Brother Gets Caught

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First, to set the stage…I am 39 years old, 5’10”, 150 lbs., considered nice looking with a body that is decent, but certainly not buffed. I’ve been married twelve years, and while many aspects of our marriage are great, sexuality is not one of them. My wife Amy is extremely religious, conservative, and utterly lacking in sexual desire. To be fair, she was upfront about this before we married, and although it is frustrating, I felt, and still do feel, that her many outstanding qualities outweighed her frigidity. I’m not the most sexually experienced person either, with my pre-marital sexuality limited to two partners.

Our sex life, such as it is, consists of intercourse once every few months at most, always with the light off and always in the missionary position. Amy’s normal bedtime attire is a long t-shirt and panties, and when she consents to allow me to make love to her, usually after much pleading on my part, she will signal by pushing her panties down to her knees, allowing me to move on top of her and begin intercourse. Only rarely has she let me feel her breasts, and she has never allowed me to kiss or suckle them, nor perform oral sex. My penis is smaller than average, at least compared to what I have seen in adult movies. I measured it once when I had an erection, and it was about 4.5″ from the base to the tip; it is also fairly slender. As I make love to her, Amy always lies motionless, eyes shut, and unmoving until I reach orgasm, which is fairly quickly. She refuses to talk about sex, is clearly uncomfortable about it, and I am resigned that this is the way things will be throughout our marriage. When we decided to have a family, the process of her becoming pregnant took forever, but she did consent to intercourse more often when she determined her cycle was optimal.

I relieve my sexual tension through masturbation, having decided that it is preferable to an affair or other alternative such as a prostitute. My masturbation frequently includes use of Amy’s bra and panties from her hamper, as this is the only way I can experience her scent and taste. Even though it is no substitute for the real thing, I have no choice, and it is actually erotic for me. When I first began to masturbate with her lingerie I felt guilt, almost as if I was violating her very personal things. But after a while I realized how arousing these masturbation I rarely have an opportunity to be alone in our house, so I make the most of my masturbation opportunities and will often masturbate several times on an overnight business trip.

My sister Jessica is two years younger than I, and although through the years I had occasionally wondered what her body was like, I never made an overt attempt to spy on her or to even remotely attempt anything that could result in my getting caught. Jessica is not what most people would consider particularly attractive – she is rather plain looking, but her outgoing personality more than makes up for her unremarkable physical presence. She is a brunette, about 5’4″, 140 pounds, and has what appeared to be average sized breasts. Her hips flare out into a curvaceous, rounded rear end, which, though not overly large, is definitely not petite. I’ve seen her in modest one-piece swimsuits several times over the past few years, and have glanced several times at her body, more out of curiosity than any overwhelming desire to ogle her. One aspect of her body that intrigued me was the obvious bulge in her swimsuit in her pubic region; there was no visible pubic hair outside of her swimsuit, but it was clear that inside its confines she had an ample amount of hair. Our family is of Eastern European descent, so this is no surprise. We both have dark hair, olive complexions, and thick eyebrows, so our genetic mapping is pretty conducive to a larger than average amount of body hair.

We’ve always had a good relationship, if not an especially close one, and since she lives several hours away, we enjoy spending time together when we’re in the same city. She has an intense career, and even though she has dated many suitors, she has never married, choosing instead to place emphasis on her work life. She enjoys letting loose occasionally, and will often encourage me to lighten up as well, knowing that my wife is not exactly a great deal of fun.

A relative’s wedding brought us to the same city in another part of the state recently, and to save on my expenses, we agreed to share a hotel room; the rest of my family was not attending so that we could keep costs down. We had done this a couple of times previously over the past decade, and it worked out well. We both respected each other’s privacy, had a good series of chats, and welcomed the chance to spend some more time together.

At the time of the wedding, it had been several months since my wife and I had had intercourse. My frustration had built up, and I knew it would be difficult to masturbate with my sister in the same room. The shower was always an option, but I have always preferred to masturbate in bed, reclining, in a quieter setting. Also, I wouldn’t have poker oyna my usual masturbation props – my wife’s panties and bra – to use, since I would never risk her finding out that I had taken them.

