Calahan’s Campaign Ch. 04

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Bruce and Liz Calahan turned around and saw Kara and Dana standing behind them. It was Kara who had spoken, of course. It was her way of announcing their arrival and surprising the couple.

“Kara, baby, I wondered what kept you and Dana, but I could certainly guess!” Liz winked at them, making Dana blush.

“Yeah, well, I just had to celebrate my upcoming, legally recognized marriage to my sweet Kara. Luckily, my beautiful bride had no objection to that idea! Gotta love Massachusetts! Where else in the whole USA can two girls wed each other with the full blessing of the state? I dreamt of a wedding when I was younger, just like other girls, though I didn’t expect that there would be two brides, because I didn’t know that I was bisexual yet. Getting to be legally ‘wife and wife’ makes it that much more real,” Dana smiled, as she gave not only Liz (which was a habit from their college days), but Bruce, a French kiss on the mouth.

When Kara did the same thing, any doubts as to the Sapphic couple’s amorous intentions completely evaporated. Evidently, the main man in Liz’s life would get the same treatment as Liz herself, provided that the pair approved of him. Well, those two women had more than given their blessing; they had apparently decided to symbolize it by adopting an “open legs” policy toward him. Then again, they wanted him to impregnate them, which was an honor in itself.

“Wow, that’s quite a greeting, ladies!” Bruce exclaimed, a bit pleasantly surprised by the extent of the women’s enthusiasm for him.

“Hey, consider it a fringe benefit of being with Liz. Girlfriends should share everything, including lovers. As long as you treat our girl well, we’re more than happy to offer you some free and easy tail. We’ve only had to cut someone off once, which was a pretty good sign to Liz that it was time to break it off. She had pushed the D/s thing too far, to the point of abuse. That got her attention, so we were able to persuade her that her lover wasn’t treating her as she should. Shame that she had to behave like that. Liz didn’t deserve such cruelty and it reflected poorly on the community. Well, enough of that. It was the past. You’re evidently Liz’s future, and a rather bright one at that,” Kara grinned, except when speaking of Liz’s ex.

“Yes, let’s not speak of Toni,” Dana nudged her lover.

“Yeah, please, I don’t need any bad memories right now. I just want to know that my hubby is going to have a good time. I know that you gals are a bit kinkier than him, but it doesn’t matter too much. He’s a top, not a bottom or a switch. Bruce, honey, Kara is pure sub, so she’ll really go for a lot of things. I trust that you’ll respect her safe word. Dana is a switch, which can help as well. Your Dom tendencies can go all out, but please don’t forget to knock them up, too.

“And a word of advice from this slave to her Master: if Dana is acting very Domme, just share control of Kara with her. Don’t try to make her submit to you if she’s not in that mood. I hope that doesn’t bother you, especially since I might well return and thus provide you with another sub.

“Dana, I don’t know what mood you’re in, but the same counsel goes for you. Bruce might not be used to sharing power over a sub, so be a bit patient if you’re in one of those modes. Of course, if you’re feeling more sub, you should just go with that. I’m sure that Bruce won’t exactly mind it. Oh, and did I mention that he is willing to provide you with some ‘liquid refreshment’ tonight? If I know Bruce, he’s missed having me do that for him. I told him that you’d be interested, because I knew that you would,” Liz urged them.

“Oh, God, that sounds hot! You’ll be sure to drink plenty of fluids, won’t you, Bruce? If you do, I promise to assume whichever pose you want: Domme or sub. Anything for a taste of your liquid gold,” Dana responded ecstatically at the idea of golden showers from Bruce.

“You have me to thank for that fact, babe. I converted him as surely as you gals did me. I persuaded him of the beauty of having a woman drink his poison,” Liz grinned deviously, as she bragged about her success in getting to taste her husband’s piss.

“Thank you very much, Liz. I’ll have to find some way to repay you,” Kara responded, quite enthused over the prospect of tasting the Governor’s pee.

“Oh, I will make sure that you do, sweetie,” Liz laughed with anticipation.

“Well, Dana, I accept your offer. How about wearing both hats tonight? You can top Kara, while submitting to me. And you’re definitely welcome to drink as much of my fluids as you please. Both of you are. That goes for urine as well as cum,” Bruce reacted with pleasure at the idea of two women drinking both of his essences. Liz was right; she had gotten him interested in watersports, though still not as a recipient.

