California – The Last Day

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Saturday morning my wife Stacy went to the beach with her sister Laura and Laura’s boyfriend Todd. I could have gone with them, but I decided against it when I saw what the sisters were wearing. Laura was wearing a small string bikini made of this thin, blue material. The top was a string behind her neck and around her chest, with two small squares of cloth covering her nipples and areolas, but the rest of her small tanned breasts were exposed. The bottoms were a matching blue, shiny material with a small string running down the crack of her ass and ending in a small rectangle of cloth over her pussy. It barely covered her cunt lips and if Laura hadn’t shaved her pussy regularly her entire bush of hair would have been visible.

My wife was wearing a tiny pink bikini, obviously borrowed from her sister, and it stood out against the pale white color of her skin beautifully. It was a double lacing of strings around her waist and chest with small triangles of cloth of her tits and pussy. Her nipples were covered, but her tits were so big they were stretching the fabric of the bikini exposing parts of her areolas. The bottoms were big enough to cover her pussy thankfully, but it was small enough that part of her bush was showing around the edges of the bikini.

I knew that I wouldn’t be able to spend the day watching my wife prance around a beach full of people wearing the tiny bikini, flirting with her sister’s boyfriend… so I stayed home. The three of them left early in the morning, “We’ll be home later in the afternoon”, my sister-in-law said to me as they left. I made the excuse of having some work to get done for not going with them. My wife seemed genuinely disappointed, it was only the second time she’d acknowledged me all week. The girls bounded out of the house with Todd, all excited, they climbed into Laura’s SUV with their beach bags full of junk and they left. I watched them turn off the block and then went back into the house, I had all day to myself with no idea what to do.

For the first hour I tried to watch television, but no matter what my thoughts kept going back to all the things I had seen my wife do this week… and it was making me horny as hell. I had to get some relief, and with the house all to myself I decided to try watch some porn and jerk off. The problem was that Laura didn’t have any porn channels on her television. Undeterred I started looking around the house to see if my sister-in-law had a stash of porn anywhere. There was nothing in the living room by the television so I tried the master bedroom.

Sure enough, in one of the drawers of the dresser, I found a collection of porn among a stash of sex toys and lingerie. Curiosity made me start rummaging through the porn to see what Laura had. Most of it appeared to be fairly mundane stuff, but I came across one dvd that made me stop. There on the cover was Todd, naked, with his long cock hanging between his legs with a woman kneeling in front of him smiling toward the camera. It was unmistakably him, I’d seen him naked enough this week to be certain. I flipped through the rest of the dvd collection Laura had, and sure enough there was Todd on half a dozen more dvds.

I grabbed the stack of dvds out of the drawer and went into the living room to watch the ones with Todd in them. They were all pretty normal porn videos, Todd with various women, and even one with Todd in a gangbang (him and six other guys with one woman). Todd was skilled enough to be in these movies certainly, I knew that from watching him fuck my wife this week. After going through those dvds in fast forward I realized there were more discs at the bottom of the stack, discs without labels. Curious, I put the first one into the player.

At first, nothing came up on the screen, I thought it was just blank, but then an image came up. It was Laura adjusting a camera, the view was her bedroom, Todd was laying naked on the bed. Laura backed away from the camera, she was wearing a small, black nightie. I fast forwarded and the scene progressed, Laura moving to Todd on the bed, and began sucking his cock. They moved into a sixty-nine position, and then she climbed on top of him and fucked him for a while. After he finished cumming inside her, she got up and came back to the camera, turning it off. A few seconds later another scene came up, this one in the backyard. After that another scene, and another, and another…

I watched the whole disc in fast forward. All the scenes on it showed Laura and Todd in various locations around the house, fucking in various ways. While it was pretty arousing my curiosity was winning out and I skipped to the next disc. The first scene came up after a few moments, this time Todd positioned the camera before stepping off to the left. Laura walked into view of the camera from the right, it was the backyard of her house and she was wearing one of her tiny bikinis. She said something over her shoulder to the right before slipping into the jacuzzi. A moment later, three men came into view, all wearing swim suits, from the right. I recognized them as the three men I saw next door through the fence. All three slipped into the jacuzzi near Laura.

