Brother and Sister

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My twin sister and I were about 5 years old when our parents were killed in an auto accident. And, since there were no close relatives that we could live with, we wound up in a foster home, waiting to be adopted.

Finally, after almost a year later, my sister was adopted by a family and we were separated. I got adopted a few months later but I never knew where my sister was.

(Fast forward to 12years later)

I managed to get into a midwestern college and was studying medicine, as I wanted to be a doctor.

My first year at college was rough. I wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box and I had to work really hard to keep my grades up.

I needed help with my studies and found a name of another student on the bulletin board who tutors med students. I called the number and a woman answered. I asked if she tutored med students and she said she did. She told me the cost and I asked her if she would work with me.

We finally came to an agreement on money and the studies and my first lesson would be in a couple of days and it would be at the library on campus.

The day arrived and I was in the library when I saw a beautiful young lady come in and started looking around.

I watched as she went up and spoke to a woman at the information booth. She then turned and walked over to me. She said hello and introduced herself as Diane and said she was the tutor.

I nearly fell out of my chair. I introduced myself and told her my name was Ted.

Then I asked her, “Aren’t you young to be a med tutor?”

She looked at me and said, “I am a second year student who is on the honor roll. I have been tutoring med students for a year now. Any other stupid questions for me?”

I apologized and meekly said no.

We discussed my deficiencies and she laid out a lesson plan that would help me. We worked out a time schedule and we were all set as the first session was going to be the next day.

Before we left the library, I asked her if we ever met before as she was familiar. She said no and that was the end of it.

The next day we met in the library and she gave me my first hour lesson which went güvenilir bahis well.

However, I still could not shake the feeling that I knew her from somewhere.

We had a few more sessions over a period of time and my grades were on the upswing, thanks to Diane.

During the sessions, we got closer and I asked her out and we started casualty dating, nothing serious, just dinners and stuff like that, with no intimacy, just friends.

One night, over dinner, I told Diane that I still couldn’t shake the feeling that we met before. She told me that she was raised here, a few miles from the campus.

Anyway, with her help, I got through the first year of college.

Diane and I drifted apart as I no longer needed her tutoring.

Over the course of the next three years, I was able to graduate with honors and went on the med school and then did my internship at a local hospital.

Several years later, I was a doctor.

As I vowed to myself earlier, I went back to my small home town to practice medicine. I opened up an office and even hired a nurse/administrator, a young woman my age named Cassie.

Through the interview with Cassie, I found out that she was adopted, as I was. She said she was the same age as me and thinks she had a brother but wasn’t sure.

The practice started to grow and with the help of Cassie, it really took off.

One night, for some strange reason, I started thinking about when my parents died. I remembered I had a sister but I couldn’t remember anything about her, except that she had a unique birthmark that matched mine, which looked like an apple with a bite taken out of it and was located on her right buttock as was mine.

After a year or so, my practice grew to the point where I needed to hire another nurse.

I put an ad out and got a response from a woman. I set up and interview and was shocked when it was Diane, my tutor from college.

When I spoke to her originally, she told me her name but I never put it together as being the same person.

Anyway, the interview went well and I hired her.

Cassie and Diane got along well together and türkçe bahis my business was thriving.

I asked Diane out to dinner do we could catch up and that, we did. She said she was still single and now 31.

I told her I was single and 31.

We both laughed and could not believe we found each other after all these years.

I asked her if she would like to come to my place for a night cap and she said ok.

We had some wine and talked about old times. She mentioned that she was adopted and has been looking for a brother she had years ago that got separated when she was adopted.

I was intrigued and asked her to continue her story.

She continued by saying that she was five years old when her parents died and later, she was adopted.

I almost spilled my wine and turned white. She asked me what was the matter.

I told her my story and we looked at each other.

I told her that my sister, whose name at the time was Cassandra and that she had a birthmark on her buttock.

Diane told me she had one on her buttock.

I asked her what did it look like and she told me it looked like a cherry with a stem but she had it removed years ago.

My heart melted and I told her Cassandra had one that looked like an apple with a bite out of it.

I think both our hearts broke, thinking we found one another after all these years but it wasn’t meant to be.

The next day, in the office, I mentioned the story to Cassie and she turned ashen. I asked what was wrong and then she said, “Ted, I have a birthmark on my buttock and I think it looks like a bitten apple. Could it be?”

I asked her if I could look at it. We went into the examining room where she removed her panties and on her right buttock was a birthmark but it wasn’t the right one.

She put her panties on and gave me a kiss and said she was sorry it wasn’t the right one.

Later that day, I told Diane what happened and she felt bad for me. Then she had an idea. She said she was going to try to find the doctor who removed the mark as well as getting copies of the adoption papers, if she could.

I told her to forget güvenilir bahis siteleri it as it wasn’t necessary. We went to dinner that night and back to my place. We both had too much wine to drink and we were both horny as hell.

We rushed back to my place and as soon as we got inside, our clothes came off and I took her to my bedroom.

As soon as we got on the bed, our hands were all over each other’s naked bodies. Her nipples found their way into my mouth and her moans of pleasure made me want her even more.

Diane grabbed my hard cock and inserted it in her wet cunt, as she moaned, “Fuck me Ted.”

I started pumping my hard cock into her cunt and in no time, I shot my load in her as her hips gyrated.

That night we must have fucked three more times with only breaks for her to suck my cock. It was a night we will never forget.

Over the course of the next few months, Diane and I grew very close and she eventually moved in with me. Every night we fucked and enjoyed each other to the maximum. We were truly in love.

Then, Diane told me she was pregnant and we decided to get married.

However, after two months of Diane trying to get information on her past, she got what she wanted but not what she expected.

She called me and told me to come right over to our place. When I got there, she handed me an envelope, crying.

I opened the envelope and read its contents.

The first thing I read was that Diane’s name was originally Cassandra and her adoptive parents changed it to Diane.

The next report I read was from the doctor who removed a “half eaten apple” birthmark from her right buttock.

She told me that she was sorry she never searched for the truth.

I looked at Diane and went to her and hugged her. I finally found my sister.

Then reality set in. I have been fucking my own sister and I got her pregnant.

I looked at her and told her I loved her. I told her it didn’t matter we were brother and sister and that I wanted her as my wife so we could raise our child together.

I told her nothing changed and that we were in love. I then took her to our bedroom. And, without any regrets from either of us, we fucked that night away and every night thereafter.

The day finally arrived and I got Diane to the hospital and, surprisingly, she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl…

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