Burned Ch. 09

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I apologize for any inconsistencies readers may notice from previous chapters. I do reread these chapters, correct errors that others have pointed out or I have discovered myself, and rewrite portions that enhance the flow of the story.


Jean (Mom)

I’m lonely. The secret of living a hidden life within my own home has taken a toll. I hunger for the physical contact of another human being. I hunger for the touch and caress of a lover. I hunger for shared release.

I’m bad. There, I admit it to myself and to you. I’m bad. Guilt? Yes. Initially. Now? I’m learning to live with it. Is this right? I don’t care anymore. Human beings have an infinite capacity to rationalize any situation and make it seem right.

Well, I’m human. My rationalization? Hal. My fucking husband Hal. Correction, I should say my un-fucking husband Hal. That bastard. He has his life, he has his trophy wife, and he has a legal chastity belt clamped on that wife, me.

He lured me into marriage with a great personality, money, nice house, fast cars and wild parties. Maybe not in that order, but you get the idea. Intimacy? Not Hal’s strong suit, at least not with me. I rationalized that as well. He’s busy. He has a lot on his mind. Things will get better when he can slow down. I have the kids.

The list goes on and on.

The loneliness wore me down. Realization set in. Jean was and is his trophy wife, and Jean was a uterus to bear his children. I rounded out his perfect life and kept his ego protected and intact, and I bore his children to carry on his name. Hal used marriage and family to solidify his macho reputation. He felt that was necessary to protect his standing in business circles and in society functions that were beneficial to growing his business. I fulfilled both those needs for Hal. Now, I’m pretty much ignored.

Hal is very good looking. He has the looks and body of a professional model. He does take extremely good care of himself physically. And he is a clothes hound. Nothing is ever out of place. His activities outside of business are almost exclusively sports related. Basketball, tennis, golf, competitive softball, racing, and only god knows what else. Who would question his masculinity? No one. Are you getting the drift? Hal’s gay, but a very much in the closet gay.

I’m a whore to Hal’s needs. I’ve prostituted myself and continue to sell my services in exchange for the security Hal’s income provides. I have everything I could desire except companionship, love, and…, sex. Why don’t I divorce him? Because of the prenuptial agreement, that’s why. It’s based on finances related to his original residential building business. Good for back then, but not so good now, especially with the mergers and growth of the company. When he reaches retirement age, I’m golden. The prenup doesn’t protect retirement funds from the spouse. I’ll get a healthy wad of money once the retirement funds start flowing. The prenup payout if I divorce him now isn’t enough in today’s dollars. I would lose the lifestyle to which I am accustomed. I’ve tried to renegotiate, but Hal isn’t interested. He is perfectly content with our non-relationship relationship.

If caught in adultery, I get even less. So, I’m careful. I have very rarely messed around. The risk is too high. Who could I possibly trust? I can trust no one, that’s who.

So, I masturbate. I masturbate alone. Like I said, I’m lonely for companionship and physical contact.

This was a summer of change.

I have suspected that Leah and Chris were messing around for quite some time. Their special little glances, their body language, their easy conversation and not so well hidden intimate touches I’ve observed were all indicators.

Why wasn’t I upset you ask? Why didn’t I put a stop to their inappropriate behavior?

Who am I to cast the first stone? I had done the same thing with my cousin. I was curious and wanted to nişantaşı escort experiment and explore. I seduced my younger cousin. It wasn’t hard. It never is when guys are involved. We had a great time and cousins don’t talk. It was and remains our little secret.

I understand Leah’s and Chris’ little secret. They’re young, they’re horny and they probably think they’re in love. Oh, how I remember that so special thrill.

When I heard Leah and Chris in the shower and then saw them run naked to Leah’s bedroom, it kind of confirmed my suspicions. Young love. Ah, The excitement of sexual discovery and new explorations. I’m envious. I’m very envious. I want that intimacy and physical contact.

Then there was the episode by the pool, the two of them snoozing side by side.

We have a very private back yard; the pool area is well shielded from neighboring prying eyes. The cabana has a workout area in addition to change rooms and showers. I keep myself in good shape alternating workouts on the machines and swimming on alternate days. When home alone, I swim and sunbath in the nude. I enjoy the caressing sensation of the water and have never liked tan lines, so I have none.

I suspect, no, I admit it, I know Chris has observed me on the sly. I’ve seen the curtains move, I know his eyes have pried.

I put on my black bikini and joined them. I was bold and removed my top and tossed it beside my chair. A tingle of naughty excitement made me very conscious of my naked breasts. I lay with closed eyes relishing the tension of my building excitement.

