Cabin Getaway

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I picked her up from work, that’s why she was dressed so nicely. I was still in my work clothes too, but that only was jeans and a sweatshirt for me. She looked so lovely curled up in the passenger’s seat. I always felt like I won the lottery when I looked at her. We were headed north and the road was pretty empty which was odd for a Friday night. But there was a big snowstorm headed our way. It was forecasted to hit us right when we got to the cabin, but the weatherman is never right. It was snowing like mad. Driving in snow like this always reminded me of those scenes from Star Wars where they jumped into hyperspace, I loved it. I glanced at my angel sleeping beside me. I was happy she was asleep, otherwise she’d get nervous and want to find a place to stop until things blew over.

I almost missed the driveway to the cabin, the snow was so thick that I barely could make out the numbers on the mailbox. The sudden turn woke my sleeping beauty. She seemed a bit dazed as almost everything outside the truck was white.

“Where are we? And when did it start snowing?”

“We’re almost there, about a mile more.”

“Are you sure you’re even on a road”

“ROADS? I knew I was forgetting something! No, babe, we’re on a driveway. We’ll be there soon.”

She smiled at my joke, and punched my arm. That smile could have melted all the snow that was blanketing the thickening forest that we drove though.

As we rounded the last turn, the cabin came into view. It was a bit smaller than the guy said it was, but it was perfect for a weekend away. I pulled as close to the door as I could, not knowing if I was still on the driveway or now in the middle of the front lawn. I didn’t care so much anymore though, the snow was falling heavier and I didn’t want to get buried on the walk to the door.

“The key should be in the box next to the door. Can you get the door open while I grab the bag?”

“Of course!” she said as she kissed me and hopped out of the truck.

I hopped out as well, and snatched the bag from the bed. As I rounded the truck, the front door was opening and bostancı escort I rushed inside.

The interior was amazing! There was a comfy looking couch right by the fireplace that took up one whole wall. Through the door behind the couch looked like a cozy bedroom with a four post bed that looked like trees growing out of the floor. The floors were covered in warm fur rugs that contrasted the hardwood.

“Damn, its cold! I’ll get a fire started. you go change into something a bit warmer.”

“Ok! Make sure you make the fire nice and hot! I’m freezing!”

I stood there watching her walk back towards the bedroom and when she shut the door, I snapped out of the trance. I took off my boots and started to work on getting a fire going. True to his word, there was dry wood already set up in the fireplace like the guy said he’d do. I got some kindling and got the fire going in no time.

I didn’t hear the bedroom door open as I was staring into the flames. So, when her voice broke the near silence, I must have jumped a bit. I damn near stepped back into the fire when I turned around. She was standing by the bedroom door in the sexiest outfit I had ever seen her wear. Her gorgeous red hair fell over her shoulders down to her black silk bra with red lace that barely held in her perky breasts. As my eyes scanned lower, I saw that she had a black lace garter belt that ran under her black silk boy short style panties beautifully contrasted her smooth pale skin. The suspenders on the garter were holding up the red trimmed lace ends of the black thigh high stockings that disappeared into her black heels that made her legs look magnificent.

I must have been staring with my jaw on the floor because when she stepped up to me, she put her finger under my chin and closed my mouth.

“Stop drooling, you’ll leave a puddle.”

When my brain decided it could work again, all I could think to say was “WOW!”

“Do you like it? I wanted to get something you’d like.”

“Like it? No, I Love it!”

Before she could respond I wrapped my arms around her bostancı escort bayan and pulled her into a deep kiss. We stayed that way for a long time as my hands wandered and explored her every beautiful curve and cherished every inch of her perfect body. As I enjoyed her body, she slowly undressed me. First unzipping my sweatshirt and sliding that off. Her hands slid up my shirt and raked down my chest before slipping my shirt over my head.

Then she did something I never expected from her. She pushed me back onto the couch and straddled me. We hadn’t done that since our first year of dating. As she ground her hips onto my growing bulge, she kissed my ear and whispered.

“Do you remember this? We used to have so much fun on your old couch.”

“Mhmm.” was all I could make my mouth say.

She started kissing down my neck and over my chest. Her hands deftly undid my belt and pants. I lifted my hips as she slid my pants down and off. That smile she gave me as her fingers wrapped around my now hard cock, will forever be burned into my memory.

Her lips kissed the tip as her hand started slowly stroking. I felt her tongue dance over my head as she teased me, getting me harder than I have ever been before. As I slid into her mouth, I let out a lust filled moan that I had never made before. She didn’t just give me head, she made love to my cock. I was in complete ecstasy when I realized she was just looking up at me.

“What’s wrong baby?”

“Oh, nothing.” she said with a smirk and a raised eyebrow. “Just making sure you’re still on Earth.”

“Was I out of it?”

“Yea, I’ve never heard you moan this much before”

“Oh, really? Well, I guess it’s my turn to make you moan!” I said as I slid off the couch and lowered her onto the rug.

She laughed in surprise as I started kissing her all over. I paused at her lips and kissed her extra deeply. She moaned as I started kissing over her neck. As I kissed her breasts, she arched her back. I quickly took advantage of the access and unsnapped her bra. As I freed them from their silky escort bostancı confines, I took time to kiss and tease both nipples before continuing down her body. Her fingers ran through my hair as I kissed along the edge of her panties. She tried to urge me on by pushing my head to go farther down. I resisted momentarily before I kissed down her thigh to the edge of her stockings. My fingers hooked on her panties and I slowly started to pull them down. I followed her panties down with kisses along her leg. After they slipped over her heels, I journeyed back up her other leg with more kisses.

I stopped at her bare inner thigh and looked up at her. She smiled down at me before my tongue lashed out and tasted her wet pussy. She gasped at the sudden contact, but before she could recover, I was kissing and licking her clit. She moaned in pleasure as my tongue teased over her pussy. I slid a finger into her as I sucked on her clit and her nails raked over my head. I could feel her succumbing to my performance as her legs locked around my head. Her heels dug into my back pulling me closer into her. I pulled back looked up at her.

she looked at me with a wanton lust. “I want you. Right. NOW!”

I slowly kissed back up her body resisting her as she tried to coerce me into her faster. When my hard cock slipped over her now dripping pussy, she let out a moan that made me harder. I kissed her as I slid my head over her swollen clit. Her legs trying to pull me into her. When I finally slipped into her, I felt her pussy clamp down on my cock as her back arched in climax. I let her come down from the elation before I started slowly thrusting into her. As she came back to her senses, her nails raked over my arms and shoulders. She urged me to go faster and harder, and I increased my pace. I slid her legs onto my shoulders and started to thrust into her harder and faster. I could feel my balls tightening as my orgasm built. Her moans turned animalistic as she approached her second orgasm.

I slammed into her hard and fast until my load shot deep into her. She shuddered and her body tensed up as her climax exploded across her body. I slip out of her and collapse next to her.

Before I cuddle her up into my arms, I throw another log on the fire and grab a blanket from the couch.

“You are the love of my life” I whispered in her ear as we both melted into each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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