Brother-in-Law Cums to Stay

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Carol had worked the last week getting the basement room ready for her brother-in-law, Shaun. Her husband, Stacy, had taken off work to go pick him up and bring him back to stay with them until the State knew what they were going to do with him. Carol didn’t much like the idea of him being with them but she could understand why her husband felt he had to do what he did.

Stacy and Shaun’s parents had been killed in an automobile accident when Shaun was sixteen and Stacy was twenty one. It was left up to Stacy to be the parent for him and help him through school while he was trying to finish college at the same time. Luckily his parents left insurance money and the place was paid off.

Shaun never got over their death. Before he had been an excellent student and never in any trouble. From that time on he was in and out of juvenile detention until he was twenty. Nothing major but usually for fighting. Stacy tried to help but he didn’t want anything to do with him either.

When he was twenty one he beat another man nearly to death over a woman who happens to be the man’s wife. The man caught them together and no one knew for sure what happened but the man indeed up in the hospital unconscious for several months. The wife claimed it was Shaun’s fault and he ended up in jail, where he had been for the last six months. The man was still in the hospital and the authorities didn’t know if he was going to live or not.

Shaun’s lawyer finally convinced the judge to release him until they knew what he would be charged with. The judge agreed as long as he was under house arrest. He didn’t have anywhere else to go and they called Stacy.

At the time Stacy and Carol hadn’t seen Shaun for nearly two years. Until the lawyer called they didn’t know he was even in jail.

Stacy had worked hard to finish college and get a good job. He met Carol his senior and they married as soon as he graduated. He found a good job and they moved into the old home place. Life for the two of them was perfect. He worked and she stayed home and kept up the little farm. They hired the haying done and the couple of horses were the extent of the lived stock on the place. Carol had a lot of spare time on her hands.

She had wanted to take a job but Stacy didn’t want her working. The truth be told he was a little jealous of her being around men all day. He didn’t need to worry, he was her one and only. She was a virgin the night they married and had never had any desire to shop around. Not that she would have had any trouble attracting another man. She was nearly 5 feet 10 and every inch in prefect working order. Her hair was dark and came down below her shoulders. Her eyes were also dark and were the first thing men noticed when she met them. At least it was until their eyes dropped down to take in her full rounded breasts. From that point on her eyes didn’t get as much attention.

Her legs were long and shapely. Stacy liked to think of the line from the “Pretty Women” movie where Julia Roberts described her legs as 42 inches of therapy. When her legs were around him he knew he was the luckiest man alive. Combine her long legs and a hot ready pussy and a man could lose himself for as long as he could last. He didn’t want to have other men hitting on her, looking was fine but no touching.

Carol had finished and waited outside for them to get back. She had reservations about Shaun being with them. She didn’t know much about him other than he had been in trouble for years. She had only seen him a few times in the five years she and Stacy had been married. She only remembered a tall thin kid with a sullen look on his face and that was what she was expecting this time.

Stacy and she had talked long and hard before she finally gave in and agreed to let him stay. He argued that he felt responsible for him since the house they lived in was actually his also. Even thought Shaun didn’t care anything at all about the place since his parent’s death.

Stacy pulled in the yard and Carol came down the steps to meet them. “Were home.”

Shaun didn’t make any remark, just opened the door and stepped out of the car. Stacy just shrugged his shoulders and walked around to the other side as Carol got to the car. “Shaun, you remember Carol?”

Carol spoke up, “Welcome home.” All she got for her effort was a nod of his head.

For the next few days it was mostly the same. Words were few and far between for him. Carol and Stacy both tried to make him welcome and he did manage to thank them but to Carol it was a poor attempt. He mostly stayed in his room since he wasn’t allowed to leave the place. The tracking bracelet on his ankle meant he was virtually still in prison.

Carol couldn’t get over how much he had changed since she last saw him. He was tall as Stacy but was larger. He had spent a lot of time in jail and working out in the weight room, it showed. She thought he would be a really nice looking man if he wasn’t so set against the world. She could understand how beşiktaş escort the married woman ended up with him. Any woman would look twice as he passed.

