By the Dark Side of the Moon

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One evening I was walking along the path thru the park. This was my normal routine. Many months prior, my Lord had told me one day that when I least expected it, something would happen to me that would knock me off my feet. We always shared fantasies and kinky ideas. Well, I wasn’t expecting this but let me tell you about it:

As I was walking, late in the evening, the sky was partially clouded, the moon was full thus creating shadows everywhere. Of course, being the cocky woman that I was, I proceeded thru the park as usual, but felt something was different. I couldn’t put my finger on it, so I continued along nonchalantly. All of a sudden!! I was grabbed from behind, gagged and blindfolded and told to walk along and shut-up.

I was taken not too far from there, down some cement stairs and into a damp, cold environment. I could feel the heat coming from candles and I was moved to the centre of the room. My hands and legs were stretched out and I was tied up, standing up against a St. Andrew’s X. The blindfold was taken off of my face and a gentleman was standing in front of me with a black robe and a hood. As I adjusted my eyes, I could see that there were 12 other people all with hoods, all wearing MardiGras style masks. The main guy came up to me and slowly, very slowly whispered in my ear…. “the day has come my darling”…. He stepped back, pulled out a knife and cut off my top, my skirt and left me there half naked. My chest was heaving, I had no clue what was gonna happen and couldn’t do anything about it.

One by one, with his signal, the people approached, their hands touching various parts of my body, some my hair, my face, my breasts, my back, my ass, my thighs, my inner thighs and my pussy. Small hands, large hands, some rough, some soft. My body was feeling so many different sensations all at the same time it was like an electrical current running thru me. My mouth was still gagged and I couldn’t emanate a sound. The feeling was wonderful, overwhelming and my body was going into overload. I looked at the masked face, not moving, looking at me and all I could do was roll my eyes back, let a tear drop for the pleasure was so, so intense!

One by one, they backed away, leaving only three in the middle of this circle. The leader approached, signalled again and they came back to me. This time, they each concentrated themselves on a part of my body that was bound to give me an orgasm. One pair of hands were playing with my nipples. Pinching them, squeezing them, another set of hands was covering my ass and spreading my cheeks, inserting a finger in there. The 3rd set of hands was covering the pussy and was massaging it gently, but then tapping it lightly, massaging and tapping. I was looking into this masked face’s eyes, PLEADING with my eyes, this was TOO GOOD. I couldn’t moan, Ankara escort I couldn’t scream, I couldn’t move. Restrained and being pleasured to the maximum, the feeling running thru my body was incredible. Those fingers playing with me in unison were bringing me to the brink of a MASSIVE orgasm. Nipples, Ass, Pussy, Nipples, Ass , Pussy!! OHHHH MY GOODNESS!!! My pussy was about to explode, OHHHHHHHH!

“STOP” he yelled. I felt my whole body go into shock. He came towards me, menacingly, with his knife, but only whispered in my ear “How does that feel you little whore” “You wanna cum so bad, don’t you?”

I nodded my head “YES” pleading with my eyes.

He passed a feather along my body, down the sides, back up my inner thighs. The tip of the feather brushed on my clit but disappeared just as quick. He circled around my nipples, pinching one, alternating with the other. I could feel my pussy juice dripping but he would not give me enough pleasure to make me cum, yet…

Several people untied me, carried me over to a leather covered bench where I was laid out with my feet propped up into stirrups. My arms were clasped at the elbow but I had the freedom of moving my hands. I was sooo horny at this time I wanted to get Fuck’d hard. The man with the mask, the one who was in charge, the one who ran the show… removed his robe and exposed his beautiful ebony , muscular body. He was hard and ready for me. I wanted that cock badly, deep inside of me. Three big, black men approached me, removed their capes and gave me a cock in each hand to hold and one in my mouth to suck on. The leader of the pack came forward, slid my hips towards him and teased my pussy with the tip of his cock. I was writhing and moaning but he wouldn’t fuck me. My pussy was dying for this guy to thrust his cock deep inside of me. Those that were to each side of me were pinching and tweaking my nipples and all I could feel was my pussy contracting, wishing I had this big cock inside of me. A woman, tall and thick, with tits to die for, approached the bench.