Almost immediately they ganged up on Laura, their hands running all over her body. One of them was kissing her, one was rubbing his body up against her, and the other was kissing her breasts. Her bikini was off in less than a minute, Laura’s hands were busy under the water, probably jerking off the two guys sitting next to her. Swim suits came out of the water, and Laura moved onto the lap of the guy next to her. I watched for a while as she proceeded to have sex with all three of them. After nearly half an hour Laura was on the edge of the jacuzzi getting fucked in all three holes at once. After each guy came inside they pulled out and sat down on the pool furniture, spent.

Once all three of them had finished, unable to get hard anymore, Todd moved into view with his hard cock bouncing before him. None of the three men seemed surprised by the size of Todd’s cock which implied they’d seen it before… closer than from the fence. I wondered how many times Laura and Todd had done this, and if the neighbors knew who Todd was. Todd proceeded to fuck Laura for another half hour while the three guys just watched. There were more scenes on the disc just like it. A scene with Laura, Todd, and the three neighbors in the living room, then all of them in the master bedroom, again in the back yard… it went on.

The next disc had scenes with Laura and Todd and some other men I didn’t recognize. All men on this disc that I didn’t recognize had cocks just as large as Todd’s. Each scene was starting to look pretty typical. Laura fucking Todd and another guy in her bedroom, fucking in the backyard, the pool, the living room, Laura with three guys, Laura with four guys… and each of the guys was just as well hung as Todd. Suspicious I flipped through the stack of porn, checking labels, and sure enough the other guys on this disc were also porn stars; probably friends of Todd.

I put in the last disc to see what was on it. The first scene showed Todd and Laura in the living room, looking from the fireplace toward the couch, everything day lit. Laura positioned the camera and then moved to the couch and sat next to her boyfriend. Todd and my sister-in-law were already naked, they started kissing, her fondling his cock lightly and him fingering her pussy. She leaned over and started sucking his cock, all while looking off camera to the right. Todd was keeping his hand buried in her cunt, moving his fingers in and out. Laura spent a few minutes sucking on Todd’s huge cock before she leaned up and said, “Come on. Come join us.” She was obviously trying to coax someone off camera into joining them.

This went on for a few more minutes, Laura and Todd on the couch fingering and sucking. Every now and then Laura would say something to the person off camera, trying to entice whoever it was to join them. It wasn’t until Laura brought her mouth up off her boyfriend’s cock, wiggled it lewdly, and said, “Don’t you want some of this huge cock”, that it dawned on me who she was talking to. I didn’t want to believe, but as my wife stepped into view of the camera I couldn’t deny it.

Stacy was naked, her pale, freckled body and bright red hair showing clearly on the video. Trepidly she moved toward Todd, glancing at the camera. It was obvious that she was uneasy with the camera being there, but her sister kept giving her assurances. Slowly my wife stepped up to Todd and sat down next to him on the couch, she reached out with one hand and hesitantly grabbed the base of his cock. My heart sank watching my wife. As things went on my wife got more and more worked up, she took her sister’s place sucking on Todd’s kocaeli escort bayan cock. Laura moved my wife’s hair out of the way so that the camera had a clear view of my wife’s lips gliding up and down his huge shaft, her tongue darting around the head and over his balls.

For a few minutes my wife worked her mouth up and down Todd’s huge cock while her sister held her hair out of the way. Todd had moved from fingering his girlfriend to fingering my wife, and slowly my wife had moved herself on the couch so that Todd had easy access to her pussy. My wife was getting more worked up as Todd fingered her, she was starting to jerk his cock with one hand, massaging his balls with her other, and working her mouth over his huge cock head. Laura got up from the couch, but my wife was so engrossed in worshiping Todd’s cock that she didn’t notice. My sister-in-law came over to the camera and picked it up, moving toward the couch.

Laura sat down on the couch behind my wife, filming Todd’s fingers probing my wife’s clearly visible cunt. From the view my wife’s tits could be seen hanging beneath her, her hands on Todd’s cock and balls, and her head bobbing on the top of his cock. My wife obviously knew the camera was there, but she didn’t care anymore. After a minute I heard Laura say, “You should change positions now, bury that cock in your pussy, if you’re wet enough that is”.

