Cabin Getaway

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I would like to give a special thanks to “biffbourguignon” for taking time out of a busy life to help with the editing of this story.


We are all sitting out on the deck enjoying the sunset and the fire burning in the fire pit. T and I have wanted to get away for a long time and finally had the time to cut loose and leave town for a while. We met Amy a few years back and have enjoyed her company. When time would allow we would meet and enjoy a dinner and night on the town, or just relax at one or the other’s home watching a movie and sipping wine.

T and I have dabbled in the swinging scene some. We have met a few couples and attended a few clubs. One couple comes to mind that we hit it off with really well and have always enjoyed our outings, both social and sexual. I can picture in mind some of the fun times we have had in the bed. I can see the two ladies enjoying themselves while the guys sit back and watch. I can see T orally pleasing him and hear his moans of pleasure. I know they are genuine because I know what she can do with her mouth and hands. I remember one position we were in that I really enjoyed and that was where she was going down on T and I was inside her looking over her shoulder watching as she pleasured my beautiful wife. But I digress!

T and I have often thought about renting a cabin and just getting way. On this particular trip we found a secluded log cabin up in the hills overlooking a lake. The view was spectacular. A large deck overlooking the lake was furnished with plush patio furniture. A love seat, a couch and some chairs were positioned around a large fire pit. That is where we were sitting. We happened to be talking to Amy one day and mentioned we were getting away and told her about the place we had found. She was so excited about the place so we invited her to join us.

We had just finished up a nice meal that I had cooked on the grill and gotten everything cleaned up. It had been a relaxing afternoon sitting around drinking and just visiting. We had never done anything sexual with Amy, although the subject of sex came up from time to time but there was never a mention of the three of us doing anything together. Amy was an attractive woman, both physically and in her personality. She had been divorced for several years and wasn’t in a relationship that we were aware of. She had nice breasts that I always caught myself sneaking peaks at.

As the evening wore on, the sunsets and darkness set in and he fire light dances around our faces. With all the drinks we have had through out the afternoon, we are all starting to feel their effects. T gets very flirtatious when she gets tipsy. She and Amy are sitting on the couch and T starts to get very touchy as we talk and laugh. Our conversation has drifted to the subject of sex, and Amy tells us of past experiences she has had with women. T’s hands are brushing over Amy’s shoulders and thigh as we talk and I am starting to get excited by the conversation, knowing T has been longing to be with another woman. I have to excuse myself and use the excuse of refilling everyone’s drinks. My mind is wondering with all the possibilities. I have often fantasized of what it would be like for us to have a 3 some with Amy even though the subject has never come up between the three of us, or between T and me for that matter. I get the drinks filled and head back outside. As I step through the door I think I see the girls separating from a kiss. I hand the drinks to the ladies and notice Amy seem a little flush and maybe even a little embarrassed, like she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. She won’t look up as she thanks me for the drink doing everything to avoid eye contact. T on the other hand has a look of excitement about her that confirms that I did see what I thought I saw. She has the look of one that has had a taste of icing and wants the whole cake.

We continue to sit and talk, enjoying the fire. T has gotten very bubbly and touchy-feely. I also notice Amy secretly brushing her fingers against T’s thigh as we talk. I bring the conversation back to girls kissing and how I find that to be so very erotic. I wonder to myself how Amy would feel if I suggested they kiss since I never let on like I knew they were kissing when I walked out. I decided I would take a chance and told T she should kiss Amy.

The girls looked at each other and I could see they both have the want and desire to kiss, but Amy seemed hesitant with me sitting there. T reached a hand up cupping Amy’s cheek as she leaned in to kiss Amy on the lips. I can feel my heart start to pound in my chest with the excitement and I know T is excited about it too. From where I am sitting I can see T suck Amy’s lower lip between hers as she softly sucks. Amy obviously finds that exciting as I do when T does it to me because her hand comes up to T’s face and softly cups her face and kisses back. They kiss each other deeply, tongues dancing together, and I hear moans kaş escort of excitement and pleasure. I too am getting excited; I can feel myself getting hard as I watch the two ladies kissing. T’s hand moves around to the back of Amy’s neck and I see her pull her closer to her as their kiss deepens. The back of Amy’s hand seems to float down along T’s neck and grazes across her breast. I hear a faint gasp come from T as she anticipates what is to come next. Her hand moves down along Amy’s back, down to her hip then back up her side to cup her large breast. There is an unmistakable moan come from Amy as T’s hand cups her breast and gives it a soft squeeze. Amy’s hand cups and squeezes T’s breast as she presses her chest into T’s hand and I can see the kiss get stronger and deeper.

