But I Love Him Ch. 02

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Elese woke up when the sun shone into the window and shone right into her eyes. She blinked and felt a warm body next to hers. She rolled over and was face to face with her brother. He way lying on his back and had a grin on his face. When she thought about last night, she couldn’t help but smile. The moment her parents were gone, they had spent the day in bed having sex. They had only stopped for lunch and dinner and had fallen asleep exhausted. It was Monday and Elese had to go to work. When she tried to get out of bed, Rick wrapped his arm around her hip.

“One more time.” Elese smiled as Rick rolled her onto her back and lay on top of her. He pushed his throbbing cock back inside her and looked into her eyes.

“I want to be inside my sister one more time before she goes to work.” Elese couldn’t disagree and felt him push in and out of her. It was slow and hard and was driving her crazy. He strummed her hard nipples and held his cock deep inside her until she came. She arched her back and came hard.

“That’s my girl.” Rick kissed her nose and then thrusted two more times before emptying himself inside her. “Now you can get ready for work.”

Elese grinned as she rolled out of bed to get ready. She worked as an assistant at a law firm and as she got dressed Rick lay in her bed watching. She put on stockings and a black skirt with a white blouse and matching blazer. It was a high-end law firm and she was expected to dress appropriately. She didn’t dare look at her brother while she dressed. He was in a constant Escort Kız state of horniness and she couldn’t be late for work.

“Bye bro. Have fun at school today.” Before he had a chance to touch her, she pulled away and rushed out the door. Rick lay in bed debating on whether to get up or not. He was a senior at the community college. His classes were great since he had gotten into computer animation. He wanted to spend the day in his sister’s bed, but knew it wouldn’t be any fun without her there.

He got up and dragged himself to school. He worked quickly to get his assignments done and spent the rest of the time playing around with things. He loved computers and loved animation. He was the top of his class and was close to guaranteeing a full time job when he graduated. His classes were done at two o’clock so he decided to go pick up his sister from work. He had done that in the past and loved seeing where she worked. He entered the elevator and went up to the fifteenth floor. When the doors opened, he walked down the hall towards his sister’s office. She had her own office, but there was no window. She joked that it was once a closet, but it was in the perfect location. The four lawyers she worked with had offices on either side so she was always close enough to help out.

Rick turned the corner and stopped cold. He was standing outside her office and although he couldn’t see inside since the door was closed, he knew that sound. It was the sound Elese made when her earlobe was being sucked on. It was a precious sound to Rick since a year ago when they first got together he had done that to her and the sound was like music to his ears. He thought he was the only one who could arouse her like that.

He knocked once and then opened the door. It was unlocked and so he figured he could walk in. The moment he entered he knew what was occurring. Elese was sitting up on her desk with her boss Jared standing in front of her.

“Rick!” Elese pushed Jared away and slid off her desk. Jared grinned at Rick.

“We’ll chat about that tomorrow Elese.” Jared walked out of the office and left Rick and Elese standing in front of each other.

Elese was biting her lip waiting for Rick to say something. She knew he was mad and she knew that nothing she said to her brother would make things right. She had been having a secret affair with her brother for over a year and here she was making out with her boss.

“I was coming to visit you. Wanted to see if you could leave early. I’ll take the bus home.” Rick sounded so quiet and reserved. His eyes were full of sorrow and when Elese reached out to touch him he pulled away fast. Rick left her office and walked quickly towards the elevator. He kept repeating in his head “I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to cry.” The moment he got home he rushed to his room and got on his computer. He tuned everything out and didn’t even hear his sister come home.

Elese knew she had to talk to Rick and had spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what to say. She knocked on his door and entered quietly.

“Can I just say a few things?” Rick nodded and turned off his laptop.

“I love you. More then you will ever know. When guys pay attention to me I react. I feel so guilty afterwards because I know you love me so much. I can’t tell Jared I have a boyfriend because he’ll want to meet him. You have no idea how much I wish we weren’t related.” Elese looked into her brother’s eyes. She had finally said exactly what she wanted to say for the last year. This wasn’t the first time she had flirted or made out with another guy, but this was the first time Rick had found out.

“Come here.” Rick turned the chair and gestured for Elese to come close. She walked over and sat in his lap. Rick’s cock hardened immediately and he ran his hands under her skirt to the edge of her stockings.

“Fuck me.” Elese whispered the words as she pleaded with Rick with her eyes. She needed him so badly and wanted to show him how much she loved him. Rick undid his pants with one hand and sank his cock into her quickly. She gasped at the fullness. Rick gripped her hips and bounced her hard and fast on his cock. He watched as his sister’s breasts bounced up and down.

“I’m going to use your pussy sis, all night long.” Rick hated how he loved her so much, even though she was a flirt. He hated how she had been his first and only. The harder he fucked her the more he realized he would never want this to end. He lifted up his hips and slammed her down, cumming so deep in her soaking wet pussy. Elese was panting at this point, her whole body on fire from her brother’s touches.

“I love you sis.”

“I love you bro.”

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