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It’s difficult being a thirty-year-old lesbian in a conservative law firm, especially when you are simply a staff member and not a partner in the firm. Dark suits are expected, even on the female attorneys. This is not one of those progressive start-ups where individuality is encouraged. This firm has been around for more than one hundred years and the culture hasn’t changed much from Day One.

None of that history alters the way I feel about certain people that work here; it only affects how I must act in public around those people. Yes, it bothers me to see two young, unmarried lawyers—one male and one female—do their courting in the open while I surreptitiously lust after an attractive woman in the privacy of my office.

For several weeks now, my lust has been directed toward a paralegal ten years older than myself…and married. Of course, Brooke has no clue that I watch every move she makes or that I undress her in my mind while we chat. She has the greatest blonde hair—it’s almost white—styled in a pixie cut and bangs. God, I want to run my fingers through it every time I see her, not to mention where else I want my hands on her.

Recently, it got this bad. Brooke asked me for some help on a document and I stood next to her at her desk providing guidance. The entire time, I was sneaking peeks down her blouse at the luscious, full breasts underneath. I could see the edge of her sheer bra. I could see the slope of her tits and the impression of her nipples on the fabric of her shirt.

When we were done I returned to my office and locked myself in. I flung myself onto my chair and unbuttoned my pants. I couldn’t get my hand inside fast enough to stroke my aching clit. I leaned back and masturbated for a couple minutes, imagining Brooke’s tits without the bra or blouse. I rubbed harder and thought about taking one of her tits into my mouth and sucking on it. Soon, I was arching my back, stifling a squeal as my orgasm began. I allowed a hand to move onto my tit, squeezing the nipple and causing a second surge to flow through my body.

If I was to ever have her to myself, it would have to be a calculated courtship. I would have to make myself virtually impossible to reject and that sounded pretty daunting based on my experiences outside the office. Brooke actually made it a little easier by inviting me to lunch a couple days later. Nobody was more surprised than me and I was nervous as we walked to the diner of my choice, a place where I knew we could talk without being overheard.

We settled in and ordered, chatting about work-related stuff with Brooke dominating the discussion. Then she asked: “Do you have any hobbies, Traci?”

My ability to be blunt has cost me friends in the past, but it’s a habit I find hard to break. So, I replied, “Well, I like cycling…and eating…and writing porn.”

I’ve always considered Brooke to be pretty cool, but I have to give her credit for accepting my answer with a mere rising of her eyebrows and a grin.

“Really? What kind? I mean, what are the topics you write about?”

It wasn’t the reply I expected, but jumped on the opportunity to proceed.

“Oh, usually couples or incest. But I think lesbian stories are my favorite,” I said calmly.

“Why’s that?” Brooke said.

“Because I don’t think enough women appreciate the fulfillment that can be achieved in a relationship with another woman,” I said. “Especially married women. A married woman is normally resigned to keeping her husband happy at her own expense. It’s all about him. Then they get older and the sex gets boring and eventually they are in a sexless marriage. A woman knows what it takes to satisfy another woman. They give AND receive the type of sex they want and both parties benefit. Simply put: the sex is better.”

“Don’t you consider it cheating on your spouse if a married woman has a relationship with another woman?” Brooke asked.

I shrugged and said, “Perhaps. I’d rather look at it as living a full life without harming your spouse. What harm is done if you find sexual satisfaction with another woman when you and your husband provide nothing more than security to each other? The sex is either dead or dying. Obtaining personal sexual gratification with somebody else should actually relieve some of the tension in the marriage.”

Our food arrived and I watched Brooke eat a little, but more often she pushed the food around with her fork while in deep thought. Maybe this was actually working.

“Do the women in your story know each other when they meet?” Brooke asked.

“Yes,” I said quickly. “I mean, it’s almost impossible to go up to a total stranger and strike up a conversation and have that turn into a relationship.”

“Do you know that from experience?”

I smiled and said, “Kind of.”

After a pause to take a bite, she said, “Are you a lesbian, Traci?”

“Well, technically, I guess I’m bisexual,” I responded. “I had sex with guys when I was a lot younger. It was OK, I guess. I normally didn’t have an orgasm, but they İstanbul Escort did and they left happy. Then a girlfriend introduced me to lesbian sex and I’ve preferred that ever since.”

