Cabin Fever

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Gabbie is an amazing woman. We met on-line and shared our many desires through some highly erotic chats and some enchanting correspondence. We were on the same wavelength sexually, remarkably so, in fact. But all good things come to an end as real life trumps cyber life every time. Gabbie fell in love. We drifted apart And I was left me with fond and sexy memories. The following story is based on our chats and letters and captures most of what we both wanted.


Throwing another log on the fire, I briefly catch the lightning quick glare of headlights turning into the driveway. The rental cabin is very remote, the only cabin on a long, winding road up the side of the mountain, so I know the headlights must be you. Going to the front door and opening it just a crack, I see you climbing the stairs towards me. You’re completely bundled against the blowing snow, but I know it’s you.

I open the door all the way, allowing you to enter. We stand in the entryway, and I begin helping you remove your outer clothes. Catching sight of your eyes, I grin at you. “What took you so long?” I say teasingly.

“This weather! Traffic is almost at a crawl on the interstate, and then finding this hidden road, and then driving up-hill for the last 3 miles . . .” Your voice trails off as you realize I’m still standing there grinning, proud of myself for having riled you up . . .Dragging me against your chest, you lean down, softly closing your mouth over mine, our lips rubbing together sensuously. After a few seconds I pull away and, turning around, I sashay into the kitchen. You watch me for a few steps before following me.

“Would you like some brandy, baby?” I ask, stretching to reach the glasses.

“Yes, whatever you’re having,” you murmur in my ear, your arms encircling me from behind, holding me close to you. You kiss me on the side of my neck, just under my ear, and I shiver. “Cold?” You ask, running your hand under the front of my black silk pajama top, fingertips tickling along my ribcage.

I shake my head and whisper, “No, I’m not cold.” I moan as your fingertips brush over a nipple, and I can feel your arousal starting to grow against the back of my thigh. Pouring the brandy into one glass, I take a sip, and then offer the glass to you. You swallow slowly, your tongue slipping out between your lips to catch a few stray drops. I watch you silently, mesmerized by the sight of your tongue. You lift me into your arms and carry me the few feet to the living area, laying me in front of the fire on a soft, fuzzy rug. You stretch out beside me, and I reach for you, pulling you down into a searing kiss. I’m desperate to feel you inside of me.

My hands are shaky as I pull your shirt off over your head, and I turn, lying on my side as you pull me against you again. Moving my hand down I feel the bulge in the front of your jeans. I’m impatient to have them off of you, and you take pity on me and undo the snap and zipper. Pushing my hand under the briefs you’re wearing I lay my palm flat against the hardness and heat of your cock. I’m still amazed at the thickness, and the feel of the hard ridges where your veins criss-cross along the sides. You moan when I let go, working to remove your clothes entirely. Wiggling and squirming, you try to help me until you finally lie naked beside me. Rolling completely on top of you, I kiss your neck and collarbone, feeling you grow harder.

“Gabbie, let me see you. Stand up and undress for me, slowly,” you whisper against my hair. I raise my head and look into your eyes, smiling shyly. Pushing myself up, until I’m straddling you, with one leg on either side of your body, I move my hands slowly up my torso, cupping my breasts through the black silky material. I undo the top button, watching you watch me. I move slowly, undoing all the buttons, and then I let the slippery material slide down my shoulders, baring my breasts to you. My hands again move languidly up my belly, fingertips running softly over the peak of each breast, before pinching them softly. Moaning quietly, I never take my eyes off yours as you watch my hands. I thrust my hips once and your eyes widen, my silk clad pussy moving over your length. Your hands reach for my hips, but I deflect them, holding your wrists in my hands, leaning forward to pin them over your head. You smile at me, and I’m well aware that you’re humoring me, letting me hold you down this way. Your strength far outweighs mine, but you’re willing to play along, for now. This position puts my nipples within reach of your mouth and you take advantage, lifting your head and licking a small circle around the tight little nub. I gasp, leaning further down, and you take a mouthful of my breast, sucking and biting me softly. I’m bucking my pussy against your hard cock, driving both of us wild with need. You wrestle your wrists from my grasp, and grind out, “Now, Gabbie. I need you now.”