T releases her hold on Amy’s breast and her fingers move up to her neck then back down between the two large globes of Amy’s breast. I can see her breath catching as she feels the fingers feathering across her skin. T moves her lips away from Amy’s and starts kissing a trail down her neck to the silky cleavage between her breasts as they rise and fall with short breaths, her excitement very apparent. T moves back up and finds Amy’s lips again as they kiss deeply.

I think about suggesting we all go inside, but then remember we are in a very secluded area with no other homes around. The air is cool and I have always enjoyed the cool night air on my skin. The girls are so into their kissing, hands moving over each other’s bodies. I can hear the soft smacks coming from their kisses and the low moans as they enjoy the touch and feel of each other. My cock has gotten so hard from all I have been watching and hearing that it almost hurts being confined in my clothes. I open my pants and let it free. I feel the cool night breeze blowing across it and also the warmth of the fire that is between the girls and me.

I suggest to T that I would like to see them slowly and suggestively undress each other. The fact that Amy and T do not hesitate excites me; they both stand at the couch giving me a good view of what they are about to do. T turns Amy and steps behind her so they are both facing me. T kisses the back of her neck as her hands move across Amy’s breasts. Her fingers slowly unbutton Amy’s blouse, fingers exploring the skin as it is revealed. Amy’s head leans back as T moves her kisses along her neck. Our eyes meet as she releases the last button and moves her hands up to cup Amy’s breasts, lifting them high and pressing them together. She notices for the first time that my cock is out and standing hard as my fingers brush over it watching them.

Amy turns in T’s arms and lifts her t-shirt over her head. She lowers her lips to the curve of T’s breasts and kisses the soft skin, her hands behind T working on freeing her bra. With the bra free, Amy slowly slips the straps off her shoulders kissing the skin as the straps slip down along T’s arms. Amy cups T’s breasts and lowers her lips to her nipples, taking first one between her lips and sucking softly, then moving to the other. T knows I am watching excitedly and turns slightly so that I can have a good view of what Amy is doing. I see her nipple standing hard as the cool breeze blowing across the wetness left by Amy’s sucking.

Amy drops to her knees in front of T and starts to undo her pants with her teeth. T stands there looking at me, one hand cupping her breast and a fingertip of her other hand between her lips. She smiles at me knowing I am enjoying the show. After T steps out of her pants Amy stands slowly and I notice her blow softly against T’s pussy. I also notice she has taken her own pants off and is standing in front of T in nothing but her bra which T quickly removes.

They sit back down on the couch and T gently guides Amy back so she is lying on her back. T leans over her and takes her breasts in her hands, nibbling softly and sucking each nipple in turn. T sits back and runs the palms of her hands from Amy’s breasts down over her belly. When she reaches her crotch her hands separate and move down each thigh, her thumbs just grazing over the pussy lips. T leans over and alternates kissing and nipping at the soft skin of Amy’s thigh as she works her way back up. She softly kisses the lips of Amy’s waiting pussy and runs her tongue gently over her. She looks over at me and tells me where her toys are and asks if I would go get them for her.

I find her toys where she told me they would be. I was expecting to find the vibrating balls and our lube, but to my surprise there was also a dildo. When I picked up I was surprised at how life like it felt. I stepped back outside I could hear Amy’s as she was nearing her first climax. Her breath was labored and catching as her climax grew stronger and stronger. She was thrashing around on the couch fighting to breathe and every now and then I would hear a small squeak as if she was fighting back gündoğmuş escort a scream of ecstasy. T backed off letting her catch her breath. She was kissing and nipping at her inner thigh and was telling Amy how nice she tasted and how she enjoyed doing that. I so badly wanted to just rip off my clothes and join them. But I refrained and settled with just removing my clothes and sitting back down to enjoy the show. I guess it was the movement of me removing my clothes, but something brought Amy back to reality and she looked over at me and asked if I was enjoying the show. I’m sure she could see my erection. I tell her I am enjoying it very much. She asked me to stand up so she could have a better look and told me she wanted to see me stroke myself.

