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Cliff is in his late 20’s with a muscular build, as he works construction. His sister is Amy is in her middle 20’s, she has big size DD tits and a pussy that is just perfect. Cliff knows this because he has been peeking in through the hole in the bathroom door when she showers. She always faces the door after she steps out of the shower to dry off. It is just weird how he always gets a full frontal view of her tits and pussy everytime he is watching her.

Cliff and Amy are half siblings with the same father and different mothers. Cliff has had it the roughest at home having had 10 different homes and 10 different schools that he attended before high school graduation. He recently decided to move in with his Dad about a year ago, his step Mom wasn’t crazy about it though. They had never really gotten along in the past. But she has an amazing set of tits and her ass is a perfect bubble, her personality has much to be desired though with the way she treats him. At least Cliff thinks so.

So there has been this trip planned by his step Mom and his Dad for a long time, a long weekend get away. Amy has been all excited for them, she just seems extra happy for them, and Cliff doesn’t understand it, yet he has been hoping to get more peeks at her through the bathroom door without looking over his shoulder to see if Mom and Dad were coming around the corner.

Cliff was headed home after a long day at work. Mom and Dad had left off for a long weekend, still living at home he knew that Amy would be home. Cliff walked in through the front door and went straight to the fridge for a beer. He then went into the living room and there she was, sis was on the couch wearing cut off jeans. Bayan Eskort She had cut them off clear up almost to the seam and she wasn’t wearing any panties. He stopped in his tracks and just stared at her pussy, it was shaved so clean and neat. It almost looked like she might have had it waxed. She ran her fingers over her pussy then slid her middle finger up her crack.

Mom and Dad are away until Monday Cliff, she said. I have been saving these cut off jeans just for this special moment. She then stopped her finger over her clit and entered it between her lips, she watched Cliff as he couldn’t tear his eyes away from her crotch. She spread her legs wider and started to make her finger go in and out if her pussy, and she looked him in the eyes and cooed. We have all the time we need, she said. I have been watching you look at my boobs, and I know you have been peeping in through the hole on the bathroom door. Why did you think I turned my body toward the door after I get out of the shower to dry my self facing the door. I know you have been watching me, and I think we should make the best of it now while they are away. They will never know, and nobody needs to know at all. He stepped closer watching her finger herself and just stood staring. She then stood up and pulled her shorts off and then slid her top off and tossed it at him as it landed on his head. She sat back down on the couch and spread her legs wide open.

That was the invitation and he couldn’t resist it. He moved closer and just planted his face on her pussy, took her clit into his lips and began to swirl his tongue around. She began to moan and buck her pussy into his face, and his dick was throbbing with anticipation. He began to rub his dick on the couch with the excitement of the moment. She started to scream, more, more, OMG more. I need you in me now! He couldn’t stand it anymore longer and began to kiss her tummy as he made his way to her boobs. He sucked on her boobs and twirled his tongue on her nipples as she began to moan and grunt in a low sound. I need you in me Cliff, now, please.

He slid his hips further up and his dick was at the edge of her pussy. Her pussy was so wet it didn’t need to has his dick guided in her hole, and he didn’t need to work it to enter her crack, it just slid right in. She moaned deeper, deeper…!! He let his dick settle in deep in her cunt, as it came to press on the back side of her hip. He let it stay there a moment as he began to massage her cunt the way he was messaging the couch out of frustration earlier. He went slow and steady with a grind and then could feel his cum start to rise. Then Amy began to scream, I’m going to cum! They both began to moan as the hot cum released in her cunt, Oh God, she said. I was hoping that would happen. She then whispered softly in his ear, I have been waiting for this for so long. They just fell into each other as they came down off the largest orgasmic wonder they both have ever experienced. Then Cliff couldn’t help to think, I wonder what is next…


Cliff and Amy had fallen asleep and Cliff’s head rested on Amy’s boob. His head smashed her boob so that it caused her boob to go numb and tingle, the same way her pussy tingled a few hours earlier when Cliff was pounding his sister’s pussy. Amy began to stir first and came to notice her tingling breast, but she didn’t want to disturb Cliff as he looked so comfortable, and she loved the feeling of having him so close. So she moved her chest a little so it would cause his head to stir a little. Then Cliff began to wake up, and opened his eyes to her nipple standing straight up on the opposite boob his was laying on. He raised his head and began to lick her nipple he was laying on as Amy just watched him lovingly. You have been waiting so long to lick my nipples haven’t you, she said. Why didn’t you just open the bathroom door and walk right in all those times I was in the bathroom giving you a frontal view, you must have known something was up. I know, he said, but what if Dad and Mom were to come around the corner and see us..

Well, she said, what if they had come around the corner and saw you looking through the hole in the door at me? Dad always said he needed to fix that hole. By the way Cliff, you know last night… That was awesome, you really made my pussy tingle. But something else happened. When your hot sperm hit my tunnel after flowing out your penis, I felt a funny feeling in my tummy. It was unlike any feeling I have ever felt before, also I have stopped taking the pill for four weeks ago. OMG, Amy, do you think you got pregnant, said Cliff. Well she said, it seems strange that I would feel it like that as soon as it happened. I have heard some women say that they can tell when an egg gets fertilized. I can also tell you this, if I did get pregnant I am not going to kill my baby with an abortion. Cliff just looked at her in stunned disbelief. What should we do, he said? I don’t know, said Amy, let’s just enjoy our time together while Mom and Dad are away, then we will decide later.

Author note

If you like this I’ll make chapter 2 and see where this goes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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