The first night in the hotel was wonderful, with a rehearsal dinner followed by many of the family chatting over coffee. We went up to our room, with me changing into pajamas in the bathroom while she changed in the main sleeping are. Although I found myself with an erection, I eventually fell to sleep without attempting to relieve my arousal.

The following morning, Jessica got up before me to take a shower. I had awakened earlier, but was just lying in bed since there was no rush to get up. Once she went into the bathroom, I recognized this as a chance to masturbate while I was still in bed, but quickly realized that the door to the bathroom, which we had had trouble with earlier, had not latched, and was open about an inch. Jessica must have not wanted to wake me by pushing on the door, figuring that her privacy was assured since I was still asleep. A mirror ran the full length of the wall opposite the shower, and the shower had a clear glass door instead of the curtain which was prevalent in most hotels that I stayed in. My arousal from the previous evening remained, and, against my better judgement, I got out of bed after pondering the situation for a few minutes, and walked over to just past the bathroom doorway, which allowed me to see the reflection into the shower. Because the door had been ajar and the ceiling fan was integral with the light, steam had not completely clouded the shower door. For a few brief moments, not wanting to risk being seen, I saw Jessica’s body nude for the first time since we were children.

Again, Jessica is a far cry from what most people would consider attractive, but I was completely taken by the brief sight of her body. Her breasts are not at all how I had imagined them. They are actually tubular in shape, quite narrow, and they point downward, curving out toward the sides of her body rather than resting in the middle of her chest. Her dark brown aereolas completely cover the end of each breast, with her nipples flush with her aereolas; I had assumed that a woman’s nipples always protruded from her breasts, but Jessica’s are virtually invisible, at least in a non-aroused state. I also noticed several dark hairs on each aereola, which I had never seen on a woman before, either in my limited personal experience or in a magazine or video; even though they were not what our society would accept as the norm, they were quite beautiful to me. Her belly is slightly rounded, with a thin line of dark hair leading from her naval to her pubic region. As I had suspected, she indeed had an extremely large and thick bush, but since it was the middle of winter, she apparently had not trimmed it for several months, resulting in growth onto the tops and insides of her thighs. Again, this is not what our society drills into us as being sexy, but I found it extremely attractive and unusual. Her butt juts out prominently from the small of her back, large, white, completely half-round, and with strong evidence of her thick pubic hair in the crack. I have a weakness for women’s rears, and I found hers to be so incredibly sexy.

My erection was painfully bulging against my pajamas, and after a few moments of this captivating vision, I got back into my bed and quickly began to masturbate, filled with the image of Jessica naked in the shower. Unfortunately, no more than half a minute later, I heard her shut the shower off, which meant that my masturbation session would have to wait once again.

The wedding that evening was a gorgeous affair, with multiple open bars, lots of dancing to a great band, and a greatly festive atmosphere. I had enjoyed quite a few cocktails, and so had Jessica, and we danced several times together. The wedding wound down around midnight, and after a nightcap, Jessica and I went upstairs to go to bed. My arousal was at a peak, and I knew I had to masturbate soon or I would burst, but I dared not risk the embarrassment of being caught. After changing, we climbed into our beds, which were twin size separated by a nightstand. We talked for a few minutes, and I was thankful the lights were out since my erection was persistent.

We said good night, and I waited for what seemed like eternity for her to go to sleep. I eventually, based on her breathing, became confident that she was out, and I allowed my hand to finally move down over my pajama bottoms, caressing the bulge inside them. I hadn’t masturbated in a few days, and the alcohol, combined with the images of all the great-looking wedding guests, increased my arousal to the point where I slipped my hand inside and lovingly began to caress my penis. There was still one more night in the hotel, and I was sure that I couldn’t hold off from masturbating until I got back home. I was terrified at Jessica knowing what I was doing, so I made sure to remain completely silent as I enjoyed the wonderful sensations I created as I began canlı poker oyna to masturbate.

