddenly pushed away.

“Daddy!” he moaned. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Oh yeah.” Brad said as he got off Rick and dove down. “Shoot in your daddy’s mouth!” He moaned seductively as he took Rick’s meat into his mouth.

“Yeah!” Rick moaned. “Yeah! I’m cumming!” Rick shouted as he exploded all over Brad’s throat. “Shit! Shit yeah!” he shouted. “Fuck.” He gasped as he came down from his orgasm.

Brad was playing with his son-in-law’s cum as he climbed back on top of him. He pressed his lips to Rick’s, and they started to snow ball again. Both of them moaning loudly as they lay there, bumping their crotches together. Once again, they both swallowed a little bit of the load before they pulled away.

As if they knew what the other one was thinking, they got into a sixty-nine. Both of them took the other in to their mouth, and started sucking gently at first. Then they each started spanking the other, and found the arousal mounting if possible, even higher. Soon, they had red asses, and were cumming hard in the other’s mouth.

“So,” Brad asked as they both lay down beside each other. “Did you like it?” he asked.

“Only if you did.” Rick said as he closed his eyes.

“Only if you did.” Brad said as he also closed his eyes.

“So, does that mean we’re gay?” Rick asked.

“I don’t know.” Said Brad as they both turned to each other. “I mean, I’m married, and you’re married to my daughter.” He sighed. “This is all so confusing.” He said bitterly.

“I know.” Rick said softly. “We got to fulfill a fantasy, so, we should just not do it again.” Said Rick softly.

“Yeah.” Brad said as he looked at Rick’s cock. “It’s not like we liked it or anything.” He said as he looked into the boy’s eyes.

“Yeah.” Rick said as he looked back. “It’s not like we liked it.”

Brad looked at the clock. “The game’s still on, and the girls won’t be back for another hour or so.” He said smiling. “Wanna go watch the game?” he asked.

“Do you?” Rick asked.

“Not really.” Said Brad as he looked at Rick.

“I don’t either.” Said Rick as he looked at Brad’s genitals.

“Wanna…, fool around some more?” he asked softly.

“Well, I mean, this is the last time we’re doing it. I mean, we said we were only doing it once.” Rick said smiling at his father-in-law. “So…, might as well enjoy it.”

They both got into a furious make out session, and jacked each other off. When it was time for them to cum, they got into a sixty-nine session, and exploded inside the other’s mouths.

“That was nice. I guess.” Rick said as he and Brad walked back to the seks hikayeleri living room and got dressed.

The girls came home fifteen minutes later. Soon, Rick and Ellen left.

That night, both men slept quite well. It was one of the best nights of their lives. They secretly hoped it would happen again.

Brad emailed Rick and told him that this was good, and thanked him. They decided they weren’t going to pursue the relationship any further. They both felt uncomfortable about betraying their wives. Especially Brad, since he was also betraying his daughter. Two months passed before they talked to each other through the computer again.

It was the week of Easter, and Brad suggested to Rick that they go fishing. Rick agreed. They said they were going to go to the river and catch some fish. Brad said he had reserved a cabin for them.

“I have an idea.” Rick said the following day as they ate in Brad’s car. “Why don’t we invite the girls.” He suggested. “If they come along, we’ll just…, not do anything. If they choose not to come…, it’s a sign that we should do it again.” He said in a business-like manner.

“Right!” Brad said as he perked up. “Yeah! It’s like…, eenee Meenee Miny. Only, not really.” He said smiling. “I mean, it’s not like we’ve been thinking about it. Or anything. It’s just…”

“…That’s how the cards fall.” Said Rick filling in. “I mean, we don’t really like it, but our wives are not very good in bed.”

“Right!” Brad said overly enthusiastic. “If they don’t come, we go for it. If they do come, we don’t go for it, and it’ll be a sign that we should lay off.”

Brad told his wife about the fishing trip and suggested they come along. She said no. She hated the ocean, and she detested raw fish. So she said that she’d just go over to her daughter’s house and stay there the weekend. Brad told her they would be back right after Easter.

‘It’s done. My wife said no.’ Brad wrote in a text to Rick.

‘Ellen said no, as well. She said she wants me gone so she can prepare the taxes.’ Rick wrote.

‘Then, I’ll see you tomorrow morning, at the crack of dawn.’ Brad wrote.

Rick sent him a picture of his hard dick to let him know he was aroused. Brad did the same.

‘Oh yeah. I can use this to jack off tonight.’ Rick wrote back.

‘I know. I’ll be thinking about you the whole time.’ Brad wrote back as he felt himself get harder.

The next day, Brad and his wife got up early in the morning. Brad ate some breakfast, and they packed their suit cases ready to leave. Brad had put a jockstrap in his suit case. Luckily, his wife hadn’t seen it. He hoped Rick had gotten one too.

The men met at Ellen’s house a half an hour later. It was going to be the best time of their lives.

They said good bye to the ladies, and left as quickly as they could. They made it to the river, and their cabin. They were going to catch fish, but that could wait for later. They walked into the cabin and put their suitcases down.

Rick and Brad were out of their clothing in record time. They tossed aside their boxers and pants and shirts as they climbed into the bed.

Rick and Brad began to kiss furiously. Both of them reaching out to grasp the other’s cock.

“Oh, I’ve missed you, daddy.” Rick moaned.

“Fuck yeah.” Brad moaned as he started to stroke the boy’s hard cock. “I wanna try something new today, sexy stud.” Brad suggested.

“Yeah?” Rick asked as they both started to touch all over each other. “What’s that?” he asked as he started pinching Brad’s nipples gently.

Brad jumped at the feeling. “I brought along a jockstrap.” He said softly. “We can try the routine we saw on the porn flick the other day.” He suggested.