Moving off of you, I get up and stand at your feet, slipping my pajama bottoms down my legs, revealing Ankara bayan escort a lacy black thong. I get down on my knees between your thighs and stretch out, trailing small kisses along your lower abdomen and inner thighs. Gently I run my tongue over your balls, taking your cock into my hand. Pumping you along with the motion of my tongue caressing your balls, I can hear your breathing quicken. My fingers are sticky with the oozing precum from the head of your cock. Raising my head and I look into your eyes as my tongue darts out, licking your stickiness from my fingers, sucking each one into my mouth before I lower my head and take your full length into the back of my throat in one thrust. I hear you gasp, and I smile around your cock. Your hands sift through my hair, holding me, gently guiding the speed of my mouth on you. I begin twirling my tongue around the head of your cock with every pass, and I love to feel your reaction as you groan and thrust your hips.

I suck harder, swallowing your cock as I feel you nearing climax. Your whole body is tense and your breathing is coming in gasps. Pulling pull back slightly, I feel your cum streaking the insides of my mouth. Your cock spasms as I enjoy every drop. Keeping you in my mouth, I feel you ride out your orgasm. Your hands loosen in my hair and I let you slip from between my lips.

I move up and lie next to you again, and you turn your face to mine. Your hand holds my chin, and you lower your lips to mine, kissing me softly, gently at first, then forcing my lips apart with your tongue, delving into my mouth, tasting your essence on my tongue. I moan as your hands begin squeezing and pinching my nipples as you roll on top of me. You kiss a wet path down my body, stopping to tease my breasts some more. I’m so consumed with my need for you that I’m panting breathlessly as I feel your lips at the waistband of my thong. You run your tongue across my lower belly, just above the thong. I’m eager for what you’re about to do to me, so I lift my hips as you hook your fingers into the sides and pull it down my legs. Lying between my legs, your face is just inches from my aching center. Lowering your head, you kiss my inner thigh, following each soft kiss with a little nip with your teeth. I’m in sweet agony now, dying for you to get on with it. “Joe, please . . .”

“Please what, Gabbie?” You ask, lifting your head to smile at me. Your hands are tracing circles on my hips, your every touch inflaming me. “Joe, please. . . you know what I want.” My voice is thick with need and you respond by sinking two fingers deep inside me, thrusting with excruciating slowness. I’m so wet, your fingers pass into me with no resistance.

“This? Gabbie? Is this what you need?” You ask, kissing my inner thigh again.

I focus on the sensations of your fingers inside me, but at this pace, I’ll never cum. “Joe . . . please, your mouth . . .” I moan.

Lowering your head, you begin to lick slowly along my swollen lips, quickening the pace of your fingers inside me. You continue running your tongue along my wet folds, avoiding my hard, throbbing clit. I feel myself beginning to approach orgasm from your fingers thrusting inside of me, and then I feel the heat of your mouth close over my clit and you suck hard. As I explode beneath you, I soak your lips and chin with my juices as I scream out your name. You finger me and lick small circles around my clit until I push your head away, panting and moaning with every breath. Easing your fingers out of me, you lie beside me, gently guiding me to lie on my side, facing away from you as your wrap your arm over my side and pull my back against your chest.

Feeling the length of your hardness against my lower back, I reach back to stroke you. You moan against the side of my neck, moving down to line yourself up with my slippery pussy. In one powerful thrust you enter me, and then lie still as you feel the tight heat of my pussy enveloping your cock. We begin moving together slowly, your lips on my shoulders, whispering things that make me moan with anticipation. I push back against you as your hand grasps my breast, toying with the nipple. impaling myself deeper on your cock. We make slow, passionate love like this for a while, but then I move just far enough forward to cause your cock to slip out of me. Enjoying the slow pace of our union, you groan in frustration and try to pull me back into position. Reaching back, I rub your cock along my slippery wetness a few times, getting the head of your cock slick with my cum. You gasp again as you feel me guiding you to my tight, puckered ass hole. I run the tip of your cock over it a few times, spreading my moisture, and then return it to my pussy, taking the full length of your cock into me and then guiding it back to my ass. I push back onto you this time, feeling you fighting to lie still. The blunt tip of your cock is stretching my ass, and I can feel the burning sensation. Moaning loudly, I slowly push down on you until I feel the release of tension Escort bayan Ankara as your head slips inside of me. I yell, reaching back and placing my hand on your hip to hold you still as I get used to the feel of you inside me.

