Brother Samuel’s Epitaph

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The name is Brother Samuel. I trust that by now, I require no lengthy introduction. I’m a tall, good-looking Black man living in the city of Brockton, Massachusetts. I attend Suffolk University, where I major in Law. Why the law? Simply because I love figuring out what makes people tick. Why do human beings do all the crazy things that they do. I don’t think I’ll ever know. Maybe it’s because I’m different from most people. I’m bisexual, for one thing. I know a thing or two about prejudice, since I’ve had to battle both racism and homophobia early in my life. And here’s what I know about racism. Far more white women are racist than white men. It’s the gospel truth. Not that anyone else would ever tell it to you.

I recently ended a relationship with a tall, good-looking young Black woman named Veronique Angel. A medical school student with a very cute smile and an Amazonian body. I was really fond of her. And I like to be honest with the people I care about. Apparently, I misjudged the lovely Veronique. She simply couldn’t handle the fact that I was bisexual. Started quoting scripture to me about how the Bible is against homosexuality and bisexuality and everything. I had to dump her, folks. I don’t know what possessed me to tell her the truth about myself. Women can’t handle honesty. Most of them anyway. They say they want the truth from a man, but when he says it, they start flipping out or acting crazy. Bitches don’t know what they want. That’s cool because I’m not trying to get tied down by any female. I prefer flying solo because I don’t need the drama that relationships bring.

The last man I got involved with before hooking up with Veronique was my buddy Karl Gorges. He’s a card-carrying member of the National Guard who works as a security guard at Westgate Mall in Brockton. A tall, dark-skinned and ruggedly handsome Black man in his early twenties. We met while playing varsity football at Brockton Community High School. Fast forward half a decade, I’m in law school and publishing bisexual-themed urban erotica books online while he’s a career military man. I think I’ve always loved Karl. He’s always been there for me. Long before I started doing activism for men’s rights and writing erotic fiction tales, Karl was my buddy and he had my back. If you told me in high school that I was going to become some kind of GLBT activist, I would have laughed at you.

I didn’t feel any bisexual feelings in high school. I considered myself one hundred percent straight. I went to school. I played football. I went to church. I hung out at the library. And of course, I pined after the lovely African-American, Cape Verdean and Puerto Rican beauties that filled casino siteleri Brockton. I wasn’t into white chicks, and I sure as hell wasn’t into guys. I wouldn’t cross those lines until my freshman year at Bay State College. During the summer after my high school graduation, I gradually became aware of certain sexual feelings within myself. Hell, even my online porn habits began to change.

Originally, I only went to the straight websites. My favorite was a van filled with horny guys driving around town, picking up hot chicks, fucking them and dumping them. I also liked another website featuring a ship’s captain and the young men who worked for him picking up hot women in the harbor and then dumping them after having sex with them. Yeah, I kind of liked those porn pranksters. Shoot, bitches always act like they’re all that. They make men go through hell just to get some ass. It’s about time men got a little payback. Know what I mean? That’s what I liked. I didn’t really get into black erotica until my college days. Yet that summer, I found myself watching some weird stuff. Like chicks with dicks having sex with supposedly straight men. I mean, I considered myself straight and everything yet I got hard watching a sexy woman with a big dick surprising the hell out of some guy by fucking him. This stuff was weird but it was also kind of hot.

Also, I watched some seriously kinky stuff which I felt guilty about since I didn’t think straight men should watch that shit. Like women putting on strap-on dildos and fucking guys with it. To me, this stuff seemed weirder than the transsexual porn I was hooked on. I never imagined I’d be the kind of guy who would try that kind of stuff. I also discovered I had a certain Jones for porn featuring big women with big butts getting fucked by horny guys. I wasn’t into fat chicks, so why did big women’s porn turn me so much? I don’t freaking know, folks. I guess my sexuality was expanding and my mind was having some trouble keeping up with it. At the time, I felt really confused. I didn’t consider myself bisexual or gay. I wanted desperately to be straight. Unfortunately, my desires were changing. The only person I could talk to about any of this stuff was my buddy Karl. He was the only one who understood. I’m Haitian, folks. Haitian people don’t like bisexuals or gays. Even in America. Karl was the only open-minded Haitian male I knew.

Yeah, those were some confusing days for yours truly. I think I even considered suicide, though I never went through with it. I’m a fighter by nature, folks. I don’t just give up. It’s just not who I am. I’ve been involved with quite a few women and men. Black, Middle-Eastern, canlı casino Hispanic and even White. I don’t discriminate. Ass is ass. Any woman or any man willing to let me fuck them in the ass got the treatment from my long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. I got a big one and I know how to use it. It’s made many women and quite a few men squeal in delight. Speaking of squealing, my ex, Veronique, was a real screamer.

