“C” Club Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are above the age of consent. The story and its characters are all fictional. I love hearing your comments so please leave one. I also love to get messages from my readers.

I think it was Oscar Wilde who said something like, “expect the unexpected.”

It was the beginning of the summer between my junior and senior year of college. I was stuck at school because of a screw up in my class schedule. I was several credits short of completing my junior year. If I wanted to graduate by next spring I only had one bad option, summer school.

My unhappiness with the situation only became worse when my girlfriend dumped me right before the end of the academic year. Adding insult to injury my family left for a trip to Europe. In the “life-is-good” to “life-sucks” continuum I was pretty much in the “life-sucks” zone. Little did I know that all that would change in the next few seconds and all by the simple click of a mouse.

I had been on video chat with my friend Mike. We were taking the same Western Civ class and comparing notes. It had been at least 45 minutes since the chat but I still had the application running. The chat app called and I answered seeing it was Mike. To my surprise I was greeted with a most amazing image, a smooth round ass and a pair of shaved balls and hard cock tucked between the callers legs. Having never been properly introduced to the “junk” on screen I did not recognize its owner. Needless to say it took me a few seconds to comprehend the spectacle.

“Hey Drew, I really enjoyed hooking up with you at “C” Club. I was feeling a little horny and I hoped you had some free time…we could…you know….”

Although I did not recognize the cock I did recognize the voice. It was indeed my friend Mike. My friends call me “Dre” and I was probably right next to “Drew” in Mike’s directory. (Note to self: Displaying your private parts might not be the best way to start a video chat.)

“Um…Mike…I think that…well…it’s Dre…not Drew. Buddy you skyped the wrong person I think.” I stammered, embarrassed for my friend.

Mike instantly turned around. I saw his impressive cock swing back and forth before the video chat screen went blank. He had hung up. I wondered if I should call back or just forget about the incident and play it cool. I decided not to embarrass the poor guy any more and continued with my studies.

I had to admit that Mike’s lewd proposition and nice package sparked my imagination. When I was a freshman one of the teacher’s assistants introduced me to the pleasures of bisexuality. I did enjoy several drunken nights in his room in a variety of sexual explorations. He graduated and I have been strictly hetero since, although always open to new possibilities.

The next couple of days Mike avoided me like the plague. After 3 days of this silliness I made a point to catch up with him after class. I grabbed Mike by the arm and said, “We are going to get a cup of coffee and talk. We’re friends and I am totally cool with what happened. Mike, really man, it’s okay.”

I could see him relax. We walked to the coffee shop and I told him that I was not judging him. I knew that the video chat was intended for someone else and that wasn’t any of my business. Then I put my arm around his shoulder and said, “any way I enjoy eryaman escort getting flashed with a nice cock every now and then.”

Mike looked at me and smiled. ” I thought you and Kim were a thing?”

“Well my friend, little Kimmy dumped me the last week of the semester. And to tell you the truth, I have been thinking about switching things up a bit this summer, and your unintended “cam-show” confirmed that thought.”

“So you’re telling me you swing both ways?” asked Mike in a cautious tone.

“Yeah, that’s pretty much it.” I said in a nonchalant way, trying to make it not-a-big-deal.

We entered the coffee shop, ordered our drinks and made small talk. Walking back to the dorms I asked Mike, “So who is this Drew? Is that a serious thing? What is “C” Club?”

Mike looked at me and grinned, “I can’t really tell you about “C” Club… No, Drew and I are just friends…we are NOT serious just fuck buddies I guess…I’m kind of a slut.”

“Really, I wouldn’t have guessed Mikey.” I responded.

I could feel a stirring in my groin. Our embarrassing encounter had turned to flirting. I hadn’t been fucked in several weeks and the image of Mike’s cock and ass was imprinted on my brain.

“Do you want to come back to my room and study?” asked Mike as he held my gaze to ensure that the proper emphasis was understood.

“Sure, I think that would be a great idea.” I said with perhaps a little too much enthusiasm.

We entered Mike’s building and endured the slow elevator ride to the seventh floor. I was so horny I would have jumped him in the elevator but we both knew that they were monitored by video. I followed him into his room. He was about 5’9″ with the lean muscular build of a soccer player. He had black hair and pale skin and his ass looked very inviting in the nylon athletic shorts he was wearing. He closed and locked the door behind him. We stood several feet apart in an awkward moment. I noticed that my swelling cock was making my lightweight athletic shorts start to tent.

“Here we are.” Said Mike.

“Yeah, um here we are.” I repeated, feeling a bit stupid.

Mike laughed, and I laughed as well. He started to take off his shirt and I did the same. Like a mirror we stripped out of our flip-flops, shirts and shorts. Like me Mike had on a pair of boxer briefs. His briefs were not cotton like mine but a sheer synthetic fabric that showed every detail of his swollen cock. He gave his package a squeeze and a small wet spot appeared on the fabric at the tip of his hard cock. His cock was probably a little over 6″ and very fat with a big head.

“Wow Mikey those are really nice… briefs.” I stammered stupidly. “I bet they are very comfortable.”

“I get them online. I think they look nice, and they do feel great. You should feel the fabric.”

I walked over to Mike and stood next to him, almost touching him. I was looked down into his eyes, I am taller at 6′, I reached my hand out to cup his cock and balls. He smiled and I smiled back. I dropped to my knees and rubbed his hard tool through the shear fabric. Mike moaned as I rubbed his cock through his bulging briefs, I licked the tip of his leaking hard on through the fabric.

“Damn, you are driving me crazy Bro. You got me fuckin hard as rock.” He said.

I sincan escort peeled off his briefs and took his thick bone in my hand. I lovingly licked the underside working my way around his shaved member down to his balls. I sucked his balls one at a time then returned to his cock. He was leaking precum and I savored it as I sucked on his swollen cock head.