My wife came off of Todd’s cock and stood up, “I’m dripping wet for this cock”, my wife said hungrily. She pushed Todd back on the couch and swung one leg over him, moving herself over his cock. As she lowered herself she reached down with one hand and grabbed hold of his cock, holding it upright so that she could get it into her pussy, using her other hand to spread open her cunt. Laura moved to get the camera into a perfect position to watch as Todd’s cock entered my wife. My sister-in-law stayed kneeling on the floor as my wife worked her pussy down the whole length of Todd’s huge dick.

Now I knew what they were doing during the day while I was at work. I couldn’t believe it. There were so many things my wife had done that I couldn’t believe, but letting herself get filmed was beyond me. I hit fast forward, the sound of my wife moaning as she bounced on Todd’s cock, their bodies slapping together, was too much for me, but I had to know what was on the rest of the disc.

Sure enough the scene in the living room ended with Todd emptying his balls into my wife’s cunt. The next scene came up almost right away. It was Laura’s backyard, a shot of the fence toward the neighbor’s yard where I’d seen the three college boys next door watching through the fence. The shot panned to the right where the lounges were by the pool. There were the two sisters, sun bathing, completely naked. Oil shined from their skin, my wife’s hair pulled back, Laura’s shaved pussy clearly visible. It was obvious Todd had the camera, the girls were putting on a show for him. They shifted slowly to reveal more of their bodies, they began playing with their nipples, they began fingering their pussies.

I was still fast forwarding, but I could see that Laura was looking into the camera but my wife’s eyes were trained on Todd’s cock. At one point he even pointed the camera down, getting a clear shot of his huge cock sticking out in front of him, before bringing the camera back up to my wife. She smiled and said something, and then the camera moved closer. Todd continued to film as my wife greedily reached out, grabbed his cock, and pulled him to her. She started sucking on his cock, running her hands up and down his shaft vigorously, able to get both hands and her mouth on his shaft he was that large. He managed to keep the camera on her, but I could see Laura in the background watching the whole thing while plowing two fingers into her cunt. The scene quickly devolved into more sex, Todd fucking my wife right there on her towel, still working the camera, the close up view looking down at his cock entering my wife from behind.

The next scene started and I was temporarily relieved. It showed Todd and Laura fucking, she was bent over the kitchen table and he was shoving his cock into her from behind. The camera was bouncy and moving around the dining room to get a better view, whoever had the camera was coming out of the living room. I paused the disc and went to locate the camera, but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the house. As I returned to the disc I realized who was holding the camera, it was my wife, I caught a glimpse of her reflection in the hall mirror. I heard Laura say between her pants and grunts, “Oh Stacy you should try this”.

“No thanks, a girl has her limits”, my wife responded. The view moved again, my wife was in position to get a good view of Todd’s cock disappearing into my sister-in-law, and I saw that he had his cock buried in her ass.

“Oh God… Oh fuck me…”, Laura was moaning as Todd started pumping his cock in and out of her. “Trust me… this is like… nothing you’ve… ever… felt…”, Laura said to Stacy as she trailed off into moans and grunts that turned into near screams.

To say that Laura came hard would be an understatement, the entire table rocked beneath her, almost tipping, she was screaming at the top of her lungs, and still Todd kept pounding into her. She must have cum for two solid minutes before Todd started cumming, he tensed up and my wife moved the camera in to get a closer look. I could actually see his cock pulsing my wife had the camera that close. As he finished pumping sperm into my sister-in-law’s ass I heard my wife say, “Dammit… I wanted some cock. Now what am I going to do?”

Laura responded, “I have some toys we can use, or we can get you some of your own”. With that my wife switched off the camera.

The next scene started abruptly. Todd and my wife were in the back yard by the pool, she was on all fours on a towel by the edge of the pool and Todd was behind her fucking her cunt. My wife was in the middle of cumming from the sounds she was making, and judging by the speed in which Todd was pistoning his cock in and out of my wife’s cunt they’d been at it a while. The camera was moving across the back yard toward them. Todd said he was cumming and my wife, surprisingly, pulled away from him. His cock popped out of my wife and he started shooting cum all over my wife’s back and ass… and my wife was actually moaning as he did this. She’d reached back and was rubbing her pussy as he emptied his load onto her pale flesh.

