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“Ahhhhhh.” I just sighed and gazed at her white lace panty covered snatch held in front of me. I breathed her, a thick and heavy smell filling my nostrils. Inhale.

Exhale. “Mmmmmmm.” I watched, completely mesmerized, until her insistent hand took hold of my head and forced my face to her. Wet panties met my face and my mouth opened to receive her. I licked and then sucked that wetness into my mouth. Sucking, licking, and pressing my face against her, I felt the flesh underneath her panties and moved her labia apart with my lips and tongue.

She ground her hips into my face and fucked my hard tongue and lips. She moaned heavily and even grunted as she thrust herself against my face. Up and down. Her heavy breathing excited me to drive myself harder against her crotch.

I was grinding my cock against the top of her right foot and she made sure my cock and balls were crushed against her. She would flex the bones of her foot against my balls and crush them up into my body. This act just made me force my mouth harder into her pussy.

The harder she crushed me the more feverishly I served her insistent cunt.

The tip of my cock was leaving pre-cum on her foot and ankle. I couldn’t press my mouth hard enough into her white panties, or suck enough wetness, to satisfy me and her demanding rhythm proved that she couldn’t be satisfied by my mouth alone, but we went on and on like this because the anticipation was too good. The hunger and pursuit meant more than prize and the thought of her bare, wet cunt against my face possessed me.

When she finally pulled her panties Casibom aside I sucked air into my lungs and was paralyzed for an instant before I sought her slick flesh against my flesh. As I pressed my lips and tongue inside her, my hunger for her just grew more intense.

She began to release my crushed cock and balls from the pressure of her foot but I could not bear the deprivation of the pressure and I followed her foot with my hips, trying to rub myself against her and frustrated that I could not. I grew frantic needing more.

She lifted her hips up and away from my face a little, opening her legs wider to give me a better view. Then she settled her ass against my mouth and tongue. When I realized I was now licking her tight asshole I nearly came. She offered her foot again and somehow I managed to merely continue to hump. As she began driving her asshole against my tongue she drove her foot back into my balls and cock. I pressed my lips between her voluminous ass cheeks to suck her bottom hole and taste her. My tongue pressed into the new crevice, a deeper crevice, richer and more heavily scented but no less sweet and wonderful. Her moans were deeper, slower, and longer. She moved her hips up and down along my dutiful tongue. I was crazy for her, crazy for her to push against me, to drive me deeper, deeper into her and to taste that sweet juice.

She started the heavy whisper of direction and inspiration, “Push your tongue into me. Taste me. Want me.”

“You do want me. Don’t you.” It wasn’t a question.

“Oh, yes,” I moaned.

“You’re so hungry for me.”

A Casibom Giriş long pause followed.

“Aren’t you,” she insisted. The sound of her voice and her demands of me drove me, focused me and enslaved me.

“Yessss,” I hissed as I pushed my face harder to get as deeply into her ass as possible. I was so hungry for her and she was making me want her more and more with every word, with every stroke of her foot against my hard cock.

“Hungry,” she repeated.

“Hungry,” her whisper trailed off.

“Need,” she now explained. “Need.”

I inhaled her thick scent as I fought to have her, to be closer to her and to be inside her.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she moaned, and that made me hotter. I didn’t think that was possible.

She brought her ass down, returned her panties to cover her crotch and gave me her vulva once more. I pressed my head down to her ass but she would not let me go there anymore. She substituted her puffy vulva for her tight rose bud. I felt deprived yet madly devoted.

“Here,” she directed.

“Now,” she whispered decisively.

She fucked my face through those soaking panties and when my lips gripped her clit and sucked, she moaned louder. Deep breaths. She brought her cunt up and I thought now was the time to go back to her bottom and try to get more of that acrid taste that I hungered for, but she took me back to her clit and kept me there for a long time.

She screamed and came while I lapped at her cunt.

She thrust wildly and wonderfully into my face again and again until she reached completion. We rested, Casibom Yeni Giriş my lips pressed lightly to her. My cock and hips humping her leg slowly and she moved away. I followed her with my cock, desperate but not wildly, and she moved away again.

I wanted to cum, I guess. I needed her pressure. I loved her.

“You know what I want. Don’t you? Don’t you, my love?” she asked so sweetly. Not really a question but she was just driving her plans for us home.

“Yes.” I answered. I did know.

“You want it, too. Don’t you want it, too?” Oh, so tenderly. She knew.

“Yes,” I admitted. I did, I really did.

“For me?” She asked so sweetly that I wanted to weep.

“Yes,” I said quietly, so satisfied but anxious at the power she had over me.

My head rested between her legs. I breathed her wonderful scent. I felt enwrapped in her love for me.

“Yes. You do,” she repeated sweetly and closed the door tightly on any chance of me cumming.

I rested quietly between her legs. She caressed my head, running her fingers softly through my hair. It felt so good to be loved by her. Then she took my head in both hands and brought me up her body. My cock, half hard now, dragged smoothly over the skin of her leg until it rested where my face had been.

She moved her hips gently against me. She cradled me and wrapped me in her arms. My cock wilted against her still panty concealed pussy. She really had no intention of letting me slip inside her silken vagina. No intention that I would cum and relieve myself. She kissed me gently. Tears filled my eyes. She brushed her lips against mine, kissing me tenderly as she held me.

“OK, my dear. Hold me for a little longer and then we’ll get up. I will let you make me breakfast.”

“It’s beginning to ache,” I said softly.

“I know. I know.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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