Brother , Sister: Marian

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I left the party fairly early, it looked as if it was going to be another fizzer! too many people getting drunk too quickly! but when I arrived home and let myself in I started to think that maybe I’d made a mistake!

I could already hear the sobbing coming from the lounge room and I groaned inwardly, not again, I thought, but I dutifully stuck my head around the door, and sure enough my sister Marian was curled up on the sofa bawling her eyes out! I didn’t need to ask what the problem was, this was about the sixth time in the last three months that I’d found her in this state and it had always been the same, the latest ‘love of her life’ – all her boyfriends seemed to be that! – had walked out and she was devastated! with a shrug and a deep inner sigh I did what I always did, I walked across, sat beside her, drew her into my arms and let her cry it out, making suitable sympathetic noises as she poured out the all too familiar story. It wasn’t that I was unsympathetic, it was just that the last couple of times this had happened and I’d held her this close I’d become acutely conscious of her luscious body, of her gorgeous breasts pressing in to me, and I’d reacted, not like a brother, but like any red blooded male! and when I’d finally calmed her down and sent her off to bed, I found myself in my room masturbating like crazy!!

This time, when her sobbing subsided, she looked up at me and said “What’s wrong with me Peter, why do they all walk out on me, I must be the ugliest person alive!” and she started to sob again.

I lifted up her chin until her reddened eyes were looking directly at me “That’s enough of that crap!” I said, “You’re an extremely beautiful young woman!”

She pouted her lips, “You’re just saying that because you’re my brother” she said.

I took a deep breath and decided to be a little more blunt than usual, “No, I’m not saying that because I’m your brother, I’m saying it because I’m a man! a man who just happens to find beautiful women extremely attractive and very sexy!!”

She looked a bit stunned, “You mean you think I’m….she gulped…Sexy!?!”

I shook my head in mock exasperation, and drew a little away from her, “I can’t believe that you can be so naïve! you have a great personality, good looks, and you have a body that every male I know drools over – including me!” there!, it was out in the open!, I held my breath to see how she’d react.

A funny kind of look came in to her eyes, “I didn’t realize” she whispered.

I took her hand in mine and again looked her straight in the eyes, “Think about it a moment, all these break ups have had one thing in common, the boys have come on a bit heavy and you’ve put them in their place! sometimes gently, but sometimes when they’ve persisted, quite bluntly!”, “Of course” she said, “I’m not some tart they can mess about with, if they want that there are places they can go down town!”, I shrugged, “maybe you’re right, but the fact is that any one who gets close to you is going to get turned on, and when they’re turned on they’re going to try to do something about it, because you have a fantastic body!”

She flushed and gulped again. “Do I really!” she murmured.

“absolutely!” canlı bahis I said, with a great deal of feeling, a fact that she quickly picked up on, and her eyes widened slightly.

Again she swallowed, “Do you, um, get turned on too?” I groaned and moved away and walked over to the fridge to get myself a drink, “Well?” she almost demanded, I looked at her for a long, long moment wondering if was time to move this conversation in another direction or if it was time to be completely truthful for a change!

I managed a slight grin as I said, “I’m fine at this distance, but close up and particularly when I’m holding you I get as turned on as any man is likely to be!”

Her jaw dropped and her eyes popped and she stammered, “But, you’re, but you’re!”

I nodded, “Yes, I’m your brother, and I shouldn’t react like that, but I do!, and if I do, what hope is there for any man that’s not our brother!!” she couldn’t help herself, she burst out laughing!

I guess I must have a looked a little offended, because she jumped from her seat and came over and threw her arms about my neck, “I wasn’t laughing at you, honest,” she said, “I just thought the way you said it was funny!”

I accepted her explanation, but reached up to remove her arms from around my neck, because the way her body was pressed up against mine I was starting to get turned on again! she clung tightly, resisting my hands, “No!, I want to hug you!” she said, and that funny look came into her eyes again, and her tongue darted out to brush over her lips “I’m not as naïve as you seem to think! and I know what you’re talking about, it’s just that I never feel anything good when the boys want to feel me and touch me, and you’re supposed to feel good aren’t you?” I nodded, so aware of her body against mine now that I didn’t trust myself to speak, “in fact, the only time I feel really, really good, is when you hold me!!”, “Oh god, don’t say that!” I moaned, and that brought an impish smile to her face, “Why not? don’t you like the idea that you might be turning me on too?”, it was my turn to gasp, “Marian! you don’t really mean that!!”, “Don’t I?” she said, and gripping my neck even more tightly she plastered her lips over mine! I tried to pull away, but she held on tight, and her tongue came out and slipped between my lips, and I was on fire!! then I started to return her kiss, my hunger welling out, and my hands began to roam over her back and over her buttocks! I thought she might stop or jerk away when my hands moved to the zipper of her dress and began to ease it down! but she didn’t, she simply moaned into my mouth and wriggled her body even more! but when the zipper reached the swell of her ass, she did stop and pull away, and looked at me with a face that was every bit as flushed with passion as mine! then she slid her hands from my neck and took hold of the top of her dress and eased it forward to allow it to drop to the floor! I gasped with raw lust as she stood there in flimsy panties and equally flimsy bra, then she reached behind her back and unclipped the bra and shrugged it from her body, and I found myself staring at the most gorgeous pair of tits I’d ever seen!! she bahis siteleri preened a little, lifting her hand to gently cup her breasts, “Do you like them?” she whispered hoarsely, “Do you want them?”, “Oh god yes!” I gasped, “I want to touch them , I want to lick them, I want to suck them!”

