Brunette Hotsy

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Kelli was horny. On the previous Monday, after a whole weekend of some great carnal activity, she felt happy and satisfied but, for the next four days, her desire for some hot sex had steadily been growing, reaching a peak on Friday afternoon. It was actually a pleasant and anticipatory feeling because, when work ended on Friday, she knew exactly how she could and would alleviate the condition, and without using any of her toys.

Her collection of dildos and vibrators would do for temporary relief, but what she really needed was a man’s tongue and/or cock. A woman’s mouth and strapon could do the same thing, of course, and sometimes Kelli decided to go that route but, on this Friday night, she wanted a man or two or three.

She knew where to find him, or them. Just a few blocks from where she lived was a very successful establishment named Joe’s Bar. Some called it a “meet market”, and some called it a “meat market”. Either spelling was properly descriptive of what went on among the patrons there.

The bar was in a two story building, and the reason for its popularity was that when two people, sometimes more, met there and lust flourished between them, they didn’t have to answer the age-old question: “My place or yours?” The upper floor was one large room divided into ten cubicles, each of them lighted by an overhead fluorescent light. Every cubicle was furnished with a double mattress on the floor so those amorous people could, for a nominal charge, make it “Joe’s place.”

There were drawbacks, of course. The cubicles were lacking in privacy, not even having doors, but that wasn’t such a big negative, and a lot of patrons considered it to be one of the place’s best features. Everybody who went to the second floor did so for the same reason, like attendees at an orgy, so most people paid little or no attention to other couples or groups. In fact, hearing sounds of joy from people in neighboring cubicles would usually increase the pleasure of everybody else who was there.

There were few rules. The most rigid was that nobody could be taken upstairs against his or her will, and that included a person who was too drunk to give consent. Prostitution was supposed to be discouraged, and known hookers were barred but, if a working girl occasionally sneaked in and plied her trade, nobody got hurt.

Kelli walked to Joe’s Bar and entered, with confidence. She was certain her looks, combined with her reputation as a hotsy who loved good sex would quickly attract an eager partner or two. Her height was a good compromise between tall and short, and her long, dark hair appealed to most men. Kelli’s face was pretty enough, with big, soft brown eyes and generous features, but it was her succulent body that would be the main attraction for men or for women who swung that way.

Fashion designers, who don’t know any better, might have described her as fat, but potential partners who wanted sex would call her “just right.” Kelli’s large, natural bosom, curvaceous ass and well-padded hips were what most men lusted for. Her breasts were especially provocative, because there was no bra under her clingy jersey, and they swayed whenever she moved. She was just as naked under her short, tight skirt, but nobody would know that, until she showed them, by bending over or after they got upstairs and one or more of the men undressed her. Kelli didn’t much believe in wasting any more time than she could help in removing her clothing when those same minutes could be so much better spent in fucking or sucking or doing other fun things.

As was her usual habit, she paid for her first over-priced, watered-down drink. Nobody cared that the drinks were expensive and of poor quality because they didn’t go to Joe’s Bar for the purpose of drinking anyhow. The price was looked on as an admission charge, and the drink was just something for a patron to hold while looking for or choosing his or her sex partner. As she sipped, Kelli looked around. As usual, there were more men than women, a fact that delighted her, because she expected to be easily able to attract the men she wanted, and have a great time.

A few minutes after she arrived, the bartender brought over another drink, this one even weaker than the first. “Compliments of the two gentlemen over there,” he informed her, pointing in the direction of the end of the bar.

When Kelli looked in that direction, two young men raised their glasses to her in salute. They were both reasonably good looking, and she saw no reason to be picky. The two men were probably as good as she would find there, and her horniness was making itself known to her, and maybe others. She raised the second glass to salute them back, and they walked over and one stood on either side of her. Kelli hoped she would not be expected to choose between them. What she really wanted was both men at once.

“I’m Kelli,” she said, glancing back and forth between the two men. “Thanks for the drink.” There didn’t seem to be a lot to choose between gaziantep bayan escort them. They were both young, Caucasian, healthy appearing men, and either of looked to be capable of taking care of her needs.