Shaun may not have had much to say but it didn’t stop him from looking at his sister-in-law. He had been with women most of his life and for the last six months he had not been near one. Being around Carol everyday just made the problem larger. He wondered how his brother had found such a hot woman. She was as fine as any woman he had ever seen. Down in the basement at night he though about what she would be like stretched out under him with her long legs wrapped around his ass. He had to take matters into his own hands as he didn’t figure there was any chance at all of getting her in bed.

Thankfully his room was down stairs and didn’t interfere with their time together at night. At first it was strange to be making love and know that someone else was in the house with them. After they finished they would lie in each others arms and take about the day. He wanted to know how it went with Shaun each day. “He doesn’t do anything but set around the house and watch me working. Most of the time he doesn’t even get up until lunch. Never know if he will get up to eat or not.”

“I will have a talk with him and see if I can’t at least get him out of your hair for a while each day.”

“I wish you would. He gives me shivers just the way he watches me all the time.”

Stacy moved back over her and she opened her legs for him again. As his big cock slid back in her hot pussy he said, “If I had to set and watch you all day I would be down in my room taking care of a huge problem.” This later made her think as Shaun continued to watch her everyday.

Stacy talked to him and told him he needed to get out of the house some. He suggested that he might feed the horses and help out at the barn.

“You forget, I can’t leave the house.”

“You don’t have to stay in the house all the time; as long as you are on the place you will be fine.” He began to get out more but not far from Carol.

He had been with them 2 weeks and had slowly begun to talk to her. She could get more out of him than his brother. She had wanted to ask him about the trouble he was in but had held back.

Finally one day it came up. “How did you end up in jail for fighting?”

He was so long answering that she though she had messed up. “I didn’t do what they said I did. I was out with this girl and these three men jumped me when we were going in the club.”

“I didn’t know there were three of them, was her husband one of them?”

“How did you know one of them was her husband?”

“The way we heard it you beat up her husband, they didn’t mention the other men.”

“Yea, the bitch didn’t tell the cops about them. One of them was the one that hit her husband with a piece of wood. He swung at me and I moved and he hit him instead. They ran as soon as she started screaming for the cops. I never knew I was in trouble until she said I was the one that hit him. She claimed that she was with her husband when I started the fight because she wouldn’t go out with me. Hell, I’ve been fucking the bitch for months, every time her husband was gone.”

Carol blushed at the words he used. She liked sex and all that it meant but she wasn’t about to use the F word. “Don’t talk like that. We don’t use that kind of language here.”

“Sorry, been using that a long time.”

The next few days were better than before. He opened up more but he still wasn’t getting far from her. The few duties at the barn only took a few minutes and he would be right back in the house and underfoot.

She tried to ignore him but it was hard with him setting at the table while she was in the kitchen and even followed her to the bedrooms when she made the beds. He would get on one side and help her straighten out the sheets. When she went down stairs to wash he was with her. At night she would tell Stacy about him always following her. His answer was to just ignore him; it had been a long time since he talked to anyone.

One day she had about all she could stand. She had turned around twice and almost ran over him he was so close to her. Even at 5′ 10″ she was still only up to his shoulders. It was intimidating to have to look up at him from so close. Being a man, and a good looking one at that, she couldn’t help but feel some attraction to him and it didn’t help any to glance down and see that he had a hard on in his pants. She didn’t mention this to Stacy at night.

“Look Shaun, lets get out of the house for awhile. Stacy want be home for 4 hours, why don’t you go saddle the horses and ride a while. I haven’t been on the horses since you have been here. You do ride don’t you?”

“Stacy and I use to ride all the time. I will get them ready.” He left her to head to the barn. She went to change into her jeans and boots. The shirt she wore was one of Stacy’s and she tied it under her şişli escort breasts, leaving her stomach bare. She did this without thinking as this was her usual attire when she rode.