My masturbation fantasies, strangely enough, often involve my wife – most likely because I rarely am fortunate enough to be intimate with her. I think about her body, which is actually quite sexy even though she never wears clothes that reveal anything – her large sloping breasts and cute pink nipples, her beautful rear-end, her taut stomach, the small sexy triangle of light-brown hair in her pubic region – and how wonderful it feels to place my penis inside her when we make love, even though there is no emotion from her. When I use her bra and panties, I revel in her strong scent and wish that I could experience it in the same way as other husbands. This time, though, I couldn’t get the image of Jessica out of my mind, and I replayed her vision in the shower over and over again as I massaged my penis.

Before long, I was masturbating at a faster pace, stroking my penis with my right hand while lightly caressing my scrotum with my left. This soon became frustrating with the bedsheets on top, since I was previously holding up the sheets with my left hand to form a sort of tent; I also worried that the sound of my hand against the sheets as I stroked upward would awaken my sister. But, as is often the case when one is extremely aroused, I threw caution to the wind and, figuring Jessica was deeply asleep now, I pushed the sheets down to my thighs and began to masturbate again. After waiting for so long to relieve my sexual tension, the opportunity to masturbate was a tremendous relief and I found myself in complete bliss as I made love to my hand.

“Weddings turn you on, huh?”

I froze, and if I was able to see myself in a mirror I’m sure I turned white as a ghost. My sister had obviously heard what I was doing, and for whatever reason felt compelled to let me know that she had caught me.

I pulled the sheets up quickly, even though with the blackout drapes in the hotel room, it was virtually impossible for her to see me. In a feeble attempt to hide my activity, I started to mumble something about a cramp in my leg and that I was trying to massage it out. But I knew the reality was that my sister had caught me masturbating, and no amount of lying was going to get her to believe otherwise. I felt my penis immediately become soft.

“It’s OK…I know what you were doing and it’s totally natural”, Jessica said quietly. “I guess everybody does it, but I thought you married folks didn’t need to.”

“I’m so sorry Jessica…I’m so sorry”, I blurted out. “I couldn’t help it, I thought you were asleep. I’m sorry”. I felt terrible, both for putting her in what I naively perceived as an awkward position, as well as for allowing myself to be exposed in a very private situation. In retrospect, I recognize that it must have fascinated her, or she would have remained silent until I had finished.

“Don’t worry about it Steve…there’s nothing to apologize for.”

“But this was so rude of me. I’m really sorry and I’m really embarrassed.” For whatever reason, I found myself starting to reveal intensely personal things that to this point were strictly between my wife and I. “It’s just that it’s been a real long time since Amy and I have…you know…been intimate.”

“You don’t need to be embarrassed, and stop saying you’re sorry. I’m the one that should be sorry because I made you uncomfortable – and I’m sorry that your sex life with Amy isn’t great.”

“She has a lot going on with the kids and everything, but I love her a lot. She just isn’t very sexual, which frustrates me.” I couldn’t believe I was actually telling my sister all this, but the alcohol from the wedding had loosened me up quite a bit. “So I wind up doing this a lot.”

“When was the last time you and Amy made love?”, Jessica asked.

I was embarrassed to answer completely truthfully. “A few weeks ago.”

“Wow. That would be frustrating. If it makes you feel any better, it’s been a long time for me too, and I sometimes do the same thing you were doing. Maybe that’s why I said something when I heard you…I sometimes think that I’m the only one on earth who needs to take care of my own needs.”

The thought of Jessica masturbating was so out of my realm of normalcy that I couldn’t even begin to gather and organize my thoughts. We were being so open with each other, so vulnerable, that my total embarrassment of a few moments earlier were being replaced by a closeness to Jessica that was amazing. For a moment, I felt a twinge of guilt about spying on her that morning.

“No, you’re not the only one, as you can see”, I said, hoping to add a little levity to the situation. “I need to do it a lot, but it’s hard to find time at home since Amy and the kids are always around. I should have just waited until I got home instead of doing it here.”

“From the sound of your sex life, you probably couldn’t wait that long anyway”, Amy joked. I was glad the conversation was lightening up a bit, since it helped to reduce my embarrassment.

“What internet casino do you think about when you do it”, Jessica asked. This situation was turning much more intense very rapidly and was making me nervous, even with the alcohol loosening my inhibitions.

“Um, Amy I guess. Her body. That kind of thing.” It was difficult forming coherent thoughts at this point.