I stand up across the fire from the two ladies. My hand moves down to my manhood and I wrap my fingers around it and slowly start to move my hand along the shaft, up and down, up and down. Amy sits up next to T and they both lean back in the couch and start touching themselves. I see T’s fingers pressing through her lips to find her clit and rub small circles around it. I look over and see Amy holding her lips apart with one hand and the fingers of her other hand pressing against her clit. The two girls moan with the pleasure they are giving themselves as they watch me stroke my hard shaft for them. The excitement of it all makes me want to be closer so I walk around the fire pit so I can see better and be closer to them. Amy now has her fingers insider slowly moving them in and out. T reaches her first climax as she squeezes her legs together and her head is thrown back, eyes closed tight as she lets out a long loud moan of pleasure. The sight and sound of T enjoying her self gets me even more aroused and I have to slow down my stroking.

I tell them I am going to have to stop or I will cum. My words were almost like an invitation to them because as if having the same thought they move as one to their knees on each side of me. T leans in and takes the head of my hard cock between her lips and Amy reaches up and cups my balls in her warm hand. My breath catches in my throat and I gasp as the feel of the two ladies touching me. I release my grasp allowing T to work her magic, but she backs off, looks up at me with hungry eyes and says, “Don’t stop. You know how much I love for you to stroke yourself while I suck on you.” My hand moves back and I immediately fill the warmth of T’s mouth on me again. While her tongue circles the head I feel Amy’s tongue on my balls. This is more than I can handle. My whole body tenses up and I am barely able to tell them through my labored breathing that I am cumming. Neither one of them stops what they are doing; they each reach up and pull me closer to them as I release my load.

The girls kiss each other and Amy comments on how I taste on T’s lips. They get back up on the couch, pulling me down with them. The three of us take turn kissing each other, hands roaming over sweaty bodies. Amy tells T she wants to taste her and I move behind T so she can lean back against me with her legs stretched out toward Amy. Amy lowers herself between T’s legs and I can hear her as her tongue moves around on T. She moans at the sweet taste of T. My hands cup T’s breasts; a finger pinching her nipples as she moans at the pleasure Amy is giving her and the pressure of my fingers against her hard nipples.

“Is she making your pussy feel good?” I ask

“It feels so good, she is making me cum.” T gasps. “I want you inside of me so bad.”

I reach over and find the dildo and hand it to Amy. She takes it and slides it inside T and moves it in and out slowly at first then faster and faster as her mouth and tongue stay on her clit. T arches her back as she reaches her release.

By now I am hard again seeing the pleasure T is having. Her pleasure always gets me so excited. I move from behind her letting her lie back on the couch. I tell Amy to trade places with me and to lie down on her back. I have T roll over so that her face is in Amy’s crotch and I position myself between her legs. I take my hard cock in my hand and rub the head against T’s pussy lips. I feel her lips part and I find her clit and let my hard cock rug against it a little. T has started licking and sucking on Amy again, her hips are pushing against me trying to position herself so that I enter her. I hear her voice almost begging as she says, “I need you so bad! Please fuck me!” I reposition myself and I feel myself slowly entering her. She is so wet and hot. T feels so good as her pussy engulfs my hard cock with ease as I press myself to the hilt and hold there enjoying the feel of her walls quivering against my hardness as if trying to milk me dry.

Amy has both hands cupped around her breasts squeezing as she moans with pleasure. I lean over T’s shoulder, not moving my hips and ask her if Amy tastes good. All I get is “Mmmm!” as ibradi escort she continues to lick her sweet smooth lips. Then without saying a word she turns her head and kisses me. Her lips sweet with the nectar of Amy’s pussy, our tongues meet and I gently suck her tongue into my mouth. Apparently Amy was wondering what had happened and why T was no longer giving her any attention, she looks at us and I hear “Ohh! That is so sexy!” In response I start moving my hips, slowly thrusting into T and she moans really loud and goes back to Amy’s sweet lips.