“I’m Bill,” the shorter man replied. He was rather stocky, had thinning, light brown hair and regular facial features.

“My name is Harry,” his darker haired companion added. He was rather slender and had sharp features. “Do you come here often?”

“Only when I want a good time. Like tonight.” There wasn’t an ounce of coyness in Kelli’s body. She wanted to go upstairs to one of the cubicles with the two men, and had no intention of pretending anything else. “Do you guys think you can give me a good time?”

Not wanting to take any risk of being misunderstood, she reached out to the crotches of both men at once. Neither of them had an erection but, after a few seconds of fondling, Kelli could feel both cocks stirring, and both of them seemed more than adequate to do what she wanted. Their response was what she hoped for too. Bill and Harry moved in closer, reached out to take a handful of her succulent ass and both of them were surprised at finding another hand there. Kelli quickly spoke up to them both, very much wanting to avoid any undue possessiveness on anybody’s part.

“I hope you don’t mind, you guys. I’m really horny tonight, and I want to go upstairs with both of you at the same time.”

Neither of the men objected, which was well for them. Kelli would have simply chosen other partners if either Bill or Harry had expressed strong reservations. The three of them, both men with a handful of Kelli’s ass and she with either of her hands filled with a rapidly stiffening cock, headed toward the door to the stairway that led to the top floor. A sign above a tall, narrow wooden box said “$5.00 per person,” and all three dropped a five dollar bill into the box. Kelli always paid her own way; she was strictly a liberated woman.

Harry picked up a clean fitted sheet from the pile next to the box. The mattresses were covered with premium quality waterproof covers and fitted sheets, and visitors to the cubicles were expected to clean up after themselves, including replacing the soiled sheet with a clean one. The upstairs trysting places at Joe’s Bar operated on the honor system, and rare was the person chintzy enough to violate it.

They glanced into the first cubicle they came to, but there was already a man and woman fucking inside there. The second had two men in a 69. This was a normal circumstance, and nobody thought anything of the genders of the patrons of Joe’s Place. The third cubicle was not in use, so Kelli and Bill and Harry stepped inside.

Besides the mattress, the only furnishing was a wooden chair, and the two men took turns sitting on it and removing their shoes and socks. Kelli simply scuffed out of her flat heeled shoes and she was barefoot. With all three patrons in that state, the men combined their efforts and stripped off all her clothing, which took a minimum of time. When she was naked, Kelli lay down on her back and watched while the two men quickly undressed themselves. She was glad to see they were completely disinterested in each other, because she wanted both of them to spend their time and efforts concentrating on her and her needs.

That was exactly what they wanted too. Bill knelt beside her to start eagerly applying his mouth to a breast. Harry was more ambitious and crouched between her knees and leaned forward. Kelli knew what he wanted, and wanted the same thing, so she raised her legs and rested them on his shoulders. He reached his arms around her thighs until they met at her mons and gazed for a few seconds at her pussy.

It was a thing of such beauty that it was easily worth his attention. A few minutes before leaving her apartment that evening, Kelli had carefully shaved herself there, leaving the usual “landing strip,” and her skin was the color of ivory and alluringly plump and juicy looking. Harry was especially enraptured by the sight of the hotsy’s swollen inner pussy lips, which were speckled with a few drops of her juices and were blossoming through her lovely pink slit.

Harry gently spread the edges of that slit, and was even more taken by the fragrant cloud that arose to please his nostrils. When he licked the drops from the lips, they were as delicious as he expected them to be, and the young man knew he was in for some truly first quality carnal activity that night.

Kelli knew she was too, as soon as she felt one man’s knowing fingers and tongue on her pussy and the other man’s mouth on her breasts. Her body was squirming under the ministrations of Bill and Harry, and she cooed in joy and encouraged them in what they were doing.

“Oooo, that feels good, you guys. Keep it up; we’re gonna have a swell time here.”