After several moments, I move my hand from your hip and take your hand that is on my breast, kissing your fingers. “Go slow, baby . . .” I whisper. You kiss me along my shoulder blades as you push inside of me gently. I moan continuously, enjoying the erotic mix of pain and pleasure. Finally I feel the roughness of your pubic hair against my ass, and I know you’re completely inside me. I feel so full, so ready for this.

You begin slowly pulling out of me, your fingers going to my pussy, softly rubbing along my outer lips, gathering more moisture. You spread it along your cock and push back into me, forcing a long, shuddering sigh out of me. The burning pain is quickly being over run by a deep, sinful pleasure. Every thrust of your cock makes me cry out for more, and you quicken your thrusts, knowing we’re both near completion. Your fingers are rubbing obscure patterns over my clit and I’m writhing in intense pleasure, calling out your name as I slip over the threshold into heaven.

I can feel my ass tightening around your cock with each wave of pleasure that washes over me, and it isn’t long before I feel the heat of your cum filling my ass. Tightening your hold on me and pulling me fully against you, you unload into me, grunting and panting against my neck.

We lie entangled like this for a long while, just watching the fire crackle and burn, feeling our heartbeats slow. You kiss my neck as you pull your softening cock from me, and I roll to my back. You take me into your arms again, kissing me deeply. We fall asleep with my head tucked under your chin and our arms wrapped around each other.


I wake up shivering a little and look over my shoulder to see that the fire is nearly out. I get up and rub my hands along my naked body trying to warm up a little. Seeing you lying on the rug in a fetal position, I reach for the blanket on the couch and quickly cover you before going to tend to the fire.

Grabbing a couple of logs from the pile I carefully stoke the fire until it catches and the room begins to glow under the warm light from the fireplace. Glancing at the clock, I see that it is about 3 a.m.

Quickly moving back to the rug, I climb under the blanket to move close to you, snuggling up to your back as you peacefully sleep. I know that you are sleeping but I whisper to you anyway. “Gabbie, thank you for such a wonderful evening. I’m so glad we got this cabin. I like having you to myself, if only for a few days.”

As I pull back from your ear, I kiss your neck ever so sweetly, and get a sexy little moan as a reward. Snuggling a little closer, my chest presses against your back and I’ll put my upper arm over you. Still sleeping, you nestle back against me in a spooning position, raising your head enough for me to get my other arm under you, and then you lay your head down onto my arm, using it for a pillow.

Holding you like that, I listen to your breathing and feel your body moving with each breath. My hand rests on your breast and I feel your nipple stiffen as your breathing makes it rub back and forth on my hand slightly. Again a little moan. You are so sweet that I can’t resist nuzzling your neck, and this makes you snuggle back a little farther and little sweet moans accompany your snuggling.

Feeling your naked body so close to my own, smelling the fragrance of your hair and perfume, listening to your breathing, all these things make me want you again. I struggle with myself. Do I stop my kissing and let you sleep? Or do I continue to try to arouse you?

Finally, I decide that I should let you sleep and let my body relax against yours.

“Why did you stop?” you ask with a voice that sounds half-asleep. “That felt so good.”

I answer your question by pulling you even tighter and whispering, “Gabbie, I didn’t want to wake you. You were sleeping so peacefully.”

You answer me by wiggling your butt back against my groin, bringing my cock quickly to life.

“Mmmm,” you sigh, “I like the feel of that. I want more.”

Chuckling to myself, I kiss your neck again and let my fingers play with your breasts. My lips move down your neck to your shoulder blades and I nibble them lightly with my lips and teeth. Your nipples are very hard and I roll them between my thumb and forefinger, sometimes tugging them lightly.

Your little moans only serve to encourage me. Moving my body downward a little, I let my hardness nestle between your legs. Feeling this you lift your upper leg so that the head of my cock rests at the entrance to your pussy. Now it is I who moans as I feel the heat from your wet pussy radiating out to me.

“Gabbie, how did you get so damn sexy?” I ask as you push back against me, allowing the head of my cock to enter you, just a little bit, causing Bayan escort Ankara us both to moan. You giggle and I know that you are fully awake now, and the movement of your body tells me you want me deep inside you.