At first, she seemed to be soft and sensual, gliding her hands up and down my thighs. Then, she ran her long nails softly around my pussy lips. My pussy was glistening with juices, ready to bust. She bent over and kissed my pussy, ran her tongue up and down each side of my pussy, still not touching my clit or my hole. There are no words to describe the sweet torture she was doing. Alas, as I thought she was going to lick my clit, she then took out a horsewhip and looking down at me with her beautiful green eyes, she slapped my pussy. A look of shock came over me. Again, she whipped me and again. The pain was starting to build but all this time, I never stopped playing with those big, black men. She lubed up her hand and approached me. I could feel her pushing Ankara escort bayan her hand inside of my pussy. At first, it felt like a lot, but once her hand was firmly planted in my pussy, she turned it and was stroking my pussy, in and out. The man in charge approached with a wand, not a magic wand, but close to it. The beautiful, powerful Hitachi wand. I’d been wanting to get one of those but never got around to it. Now, I was about to have a taste of it. He turned it on and started to pass it lightly over my clit. OH MY GOD! My pussy opened up in a flash. The woman dove her hand deeper inside and started fucking my pussy. The wand was giving me this over the top, crazy sensation in my clit and pussy. I writhed like a snake, trying to get away but I couldn’t. The build-up was incredible and the blood was rushing down from my brain to my pussy. Faster, harder she went, as more pressure was applied on my clit with the wand. I was stroking the men faster and more aggressively, which was a good thing.

The man in charge said to me “I know you wanna cum bitch, but you’ll have to beg for it. Beg for this big black cock you white hoe.”

The more he talked like that, the more I got excited. The fisting was driving me mad, the wand was driving me crazy and all I could do was scream. I heard myself saying “PLEASE LET ME CUM, I’LL DO ANYTHING YOU ASK ME TO”

He laughed cuz he knew that I didn’t mean it. The guy at the end of the bench rammed his cock deep inside my mouth, making me choke, gag and push out. The woman’s fist remained inside. As I was almost on the verge of passing out, he motioned to the guy to take out his cock. He looked at me and said “WELL! You’ve got to ask nicely, come on you little black cock whore, you know the drill!”


He looked down at me, whispered in my ear, while signalling the woman and he told me “CUM BITCH”

I felt my pussy contract and push with all my might and my pussy was gushing and squirting like a water fountain. The woman stood right there and took all that pussy juice on her face and her tits as she kept tapping my pussy while the wand drove my clit ballistic.

I screamed “OH MY GOD!” Over and over again. He came and stood between my legs, rested his hands on my legs and thrust his big, hard cock inside my pussy. I yelped as his big cock plummeted deep inside my womb. My head went back, my tits were bobbing up and down as he rammed his cock deep inside. He stood there, gyrating his hips letting me feel his cock inside my walls and pulling back a little bit at a time. Turn and turn, in and out, little quick thrusts, one BIG thrust. I was in a frenzy, my hands were jerking these guys off faster and faster, my tongue was twirling and the Escort Ankara cock in my mouth was going in and out, making me gag all the while my pussy was being filled.

He pulled out, just as I was about to have an orgasm, then motioned to one of his guys to take his place. The guy came in and with his long cock, he spit on my ass hole and plunged his big cock without hesitation into my ass. The guy at my head, grabbed me and put his hand over my mouth, forcing me to take it, without being able to scream or complain. I felt like I was being torn from the inside out. I felt hands pinching my nipples hard and then the master got up on the table, in a 69 position, fed me his big cock and stretched my pussy lips apart. His tongue went deep inside my hole, lapping up that creamy cum. His tongue went up and down my slit, right to my clit and the more I felt like cummin, the more he fed me his cock. I gagged, pushed with my stomach, tried to turn my head but I couldn’t move. He was way too strong for me. He rubbed that clit, pinched it and stroked it like it was a little dick. He knew that I was gonna bust any minute.

He got off the table, came around and without a second’s hesitation, he shoved his hard cock into my ass. He was much larger than the other guy and so his cock was tearing me up. The more he fucked, the more I dilated, the more I begged for his big cock in my ass. My pussy was swollen, my clit was so sensitive and the woman was now rubbing my clit a hundred miles/hour.

The guys on my left and right were about to bust their loads and they grabbed hold of their cocks and played with themselves. The guy fucking my mouth was going at it faster and faster while the guy fucking my ass was enjoying every minute of it. I contracted my muscles, showing him how good it was, as I held it back, held on tight. The guy at my head was in unison with the other two and they turned to me and shot their loads of cum at my mouth and my breasts. Their moans and groans were setting me and the guy into a frenzy of no return. Two guys played with my nipples, the woman was rubbing my clit hard and I still tried to hold on to this beautiful cock. I could see him clenching those ass muscles and his cock got super hard. A few final long, hard strokes and I released my ass, let it go and felt his cock explode in a fury inside my ass as I finally!!!! got to scream to my heart’s desire as my orgasm rushed to the surface and exploded at the same time that he filled me up with his cum.

The woman, being the good little bitch that she was, licked up our juice and the beautiful cream pie coming out of my gaping ass. She came over to me and kissed me, gave me some of his cum which tasted so good.

I laid there, totally satiated, with a little smile on my face. I turned my head to the side, looked up and the guy removed his mask……

“So Woman!”, he said, how did you like your little fantasy?

My Lord stood there with a big smile on his face, proud that he had given me what I yearned for, for so long.

LadyDi 11/16/2010 ©

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