Bill agreed with the sexy woman he and his friend were sharing, because his hands and mouth were already having a swell time. Her breasts were so big and firm either of them filled one of his hands to overflowing. Their nipples were erect and, as he caressed them with his tongue, he could feel the tiny ridges that made them hard. What made it even better was the way the woman under him was writhing on the mattress and, when he drew one of the luscious globes between his lips to start sucking on it, Kelli’s erotic movements thrust it up into his mouth. Bill alternated between the luscious twins, licking and sucking either of them in turn.

Harry agreed at least as much as Bill did, and he was glad the overhead lights were as strong as they were, because he could gaze on the truly beautiful pussy he was starting to eat. He began on the soft skin on the insides of her thighs, wanting to get any drops of her juices that might have trickled there, and continued by running his agile tongue all over her crotch. It was great, but he knew the best was still ahead of him, and he started licking one of the smooth outer pussy lips. Taking his time and relishing the texture, his tongue traveled all the way to Kelli’s Mount of Venus.

He kissed the soft mound and brought his mouth back to the lovely pink hole that had produced more of the juices that were so delicious. His tongue sluiced them all up; he swallowed the nectar and started licking Kelli’s other outer lip. This one was treated this one the same, the soft flesh being kissed and licked and nuzzled until his mouth had again meandered all the way back to her mons. He kissed her there again and raised his head to gaze on her squirming pussy.

It was an even more beautiful sight, because Kelli’s precious clit had pushed its way almost all the way out from its under protective hood, and looked like a lovely pink pearl. He smiled, thinking how good it would feel in his mouth in a few minutes, and brought his tongue back to start licking between a pair of her inner and outer lips.

Kelli reveled in the thrills of pleasure from Harry’s talented mouth as his tongue and lips caressed her wet pussy. What Bill was doing felt great on her breasts too, but she wanted something different from him. When he undressed, she had noted what a fine, handsome cock he had, and Kelli knew what she wanted to do with it. Having not an ounce of coyness, the hotsy let him know:

“Mmmmm, Bill, I love what you’re doing, but what I really want is to get your big, hard cock in my mouth.”

Although he was having fun with her breasts, there was almost nothing Bill loved as much as being sucked off by a sexy woman like Kelli and cumming into her mouth. Being certain that would be how she would want to end the blow job, after planting a pair of kisses on her nipples, he straightened up and moved over until he was kneeling next to her face. With him in that position, Kelli could turn her head toward him and take his cock into her mouth, so she smiled at him and reached out with her tongue to start licking the head.

He held his cock in place when she began her lingual caresses but, after she started to draw his shaft into her mouth, he released it. The eager brunette made a slight adjustment of the position of her head, and he moved so she would be better able to take his cock between her lips, and she started sucking him off with long, smooth stokes of her mouth. Bill sighed happily and let Kelli do what she wanted, relishing the great things that her lips, her tongue, the insides of her cheeks and the skilled muscles of her throat were doing for him.

The brunette hotsy’s pussy was doing great things for Harry. He started on the small, extremely smooth and soft area between the origins of her lips and licked to where they were closer together. When he reached that point, he tilted his face slightly sideways so he could thrust his tongue into the seam between the inner and outer labia. Kelli was wet there, and her juices were delicious, but he loved even more the texture of the inner lip, which was spongy from her arousal. Flicking his tongue rapidly in and out and advancing slowly, he licked all the way to her clit hood. Wanting to see the state of her arousal, Harry raised his head for a few seconds, to survey Kelli’s body and, especially, her pussy.

Her clit had pushed its way completely out from its hood, and was plump and swollen and waiting to be taken into his mouth. The sexy brunette’s body was also beautiful in its arousal and she was thrashing to and fro and from side to side in front of him. Harry knew she was getting close to cumming, but he was in no hurry to get her there, and knew it would be more fun for both of them if she was at her peak of arousal. He was also concerned that she might start cumming when his friend’s cock was in her mouth, and bite down, inflicting serious pain and injury.

As if to tell Harry’s mouth to get back to where it belonged and do what it was supposed to be doing, Kelli’s pussy started fucking up into the air. He knew Bill could look out for himself, so Harry devoured all of Kelli’s fresh nectar and his tongue started stroking between her other pair of pussy lips. They were treated as the others had been, and he slowly licked his way to her clit hood again.