“I can understand that…Amy has a nice body. What excites you the most about her?”

This was getting really personal. “Her breasts I guess, and her butt.”

I was shocked by what she said next. “Do you need to finish up what you were doing so you’re not in agony?”

Masturbating in the same room as my sister, with her fully aware of what I was doing, was beyond comprehension. “Uh, I think I’ll wait until there’s a better time.”

“Steve, I feel bad that I embarrassed you, and I know that it can hurt if you stop before you’re done, so I understand completely if you want to just go ahead and finish. I can’t even see you, and you’ll feel better when you’re done. We’ve already shared personal stuff with each other, so this isn’t really anything too unusual”.

The reality was that my penis was completely flaccid, caused by the shock of getting caught; my embarrassment was preventing me from achieving an erection again even though our talk had been arousing in its intimate detail. “I don’t think so…it’s too weird for me…but thanks for being so understanding”.

Jessica persisted, and I began to get a sense that this was arousing for her also. “Just picture that it’s Amy here with you instead of me, if that makes you feel better. I’m sure you guys have done this in front of each other before”. I didn’t dare tell her how frigid Amy really was, and that mutual masturbation was something she would never do in a million years. “Besides, you’ll never be able to go to sleep with a big hard-on anyway”.

Hearing my sister use a graphic sexual term for the first time in this conversation – in fact, for the first time ever that I can recall – was instantly catalyzing for me. I felt my penis begin to achieve erection again, and in no more than a few moments I was at full hardness. I thanked my lucky stars that she couldn’t see the small size of my erection.

I sighed deeply, and didn’t really know what to say, even though, in an instant, I gave myself the mental go-ahead to begin masturbating again. Although I had pulled the sheets up over me when she caught me, I hadn’t pulled my pajama bottoms back up yet. I slid my hand down over my penis and felt its hardness, which emboldened me further to take this beyond where I knew it should have stopped earlier. “God Jessica, this isn’t right…I shouldn’t be doing this,” I said as I began to caress myself again.

“Relax and think about Amy and how much you love her. Think about her body and how much she turns you on. I’d love to have a body like Amy’s”. Jessica was clearly trying to arouse me and get me comfortable with the thought of masturbating with her close by. “Are you thinking about Amy’s big breasts? Think about how nice they feel when you kiss them”. If she only knew that I had never had that opportunity.

“Yeah, thinking about her”, I babbled. Truth be known, my images of Amy were interspersed with images of Jessica in the shower that morning. Within seconds, the sounds of my hand against the sheets seemed to fill the room, leaving no doubt for Jessica that I had started to masturbate passionately again. “This is so wrong”, I mumbled even as I earnestly stroked myself.

“It’s OK…just take care of yourself and do what feels good for you”, Jessica said softly.

I was in a confused frenzy, masturbating with my sister a few feet away. This was a situation I never could have imagined ten minutes earlier, and I was on the verge of sensory overload. The sheets became cumbersome again and, figuring that I had nothing more to fear, I pushed them down so that I could resume caressing my scrotum with my left hand. Rather than just hearing my hand against the sheets, Jessica could now clearly hear me stroking myself. I’m sure my arousal was also apparent by my breathing, which became deeper and much more rapid.

“Does it feel good?”

“Yeah, it really does”, I replied with more of a labored grunt than a normal speaking voice.

“Are you gonna cum soon?”

Hearing Jessica use that word was more than I could take. I grunted again and felt my orgasm build and my semen begin to rise. “Oh Jess…”

I ejaculated more than I could ever recall, and the sound of my semen lubricating my stroking was unmistakable. I lay there exhausted, with a measure of post-orgasm reticence setting in as I realized what I had just done in front of my sister.

“I knew you needed to finish. Let me get you a washcloth.” She really is a sweet sister, and her caring actions meant a lot to me.

I heard her throw the sheets back as she got up to get a washcloth from the bathroom. As she stepped out of her bed into the space between our beds, I immediately became aware of an intensely strong womanly scent that must have become prominent as she moved her legs to step out of bed. Apparently the experience was as interesting for her as it was for me…and there was still another night in the hotel.

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