Mike’s breathing was increasing and he was running his fingers through my hair as I began to suck. I had forgotten how good it was to have a hard cock in your mouth. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the experience. Mike’s fat cock filled my mouth and I loved it. I made sure to make my blow job wet and loud including plenty of slurps and satisfied humming.

By now I was also feeling up Mike’s nice round ass. I licked my finger and began to rim his hole as my head bobbed like a pornographic woodpecker on his cock. Mike was telling me what a good cocksucker I was. His nasty talk was getting me very excited and my cock throbbed, pulsing with every rapid heart beat.

I began to deep throat his meat and push my index finger into his ass when he grabbed my hand. He reached for the nightstand drawer and pulled out a bottle of lube. He squeezed a generous amount onto his ass crack. I looked up at him, his cock down my throat as I slid my finger into his ass, at first gently then all the way in. I hit his prostate and he convulsed and began to cum. His first shot went down my throat. I pulled off and he shot the rest of his delicious load on my tongue and face.

I sucked him dry as he twitched and said, “Fuck yeah, you give good head. I think you’ve had a little practice.”

“Back in the day, I was a bit of a player.” I said with a wink.

Mike wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me against him. He kissed my cum covered lips and pushed his tongue into my sticky mouth. We enjoyed several minutes of swapping spit and I pushed him back onto the bed landing on top of him.

“I think we have to do something about that big hard cock.” Whispered Mikey into my ear.

He wrapped his legs around my waist and squeezed as he looked me in the eye and said, “fuck me.”

I slid my hard dick between his ass cheeks covering it in the lube he squirted there earlier. I then positioned my cock head against his rosebud and stopped. I had my weight supported on both arms as Mike held his knees, his legs spread in an inviting position. He bit his lower lip in a sexy way then moaned as I eased into him.

He panted as he directed my thrusts ever deeper. Soon I was sinking my entire 7″ into his tight ass. The sensation was too much I exploded in a mind-bending orgasm. I collapsed on top of him and we both chuckled in delight.

“Fuck Mikey, it’s been so long since I’ve done that. Damn that was good!”

It was difficult to leave Mike’s room but I had a class in 20 minutes so I borrowed a washcloth, cleaned myself up and headed off to class.

It was difficult to focus during that class all I could think about was what just happened and how I’d like to do it again. A quickie wasn’t enough, but I didn’t want to come on too strong. After class I did my best to chill and thankfully I received a text from Mike.

“I had fun today ;-). If you want some more come up to my room @ 8. Bi…LOL”

Promptly etlik escort at 8:00 I knocked on Mikey’s door. From in the room Mike asked in a voice that sounded like he was running in place, “Is that you? Are you alone?”

I responded “yes” and entered the room to another shocking but totally hot scene. Mike was bent over, his hands on his knees, with another dude sliding his cock into Mike’s ass. Mike said in a breathless voice,

“Hi, this is my friend Drew. Now drop your pants and let me suck your cock.” Commanded Mike.

Drew was about 5’10” with a big muscular arms and chest. He had dark hair and a deep tan that was highlighted by tan lines that could only be made by a Speedo. It was sexy watching his ass cheeks clinching and relaxing as he rhythmically thrust into Mike’s ass. He extended his hand as we shook as he continued to fuck Mike. I stepped in front of Mike and he greedily took my cock into his mouth and started to suck.

This was a totally new experience for me. Drew was encouraging Mike to “fuck his cock and suck my dick” as he kept up a steady pace. Mike alternated between sucking me and jacking my hard dick. At one point he told me to turn around. I did as I was told and he began to give me an incredible rim job. He said,

“Get your ass on the bed dude…I want to fuck it.”

I climbed on the bed on all fours, my hard cock swinging below me. I saw Mike reach for the lube as he pulled away from Drew. I could feel its cool wetness run down my ass then Mike’s finger probe me from behind. Drew got on the bed in front of me. He had a large uncut cock. Just the tip of his cock head poked out of his foreskin. Drew’s cock was pointing up at a 45 degree angle and he positioned himself so I could easily suck him.

Mike removed his finger and began to push his hard cock into me as he said, “Go ahead suck that big 8 incher as I fuck your tight ass. I know you fuckin want it.”

Mikey was right. I swallowed Drew’s cock as Mike began to fuck me. After a few seconds I loosened up and I was really getting into being fucked. I was so turned on that I was going after Drew’s cock like a demon. I would alternate between forcing as much of his monster down my throat to sucking hard on his cock head while I pumped the shaft. Lots of spit and drool, it was awesome.

Soon Drew was ready to blow his wad and he didn’t hold back. Holding my head he let out a moan and shot his load in my mouth. My second of the day! This set Mike off and soon I could feel Mike pounding me hard. A few more thrusts and Mike started to cum. I could feel his hot jizz oozing out of me as he finished fucking my ass with long slow strokes. Damn this was my first threesome and It was awesome.

Drew said to me, “Give me some cum dude.”

Mike pulled out of me and Drew pushed me onto my back. We locked lips my hard cock pointing straight up. As we were swapping cum in a deep French kiss, Mike mounted my hard cock reverse cowgirl style. His tight ass felt so good and rode me like a champion bronco. I soon rewarded his efforts with a nice load and we all collapsed on the bed.

After several minutes of catching our breath, Mike said to Drew, “Well what do you think?”

I was a little puzzled by the question, but it became clear when Drew said as he looked at me, “Without a doubt. How would you like join Cock Club, or as we call it “C” Club?”

I said, “If it means more threesomes like this then count me in!”

“You’re gonna get more dick than you’ll know what to do with. It’s awesome.” Exclaimed Drew.

I didn’t know exactly what was in store for me but summer school wasn’t looking half bad after all.

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