Leah murmured quietly to Chris. I opened my eyes. He was staring at me. Leah had rolled over and lay with her arm shielding her eyes. Her small breasts looked so firm and intensely white in the brightness of the hot sun. On impulse, yes, a bad impulse I admit, I sat beside Leah and gently rubbed sunscreen on her firm young breasts. Um, they felt lovely.

I looked at Chris, and then looked at his crotch. “Oh my! Is that a gun in your pants or are you just happy to see me?” and smiled with the thought. A distinctive bulge deformed his trunks. My pussy pulsated with the increased blood flow from the surge of my heartbeat.

“Um, thanks Chris. Until I have a better tan, I do need to keep a layer of sunscreen on my boobs,” Leah murmured and seemed to drift back to sleep. I turned my eyes back to Leah’s breasts, gently circled each nipple with my finger, and then returned to my chair.

Chris hadn’t looked away. My tits and crotch tightened with special excitement under his gaze. His cock twitched. I gasped.

My hands of their own volition moved to my breasts, pinched and teased each nipple until they were firm and erect. A look of amazement crossed Chris’ face as I pulled my suit aside and exposed my pussy. I ran the tips of my fingers along my moist cleft and looked at his crotch. I nodded suggestively. I wanted him to pull out his cock. Yes, my god, he did. I smiled with a thrill of pleasure as he stroked his erect penis. His balls jounced up and down with each slow pull. The head of his cock became oh so swollen and purple.

My slit was dripping wet and my crotch felt tense with my desire. I slipped a finger inside my pussy and felt my clit harden against the friction and rub of my palm. I worked myself faster, my climax so close.

Chris stroked the length of his cock more quickly, the purple head of his penis disappearing and reappearing from my sight. He groaned. His cock jerked repeatedly and spewed his cum. It jetted and sprayed, then oozed and dripped, and formed white puddles on his darkly tanned skin.

My pussy clutched at my probing fingers and my body shuddered in concert with the rhythmic contractions of my own orgasm. I fell back panting with the exertion of my intense climax. I lay quietly with my arm over my eyes wondering what Chris would do.

The murmur of their whispering voices reached my şişli escort ears. I waited for sharp recriminations, shock and anger. The outrage I expected did not appear.

Boldly I stood and said, “You guys hungry? I’ll get going on some salad. Chris, there are a couple of pounds of chuck in the fridge. You start getting the patties together. Leah, would you slice some tomatoes, onions and cheese please?” and without waiting for a response, walked into the house and realized, I might have something here.

I told you. I’m bad.

I pulled on a light cover up to work in the kitchen. When Chris came in and stared, I realized it didn’t hide much. Um, sweet tingles awakened my barely covered nipples. I played it cool with the help of several delicious Cadillac margaritas. We grilled and had burgers out by the pool. Again, Chris spent the evening dragging his eyes away from my chest. Oh, the delicious sensation knowing I was exposed, not just to Chris, but to Leah as well.

The evening was uneventful until I announced that Leah would return home to her parents with her Uncle Hal. They tried to hide their shock and they did recover quite nicely. We chatted away the evening and all went to bed as if nothing had happened.

I found the sweet dears in Leah’s bed the next morning, quite naked by the looks of it. I told them they better get up in that Leah was flying home that afternoon. They were visibly shaken and I’m not sure by which item. My catching them in bed together, or that Leah was leaving that day. My money was on the latter.

Chris ended up taking Leah to the airport since Hal didn’t bother to arrange his schedule to drop by and pick up his niece himself. Hal’s a bit of a narcissist. Chris didn’t mind in that it gave him the chance to see her off privately.

I put on my skimpiest black bikini poured myself a glass of wine to sip while sunning. Umm, I was positively glowing from the warmth of the sun on my skin, the warming buzz of alcohol coursing through my bloodstream and the heat of sexual excitement building in my pelvis and breasts in expectation of Chris’ return. My bikini top somehow found itself in a tiny little heap beside my chair. The sun’s warmth felt good on my bare nipples.

Chris walked past me without a glance or greeting and disappeared into the cabana. He came out in his swimsuit, dove into the pool and started swimming laps.

And more laps. And even more laps. Good sign or bad?

“Hi Chris. Everything go Ok at the airport?” I asked as he finally climbed out of the pool somewhat out of breath.

“Yes. No problems,” he answered as he stepped close to take the proffered towel from my outstretched hand.

Chris’ eyes dropped to my chest. My nipples stirred as I watched his gaze take in first my left and then my right breast. I cupped them in my hands and teased the nipples between my thumbs and index fingers and felt them tighten and become erect. Chris took a deep breath.