“What kinds of women attract you?”

I knew what I was about to say could very well end the lunch, but nobody ever accused me of being shy.

“I like mature women. Not grannies, but somebody older than me. Intelligent and witty. Thin, with average breasts…not too big. A little waist and tiny ass. Long legs and short hair.”

I had described her perfectly and Brooke avoided making eye contact once she realized it. I’m pretty sure I saw her blush.

“Are they hard to find?” she asked.

“Damn right. So I tend to stalk them when I find them.”

Brooke laughed, but I sensed a touch of nervousness in the sound. Then she said, “What happens in your stories? Do they end up happy?”

“Every time,” I said. “Both women realize how wonderful the bond is between them and, of course, the sex is fantastic.”

After a long pause, Brooke said, “I would think it’s hard to tell if you are sexually attracted to another woman.”

I replied, “Oh, not at all. What’s the difference between that and being attracted to a guy? You either feel it or you don’t. Granted, at first it’s mostly a physical attraction. But then you find it becomes emotional and that’s when the real relationship begins. But trust me, that initial physical attraction is fantastic.”

Brooke changed the topic and I came back from lunch with mixed feelings about how it went. At times I definitely had the impression I had struck a nerve with Brooke and other times I had the impression she thought I was crazy. Either way, I wanted her and I wasn’t about to give up the pursuit.

In less than twenty four hours, I had an answer to the question of how the lunch went. Brooke and I both get to the office well before most other people. There’s an hour in the morning where we almost have the place to ourselves, although on some days we never see each other. This time, Brooke came to the door of my office, waited for me to say ‘Hi’, and then entered my office, closing the door behind her. It happened so fast I barely had time to feel my heart begin to race.

“What’s up, Brooke?” I asked, leaning back in my chair.

She wore a typical outfit for her—a simple blouse and black slacks that hugged her small frame.

“I…I thought all night about what we talked about at lunch,” she began, still standing at the door. “I’m happy for you that you’ve been able to sort out what is rewarding for you and what isn’t. And I think it’s cool that you can write about that. I just, well, I couldn’t stop thinking about what you said about relationships, especially in a marriage.”

When she paused, I said, “What part, Brooke?”

“Everything you said about sex in a marriage has happened to me,” she said. The expression on her face indicated how hard it was for her to say it. “The desire is gone and all we do is make each other feel comfortable in our routine. There…there has to be more, Traci, and I think you started me thinking about…things. Like how I feel about other people.”

“Sit down, Brooke,” I said, pointing to the only extra chair I had.

“No, that’s alright. Thanks. I don’t want to take up much of your time…”

I stood up and walked toward her, not exactly sure what I was about to say. But knowing it was important I did this right. I stopped before getting into what I thought was her personal space.

“Take as much of my time as you want. I can tell this makes you nervous, Brooke. Tell me what you mean by your feelings about other people,” I said.

Her entire body language shouted uneasiness. She moved her arms awkwardly and played with the rings on her fingers as she talked.

“I guess I can’t get over the feeling of…of guilt…if I allowed myself to, um, be attracted to another person besides my husband,” she stammered. “It’s like I’d be hiding something from him if I let myself do that…even if it was a woman.”

Brooke may have felt confused about her feelings, but I didn’t and I couldn’t look at her stunning face and body much longer without having them. I moved closer.

“I think if you’d allow yourself to experience it one time you would have a better idea of how you really feel,” I said in a soft voice.

I reached out and lightly brushed the bangs on her forehead with my fingertips. It was a first touch, but an important one. She didn’t budge. I traced the outline of her face down to her chin, never taking my eyes off hers. I inched closer until our bodies barely touched. I leaned in and kissed her cheek for just an instant.

“Relax,” I whispered.

“Somebody might…”

I reached around her and locked the door, pressing my body against her in the process. I put my hand on the side of her face and held it there. When I removed it, I put my lips on hers. Neither of us tried to turn it into anything else.

I pulled back slightly İstanbul Escort Bayan and said, “Kiss me, Brooke.”