After a minute they both got up and got into the hot tub, Laura followed them with the camera. As they got into the jacuzzi my wife smiled at the camera, her large breasts hanging right at the water line, clearly visible. “I think you’re starting to like the camera”, Laura joked.

“It’s not everyday that you get to fuck a porn star on camera”, my wife responded with a grin. Apparently my wife knew about Todd’s career earlier in the week, much earlier than I did.

“Yes it is”, Laura shot back and my wife laughed easily. “Was it worth the trip down here?”, Laura asked.

“Absolutely”, my wife said, “I’ve never been fucked this good in my life. I’ve never cum this much with any man. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you”. What did my wife mean by that? “If I had, trust me I would have come down her to visit sooner”, my wife added, “and more often”.

So it had been a plan, my wife had come down here knowing what would happen, she had worked it out with her sister in advance. I felt used, I felt betrayed, I felt broken up inside, and for the first time that week I wasn’t aroused. My hard-on had completely gone away, nothing about this turned me on anymore. I had to know the full extent of the betrayal though, so I kept watching.

“Do you think the boys next door enjoyed the show?”, Laura asked.

My wife was anxious, trying not to look at the fence, “Are you sure they’re watching?”, she asked back.

“Of course they are. They almost always have one person looking this way, and as soon as I come out back they all come to watch”. My wife bit her lower lip and dropped her eyes. “What’s wrong, you’re not shy about it are you?”, Laura asked. “They’re harmless”.

“No, I just feel awkward having strange men look at me like this”. My wife crossed her arms over her chest to hide her tits.

“Well they don’t have to be strangers. We can invite them over and you can meet them if you’d like”, Laura was addressing my wife’s nervousness.

“What do you mean by that?”, my wife asked.

“Come, I want to show you something”, Laura said. She took her sister by the hand and they got up out of the jacuzzi. Todd reached over to the camera where Laura left it, as he turned it off I could izmit escort see the sisters walking into the house, both naked.

That was the end of the disc. I looked for more blank discs, but there weren’t any. Suspicious I decided to go through my wife’s luggage. Sure enough, in the bottom of her suit case, buried underneath everything else, was a dvd. I took it to the living room and put it in the player. The first few scenes were copies from the previous disc, nothing I hadn’t already seen, but the next scene was new.

Everything up to now had been devastating to me, but this annihilated me. My wife was dressed up in black, lacy lingerie including stockings, her garter, and the black heels I had seen her wearing; she was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. She was sitting on the couch in the living room, obviously nervous. Laura was sitting next to her, wearing a white, satin teddy with matching stockings, garter, and heels. The two sisters looked damned sexy together, but while Laura was completely at ease my wife was not.

Todd was obviously holding the camera, looking over the couch out of the living room, toward the front door. “We can stop whenever you want”, Laura said to my wife, “Nothing will happen you don’t want to happen”. My wife nodded. The doorbell rang and Laura went to open it. The three college boys from next door came inside. Laura led them into the living room and introduced them to my wife. “She’s just going to watch… for now”, Laura said to the three guys.

With that Laura dropped to her knees and unzipped the jeans of one of the men, pulling his cock out and immediately sucking it into her mouth, getting it hard. A second one stepped up and pulled his cock out, putting it in Laura’s grasp. She jerked the one guy’s cock while sucking the other, using her other hand to fondle his balls. The third guy started getting undressed and sat down on the couch opposite my wife.

My wife was just watching her sister work the cocks of these two guys. Todd had set the camera down on the mantle and moved over to my wife. He was naked and already hard. He started rubbing my wife’s shoulders and whispering in her ear, obviously trying to calm her down. The third college guy was naked now and moved behind Laura on the floor, he yanked her white silk panties aside and slid his cock into her.

As Todd continued to massage my wife’s shoulders, running his hands down her arms occasionally, the look on her face started to change from anxiety to lust. She was watching the three men manhandle her sister, one guy fucking her pussy, one fucking her mouth, and one sucking her tits and my wife was getting aroused by it. Absent-mindedly she reached over and started stroking Todd’s cock.