I smiled as I recalled how we got down in a restaurant bathroom once, during March 2009. It was the first time Veronique sucked my dick. For some reason, I didn’t think this church-going Jamaican-American Amazon was the type of broad to get on her knees to suck her man’s dick. But she was. Sucked me dry, folks. And when I came, she drank from my semen-spewing cock like a thirsty nomad drinking from an oasis. I couldn’t believe this shit. I guess it’s true what they say. Church women are usually the biggest freaks. Yeah, I had fun with her. She was really reluctant to try some things in the bedroom but I know by now you folks know that I don’t give up easily. I got Veronique to try anal, and she liked it. Yeah, I just bent her over, spread her ass cheeks and gave her asshole a good licking. Then I smeared lube on it, and stuck my dick inside. She squealed as I pumped my manhood into her shit hole. I fucked that ass like it was going out of style, folks. In the end, Veronique’s the one who got really freaky. The tall Black chick simply couldn’t get enough of my dick up her ass. See what I mean about church women?

Anyhow, back to Karl. He is my last male lover before I hooked up with Veronique. And he was uptight, and paranoid. Two things you really don’t want in a lover. Karl didn’t like me showing affection for him in public. Even though Massachusetts is okay with gay marriage, Brockton wasn’t exactly a liberal town. When we went out in Boston, he was more relaxed, if only people the likelihood of him running into his relatives was lower. Karl was a lot like me. A tall, good-looking and secretly bisexual Haitian man living in America. I loved him to death. He’s one of a few men I ever let take me. A lot of straight men say women, especially Black women, don’t like anal sex. As a sexually adventurous bisexual Black male, I can say that this is a lie. You just got to know who to ask, and when. Women are freakier than men, folks. You just got to unlock the freak’s cage. I’ve found far more women willing to let me fuck them in the ass than men. I mean, Veronique loved it when I fucked her ass but Karl wouldn’t let me anywhere near his ass. Isn’t that some shit?

Karl knew how to lay pipe, folks. The dude made me scream for many great nights kaçak casino in his basement, and in motel rooms in Boston. His dick was long and thick, and he knew how to use it. The dude pounded into me like he was wanted to tear me in half. He would just grab me, throw me on the floor and start pounding my ass. I really got off on it, too. Which surprised me. We were a good match, sexually. Unfortunately, he was too scared of being found out as bisexual to let our relationship blossom. He dumped me a few weeks before I started dating Veronique, whom I recently dumped. Yeah, that’s my life. I can’t find anyone, male or female, to be with.

For these past few nights, I’ve been seeing this five-foot-nine, chubby and big-bottomed, forty-something Hispanic broad named Leila Gutierrez. And she proved to be exactly what I needed. This chick just wanted kinky sex, and nothing but. We had some great times together. Sometimes, she liked me to get rough with her. I would throw her on her knees, grab her hair and make her suck on my long and thick black cock. Leila was one of the best cock suckers I’ve ever seen. She’s honed her skills over the course of four and a half decades. She’s got talent! Leila liked to finger my ass while sucking my dick, something I enjoyed immensely. Other times, she loved it when I paid special attention to her ass. I would smear oil all over her big butt, and then lick her ass before pressing my dick against her butt hole. Placing my hands on those wide hips of hers, I would slam my cock up her asshole like a battering ram. She would scream, and even cry. She loved butt fucking that much! I would plunge my cock into her asshole as far as I could go, pound her for almost an hour before shooting my cum deep into her asshole.

We got really kinky with each other. Leila loved my ass too. She would buy these really big strap-on dildos and enough lube to last a year. And then she would go to work on me. I’m addicted to strap-on sex with big women, folks. Leila loved fucking me. She would put me on all fours, spread my ass cheeks and then shove the dildo into me. She said I was the first Black man she ever fucked with her strap-on and she really liked that. The big Hispanic chick liked making me scream. And I really got off on being fucked by her. She would fuck my ass until I came, then she drank my masculine seed. Yeah, we had good times together.

That’s my life these days, folks. I’m not dating anyone, man or woman. I just want casual sex with any woman or man who comes calling. Relationships with women or men are simply too difficult to maintain. Especially in today’s emotionally draining and economically hellish times. Small wonder so many people are going nuts. I don’t need that kind of stress. I just go to class, to prepare for a career as a lawyer. I hang out in my city with my pals, and I lead my life as best I can. Don’t need no stress. Peace.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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