This time I knew she meant it. Brooke tilted her head and spread her lips, permitting me to trace them with my tongue. I swore I wasn’t going to touch her so soon, but my hands were naturally drawn her to her and I put them on her waist. Almost immediately, her tongue was joining mine and the kiss turned more intense. It lasted longer than I expected.

“I didn’t mean to come in here and…and…,” Brooke started to say.

“And what? Kiss me?”

“That, too,” she said. We were still close enough to kiss again and she said, “What happens in your stories next, Traci?”

“Well, the experienced woman tries to calm down the married one.”

“How does she do that…because this married woman is very, very nervous.”

I responded by kissing my way down her face and onto her neck. I spread the collar of her blouse and moved to the front. Then I unbuttoned one button and waited for her reaction. When nothing was said or done, I kissed the newly revealed skin and opened one more button. Now the top of her breasts and the edge of her bra came into view.

“You’re not helping to calm me down, Traci,” Brooke told me.

“Should I stop?”

A long pause was followed with, “No.”

The blouse was now opened below her breasts and I kissed the inside of her tits, licking them just a little before stopping. I continued unbuttoning until I reached her pants. I lifted the blouse out of them and finished with the last two buttons. I let it hang loose and kissed Brooke for just a second or two.

“Feel better, yet?” I asked her with a grin.

“Oh, sure. Lots,” Brooke answered sarcastically.

I moved my hands to the opening in her blouse and put my fingers on the bare skin below her breasts. I could feel her entire body tense up at my touch, but she allowed me to slide them up and onto the sides of her tits. Her bra was thin and I was able to massage her breasts easily. Then I slipped my hands behind her and unhooked the bra.

Brooke anxiously slid her tongue along her lips and I felt her breathing become short and quick. She was definitely still uneasy about all this. I moved my hands back to her breasts and slowly used my fingers to push up her bra. Soon, I had my palms on her nipples. Brooke gasped just barely loud enough for me to hear. Maybe it was more of a long, hard breath than a gasp, but it was a reaction, for sure. I lifted the bra far enough to expose her breasts.

I wish I knew what Brooke was thinking as I gazed longingly at her beautiful small, but firm, tits. I knew what I was thinking and leaned down so I could run my tongue over her left nipple. Brooke was now back against the door, using it to prop herself up. I kissed her breast before putting my lips on her nipple. Then I opened my mouth and slowly took in as much as I could, letting my tongue swipe at the ever-enlarging nipple.

“Ohhhh, Traci,” she muttered.

I sucked harder, eventually moving over to the other breast.

“Traci, no. Please.”

I stood up again and looked into her wide eyes.

“Do you feel that all the way through your body, Brooke?” I said quietly. “Do you feel it between your legs when I suck on your nipple?”

She could only nod.

I said, “Imagine if I bit it softly with my teeth, Brooke. And put my hand on your pussy so I could rub your clit. Imagine what that would feel like.”

I kissed her long and hard instead of letting her answer. Then I put the bra back in place and fastened it. I leisurely buttoned her blouse and let her tuck it into her slacks.

“Think about what that would feel like,” I told her. “Come back tomorrow and let me know if it is something you’d like to try. Oh, and don’t wear a bra when you come to see me. OK?”

She never said a word before opening the door and leaving, although the look on her face was one I’d never seen before. It was a mixture of lust, shock, and bewilderment. But I believed her when she indicated she felt something. I was happy for her.

Somehow I managed to make it home without masturbating after the short encounter with Brooke. When I finally got into bed that night, it didn’t take long for me to have my hand on my pussy, thinking about Brooke’s tits, and rubbing my clit until I came three times. God, I was moaning and rolling on the bed with images of Brooke flying through my brain. She was consuming my world and even the remotest possibility that we might start a relationship made me…well, tomorrow might tell us a lot. Brooke would either decide it wasn’t right for her or…or… I made myself cum one more time.

I heard Brooke’s footsteps before I saw her at the door to my office. I was standing behind my desk chair, smiling at the sight of her. She wore a casual top with long sleeves, almost like a sweater. I thought, just maybe, I saw a hint of her nipples. As usual, she had pants on.

Brooke closed the door…but didn’t Escort İstanbul lock it.

“I want to talk, Traci,” she said. “Sit down.”

It was a preemptive strike that didn’t bode well. She sat in the ‘guest’ chair and crossed her legs. I faced her in my chair.