Soon Laura had all three college boys naked, one was cumming in her pussy, the other two had already cum in her mouth, and as the last guy finished they all sat down to recover. My wife was still dressed in her sexy lingerie, Todd hadn’t even brushed aside her top to get at her tits, he’d been rubbing her nipples through the fabric, rubbing her shoulders, running his hands through her hair, and caressing her arms. Laura on the other hand looked disheveled, her teddie and panties gone, her garter unhooked, her stockings twisted, only her heels were intact.

My wife was still stroking Todd’s cock slowly, gripping it as if it would protect her, Laura was sitting between two of the guys on the other couch. “These young boys can get worked up again if you’d like to try them”, Laura said reaching out to grab the cocks of the two guys next to her. It was obvious my wife was hesitant, so Laura said, “Do you boys think Stacy is beautiful?”

All three started showering my wife with compliments, telling her how beautiful she was, how sexy, how gorgeous, calling her a goddess. It was certainly charming my wife and loosening her up. “Maybe you boys should show her how you can make her cum”, Laura said. With that the three of them got up and moved toward my wife. Todd slid back giving them full access to her. The first one there leaned down and kissed her softly, his tongue gently probing her mouth. Their kissing became more vigorous when the second guy got to my wife, he sat behind her and reached around massaging her tits, slipping his hands beneath her lacy top. The third guy kneeled and slowly ran his hands over my wife’s stockinged legs, up from her ankles and moving up her thighs toward her pantie cover cunt.

She gave no resistance when the guy on his knees started kissing the inside of her thighs, she was so dripping wet that the spot on her panties was clearly visible. The guy behind her moved her top aside exposing her tits, and all three guys took a moment to stare at them and compliment her on them. When they did that something in her changed and took control of things. She reached up and moved the mouth of the guy in front of her down to her tits so that he could start sucking on her nipples while she leaned her head back to kiss the guy behind her. Meanwhile she reached down one hand and pulled her panties aside so the third guy could dig into her cunt. None of the men needed any more encouragement.

For the next half hour Laura fucked Todd in the background as my wife fucked the three boys every way you could think of, and she controlled things the whole time. She sucked the first guy’s cock back to hardness while the second guy licked her pussy until she orgasmed. After she came she made them switch places, the three men literally lifted my wife off the couch and laid her on the floor. The first guy positioned himself between my wife’s legs, she reached down and spread her cunt lips open and said, “Put that cock in me, show me what you can do”. The guy leaned forward and worked his cock into her dripping pussy, using his weight to push into her. The second guy kneeled by her face and dropped his hardening cock into her mouth, while the third guy leaned down to suck on her tits.

At one point my wife was on her back with one guy fucking her pussy, one guy tit fucking her, and the third guy getting his cock jerked and sucked. Whenever one of them was close to cumming should would direct them to move so that he could cum in her pussy. The guy would shove his cock deep into my wife’s cunt, she wrapped her legs around the guy to pull him in deep, and he would start pistoning in and out of her. It never took long for the guy to cum, my wife holding his cock deep inside her as he came. I don’t know how many orgasms she had, but each guy had two before they just couldn’t get hard anymore.

My wife, though well fucked, obviously wasn’t done. She moved toward Todd, Laura climbed off of his cock and sat out of the way. Stacy was still wearing her lacy top (though it was bunched around her waist), her undone garter, her stockings, and her heels. Taking advantage of the extra height the heels provided she backed up to Todd, facing the living room, the camera, her sister, and the three guys from next door. Everyone watched intently as she lowered herself onto his cock. She was slippery as hell from all the cum inside her, and he was slick from Laura’s pussy juices, so my wife went all the way to the hilt in one motion; she came immediately.

I was fast forwarding through the disc at this point. Laura left the living room once, came back completely naked cleaned up a bit from the bathroom. Each of the guys from next door left the living room too and came back with beers from the kitchen. The four of them enjoyed the show that my wife put on with her sister’s boyfriend. Todd was fucking my wife over the arm of the couch, one hand full of her tits the other pulling her hair, when he finally came. The pornographic display had been enough to get the boys worked up again, and my wife eagerly motioned them back to her.