As I continue to move inside T, I whisper in her ear “make her cum baby. Use that tongue and your fingers and make her cum.” I can hear T breathing heavily as if she is about to cum herself. I stop moving in her and say, “I’m not going to let you cum until you make her cum. I want you both to cum together.” T works harder and Amy is moving around so much it’s making it hard for T to stay with her. I start to thrust harder into T and as if on key they both start screaming as they cum together.

I ease myself out of T and sit back. T lays her head on Amy’s thigh. Amy runs her fingers through T’s hair as we all sit there in quiet, the girls regaining their composure and I basking in the thrill of seeing and hearing them both cum at the same time.

T sits up and reaches for my erection, stroking it slowly up and down. With her other hand she reaches for the buzzer and says, “I want to watch you fuck Amy!” She gets up and moves out of the way. I move between Amy’s spread legs. I lower my head and lick her sweet wet pussy tasting that familiar taste that was on T’s lips when she kissed me. I am on my hands and knees and I feel T’s hand on me, slowly stroking my hard shaft. I rise up and look at T. “I want you to put me inside her. I have always fantasized about you guiding me into another woman and seeing the look on your face as my hard cock slowly disappears inside her.”

I see a mischievous grin come across T’s face as I move into position. She takes me in her hand and instead of putting me inside of her she rubs the head across Amy’s clit. I can only imagine she is doing this because I have done it to her so many times and the teasing effect drives her crazy. She finally guides me inside and I slowly sink in to the hilt. T’s hands linger on the inside of Amy’s thighs, caressing and rubbing as I start to move in and out of her hot wet pussy. T seems hypnotized as she sits there watching me slide in and out of Amy. The light from the fire seems to glisten on my wet shaft as I pull out then slowly sink back in. T turns on her vibrator and presses it against herself as she watches.

The moans and groans coming from the three of us fill the air, as we are lost in the pleasures of the moment. I can hear the sloppy sounds of sex, my hard shaft moving in and out of Amy and the vibrator’s buzzing mixed with the moist sounds of T’s pleasure. Amy is the first to cum as she screams out in pleasure, her breathing raspy as she reaches her climax. I’m next as I feel my body stiffen, cum rushes up through my shaft deep inside of Amy. T finds her release at the same time as I do, reaching out for me, her fingertips digging into my arm.

We all collapse in to a heap, arms embracing each other as we all regain our breath. With everyone being sexually satisfied we start to notice the coolness of the night air. The temperature has dropped and we are starting to feel chilled. We move in to clean up and get ready for bed.

The shower in the master bedroom is very large and we decide to shower all together. With the water temperature to our liking we step in and take turns washing each other off. T and I lather up our hands with soap and start to rub down Amy. Of course our attention focuses on the erogenous zones. Our soapy hands move over her breasts down the cleavage between and under with a squeeze here and there, pinching nipples and flicking fingers across her them. For the third time that evening I feel myself responding to what is going on between us. T reaches down between her legs and rubs, almost bringing Amy to yet another climax then moving back up to her breasts. I take this as my cue and I move my hand down, lightly feathering over her before I allow my fingers to slip past her lips. I work my fingers around her clit then let them slide deep into her. I alternate back and forth, working my fingers in and out of her then rubbing against her clit. T and Amy are kissing, T’s hands alternating between her own breasts and Amy’s. We keep this up until Amy cums with a cry of pleasure almost losing her balance, as her legs want to give out from under her.

Amy rinses off the soap and now it is T’s turn. Amy and I give T the same treatment and by now I am fully erect again. This time I put my hands between T’s legs teasingly flicking my index finger across her clit. Her legs begin to quiver and she leans against the wall. I take the spray nozzle and rinse her off, letting the water flow down over the pussy as my fingers spread her lips open. I cannot resist and let my two fingers come to gather on each side of her clit and tell Amy to suck on her breasts. I continue to work my fingers over her and let the jets of water cascade over her until she has another orgasm.

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