At the barn he had the horses out and saddled when she walked up. She knew at once she had messed up wearing the shirt when she saw the look that came into his eyes, quickly followed by a much larger bulge in his pants. In spite of herself she could feel a little tingle deep down in her stomach knowing he was liking what he saw. She swung up on her horse, “Let’s go.” She headed off down the lane to open pasture beyond.

It took him a minute to get on his horse, the bulge in his pants made it hard to ride. Shifting his cock to the side he hurried to catch up. He pulled up along side her and they rode on together, neither one saying anything.

The place they were on wasn’t all that big but the land owner next door had been letting Stacy ride over his land for years. They stopped at the gate and he jumped down to open it. She rode through leading his horse and waited until he shut the gate and climbed aboard. “You must have been here before?”

“We use to ride here all the time. We stayed in the saddle every summer.”

“Stacy and I ride back here sometimes on the weekend when he has time.”

“Where do you ride?”

“No where in particular.”

“I bet I know where you go? I bet you go down to the stream where we always went swimming.”

She blushed a little. They went down there most of the time in the summer. They would strip and swim naked until they would get back out and fuck away the afternoon. She liked being naked in the out doors and having sex with the bright sun on them to dry them off. “Yes, we have been there a few times.”

He laughed as he turned his horse towards the stream. “Just a few times?” She fell in behind him and followed him to the stream.

They set on their horses and let them drink the cool water. Carol wished it was Shaun she was with. The water looked very tempting as it was now in the nineties. She was thinking of the last time she had been here with Shaun and the number of times they made love and would cool off in the stream and do it again. She could feel her nipples getting hard under the shirt and knew if he looked he could see them as well.

She was shocked when he dismounted. “Let’s go in for a swim.”

“NO WAY! I don’t have a swim suit with me!”

“We never used a suit when we went in here. I bet you and Shaun don’t either.”

Her blush let him know he had guessed right. “It is different with him, he is my husband. I don’t think he would approve of me doing that with his brother.”

“You don’t mind if I go in do you?”

She thought he was bulfling. “Do what ever you like.” She expected him to stop and get back on his horse. He didn’t.

He led his horse away from the water and pulled off his saddle. “What are you doing?”

“I don’t want to get the saddle wet.” Before she could say anything else he was pulling off his boots and then his shirt. In a moment he was down to his jeans.

“Shaun, you are not serious?” She was in shock. She couldn’t believe he was going to strip and go swimming in front of her. Still she had trouble turning her eyes away from him. His chest was huge with muscles every where muscles should be. Stacy was a big man but he wasn’t muscled up like his brother. She found herself hoping he would continue stripping. She wondered what he had between his legs. It didn’t take long to find out. She had to catch her breath as his cock swung around towards her as his pants slid off his feet.

His chest wasn’t the only large part about him. His cock was only partially hard and he was still the biggest one she had ever seen, even in pictures. She didn’t realize she was staring until he jumped on the back of his horse and she lost sight of his cock. She knew she should turn her horse away and get back to the house, but knowing and doing wasn’t the same thing. She just watched.

He rode his horse out into the deeper part of the stream before he stood on the horses back and dove into the stream. He came up screaming, “It’s cold! I forgot how cold this water could be.” The cold water had the effect of cooling down his raging hard cock. Soon he was back to normal and still she knew he was bigger by far than his brother.

Carol’s tits were hard as she watched her brother-in-law playing naked in the stream. Her cunt was getting wet and she knew it was wrong to keep watching him but she couldn’t make herself turn away. She could feel the sweat running down between her tits and legs as the hot sun bore down on her. She wished it was Stacy in the stream so she could strip off and join him.

The longer she watched the hotter she got and it wasn’t just from the sun. She couldn’t help but think what he would feel like buried deep in her body. Thoughts like that didn’t help her condition at all.

The cold water was bahçeşehir escort bayan getting to him. If he hadn’t been showing off for Carol he wouldn’t have stayed out there that long. He was hoping she would join him but she didn’t and he finally gave up as he rode his horse out of the water.