One of them tried fucking her pussy for a minute, but he gave up. I watched them all say something, and pushed play, I wanted to hear what was being said but all I caught was my wife saying, “then fuck me in the ass. Just shove your cocks in my asshole and fill me up with cum”. The guy did as he was told and he moved his cock to her ass. With little resistance he plunged his cock right into my wife’s asshole, pushing his cock all the way in easily. The three men took turns fucking my wife in the ass, she moaned like a whore the whole time. When the first guy announced he was cumming he tried to pull out and put his cock in her pussy, but she said commandingly, “No! Cum in my ass. I want to feel you cum in my ass”. He shoved his cock back into her ass and she reached between her legs and grabbed his balls. His hips bucked once, shoving his cock deeper into her, and he shot his load of cum into my wife’s ass.

“Now you two come over here and cum in my ass. Fuck escort bayan me good”, my wife said. And the other two guys did just that. They continued to pound her ass for another fifteen minutes until they both also came inside my wife, getting their cocks as deep into her ass as possible. She continued moaning and cumming the whole time, one hand holding herself up, the other rubbing her clit beneath her.

With everyone spent the scene ended. I didn’t know what to think, I wasn’t sure how I felt, but I wanted to leave. I wanted to go home, leave my wife, and never come back. I was about to turn the player off when another image came on screen.

Someone was walking the camera across the backyard. My wife was wearing a tiny, green bikini , though it was completely out of place. She was laying on her back on a towel by the pool, her legs were hooked over Todd’s arms, and he was holding himself over her pistoning his cock up and down into her up-raised pussy. The noise of their fucking got louder as the camera got closer, my wife’s moans coming louder and more frequently as their fucking reached a fever pitch. Todd started cumming, and he used his weight to pin my wife down as he emptied his balls into her cunt, which caused my wife to practically scream in ecstasy.

After a minute of hard breathing my wife moved her legs and Todd rolled off of her, laying behind her. He reached a hand around her and gently massaged one of her tits, their bodies were soaked in sweat and glistening. “The neighbors are watching”, Laura said, “and I bet they’d like to come over. We have a few hours before your husband gets here. Should we?”

“No”, my wife said curtly. Hope filled me, perhaps my wife’d had enough and there was hope for us continuing our marriage after all. “They’re cocks are so small”, she continued. I’d seen them all, they were average size… the same size as me. “They don’t really satisfy me. They try hard, but I think I need something this size”. With that she reached back and jiggled Todd’s softening cock.

“They’ll be disappointed”, Laura said.

“If three times with us isn’t enough for them, then they just need to go somewhere else”, my wife responded. Three times? Had my wife been with them twice more that I hadn’t seen? I checked and I hadn’t missed a disc anywhere, if she had been with them then it hadn’t been filmed. Or… I thought, there’s another disc that they have with them now. I reeled, but I hit play because I needed to hear the rest.

“If it’s big cocks you’re looking for, I know where we can get some more”, Todd added. My wife looked back at him with interest in her eyes.

“I already told you guys”, my wife continued, “I’m not going to be in a porn movie”.

“Not that”, Todd said. “I can just get some of the guys I work with to come over. They’re all clean, we get tested regularly”.

My wife looked apprehensive but intrigued. “Trust me Stacy, you’ll cum so hard and so much you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven”, Laura was trying to convince my wife to get gang-banged by porn stars. “Look, we can film it on the third disc, and if you want, copy it to the disc you’re taking home. Though I’m sure Todd will want a copy for his disc”. So there was a third disc, I started to wonder what was on it.

“How many guys?”, my wife asked wearily.

“As many as you want”, Todd answered.

Stacy looked at Laura, uncertainty all over her face. “Let’s start with two more, and we can work up from there”, Laura said reassuringly. The expression on my wife’s face changed, she seemed happy… and lustful.

“That sounds good”, my wife said.

“Good? It’s unbelievable. They’ll fuck you so good, and you’ll cum so hard, you’ll probably pass out”, Laura said laughingly. “We can do it tomorrow during the day. And if you like it, we can go on Saturday”.

Go? Go where? What were they talking about.

“I don’t want to go to the porn shoot”, my wife responded. Did my wife, sister-in-law, and Todd go to a shoot for a porno this morning?

