Brownstone – Ricco’s Decision

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Sharon closed her checkbook and sighed. If she didn’t find a job soon she would have to go home, back to her mother’s little stucco 2 bedroom, smack dab in the middle of Florida. Back to the home nursing care jobs that she had hated, smack dab in the middle of nowhere. She had been crazy to think she could come here and just waltz into one of the many newspapers or magazines in New York and “wah la” she would be a journalist. She had blown her last real prospect for a job as a secretary in a small paper almost four weeks ago by missing the interview and now reality was setting in, she was much closer to the end of her money than she had realized. She jumped to her feet at the knock on the door, glad for the interruption.

Sharon looked through the peephole to see Ricco, the guy who lived down the hall. Ricco was nineteen years old and he’d come to New York right out of high school hoping to be a dancer. Now he worked as a waiter and took classes toward a degree in Reflexology, he was going to to be a masseur. She and two of her other neighbors, Gina and Sondra, were happy to take turns helping him with his homework, and there he stood, supplies in hand.

“It isn’t my day.” Sharon said as she let him in.

“No, Gina had to cancel and Sondra’s still working. Do you mind?” He had such a beautiful smile and Sharon laughed and shook her head.

“I suppose if I have to take an extra turn, to help out a neighbor, I’ll just have to suffer.”

While he set his table up Sharon undressed and put a robe over the couch then put some music on. When he was ready for her she climbed up onto the table and lay on her stomach, sighing as he gently laid the drape over her.

Ricco poured warm oil into his hands and began to gently rub it into Sharon’s feet. She smiled remembering her first meeting with Ricco three weeks ago at the Henderson’s, who lived in the last apartment on their floor. She had been invited to the “Fourth Floor Dinner”, the monthly dinner they had on every fourth Sunday. Sharon was welcomed as a dinner guest and fitted seamlessly into the group, it was hard to believe she’d only known these people just over a month. After dinner and after cleaning up and saying goodnight to the Henderson’s, the other four had gone back to Gina and Sondra’s place to continue talking.

As they talked she learned Ricco’s story, as told to her by Gina and Sondra to his blushing, embarrassed nods. Apparently, Ricco was still a virgin because he had yet to decide whether he was gay or not. He said he had masturbated both to pictures of women and men, and when the girls all told him that he didn’t have to choose really and could be bisexual, he said in a very serious way that he didn’t want to be ambivalent. It was adorable, he was adorable, and Sharon had fallen easily into their friendship.

Ricco’s strong firm hands massaged each foot and each leg, gently kneading her calves and thighs. Sharon moaned and rolled her hips a bit as his fingers brushed across the lower mounds of her ass. He firmly stroked down one leg, pressing his fingers into her muscles and then gently drawing back up the inside of her leg, fingers brushing against her moistening lips. Again she moaned and wriggled.

“Stop that.” He whispered, “I’m supposed gaziantep bayan escort to be able to do this without getting turned on.”

Sharon laughed and tried to be still as his hands worked on her back and shoulders, down each arm, hand and finger. His massages were heaven and she sucked in her breath as he pushed the drape to the floor.

Ricco was tall and muscular, clean shaven with dark wavy hair that just brushed his shoulders. His hands were soft skinned and strong, fingers long and firm. She squirmed again, biting her lip as his fingers skimmed over the swell of her breasts on each side, then softly down her sides to her hips and back up again. This time as his hands came up to her breasts he reached under her and cupped them. He turned her on the table and began massaging her breasts, stomach and hips, bending to take a nipple between his lips.

“What are you doing, Ricco?” Sharon asked as she grasped his head and pressed her breast up into his mouth. She moaned and writhed as he took her breasts in his hands squeezing them up towards his face, licking and sucking one after the other.

He raised his head and stared into her eyes for a second before standing up. “I’m really sorry, Sharon, I don’t know what happened.” He spun around and ran a hand through his hair.

“Ricco, its fine, you’re fine.” She stood and wrapped her robe around herself and put her arms around him. “Talk to me, it’s okay.”

“I don’t really know what’s going on. I just got really turned on just now. I have to go,” he stammered and began gathering his things together. As Sharon tried to say something he stopped her. “Please, I’m okay, I’ll see you later.”

Sharon let him out and stood, leaning against the door jamb as he let himself into his apartment. She thought it was about time poor Ricco let go of his angst, she would have to talk to Sondra and Gina about that later, but right now, she thought, as she went back inside, she had to find a job.

After changing, she was leaving her apartment when Mrs. Henderson got off the elevator with a bag of groceries. Sharon took the bag and walked with her to her apartment where Mrs. Henderson insisted upon them having a cup of coffee together. They sat talking and Sharon told her about her decision to apply at a home nursing agency to get by while she maybe did some freelance writing.

To her amazement Mrs. Henderson shook her head and laughed, “Sharon, I wish I had known, I would have told you about Mr. Jenkins on the fifth floor. He’s been ill and his last nurse left some time ago leaving his sister, who’s none to happy about it, to care for him.”

Mrs. Henderson picked up her phone and dialed, “Hello Veronica? Yes, I have a young lady here who’s looking for a home care nursing job; I thought you might be interested. Yes. She’s my neighbor. OK then; eleven-o’-clock. I’ll tell her.”, she ended the call. “Well, my dear, his sister will see you upstairs tomorrow at eleven, she isn’t very pleasant but I’m sure if you want it the job is yours.”

“Mrs. Henderson, I can’t thank you enough,” Sharon, stood up and came around the table to hug her.

“Think nothing of it dear,” Mrs. Henderson said, “I’m just happy to help, it would break our hearts if you didn’t stay.”