“Oo. That sounds hot.” Rick said as he bent down and started rubbing their cocks together. “Someone’s leaking all over the place.” He said as he rubbed the cum into his balls from Brad’s cock. “I was actually thinking the same thing.” Rick said smirking. “I brought a jockstrap too.”

“Great minds think alike.” Brad said as he smiled at his son-in-law. “But right now, I wanna just kiss you and enjoy some frottage.” Brad said as he kissed Rick and pinched his nipples gently as well.

“Sounds nice.” Rick said as he turned onto his back. “Come on, stud. Climb on top and do me.” Rick moaned. “I’ve missed you.”

Brad climbed on top of him and they both started up a fast rhythm. Since Brad was already leaking precum, it leaked into Rick’s thighs and down the crack of his ass. They both started making out. Brad stuck his tongue into Rick’s mouth and searched it out thoroughly. Rick was moaning the whole time. Brad was moaning as he kissed Rick with passion and want. He was so horny, he thought he’d just cum right there.

They stopped kissing, and Brad informed Rick he was about to cum. This time, Brad shot it all over Rick’s balls, just like Rick wanted. It was a big load, and they both moaned loudly as it hit Rick’s balls. He sighed as he lay there with the cum pooling up near the place where his porno hikayeler thighs met.

“I want you to climb on top of me, now.” Brad requested as he and Rick traded spots. They saw that there was a stain on the sheets, and smiled.

“Love making is messy.” Brad said as Rick looked at it quizzically.

“Yeah.” Rick said as he climbed on top of his father-in-law.

They started rubbing their genitals together again. Since Rick was covered in Brad’s cum, it rubbed all over their cocks, and some made its way into their stomachs as well. They started kissing, and Rick was the one with his tongue jammed into Brad’s mouth now. Both of them humping furiously. The bed was squeaking as they humped.

Rick came up for air. “I’m gonna cum, daddy!” he moaned. “Fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

Rick shot his load all the way into Brad’s balls. The load was huge, and pooling on Brad’s balls just like it had done when Brad shot his load on his son-in-law’s balls. They both smiled as they lay there, breathing hard.

“It’s time for the surprise.” Brad said as they both got up.

They both went and dug in their suit cases, and pulled out their jockstraps. When they got into them, they both walked over to each other. Brad wrapped his arms around his son-in-law and pressed them both together. It was the most amazing feeling. They both collapsed on the bed, Rick on top of his father-in-law.

“Yeah!” Brad moaned as his basket rubbed against Rick’s. “Take me!” he moaned. “Fuck yeah!”

They both rubbed the baskets together, feeling their orgasm approaching. The feelings were intense. Soon, Rick and Brad were kissing again. Both tongues dueled and swirled around the other’s mouth. Before they could stop and warn the other, the cum started flowing. Brad and Rick became a mass of writhing, moaning, leaking limbs and sweat. It was the most amazing thing the men had ever experienced. They both loved the feeling.

Brad and Rick got off the bed and examined their jockstraps. The baskets were soaked in cum. They took them off, and switched. This time, Brad was on top of his son-in-law.

They began the routine again. Rubbing their baskets on top of the other, and kissing furiously. The bed was squeaking gently as they lay there in the newfound feeling. It was so amazing. Once again, they both came before they could warn the other. As the men shot all over their jockstraps, the kissing intensified. It was the most amazing sex Rick and Brad had ever had.

“I love it.” Brad said as he got up.

“Let’s do a sixty-nine.” Rick suggested. “I want to lick all that cum off you.”

So they took off their wet articles of clothing, and got into the position. Both men were licking furiously, and trying to clean each other as best as they could. It was sensual and amazing. They didn’t want to stop. Soon, both of them took the other’s cock in their mouths, and shot their load down the other’s throat. It was good.

“We should take a shower, and go fishing.” Brad said after they were done. “The girls are gonna wonder where the fish are.”

They did just that. They slept that night like babies.

They originally said they were going to be back late, but ended up returning earlier than planned. There had been a storm. It bummed the men out, because they really wanted to just stay with each other. But they couldn’t. Oh well. There would be other times.

It was the first week in June, and Rick and Brad found out they both had it off. They texted each other trying to decide if they wanted to make plans or not. Finally, they decided on the usual tie breaker. They would ask the girls if they wanted to go with them. If the girls came along, they would not do anything. If not, they would do something together. So it was decided.

Brad texted Rick that night, and told him that his wife had said no. So, they agreed to go fishing the next day.

Brad dropped his wife off at her daughter’s house that day, and both men were off before the girls could change their minds. The drive to the cabin was long and tedious. But it was all going to be worth it.

“This will be the last time.” Rick said as they parked and turned off the engine. “After this, we will not meet again. This is just goodbye sex.” He proposed.

“Yeah. Right. After this, we are off this stuff, for good.” Brad agreed as they grabbed their bags and locked up the car. “We are not gay.” He muttered as they headed to their cabin.

“Right.” Rick said as he and Brad made sure the doors were locked.

They put their bags down, and both undressed quickly. Rick pulled out the bottle of KY that he’d stashed in his bag. He smiled as he came over to Brad and they laid on the bed.

“Since this is our last time, we should take time to enjoy ourselves.” Rick said as Brad saw the bottle of lube.

“By enjoying ourselves, you mean you want me to put my cock up your ass?” he asked.

“Exactly.” Rick said smiling.

“I thought so. No.” Brad said as he turned away from the boy.

“Come on, dude! We’re only going to have this one week to ourselves, and really good sex. We might as well enjoy it.” Rick said as he tried to get his way.

“Is it even clean in there? I don’t wanna pull my dick out and get shit dick.” Brad said bitterly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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