Butter Me Up!

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The party was hopping. Drinks were flying left and right. Heck, Paul, the host, even hired strippers to pass out shots. It was, as the kids say today, “off the hook”.

If you couldn’t get laid at this party, you had major issues. There were three chicks for every guy, and at least one of ’em was ready to take her clothes off.

After several dances and drinks, I was tired…very tired, but still fairly sober. I decided to take a break and sit on one of the many couches. To kill the time, I sent a few text messages to some of my buddies. I absolutely had to let them know how insane this party was!

As soon as my body relaxed, my bladder kicked in. A trip to the facilities was in order. There were several bathrooms downstairs, but I knew where the master bedroom was located and also knew that no one would be up there; hence, no line. So, up the stairs I went. The door was shut but the light was off. Surely that was a sign that no one was in there. I opened the door gently and started to tip toe into the room.

There didn’t appear to be anyone inside the massive bathroom, so away I went to the toilet. As I stood there peeing, I could hear a man moaning in the large walk-in shower. Through the mirror, I noticed that it was a man stroking himself. His pants were down around his ankles, his shirt was still on, but his hands were rubbing his massive cock. He was sitting on the bench inside in the shower. I could hear him moaning and because the shower had a tendency to echo, I could hear his hands rubbing against his cock.

Normally, I would have bolted. However, I really had to pee. So, I did my thing…quietly..praying he wouldn’t hear me. Several thoughts were running through my head…mainly, “don’t get caught in here”. However, I was also thinking to myself, “why in the world would this rather attractive guy rub one out when there are a ton of hot chicks downstairs ready to fuck?”

Just as my mind was racing, my damn cell phone goes off. One of my buddies Sakarya Escort finally responded to my text message and the timing couldn’t have been worse. The guy inside the shower freaks out! He pulls up his pants at the same time I pull my pants up. We both head for the door at the same time…making brief eye contact with eachother. As we leave the bedroom, he glanced back at me, and smiled. Smile? What the hell was he smiling for??? Did he think it was comical or did he actually enjoy getting caught? Or worse, was he somehow attracted to me??

Who the hell knows. But I did know one thing – it was time for another drink.

I bumped my away across the dance floor to rub against a hot redhead that I had been eyeing all night. She smiled, I smiled, she smiled more, I smiled more…things were heating up. She grabbed my hips, I grabbed her hips. She carassed my neck, I carassed her neck. She spun away from me, and I spun away from her…and there he was! Dammit, that same guy!!! From the upstairs bathroom!!! Why the hell was he looking at me again? And smiling???

I went over to see what he was all about.

“Hello, my name is Nick.”

“Hi Nick. I’m Steve. Sorry if I interupted something there.”

“Oh no, that’s cool.”

“I am really sorry you caught me in the bathroom. I am smiling because, to be honest with you, it’s pretty damn funny.”


“Yeah, funny. Here we are at this kicking party – with chicks all over the place – and I decide to rub one out myself!”

“I did think it was slightly weird.”

“Anyway, I’m headed over to get a drink. Need anything?”

“Yeah, I’ll head over there with ya.”

As we walked to the long line, I noticed his ass. Normally, I never look at another man’s ass. However, since I saw him naked – my mind was racing. His jeans were a perfect fit and his ass was…well….it was just downright perfect. Just as soon as images of his ass raced through my head, images of his cock Adapazarı Escort raced through my head as well.

He was standing just in front of me…the line was packed, so before we knew it, I was shoved up against his back.

Suddenly, my damn cell phone goes off again. After the bathroom incident, I had switched it to vibrate mode out. So there I am, standing in line, shoved up against this guy and my crotch starts to vibrate!!!

“Is that your cell phone, or are you just excited?”

“Funny. Very funny. Uhhh, that’s my phone. Remember the phone that startled us in the bathroom?”

He started to laugh again. Damn, even his face was hot.

We both headed outside for some fresh air.

“Hey man, sorry about all that.” I said. “If you didn’t know any better, you’d think I was stalking you.”

“That wouldn’t be a bad thing.”

“Oh no? Why is that?”

“Well…you see…the reason I was beating off is that none of these chicks really do it for me. In fact, no chick does it for me”




We stood there for about five seconds – just looking at eachother.

He could sense that I was somehow attracted to him.

“Listen, I know you liked what you saw” he said. “Would you like to see it again?”

“You know, I would. As crazy as that sounds, and maybe it’s the vodka cranberries, but I would.”

“Let’s go behind that pool shed, through the woods and find a secluded a spot. I can finish what you interuppted.”

And just as quickly as that happened, he was half across the backyard. My mind was racing. Did I really want to see this guy masturbate? Deep down, I actually wanted to suck his cock, but I couldn’t believe that I was actually thinking that – much less, about to do it.

I ran to catch up with him. Just as I did, he grabbed me and threw me into the pool shed.

“This will work” he said.

“Work for what?” I asked.

“I Serdivan Escort just want you to see my cock. I want you to see me stroke it. Is that okay? You can just sit over there and watch.”

I watched as he ripped his jeans down to his ankles…undewear down to his thighs. Sitting there erect was the most amazing cock I had ever seen. It was perfect. Pink…thick…hard…long…and it looked tasty as hell.

As he stroked, my cell phone started to vibrate – again!

“I hear something vibrating!” he said. “Did you bring a toy?”

We both laughed. Suddenly, I felt comfortable enough to approach him. I went straight over and rubbed my hand across his chest.

“Is this okay?” I asked.

“Okay? It’s delicious.”

“Delicious? I think something else would be delicious!!!”

Before I knew it, I was kneeling down before him. For the first time ever, I placed a juicy hard cock in my mouth. It was incredible. He moaned and gyrated as I sucked and sucked. I don’t know how I knew what I was doing, but I have to admit – I was pretty good at it.

Suddenly, he slipped his cock out from my mouth, grabbed my shoulders and brought me to his face. We started to make out. His tongue was dancing across mine. I had some of his pre-cum in my mouth and he knew it!!

He then turned around and showed me his ass. Just the sight of his ass almost made me cum. He bent over and said, “Fuck me raw.”

I had never fucked an ass before, but knew that we would need some lubrication.

“I don’t think I can get my dick in there without…”

“Some of this?”

“What the hell is that?”

“Butter! It’s the only thing I could find in that house. It’s a perfect lubricant.”

I rubbed the butter all over my cock. It was warm and sweet.

My cock slid in his hole and away I went. Man, his fucking ass was sweet. So much tighter than anything I had ever fucked before. Just before I was about to cum, he slid out and fell to me knees. He slurped my cock, full of butter and pre-cum. I shot my load hard and fast into the back of his throat.

We fondled and rubbed each other all night. When we returned to the party, the music was off and most were leaving. We decided to head to his house and go for round two.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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