I blatantly looked at his crotch and could see the outline of his cock straining against the fabric of his trunks. I reached down and wiggled my hips as I eased off my bikini bottoms. I was naked in front of my son. I tipped my head and looked at his crotch. His penis begged silently to be free.

“No!” he tried to exclaim, but a mere whimper reached my ears.

I looked back at my crotch, suggestively shifted my hips and then nodded again at his. I smiled a little knowing smile.

“Really Mom?” he asked with a weakly sarcastic tone.

“I’m not asking for more than what we did yesterday. Please?”

“Mom, this is wrong”

“Chris, I know you enjoyed watching. I enjoyed watching you. I watched you cum, um, so nice. You watched me cum. Please. You’re fucking father… sorry. I need release. We’re just masturbating. Nothing more. Please Chris?” I pleaded as I spread my legs wider, touched myself and slowly toyed with my moist folds.

He took mecidiyeköy escort a deep breath and his cock twitched again within its prison of cloth. Chris pushed down his shorts his swollen penis sprung free.

I pushed my generous labial folds apart revealing my dark wet hole to Chris.

Chris grasped his erection. He stroked the shaft with long slow pulls as his eyes hungrily roamed my naked body. He raptly watched as I played with my nipples and flicked my clitoris.

Dollops of precum oozed from his tip. I watched with fascination as his palm gathered the thick liquid and wetted his dick. His hips began to hump against his fist; the glans grew tense and purple as it fucked against his firm grip. I pushed my fingers inside myself and fucked my pussy in time with the thrust of his hips. I moaned as the almost painful sensation of pleasure grew in my clit.

Chris’ hips thrust forward against the swift pumps of his hand. Chris grunted and groaned. Sperm spewed out from the dark hole at the end of his penis. I cried out with the force of my climax as rope after rope of his warm seed landed and splattered across both of my thighs. Oh god, he had cum all over me.

Chris nearly collapsed into the chair by my side. His dick slowly deflated, losing its hardness, but still oozed and dribbled more semen onto his thigh. We panted in unison as we recovered from the exertion we had just shared.

I stood, hesitated, then reached out and lightly ran the tips of my fingers down the softening shaft of his cock as I walked by. My touch left behind a gleaming trail of my pussy’s wetness.

I could feel Chris’ gaze on my tingling naked ass as I walked into the house.

I immediately went to my bedroom, drew a bath, enjoyed a hot soak and luxuriated in the afterglow of my wonderful climax. His cock had felt so warm. That really was wrong. It’s one thing for cousins to mess around, quite another for a mother and son. But oh, it was so much fun. What would it be like to feel his cock pulse in my hand as it ejaculated his semen?

Such a naughty thought I know. But I was becoming obsessed with the idea of touching, not just watching. It wouldn’t be sex with my son. We wouldn’t have intercourse. We’d just touch. I saw desire in Chris’ eyes. Would he touch me? Would he hold and caress my breasts? Would he put his hand between my legs?

I squirmed my hips in the warmth of the water and felt the exquisite tension build once more. Water lapped over my buoyant breasts with the whisper of a kiss on my cool wet nipples.

Sleep wouldn’t come. It played over and over in my minds eye what we had done. The warmth of his semen on my thigh and the soft touch of his cock against the tips of my fingers sent shivers of excitement coursing to the area between my thighs. After tossing and turning I finally went to the kitchen to have a glass of wine as a sleep tonic.

While sipping my merlot, I started to thumb through emails and messages on my phone. Sounds drifting up the stairway caught my attention. Curiosity piqued, I quietly descended to be sure Chris was all right.

Chris’ door was slightly ajar. I initially just listened and realized he and Leah were chatting, but it quickly became clear that they weren’t just chatting. I couldn’t resist and oh so carefully peeked though the crack. Oh my, there I could see Chris naked with his laptop between his legs. On the laptop’s screen was the naked image of Leah’s hand working her pussy with her breasts jiggling on her chest.

I know I should not do so, but I held up my phone and videoed the ongoing sexual drama of my son and his dear cousin. Leah groaned softly as she came. After a few moments she whispered clearly, “I showed you mine, now show me yours.”

Chris adjusted his laptop and spread his legs wide. His cock was exposed to me in partial profile as he masturbated his hard penis. He groaned as his ejaculate pumped onto his body in long spurts. With the last twitches of his orgasm, the last of his cum slowly rolled down his shaft and over his fist.

I quietly stepped away and returned to my room. I played and replayed my illicit little video. I masturbated and was finally able to asleep.

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