Later that night Sharon sat in Gina and Sondra’s living room telling them about what happened that day, she started with the hopeful job offer, then the decision to go back to nursing while she wrote freelance, and then how she came to that decision while Ricco massaged her. Of course, this reminded her about what had been happening with Ricco, but she held back for some reason, not telling her friends about it. There was a knock on the door and Sondra stood to answer it, bringing back a disheveled Ricco.

“If there was ever a time to ply me with wine and tease me into bed, now might be it.” He mumbled as he ran his hand through his hair. He looked at Sharon and raised his brow and she shook her head.

“That is a most interesting greeting, Ricco.” Sondra said as she brought wine and glasses into the room and began to pour, filling Ricco’s glass to the brim and handing it to him carefully. They all laughed and it served to break the tension a bit.

They sat talking much as they always did, but the vibe was different, they were all very close, Sharon sitting next to Ricco on the couch, her feet in his lap and Sondra and Gina sitting on pillows on the floor at Ricco’s feet. It seemed everyone was touching, Sharon stroking Ricco’s shoulder and arm, Ricco rubbing her legs and feet, Gina and Sondra, as always, touching each other, but also each had a hand on one of Ricco’s thighs. Sondra leaned toward Gina and they began kissing, pulling slightly away from each other and playing with each other’s tongues. Sharon and Ricco watched and she felt him start to harden under her leg. Gina slid her hand up Ricco’s thigh onto Sharon’s leg, up her thigh, under her dress. Sharon spread her legs slightly so Gina’s fingers could find their way.

Ricco tore his eyes away from Sondra and Gina’s dueling tongues to Sharon’s open legs where Gina’s hand had disappeared. Sondra’s hand found Ricco’s bulge and she closed her fingers around it, stroking up and then back down making him moan in pleasure. Reaching down he untied his linen pants and then all three girls pulled away from him to see.

He was beautiful, Sharon pulled his shirt over his head and Sondra and Gina had his pants down and off in a second, and a few seconds later all three girls were naked too. Ricco leaned back against the couch and his surprising cock jutted out from his groin. It was long and not very thick, the head had the barest of rims, it was a sword and Sharon bent down to run her tongue around and around the tip. Ricco groaned and pearls of moisture beaded up through the opening, which Sharon and Gina took turns licking.

Sondra pushed her fingers into Gina’s pussy and leaned over to push her tongue into Ricco’s mouth. Sharon and Gina were trailing their tongues up and down Ricco’s shaft, taking turns at the top to suck him all the way in, only to release him and lick up and down again, their tongues touching around him. Ricco started pumping his hips and moaning and Sharon took him into her mouth again. He thrust a second and third time into her mouth and a thick load of hot come hit the back of her throat and she swallowed. The three girls all sat back, gathered at his feet.

“I’m sorry, oh God, I’m sorry.”

Sondra laughed, “oh honey, don’t worry, its perfectly natural. Tell you what, you have another glass of wine and we’ll put on a little play for you, join us whenever you’re ready.” She filled his glass and handed it to him, then jumped up and ran into the other room.

Sharon looked at Ricco and then at Gina. Gina smiled and lay back on the floor pulling Sharon atop her, running her hands up to Sharon’s breasts, lifting and squeezing, pinching her nipples lightly between her thumbs and forefingers. Sharon reached down to minister to Gina’s large breasts, pulling on her nipples in the same way. Ricco took a huge gulp of wine and leaned closer. Gina reached down and pulled Sharon up to straddle her face, pushing her tongue into her pussy, sucking and nibbling at her clit.

Sondra came out of the bedroom then, stroking a very real looking strap-on dildo with one hand, carrying another smaller vibrator in her hand. She walked over to Gina and Sharon and pushed her new cock into Sharon’s mouth, then looked over at Ricco as she pumped in and out of her mouth. Turning the vibrator on she began rubbing it over her tiny little breasts, making her nipples hard and sensitive.

Ricco drained his wine glass as he watched, then stood to get closer to them as they changed positions again. Gina was now on her hands and knees, her face pressed down into Sharon’s pussy while Sondra fucked Gina from behind with the strap-on. Ricco watched as the dildo pushed in and out of Gina. He sat on the floor next to them and pushed his fingers up into Sondra who suddenly pulled out of Gina and turned, grabbing Ricco by the hair she pushed the wet dildo into his mouth. Ricco sucked and gulped as she pumped into his mouth, his dick throbbing and pulsing, then Sharon was straddling him and his cock was sliding easily into her pussy. Gina pulled Sondra away and lay on her back with her legs spread wide, begging her with her eyes. Sondra eagerly climbed on top of her and pushed the dildo deep, stroking and fucking her, both of them panting and moaning.

Ricco rocked his hips into Sharon’s pussy until she arched her back and threw her head back. She cried out and her body tightened and shook, Ricco could feel her hot come dripping down his thighs. Then she pulled off him and pushed him back, crawling up between his legs she took his cream covered cock into her mouth, sucking him deep into her throat then withdrawing until he was almost all the way out of her lips, before again sucking him deep. Sharon had grabbed the vibrator and was pushing Ricco’s legs apart as she sucked him; then he felt it, the cold metal head of the vibrator pressing against his ass cheeks. Sharon’s come and spit helped it slide easily between his cheeks, just at the opening of his ass, pushing slightly but not penetrating. She turned the vibrator on and as it buzzed and tingled against his ass and balls he arched and stiffened, yelling out loud as he came once again in her throat.

As they lay there recovering, Gina and Sondra were holding each other close, Sharon was lying comfortably across Ricco’s chest as the silence grew and grew. Finally Sondra pulled Gina closer to Ricco and Sharon and they all lay together, their arms around each other and Sondra whispered softly, “that was beautiful, my friends.”

“Thank you.” Was all Ricco said as they fell asleep amid the throw pillows and each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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