“We can just hang out at the shoot Saturday morning. After that we can do whatever we want, how ever long we want, with any amount of guys we want”, there was lust in Laura’s voice as she said it.

The screen went black, that was the end. I sat there, numb, for I don’t know how long, still reeling from all I had heard and seen. I was startled when the television came back to life. It was a bedroom I didn’t recognize, sparse of furniture, just one big bed in the middle of the shot. The quality of the picture was much better than the other scenes, the audio was better too, I could hear the sound of heels on a hard floor.

My wife walked into view and sat down on the edge of the bed. She was wearing one of her sister’s tiny bikinis, she was looking off camera, a bit scared from what I could tell. Todd came into view, he was wearing the silk boxers that I’d seen him in, but it was obvious his cock was already hard. He stood in front of my wife and she reached up and tugged his cock out of the boxers before licking up and down the length of the shaft. They spent a minute like that before Todd removed the boxers entirely, my wife started sucking his cock more thoroughly like she’d been doing all week.

I knew that she was already loosing herself to lust, I’d seen it too much this week. Todd’s hands were brushing the top of the bikini aside, playing with my wife’s nipples, massaging her tits. That was when another man came into view, a man I recognized as one of the porn stars that I’d seen Laura with earlier. He was already naked, his cock, just as big as Todd’s, sticking out in front of him. My wife immediately switched her attention to him, grabbing the base of his cock and sucking the head into her mouth.

Todd moved my wife so that she was standing, bent over the bed, and got behind her. He kneeled down behind her and pushed the bikini bottoms aside, digging his tongue into her dripping pussy. After a few minutes my wife came on Todd’s face, never taking her mouth off the cock in front of her, pushed back against Todd’s probing tongue. Todd stood, aiming his cock toward my wife’s wet cunt, and motioned to someone off camera. A third guy, this time a black man, entered the shot. He too was already naked and went to my wife.

The second guy moved to give my wife access to the black cock before her, and she wasted no time taking it in her mouth, attacking it hungrily. Todd was starting to piston his cock in and out of my wife’s pussy from behind her, making her moan and jump with each thrust. The second guy had gotten on his knees and was fondling and sucking my wife’s tits hanging beneath her. My wife started cumming and I don’t think she stopped for the rest of the scene, she always had at least one cock in her, usually two. All three of them fucked her pussy, she sucked all of their cocks, and they all fucked her ass.

I couldn’t watch my wife wantonly fucking these three huge cocks. I got up to leave, the scene showed my wife with Todd’s cock buried in her ass, the black cock shoved up her pussy (that seemed to be her favorite cock to have in her cunt), and her penetration was being completed by the last guy kneeling on the bed in front of her as she sucked him into her mouth. My wife was literally screaming in lust, strings of curses coming muffled around the huge cock filling her mouth, the sounds from the television carrying down the hallway to me.

In the bedroom I packed up my suitcase and laptop and prepared to leave, the sounds of fucking echoing down the hallway from the television. I had lost my wife, I was going home, and I knew she wouldn’t follow me. As I was leaving I decided to leave the porn and unlabeled discs out so that my wife knew I’d seen them. Passing the living room and heading toward the front door I caught the end of the last scene on the disc.

My wife was laying on her back. There was cum covering her tits, but she was wiping it off with her fingers and sucking them clean. The black guy was holding himself over her, still pounding his huge cock down into her pussy, she was moaning the whole time. “So, want to come back Saturday and see how many guys you can handle?”, I heard Laura ask from off camera.

Stacy’s moans subsiding momentarily, she looked up at the camera, nothing but whorish lust on her face, the black cock still clearly visible as it pumped in and out of my wife’s pink pussy lips, and she said, “Yes… fuck yes… oh fuck… bring them all on… I want all the cocks… huge cocks… I want to fuck them all… all the huge cocks…”, she trailed off into more moans and screams. The fucking rhythm of the black guy increased at my wife’s words and he announced that he was cumming. He tried to pull out, but my wife grabbed his balls and pulled him back inside her, “No… cum in my pussy… fill my cunt!”, she screamed at him. I closed the front door and left for the airport alone, it was one in the afternoon.

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