Brother and Sister: Matt and Katie

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My sister Katie had always been the cuter, privileged sibling that got her way. Even though we were twins and went to the same junior college, she had a car, a boyfriend, was in several clubs at school, and everyone liked her. She was pretty and well known.

On the other hand, I was having trouble adapting to college. I had some guy friends that went to college with me after high school, and it was OK hanging out with them. But I really wanted to start dating college girls. It was hard because all the girls wanted to date older guys and I was at the bottom of the heap.

Katie never had any problem finding boyfriends. She went out with lots of guys. I won’t say she was a slut because she definitely had her standards, and a nice image to maintain. On the other hand, she never spent a Saturday night alone.

It was kind of hard having Katie as a sister, because she was hot. And by hot I mean sexy, cute, and sensual. She dressed nicely with just enough style to be classy, but with clothes that always seemed to enhance her “assets”. So, I have to admit I used to lay in bed and think about her, and even jacked off a few times. Yeah, she was my sister, but she was also the only girl I had ever seen mostly naked, and she was, as I said, Hot.

So it all started one evening when I asked Katie if she knew this girl Amy. Amy was in school like me but was a cheerleader so I thought they might know each other (Katie was also a cheerleader). She said yeah she knew Amy, and then looked at me like, what are you thinking?

“What?” I said.

“Amy is outta your league, Matt.” Katie was kinda blunt. In fact, I think she liked poking me and seeing me wriggle.

“Why? I mean, she is my age, and is pretty good looking but so am I.”

“Amy is a slut, Matt. She sleeps with all the jocks. But she prefers older guys. In fact, I happen to know she is fucking Jake Madigan right now.”

Katie got poker oyna up from her chair and began changing into her cheer outfit right in front of me. Thinking about Amy, the short brunette cutie sleeping with that hulking bastard Jake made me horny. Watching Katie take her top off made me hornier (she still had her bra on). When she slipped off her pants in front of me, my hard on became really noticeable through my jeans and I could help but reach down and touch myself. Her legs were so long and smooth, and muscular. Her ass was pretty tight too.

When she leaned over to put on her skirt, Katie saw me touching myself and spun around, straightening the short uniform and looking at me accusingly. “Are you leering me, Matt? You some sort of perv? Huh?”

I blushed, deeply, because I had been caught stroking my erection through my pants while looking at my sis. I knew this wasn’t exactly OK, but heck, she had been strutting her stuff right in front of me!

“I… I was thinking about Amy. Not you. I was just… I can’t find anyone to date. I mean, what am I supposed to do?”

Katie walked over and looked at my bulge. “You have quite a lump there, Matt. Show it to me.”

“What?” I was a little surprised. Was she making fun?

“I said, show it to me. It looks big. I mean, if you are well endowed, maybe I could set you up with someone, huh?” Katie had a sort of mischievous look, but talked seriously.

I swear, I would never have done this if I hadn’t been seeing red I was so horny. The thought of Amy laying on her back getting pounded by Jake, and then seeing Katie standing in front of me half naked, I was about ready to blow my wad right then. So I unzipped and pulled it out.

“Oh….” Katie stood for a second looking at my cock, which was standing straight up, rock hard.

“Look, Katie, I didn’t mean anything by it, I was just thinking–“

“Shutup Matt, I canlı poker oyna asked you. This thing has never been inside a girl, has it?” Katie was staring at my cock. I felt really self conscious and didn’t want to admit I was a virgin.

I blushed again. “Well, no…”

Katie sat down next to me and touched my cock with her hand. A shudder went through me. Her hands was so smooth and thin, her fingers delicate and feminine. I cock pulsed under her touch, as light as it was.

With a slow movement, Katie ran her fingers from the base of my cock, along the underside all the way to the top and the head. Her fingertips stayed on the throbbing head of my cock for a moment before she ran lightly down the top. I moaned involuntarily. I was so horny I wasn’t thinking straight.

“You are not bad, Matt. I think you will do well with the girls.” In spite of the fact she and I fought sometimes, Katie and I really did like each other, and she seemed to be letting a little perverse streak take over right then. She continued running her fingers up and down, slowly and delicately. It was a tease and very frustrating, but I didn’t stop her.

Yeah, it felt a little weird, but at the same time, it felt natural. I mean, Katie and I had grown up together, lived in the same house. Why wouldn’t she show me a little attention, you know? So I lay there, letting her stroke gently, feeling myself get more and more aroused.

“Katie, that feels… really. good. I mean… I like it.” I had to admit it. My sister was playing with my cock and seemed OK with it.

“I imagine so. It’s kind of fun seeing you like this. Would you like me to make you cum?” Katie said this in such a matter of fact way, I simply nodded. I wanted nothing more in the world right then, and was willing to risk anything, even my parents coming home and seeing us.

Katie wrapped her fingers around me, and pulled up. She internet casino then spit on the tip of my cock, an unexpected move that caught me by surprise. Her fist ran up and over the head of my cock and then down, pulling her saliva with it, lubricating my stiff flesh. After that her hand began to move faster, and I looked at her beautiful face and body through the cheerleader outfit as she stroked me.

She shifted position, moving closer to me and crossing her long, smooth legs which were exposed under her short cheerleader skirt. Her hands worked my cock, stroking until I was gasping. She was fucking expert at this! She knew exactly what she was doing.

More spit landed on my cock, further lubricating. I wasn’t able to hold myself. My sister stroked faster, my cock pulsed, and the cum gathered inside me.

Then, with a loud moan and grunt I came; sperm spurted into the air, over and over again. I didn’t see it, my eyes had rolled up inside my head as I came. Her hand continued to move and stroke, my semen sliding and providing the best lube possible.

Finally I was done, the orgasm slowly subsiding. I was coming to my senses, though slowly. I opened my eyes just in time to see Katie removing her hand from my cock, It was covered with white slime from my body. She held it away from her as if my semen was some sort of hazardous waste and had a slightly disgusted look on her beautiful face. She left her room and moments later I heard the water running in the bathroom as she washed her hand off.

When she returned I was laying exhausted with my cock slowly going limp. “Fuck, Katie. That was… amazing. Thank you. I mean, wow. I’ve never done that before.”

“Right Matt, like I don’t hear you grunting away in the bathroom once a day.” Katie was fixing her hair in the mirror.

“No, I mean… having a girl do it.”

“Yeah. I figured. Well, it’s OK. It was fun. I mean, maybe some day you will do me a favor. I gotta go now. Meeting Randy and Felice and Kyle at Mickey D’s before practice.”

Before walking out the door, Katie turned around and said, “Better clean yourself up there, before Mom and Dad get home.

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