Bulging Underwear

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The reason I had met up with Adam was because the previous month I had come across his profile after seeing he had shared some bulging panty pictures on a well known porn site. It was one of those mornings where I was in the mood to masturbate whilst looking at some young guy in women’s underwear. As it was, I ended up wanking over his profile picture which was him wearing bulging white briefs, rather than anything he posted of others. The following day I found myself doing the same thing so I sent him an internal email telling him so. Even though his profile mentioned he was only twenty miles from me, I didn’t seriously think he’d reply. Turns out he visited my profile and shot his load browsing through a gallery of me wearing stockings, suspenders, and dirty knickers. Needless to say we spent the following weeks arranging a meeting…

We eventually met up at the local park and made our way to a secluded spot in a small copse surrounded by crop filled fields.

It didn’t take long before we came across an ideal spot where there was a large chopped tree. Before sitting down at the end of the trunk I covered it with a blanket and started unbuckling Adam’s belt, followed quickly by his single trouser button as he stood in front of me. I paused for a second before I took his zip and slowly pulled it down as far as it would go. By the time his trousers were fully unzipped the thin white cotton fabric of his briefs bulged out towards me. Wanting to see more I gripped the sides of his trousers and pulled them to his knees.

I paused for a while as the realisation of what was in front of me. It was only a few months ago I had started masturbating whilst looking at pictures of twinks and femboys in their bulging underwear, and now I had one in front of me for real.

Whilst this was happening Adam turned to the side and stepped out from his trousers. As he did so I noticed there was a sizable gap at the side of his briefs, wide enough for me to see part of his pubic hair, balls and expanding cock inside.

Knowing that gap was both sides of his flimsy underwear instantly had me know what I was going to do later. But for now I wanted to enjoy his underwear, underwear I had specifically mentioned I wanted him to not only wear for the whole week, but cum in too. Having him now wearing those less than a foot away I could clearly see he had done what I had asked and it was now for me to see if they were going to be as good as I dreamed them to be.

Putting casino oyna my left hand between his legs I rubbed the warm fabric which was holding his balls, whilst at the same time placing my nose up tight against his sperm stained underwear and taking a deep breath. The unmistakable smell of cock and dried sperm instantly had my cock throbbing hard. I had enjoyed the smell of my own underwear whilst masturbating but this was for real and I was enjoying every second of it! After a couple of sniffs I placed my tongue against the sperm stains on the underwear holding his big cock. Even though the stains were dry the wetness of my tongue soon released the faint salty taste of sperm which had spurted out of his cock earlier in the week.

Up until now I had only had a glimpse of his cock from the side, and although my left hand was between his legs it was still only in contact with his underwear. Moving my head away I placed two fingers of each hand inside the side gaps of his underwear and pulled the fabric towards me, opening them up even more. I could tell Adam was waiting for me to get inside his underwear so I didn’t disappoint. My left hand slid through the left side and sat directly under his soft saggy balls, whilst my other hand went in through the right ,with my thumb to the front of his thick veiny cock and the rest of my fingers running behind between his pubic hair and his cock. The feeling of holding his warm throbbing cock in my hand was such a big turn-on and so different to holding my own, even though they were the same size.

I started off by gently massaging his entire soft and saggy ball sac with the palm of my hand, an experience which was more of a turn on for me than expected, especially as I thought of all that lovely sperm it was holding for me. Adam was getting a full hard-on by this point and this was not only evident by it expanding in my right hand, the tip of his cock was starting to poke out from the top of his underwear.

With my right hand firmly around the base of his helmet I slowly pulled down the remaining soft skin and watched his nicely formed helmet completely come out of his underwear.

By this time my trousers were very tight due to my cock throbbing inside with nowhere to go, so I started to undo my button. Adam noticed this and started undoing my zip. I certainly wasn’t going to resist him getting between my legs so I let him pull my trousers off. No sooner did they hit the ground he was on his knees canlı casino pulling my underwear down which soon ended up with my trousers. Parting my leys even further apart I looked down at my cock and noticed it was already wet with pre-cum. This wasn’t missed by Adam either as his head quickly went down and I felt his tongue licking it from my helmet.