He jumped off and saddled his horse before he dressed. He didn’t make any effort to hide his cock from her. He realized she was watching each move he made and made it easy for her to see all the good points. His cock was getting harder now that he was out of the cold water. Finally he pulled on his clothes and swung aboard his horse and moved over next to her.

He could see that her nipples were hard and sticking through the thin material of her shirt. Her breathing was fast and he knew she had been on the verge of climaxing from just looking at him. She turned her horse away and he fell in beside her. Silently they rode back to the barn.

They unsaddled the horses and rubbed them down before putting them up for the night. They still hadn’t said anything to each other as they headed towards the house. He finally spoke up as they heard Stacy’s car coming up the road. “You are not going to tell Stacy about today or you?”

She had not even thought about that. “I don’t think he would like to hear about our afternoon.” She hurried in the house to change before Stacy came in.

That night she almost fucked Stacy to death. She was still hot from watching Shaun and couldn’t get enough to satisfy her. Stacy wondered what brought this on. She had been this way before so it wasn’t something he hadn’t experienced. He wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth.

Nothing was said for a couple of day about the trip to the stream. The weather was still hot and getting hotter. He had been following her around the house every step she took. It no longer bothered her that he was always underfoot. He would do anything she asked but he was right back with her the moment he finished. His eyes never left her as she moved around. She had not worn shorts much since he came but the jeans she wore didn’t hurt the view at all. He could only imagine what her butt would look like naked.

The next day was the hottest day of the summer. By mid-morning it was pushing the 100 degree mark. “Carol, why don’t we ride back to the stream and cool off?”

“I don’t think that is such a good idea. Stacy wouldn’t like it if he knew about the other day.”

“He didn’t find out did he?”


“Then he want find out this time either. Get ready while I get the horses.” He left before she had time to say no again.

She wanted to go to the stream to feel the cool water but she knew that wasn’t her only reason. Stacy would have a fit if he knew about Shaun stripping off in front of her. Before she gave it any more thought she fixed lunch and went to her room to dress before she changed her mind.

Shaun rode the horses back to the house as she came out on the poach. She had a lunch basket with her which she handed up to him. “We will need something to eat at lunch.” He took the basket and watched as she swung her shapely ass over the saddle. His cock was getting hard already and they hadn’t even left.

Riding in the hot sun wasn’t all that much fun. They hurried to the stream as quick as they could. This time they tied the horses to a tree under a shade. She moved away to another tree and set the basket down after spreading the blanket on the grass. She looked up to see him watching her, nothing new there.

With the horses tied and the blanket spread it was now or never. Which one would make the first move? It was Shaun. “It’s time to get cooled off. He stripped off his shirt and boots before removing his pants. When his pants came off his feet he stood up and faced her, naked again. His cock was hard as Carol watched him. He stood without moving as her eyes moved over his body, liking all she saw. “You going to join me?”

She didn’t speak as she reached for the buttons on her shirt. As the last button opened she pulled it from her shoulders. She heard a sigh of disappointment as her bikini top came into view. She knew he had been expecting her to be naked with him but she had stopped long enough to put her swim suit on under her jeans. She slid the jeans down her long legs until she was before him in her bikini suit.

Now she was quite a sight in the bikini and normally he would have been happy to see her in it, but he had expected to see all of her and at first it was disappointed. He got over it fast as her tits weren’t covered much and her ass was mostly naked as she walked into the water in front of him. He followed.

The cold water soon cooled them down as they moved around. She was standing in water only about waist deep when he surfaced just in front of her. “You cheated.”

“What do you mean?” She couldn’t stop the smile that came to her lips. “You wanted to come swimming, here we are.”

“You know what I mean. I expected to see you like me.”

“Shaun, I shouldn’t even be here with you now. Stacy wouldn’t like it if he knew. If he knew you were naked he would kick you all the way back to jail.”

“I’m not going to tell, or you?”

“No, of course not, but that’s because nothing is going to happen that gets me out of this suit.”

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