“Traci, I’m not going to tell you that yesterday wasn’t…stimulating,” she began. “It WAS in many ways. You are obviously very good at knowing how to please a woman.”

I’m used to my supervisor ‘sandwiching’ negative comments between two good ones. It sounded to me as if this was going to be Brooke’s approach.

She continued: “But I need to know the consequences of progressing down that path. I’m not talking about what happens to the women in your fictional stories. I want to know what happens in real life if a married woman of my age starts a liaison with somebody your age…and sex. What are the emotional costs that have to be paid, Traci?”

It certainly wasn’t what I expected her to say or ask. It also sounded as if the door was still open if I played this right.

“Well, I think that all depends on your mindset,” I told her. “You can persuade yourself that it is basically wrong and is cheating, the result of which will be a heavy emotional cost no matter the physical enjoyment you get out of it. Or you can open your mind to the fact life is full of surprises and that one of them might be that another woman can give you total satisfaction when a man can’t. In that case, there is no cost. Everything is gained, including an introduction to a world you didn’t even know existed before yesterday. You may get several shots at this in your lifetime, Brooke. But when are you ever going to be younger than today?”

I was getting used to her long periods of silence during our conversations. This one was like waiting for a jury to return a verdict.

“But how do I know if I’m only attracted to you for the sexual pleasure?” she finally said. “That’s pretty selfish on my part.”

“Quit thinking like a man,” I said emphatically, “As I told you at lunch, when two women are in a relationship they tend to give and receive equally. It comes naturally if you truly love the person. You’ll WANT to please the other person as much as they please you. It doesn’t always happen the first time they’re together, or even the second. But, given time, if the treatment is fair on both sides, it comes naturally.”

“If it DOES happen the first time,” Brooke said almost shyly, “is that a good sign?”

I laughed and said, “Yes, that’s a good sign. Did it happen?”

Brooke answered, “You told me not to wear a bra the next time.”

She lifted her top just enough to show me she did not have a bra on. I smiled.

Brooke said, “I wanted to make you happy yesterday, but…but…I didn’t know how, Traci. Can you teach me?”

My heart was racing so hard I felt it pounding.

“I promised you yesterday I’d let you know what it feels like. Let me do that and you’ll begin to understand,” I said.

I stood up and Brooke was on her feet before I got to her. She locked the door.

“Over here,” I said, signaling with my finger for her to join me.

I was close to the only bare wall in my office. I had her stand with her back to the wall and then I kissed her. There were no preliminaries this time. We both moaned as our tongues met and our arms wrapped around each other. I forced her back against the wall while my hands glided inside her top. I eagerly found her breasts and kneaded them. Brooke initiated another kiss while I pulled and squeezed her nipples, her muffled moans increasing in volume at the same time.

I pulled up the top and sucked on her tits. Brooke held my head in place with her hand and I took the first little bite of her nipple.

“Oh my God, Traci!”

That’s all the incentive I needed to move a hand to the top of her pants. I found a button and then the zipper. Backing away for just an instant, I got her pants opened. Then I returned my mouth to her breasts and slid a hand inside her panties. As I expected, Brooke was already warm and wet.

“Now, I want you to just relax and let me take care of things,” I whispered into her ear. “I’m going to make you cum, Brooke. Don’t resist it.”

Even after saying that, I felt her body attempt to pull away from my hand when my fingers made first contact with her clit. That’s why the wall was there. I pushed her against it harder and sucked on her tits while my hand rubbed her ever-enlarging clit. It took a minute for her tension to diminish, but when it did I saw her push down slightly on her pants to loosen them and give my hand more room. At the same time, she spread her legs a little.

I put a finger inside her pussy and got it wet. I was kissing Brooke when I did it and her moan of approval was a good sign. I slid the finger back up and used it on her clit even harder and faster than before. Now Brooke’s body was rocking in rhythm with my hand, even pushing out against it as if she was trying to fuck it. I obliged by putting two fingers inside her before returning to her throbbing nub.

I was able to put my other hand down the back of her pants and grip her ass. God, her cheek was so small and round and firm. I ground my pussy against her leg in an effort to relieve the ache, but my own orgasm would have to wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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