“That’s a deal, Governor. Kara and I look forward to tasting you. How long exactly do we have to wait?” Dana grinned suggestively at Bruce.

“Not casino oyna long at all, if I guess correctly. Alright, Chief, I have a horny chauffeur to fuck and you have two very wet ladies to satisfy, not mention impregnate. Can I have a kiss before I go, Master?” Liz gave all 3 of them a smile that indicated just how eager she was to share her husband and screw her driver.

“Of course, my love. And you’re right. These ladies had better be ready for a great deal of sex. I’m up to it once more,” Bruce returned the smile, and then kissed Liz so fervently on the mouth that she blushed this time.

“Wow, that sounds like a promise, babe!” Liz exclaimed, as she headed to the limo.

“Yeah, well, one way or the other, I’ll keep it! Now, go take care of poor Stanley’s blue balls, dear!” Bruce winked at her in his usually charming Irish manner.

“Yes, Sir!” Liz giggled as she obeyed her Master/husband.

Once Liz was out the door, Dana grabbed her little suitcase and pulled out her toys. These included: her whip, her double-headed, vibrating dildo, a leather “Domme” outfit, a ball gag, a number of butt-plugs, a “bullet”, a paddle, a collar with a leash, handcuffs, a feather, a strap-on dildo with thigh harness, lube, and a vibrating cock-ring. She also pulled out an instant camera, ready to take some “souvenir” pictures of their activities, whatever they would be. Kara sighed with what sounded suspiciously to Bruce like feverish anticipation, as she noted the various devices. She evidently remembered all of them quite fondly, as indicated by her shaking hands and the scent of her juicy cunt.

“Damn, Dana, are you planning to use all of that?” Bruce teased his wife’s girlfriend.

“Maybe, maybe not. That’s up to you, Sir. However, I want to be ready, just in case, stud,” she taunted him back with a wink, making a point of drawing attention to the cock-ring.

If all else failed, it would help him stay hard for them. She doubted that he’d mind that. Besides, it was supposed to bring a man pleasure, too. He no doubt would wish to be hard as often and as long as it took to get fuck them as much as possible. Any minor discomfort would end when he took it off and came in them. She wanted him to at least fill them with enough seed to knock them up.

“So, you want me to be the father of your kids, eh? How badly? I can’t get it up again until I’ve pissed,” Bruce noted.

“Dana, will you please share with me this time? I want my share of his piss, and I have been a very good girl, lately, haven’t I?” Kara pouted, desperately craving some of Bruce’s amber liquid.

“Well, of course, honey. Now, get on your knees next to me and open your mouth, too. We’re ready, Governor,” Dana encouraged first Kara and then Bruce.

Still in a bit of disbelief, Bruce Calahan put his semi-erect dick up to the couple’s lips. He took a deep breath and then relaxed his bladder, letting his pee jet into their open mouths. Dana caught more of it, being more aggressive about it, but Kara got her share as well. The next thing really stunned the Governor. He was used to Liz drinking his piss, but this involved not only two women sharing his liquid waste, but also them kissing each other afterward, and then licking each other’s faces clean. Did Liz do this, too, when playing with her college classmates? He didn’t mind, but it still surprised him. It was one of the kinkiest things that he had ever seen, bar none.

After Dana and Kara tasted Bruce’s pee, they went into a 69 and began pissing into each other’s throats as well. They licked that clean as well, and simply ate each other out, evidently sure that this sight would arouse Bruce enough to make him hard and ready again. They weren’t wrong, as the Massachusetts Governor quickly discovered. His cock went stiff once again and it stayed that way the whole time that the women munched on each other’s pussies. Naturally, Dana was on top this time, which didn’t bother Kara. She gladly cooperated with what her Mistress intended for her.

Bruce stroked himself for several minutes, but backed off each time that he came too close to cumming. He wanted to make sure that he didn’t go soft yet, in case the girls weren’t enough to harden his cock again. He had his doubts about that danger, of course. The way that the two women pursued oral delights in that 69 would make any skeptics about that position rethink their views on it. These were two experts at cunnilingus, who knew how to focus on each other’s pleasure, while still accepting and embracing their own.

“Well, are you going to fuck us or not, Master? Please take us now! We’re ready and I think that you’re ready, too. If you want to hold off on cumming too soon, feel free to use that cock-ring. We brought it with you in mind. It’s our little gift to you,” Dana told him with a playful grin.