Thrusting forward, I enter you fully and we begin making love, slowly, deeply, rhythmically. I feel your hot wetness surrounding me. It feels so good. You encourage me by saying, “Oh, god, Joe, that’s just in the right spot. Mmmmm.”

The sound of your voice turns me on even more and I push you onto your stomach, keeping my cock inside you as we shift positions. I toss the blanket aside and see how the fire light makes shadows on your body as I brace myself with my arms and let my hard cock slide deep into you.

I see your hands clutching at the rug as you push your butt up, arching your back to get just the right angle. “Mmmmm, Gabbie, do you like it? Is my cock touching your special spot?”

Your moans tell me that I am hitting the right spot. Beads of sweat appear on my brow and the droplets fall down onto your back. You are sweating a little too, and the fire light makes your body shine.

“Oh, Joe, don’t stop! Fuck me harder,” you cry out, and the sound of your plea almost makes me cum right then and there. Somehow I maintain control and begin thrusting into your sweet pussy, faster and harder until your body spasms with the first wave or orgasm, and you almost scream a great, “Ooooooooh, yesss!”

“Gabbie, I love the feeling when you cum,” I say as I fall down on top of you. My cock, still hard, still inside you, pumping very lightly. “I don’t want to cum right now, sweetie. I want to please you again very quickly.”

Letting my kisses trail down your neck, down your back to your ass, I turn my body so that I can lick you from behind, my legs now more toward your head, but with you still lying on your stomach. Using my hands and arms to raise up your butt so that you are on your knees, I begin licking your cum from your pussy. Mmmm, how I love the pungent taste of your pussy right after you cum. The salt from your sweat only adds to the ecstasy I feel as I lap up all your juices.

My tongue traces circles around your pussy, darting into it, then tugging gently on your pussy lips. I love the feeling of that skin in my mouth, pulling it back and then letting it snap back. Spying your hard clit, pouting there all wet and juicy, I let my lips surround it, sucking it gently, evoking more little moans out of you.

Feeling your body starting to move under my attention, I let my tongue run from your clit, through your pussy lips to your ass. You moan as my tongue pushes against your sweet bud, and you know instinctively that I want your ass again.

Kneeling there with your butt in the cool air of the cabin, your head pushed down against the rug, I move behind you. My hands caress your ass cheeks a bit before letting a finger push into your ass. Reaching down between your legs, I let my other hand massage your clit. The more you moan, the more I rub your pussy, and the farther I insert my finger. “Gabbie, I desperately need your sweet ass,” I say, “the sight of it is too much to resist.”

“Oh, god, yes,” you say. “I want to feel you explode inside me! Give it to me!”

Moving to position myself between your legs, I remove my finger and let my cock rest in the little hole it left there. You feel my cock there and push back onto me, making me groan as I watch the head disappear into you. I resume my onslaught on your clit as my cock pounds into you. The sensation of the tight fit combined with the vocalization of your pleasure puts me into a sexual frenzy. All my senses focus on you, your body, your sounds. I shiver as I slide in and out of you. I love all the little tensions your body gives up as the pleasure builds inside you. I’m in heaven as your body convulses with another orgasm, and this time I can’t hold back. Crying out loudly, I thrust deeply into you, filling your sweet ass with a spasm of hot cum.

As we lay together on the rug, I kiss you passionately, and looking into you eyes I ask, “So does this place have a bed?”


“A bed?” I smile wantonly at you. “Yes, it has a very nice bed. Big enough for anything we might want to try,” I smile as I lead you to the stairs that spiral up to the loft bedroom. I take the first step, and stop long enough to look back at you, catching your eyes on my ass. I giggle and roll my eyes, and then saunter up the stairs with a grin on my face, feeling you watching me from below.

“Feel like a nice bath first?” I ask, when you finally reach the landing that leads into the bedroom. You follow me into the huge master bathroom, complete with an enormous jacuzzi tub. Your smile tells me that you’re up for it, so I turn to the tub and begin filling it with steaming water. As the water rises, I turn into your arms and pull your head down to mine for a deep kiss.

“I’m enjoying every second of my time with you, Joe. Thank you for making time to be here with me, I know how difficult it is for you to get away for any length of time,” I whisper against your lips. Your head lowers and your mouth moves over mine in a slow, sensual kiss before you pick me up and hold me against your chest as you step into the water.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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