I had experienced blowjobs from women in the past but having one from a guy was in a different league. Adam had obviously sucked the cocks of many men before and as I watched his head going up and down my cock, I knew I’d have to slow him down otherwise he’d quickly end up with me pumping my load into his mouth.

I tapped Adam on his shoulder and said ‘my turn’. As he stood up I pulled his underwear down to just below his balls and pulled him closer to where I was sitting. His cock was throbbing up and down as I slid my left hand between his underwear and soft balls and started massaging them. As tempting as it was to just suck his cock there and then, I resisted this and opted to put my head as the base of his cock and licked my way upwards. I did this for every part of his cock whilst carefully avoiding not to lick any further up than the bottom ridge of his helmet, as I knew this would make him get more aroused. This was certainly the case as his cock was throbbing more than before and his helmet was getting very wet with pre cum. Holding the base of his cock firmly, I placed my closed lips on the tip of his helmet and used them to spread the pre cum around the rest of his helmet. Adam groaned with pleasure as I opened my lips and took his throbbing cock into my mouth, hugging it as it slid in.

As soon as I had taken as much cock as I could, I hugged his cock even more as I made my way back up. On reaching the top I could tell my mouth was a lot wetter from pre cum which was inside his cock, so I didn’t hesitate to swallow it. No sooner had that been swallowed I had my mouth sucking his cock wanting more. It was agreed (my choice) there would not be an anal sex but whilst sucking his cock I found my left hand ending up fanned out behind his firm rounded bum. Originally this was used to pull him closer but when he raised his left leg and placed his foot on the truck beside me, I took that spreading of his legs as a sign for me to do more.

Although I didn’t plan it, it didn’t take long before my index finger slid up into his arse, quickly follower by a second finger. This got Adam very highly aroused kaçak casino to the point where he started thrusting his cock up into my mouth, something I was happy to see happen as my right hand could limit how much of his cock I had. Adam continued to thrust away for a few minutes before I realised he was getting close to giving me his load. Within seconds of thinking that, my tongue was hit by his warm spunk as it spurted out and filled my mouth, quickly followed by a second and third spurt. Knowing he had finished pumping his load into my mouth I gripped the base of his cock tightly with my thumb and forefinger and made my way slowly up. As my fingers reached the base of his helmet I felt another little spurt of sperm join the rest in my mouth.

Whilst I swilled his sperm around in my mouth I pulled Adam’s underwear off. Opening the underwear I located the inner front part and spat the excess sperm into them for later. We had already agreed I’d take them home with me given I have an underwear fetish and would enjoy licking and wanking in them later.

Given I still had a throbbing cock, getting them home and pumping my load into them was highly on my mind. Unbeknown to me, Adam was still keen to suck me off! I still had Adam’s underwear in my hand when I noticed he was getting on his knees between my legs. I certainly wasn’t going to prevent him sucking my cock as I was more than keen to give him my load. I spread my legs and put my hands on the top of Adam’s head as he took my cock for the second time. The feeling of his mouth around my cock was intense and I knew it wouldn’t take long before I pumped my load. Even though I could still taste his sperm in my mouth, I opted to open up his underwear and licked out what was inside. It probably took less than a minute before I found my whole body tense up and experience the feeling of my load making its way into Adam’s mouth. By the time I had pumped my warm sperm into his mouth I was completely out of breath and it took another thirty seconds before I said he could stop. When he did. he looked up, opened up his mouth to show me what he had received. I was well happy to see there was so much of my spunk in his mouth that I couldn’t see his tongue. He closed his mouth and then swallowed every drip of it.

I put his underwear in a plastic bag and we got dressed. On the mile or so walk back to the meeting place we spoke about what we should do next time. I mentioned I liked the thought of sucking off him and a friend if he knew one, preferably a femboy or cute shemale. Adam mentioned he had a cousin who was gay, so we left it at that.

If you’d like to read the follow-up then please let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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