“Well, I’m not going to argue with that. I’ll start with you, but let Kara suck the head now and then, between strokes. I think that I’ll go ahead canlı casino and try the cock-ring. I’ve never used one before, but I understand that they’re safe, as long as you don’t wear them for longer than half an hour at a time. There will be enough breaks to avoid that risk,” Bruce agreed, quite eager to penetrate the bridesmaids.

After he had the cock-ring on and felt the initial vibrations, Bruce entered Dana suddenly, reasoning that Kara had gotten her wet enough for him. The foreplay was already covered, and in this case, he wanted enough time in her to give her some pleasure from the actual act. While it was true that the cock-ring slowed him down, the vibrations counteracted that effect a bit.

Furthermore, he was already quite horny from the sight of two lovely women performing a 69 in his presence. Most of his past threesomes had been shorter and he had provided the necessary stimulation to get the ladies ready. This time, the girls were a couple, and quite used to servicing each other’s needs. As great as it was in the past, this was twice as good, especially knowing that the women’s passion for each other was the real thing.

His instincts were quite correct, as Dana confirmed by moaning repeatedly while he plundered her pussy. She was also very excited as it was, so the Governor’s vibrating cock intensified her pleasure to a rather extreme level. Although she loved a woman most of all, Bruce had just reminded her of why she craved men on occasion. Kara was a sweet and passionate lover, but she didn’t have a real cock. The veins, the ring, the smooth head, and the thick rod buried in her cunt reinforced her need for a virile man sometimes. At the risk of sounding biblical, a bi girl couldn’t live by pussy alone.

Bruce, meanwhile, was quite happy that the ring was adjustable, as well as the fact that he didn’t need to adjust it. The girls had somehow guessed his exact girth accurately. The only obvious answer was that Liz had told them just how thick and wide he was around. That was typical of his wife. She made a point of not only bragging on him, but surprising him and making sure that his equipment wasn’t damaged. Then again, she had a vested interest in its continued utility.

Kara was quite happy to suck his cock as it went in and out of her lover’s pussy. Bruce loved her tongue and lips, though he was still more partial to the tighter depths of Dana’s cunt. The idea that she would so eagerly clean his dick of her partner’s juices wasn’t exactly a turn-off, in any case.

Bruce fucked the hell out of Dana for a bit, before walking over to Kara and penetrating her in turn. He pounded the brunette with a furious energy for several more minutes, while Dana took her chance to lick and suck him. When they weren’t sucking him, the ladies ate each other as he slammed into them. The Governor’s stamina was considerable, anyway, but the ring made it even better.

“Oh, shit, that’s amazzzzzinnngggg!” Kara shrieked with ecstasy, as Bruce drove his cock into her, more than once bottoming out with it.

“Tell me about it! Better yet, send him back to me for a moment or two. We can keep taking turns, can’t we, slave?” Dana exclaimed.

“Yes, Mistress! Just please let me have more of him soon!” Kara pleaded.

“Naturally, babe. I wouldn’t dream of denying you that,” Dana moaned, as she slid her cunt over Kara’s mouth and tongue.

“Thank you, Mistress! Bruce, can you do as she asks, and then come back to me when she asks you to? I don’t think that you’ll regret it, Sir,” Kara grunted with raw delight in the cock that was in her.

Bruce answered by pulling out of Kara, which made her ache with that empty sensation that was indescribably painful on a sexual level. He returned to Dana for several more moments, thrusting like a piston within her walls. He generally preferred the “doggie-style” position, anyway, although Kara’s long legs in the air had a nice, wild look to them.

“Damn, Bruce, I can see why Liz needs this and also why she needs to let others borrow it! A girl would require a break from fucking like this now and then, but it is sooooo great!” Dana gasped with absolute joy from the cock buried inside her.

“He’ll make you sore, won’t he, Mistress!” Kara groaned, as her companion devoured her again and the Governor reamed her pussy with his virile member.

“Yes, but it is worth it!” Dana stopped licking her lover’s cunt long enough to answer her rhetorical question.

Bruce fucked Dana for a few more minutes, and then rammed Kara again. The idea that her fiancée’s sweet juices would mix on his dick with her own really pleased and thrilled the bisexual sub. By now, no matter what he tried, the Governor couldn’t hold back any longer. His stiff cock enjoyed the extreme threesome by now to such an extent that he needed to cum at last.

“Ahhhhhh……grrreeeaaattt!” Governor Calahan shot his first spurt into Kara, and then took advantage of his cock-ring and continual kaçak casino hardness to pull out and release the rest into Dana’s pussy. He didn’t want to take any chances that he would fail to impregnate both of them.