Her pussy was having a fabulous time, and Kelli knew she would start cumming soon, and was concerned about the cock in her mouth. She knew that biting down hard, as she usually did while climaxing, would put it out of commission for the night, and that would be a dreadful thing for a two reasons, one compassionate and the other selfish. To prevent that from happening, Kelli withdrew her mouth from the cock that had been filling it so well and spoke to the man between her legs.

“That’s terrific, Harry. Now, suck my clit and make me cum.”

Bill was slightly dismayed by the delay in his blow job, but he knew he would have been much more dismayed if Kelli had bitten him while in the throes of cumming. He lay down, his cock in his hand, and watched while the hotsy drew closer to climaxing. He had no doubt at all that she would finish sucking him off after her orgasm, and filling her mouth with cum would be followed by more carnal fun. Kelli didn’t know what Bill was thinking but, if she had, she would have agreed with both points.

Harry was not a mind reader either, but he knew what was desired and expected of him next. Starting at the bottom of the bubbling, pink slit, his tongue started licking upward. He reached the hole that was the source of all the delicious juices, and thrust the tip of his tongue as far in as he could, which was not far because his instrument was too soft and wide. Harry continued upward from there until his mouth met the lovely pearl that he had been so much the object of his thoughts.

After smiling at the sight of it, swollen and ready to be sucked, he opened his mouth wide and enveloped the little cutie. With his lips forming a seal at the base, his mouth worked as a bellows, and his tongue caressed the swollen sides and top. Kelli’s movements became even wilder and more erratic, and she let him know how much she loved what his mouth was doing.

“Yes! Yes! Keep sucking my clit!”

The brunette hotsy’s body thrashed about on the mattress and her head tossed from side to side on the pillow, until she sang out in ecstasy and started to cum. Her legs clamped onto Harry’s temples and Kelli’s hands buried themselves in his hair and pressed his face into her pussy. She bounced up and down on the mattress, while her legs swung from side to side, almost turning herself sideway. Bill watched the erotic spectacle and Harry clung to her legs and enjoyed the wild ride.

When Kelli climaxed, her back arched; all her muscles clenched, and she rammed her pussy into Harry’s face for an ultimate time. After her great orgasm, she released the head that had been such a willing prisoner and relaxed on the mattress. Her legs were still draped over the shoulders of the man who had brought it about, but he was able to move his mouth lower and feast on the great wealth of nectar that she had just produced. They were delicious, but he expected to fuck that same adorable pink hole after she finished sucking off Bill, and he left the juices there so they would be able to perform their natural function of lubrication.

That was basically Kelli’s intention too, and she beckoned to the man who was still kneeling beside her face. He responded eagerly and, within seconds, her mouth had enveloped his cock again and was slowly sliding back and forth, taking it in and out. When she had stopped sucking his cock before to concentrate on her own orgasm, Kelli had already brought Bill fairly close to his climax, and she had him at the same point in a matter of a few minutes of slowly stroking his hard shaft between her lips and taking the head down her throat.

Sucking off Bill was more than just an afterthought; it was something Kelli really wanted to do. She loved the feel of his cock filling her mouth, and her tongue loved the feel of the hard roundness as she laved its entire length. Moving slowly and savoring every stroke, she slowly moved her face back and forth, taking his cock all the way into her mouth until his pubic hair tickled her lips. When she withdrew, the head remained nestled in Kelli’s soft lips while her tongue licked and fondled it.

They could stay in the cubicle at Joe’s Bar until closing time, which was two o’clock the next morning if they wanted, and none of the three people in the cubicle had to work the next day, so they all wanted to take their time and enjoy themselves as much as they could. Kelli slowly stroked Bill’s cock with her lips, feeling the head force its way down her throat until she felt it start throbbing against her tongue.

From long experience, she knew what that meant, so Kelli shortened the strokes of her mouth and no longer gave Bill deep throat. The hotsy wanted him to cum into her mouth so she could savor the semen to the fullest, and wanted to be sure the delicious fluid didn’t just squirt down her throat. She sucked on it faster too, because she had become slightly impatient and wanted him to climax.

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