Business Trips Were Never Like This

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Author’s Note: While this is a fantasy story I really did just return from a trip to Prague. While there, the manager at the hotel fit the description in the story to a ‘T’. The rest is fantasy.

I recently made a one week business trip to Europe that was, in a word, memorable. My travel agent booked me on a first class ticket to the Czech Republic and said he would recommend I stay at a hotel near Prague that provided “world class” service. I’ve traveled quite a bit and stayed at a number of five star hotels but took his word for it and booked the trip. The cost was more than I was expecting but I rationalized it as just another business expense on my tax return. He did say it would be worth every penny.

I got to Prague at about 4 PM and rented a car for the drive to the hotel. It was located about ten miles outside of the city and I would have missed it had I not had my GPS with me. It was located about a half mile off the main road, a long tree-lined driveway that led to a four-story building.

I checked in and showed my passport and credit card to a rather severe but pretty blonde woman dressed in a blue business suit and her hair pulled into a bun. About 30, I thought, probably a great figure under that business suit. Her name tag read ‘Anna.’

Anna checked me into my room rather professionally kocaeli escort bayan and gave me my door card, room 410. A porter took my bags and led me to my room. I noticed that the fourth floor of the hotel was secured; you needed to have a card for a fourth floor room to have access. Must be that world class lodging my travel agent told me about.

The room was nice but not especially opulent. As I tipped him, he remarked to me in rather good English, “I see you have purchased all of our services, enjoy.” Okay, a room, TV, Wi-Fi; no big deal for today’s travelers.

After dinner downstairs, I went back to my room and assembled my notes for the meetings scheduled for tomorrow. I had a full schedule and wanted to rest up. The bed had a sign that said the hotel offered a “turn-down” service when ready to retire. I called downstairs and told the front desk I was turning in.

About 5 minutes later there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” I said, and it was Ms. Professional herself, Anna. She turned down my bed and, rather than leaving, pointed to the bed and, in her Czech accent, said, “Relax, you must be tired.”

I was tired a minute ago but now my heart was racing. What was this, I thought? I lay back on the bed and watched. Anna moved to the entertainment center and turned otele gelen escort on some music. “You Sexy Thing” by Hot Chocolate began playing. Anna turned her back to me and let her hair fall down to her shoulders. As she swayed to the music, first her jacket, then her skirt came off until she was dressed in nothing but black bra, matching thong, black fishnet stockings and six inch heels. She turned to face me, leaned forward on the bed, and made a kissing motion with her lips. “Don’t you want to kiss me,” she teased, rather huskily.

At first I was frozen but I quickly moved to her side, took her in my arms and kissed her passionately. My hands traveled up and down her body feeling every curve as we kissed. She undressed me with knowing hands and I pulled toward the bed. We lay there together and continued kissing and petting. Then she placed a finger to her lips as if to say to me ‘shush’ and moved her head down to my waist. Taking my cock in her hand she expertly brought me to full hardness and placed her lips on the cockhead, licking it with her tongue. With her other hand she placed a finger on her clitoris and began to stimulate herself. I placed my hand on her head and with only gentle pressure pushed down until my cock was entirely in her mouth. Up and down her head darıca escort moved as she brought me to the point of climax, then stopped me from cumming with pressure from her hand, then brought me to the point of climax again. I was ready to burst.

She then climbed astride me and placed my cock in her pussy, which was wet and ready. We fucked for what seemed like an hour; she could take me to the point of cumming, climax herself, and then hold me from cumming with the muscles in her groin. I had never experienced anything so erotic.

Finally I could hold it no longer and I came with a literal gusher into her. When I finished she took my cock back in her mouth and licked every drop of cum remaining.

The music still played while Anna dressed herself in the same sexy way she had undressed. With a final kiss for me she left the room. I fell asleep right away.

I awoke feeling refreshed and went downstairs to check out. No Anna, though; her shift must have ended. However, there was a new attendant behind the desk. A lovely Asian woman, Filipina perhaps, with long brown hair down to her waist, greeted me. Her name tag said Mara.

“Checking out?” she asked.

I thought for moment. “No,” I said, “I think I’ll stay over another day; can you book the same room for me? I have several meetings in town today but my flight doesn’t leave until the day after next.”

“That’s on the fourth floor, correct?” she inquired with a smile.

“Yes, please,” I hastily replied.

“Have a productive meeting today,” she said, “Your room will be waiting for you when you return. I’m sure you’ll see me this evening.”

You betcha.

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