She smiled and almost purred like a contented cat, “and you will, but first, it’s your turn, I want to see you!” Things were moving too fast for me to comprehend, but either auto pilot or pure lust took over and I almost ripped off my clothes! I hesitate when I came to my underpants, then realising that would be pretty pointless I ripped them off too and stood before her totally naked and totally rampant!! a slight intake of breath and a slight widening of the eyes were the only sign she gave as she feasted her eyes on my erect cock for the first time, then the hungriest, horniest, hottest smile I’d ever seen took over her whole face and she reached forward and stroked her hands along the full length of my throbbing cock, causing me to jump a mile!! “Now I believe you!” she said, “I really do turn you on!! and so much!! I’ve never seen a cock so big and hard!!” but then she giggled, “Of course I haven’t really had much experience, have I?, pushing all those horny men away! but not this time, this time I’m going to be the woman you want! I’m going to be as hot and horny as you want me to be, because there’s something else I know for sure now, I want to fuck you as much as you want to fuck me!!” then she bent forward and stripped her panties from her body, and backing away until she reached the sofa, she lay back on it, legs wide apart, her own fingers coming to brush lightly over her pussy, “Well Peter, are you going to stand there for ever, or are you going to fuck your horny sister!!”

Still in a state of mild shock at the sudden and dramatic transformation in my gorgeous sister, I never the less almost bounded across the room and buried my face in the blonde thatch between her legs, eagerly tonguing her juicy pussy, causing her to buck and scream, then I slowed down and started to give her the full works, lips, tongue, fingers, all stroking and probing her surprisingly receptive pussy, and she was soon moaning and crying out, “Oh yes, that’s sooo good, suck me some more!” and I did! but after a while as her body really started to jump about, I left her pussy and wended my way slowly up her body to those incredible breasts, and I couldn’t hold back the groan of lust as my lips encompassed one of her ripe nipples for the first time! again her body bucked and heaved as my tongue and lips lashed her breasts and nipples, Then her hands slipped between us and took hold of my cock, stroking it lightly at first and then with more vigor, and it was my turn to moan and cry out! then she guided my cock to the edge of her pussy and whispered hotly in my ears, “Please Peter, Please, I want it inside me, give me your beautiful cock!” so I rammed forward! my cock plunging to the hilt into her hot; steaming pussy, and she arched her body and screamed, “Yes! yes!, oh Peter, don’t stop, fuck me, fuck me!!!!’ I drew my cock slowly back until just the tip was inside her and sensed her body moving bahis şirketleri up, searching for more of it and I heard her faint whimper, then I slammed forward again almost impaling her on the sofa!! and then all hell seemed to break loose!! I lost the last vestige of control and began to pound my cock into her threshing pussy and she shook and shuddered and bucked like a wild horse, and I rode her, and rode her until my cock suddenly decided it was a volcano and exploded!! shooting what seemed like gallons of cum into her hot pussy, and I could feel her cum cascading over my thrusting cock, and knew that she was cumming too!! How we stayed on the sofa I’ll never know because our bodies just went berserk! I’d never experienced an orgasm like this one!!

A long, long time later we lay entwined in each other’s arms, my hands slowly fondling her breasts, and her hands slowly fondling my cock, and neither of us seemed able to wipe the smiles of our faces! “It’s funny” she murmured “I’ve always felt terribly embarrassed when boys have commented on my body, or, you know, tried to touch my breasts or anything, and I’ve always tried to hide it or dress so that I wont inflame them, but with you, it’s so different, I’m not the least embarrassed, I love the fact that you find me attractive, I love the fact that I turn you on, I don’t want to hide anything, anything at all, is that terrible?”, I shrugged, looking a little pensively at her, “I guess some would say it was terrible, after all, we are brother and sister, but I don’t feel at all embarrassed now, and I certainly can’t find it in me to feel guilty!” she smiled, “You said, now, were you embarrassed before?”, “A little I guess, but perhaps it was more guilt that I had the hots for my sister! than embarrassment, I don’t know”, then I changed the subject, “so how do you think you’re going to go with your boyfriends in the future?” I asked, with a grin, she looked pensively at me for a moment, “I don’t know” she said, “I guess I’ll still be me, still think that every love is ‘the’ one! Still get upset when they walk out” and she grinned, “because some will! maybe most, because despite what’s happened tonight, I’m still not going to allow myself to be fondled by just anyone!! the difference is, that instead of coming in here and bawling my eyes out, I’ll be slipping into your room and slipping naked into your bed and saying ‘Peter, I need to be held – on the inside as well as the outside!!” I laughed, then put on a mock seriousness, “You mean, I’m just going to be a second string lover?” she gripped my cock a little harder and grinned hotly, “Only on the nights that I have a date, or you have a frustrating date, because I think we’ll still be living separate lives to some extent, but on the other nights! well, now that we’ve started, it seems a shame to waste it!!” and she leaned over and began to run her tongue up and down my cock!! I reciprocated! and it was another long, long time again before we resumed our conversation! once again with her hands stroking my cock and my hands stroking her breasts!! and I mused aloud, “You certainly do have the best pair of tits around , sis!!”, “Mmm, and your cock’s pretty spectacular too, big brother!!” and my cock jerked in appreciation of her comment! or perhaps it was in the knowledge that it was going to be a regular visitor to my horny sister’s hot, juicy pussy in the days and weeks to come!! – and it was!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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