Bruce was quite surprised when he didn’t go instantly limp. He made full use of this apparent result of the ring to have both girls bend over the sofa in the living room. He wanted to give both women a serious fucking that would ensure that neither woman could do without his cock for long. The idea of getting his new sex partners hooked on him had more than its share of excitement for him.

Dana grinned, and then gasped to breathe again, as Bruce plundered her sex and Kara’s in turns again. This rotation didn’t have a consistent pattern. Bruce would fuck Dana for several consecutive minutes, and then go back into Kara for only a minute or two. The next time, he would screw Dana for just seconds, before shoving his dick back inside a slippery Kara. Both women grunted and shivered with considerable pleasure, though less due to size than to the Governor’s shrewd approach to taking them.

After a while, however, he stopped and took the flogger to both of them. He gave them several strokes each, but abruptly ceased and lubed up their assholes. Taking off the ring, to ensure that he didn’t damage his anatomy from prolonged use, the Governor of Massachusetts inserted a butt-plug into Kara and a vibrator into Dana. He buggered both of them for several minutes with those toys, while applying the “bullet” to his cock. It worked well enough, getting him fully hard again from the vibrations.

Once he was ready, Bruce invaded Dana again and fingered Kara for a dozen full minutes. Dana nearly slumped from the power of the penetration, not to mention the duration of it. Bruce stopped just in time to move to Kara’s pussy. He stuck it in and out in furious strokes that made her eyes feel like they doubled in size.

Bruce liked to anally penetrate his partners, but he didn’t want to waste valuable sperm that might be used for knocking these women up. They were fertile and he fully intended to provide them with cum. He pounded the hell out of Dana and Kara, thrusting forcefully into the bisexual pair, but only after he also replaced the butt-plug and vibrator with a double-headed dildo, which allowed them to ass-fuck each other while he screwed them into coital bliss.

Of course, even the greatest stamina that a man can have won’t equal most women’s in terms of sexual encounters, men being built for frequency rather than length of copulation. Naturally, therefore, Bruce finally exploded into Dana and dipped his cum-covered dick into Kara just long enough to give her his seed as well.

Now completely flaccid, Bruce brought first Dana and then Kara to climax with the double-headed dildo and his fingers. He reveled in their moans, as the couple finally relaxed from the zenith of their excitement. They needed to recover their footing, too, which took a few minutes. After all, their orgasms had built up for a while by that point.

Not finished yet, Dana asked, “Bruce, may I handcuff Kara and dominate her for a while, as you regain your strength? You can direct me, if you wish. I want to make her eat my pussy and ass, as well as spank her cute butt. She’s quite tasty, too, and great at oral. If you want her to suck your cock while I take her ass with a strap-on dildo, I’ll make sure that she cooperates. She’ll still obey you first, Sir. I just want to handle this more directly for the moment, since you need to rest for a bit, anyway.”

“Sounds wonderful. Have fun. I know that I will, at least from watching you in action. Kara, I want you to relax and behave around your Mistress the way that you would if I were not there. I want to see how you obey her, or get punished if you don’t,” Bruce agreed with a smile.

“Yes, Sir. I’ll be very good to Mistress Dana, just as I always am, whenever she gives me such a session,” Kara answered, and then quieted, as Dana handcuffed her.

“You’ll be very obedient to Mistress, won’t you, dear Kara?” Dana demanded of her lover/slave.

“Yes, Mistress Dana!”

“What do you want Mistress to do to you, Kara?”

“I want Mistress Dana to spank my unworthy bottom, please!”

“Then Mistress will do just that. I’m going to sit down and you will lean over my lap, won’t you, slave?”

“Yes, Mistress Dana!” Kara repeated cheerfully, before complying with her Domme’s commands.

Dana first spanked Kara’s bare bottom with her bare hands, but then she switched to the handy paddle that she had placed next to the chair. That was when Kara really began squealing, but everyone present knew that she really loved it. Her juices soaked Dana’s thighs. She squirmed with pure masochistic delight, hoping for more paddling from her beloved Mistress Dana.

The tomboy knew what her brunette lover wanted, but this time was not a moment to punish or deprive her. She promptly gave the slave continued attention, even fiddling with her folds as she spanked her. This sight had Bruce rising again, which didn’t surprise him. He loved watching lesbian bondage, and this time was in person.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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