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It’s been a very long day. Thank god it is almost over, I’m thinking to myself, as I prepare a relaxing scented bubble bath. I’ll spend the entire weekend sunning myself and reading a good book down by the shore.

I turn off the tap and sink down into the hot bubbly water just as the phone rings.


A smooth deep voice says, “I’ve been watching you.”

“Who is this?”


“Is this one my students?”

“I know what you need.”

“Ha, Ha, very funny, exactly what do you think I need.”


Silence stretches as electric tentacles of fear tingle up my spine.

“How dare you!”

“I do. The question is do you dare.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ll give you what you need. At dusk follow Lakeside Drive, enter the cabin at the end of the path.”


I put down the phone. What a Looney. To think I would do something so irresponsible, so…so dangerous! Its probably just one of my students pranking me. It would be just like a frat boy’s antics.

I slid down into my bath while trying to figure out which student it could be. As I’m sponging my breasts it occurs to me it could be Tom, with his sunny disposition and blond surfer boy good looks. It’s possible, and he’s always cutting up and interrupting my class, incessantly flirting with the girls. And he’s a frat boy after all.

Swirling my sponge lower, I think about the other young men in my classes. Maybe Brad in my second class, his eyes always have a twinkle in them, as if he’s keeping an amusing joke to himself.

My soapy fingers slide down between my thighs, middle finger parting and rubbing my little clitty back and forth. Running up and down my gash.

Um, that feels soooo good.

Chris, third period, now he’s a cute one! Tall, green eyes, framed with dark brown lashes, you could get lost in those eyes, what wicked possibilities they seem to offer.

Mmmn, sigh, shiver.

I bring myself back to reality long enough to roll sideways and drag the sponge down my back and across my buttocks, thru my crack and slip my soapy index finger into my tiny rosebud. Pushing it in and sliding it back out, again and again, while dragging my middle finger across my clit and into my pussy. Faster and faster my fingers move as my body stiffens, my pussy clamps down, spasming over and over, my pretty pink toes curling from the sheer pleasure.

Unh, oh yes, YES!

Chris is definitely a possibility. He seems like such a wicked boy!

Me, Me, Me, keeps whispering thru my mind as the day wears on.

No matter what I do, the voice tantalizes me, tickles my escort bayan consciousness with fear, curiosity and arousal.


Yep! Its there, that spark of heat in my groin that’s slowly fanning itself into a flame. By dusk it has become a litany in my head.

Me, Me, Me….

I’ve got to do it. I’ve got to go.

My curiosity almost appeased, my fear growing, I walk along the tree- lined path and enter the darkened cabin.

The light at the end of the hall beckons me toward the bedroom. Glowing candles illuminate a pine four-poster bed with red satin sheets, a table with a glass of liquid, a single red rose, and a note.

Written in a bold sweeping script it says, “drink the wine. It’ll help you relax.”

Well, I could certainly use it, I thought.

Sipping the wine, I’m pondering why I’m desperate enough to be doing this. The word FEAR comes to mind. FEAR of being lonely, and of being alone for god only knows how much longer. Its been years, what if its years more. I can’t exist like this anymore. My body is yearning, humming, stretched taut with the need to be stroked by a man.

The door creaks open. I jump and whirl around. He’s there in the shadows, moving towards me with his hands outstretched.

“Relax. I won’t hurt you, please try to trust me. I can give you what you need.”

His voice is so soothing, mellow.

As he approaches I can smell this wonderful aroma; a mixture of spices and a light earthy masculine musk that’s invading and arousing my senses.

Stopping as he steps into the light, I gasp and stare into the deep limpid pools of his eyes. Its Nick Dupree, the archeologist professor and he’s stark naked!

His wonderfully warm smile quickly puts me at ease. Gazing erotically into my eyes his hand reaches for the partially empty wine glass. Dipping his finger into the glass, he glides the drop of liquid along my lower lip and then slowly licks it off with the tip of his tongue. He runs his finger along my jaw while his thumb skates its way across my cheekbone.

“Relax, he whispers. I’m here for you.”

I lower my eyes and slowly exhale a sigh.

His fingers alight on my shoulders as he pivots me away from him. Stroking my shoulders thru my blouse, he lowers his fingers down and around to the buttons, smoothly undoing them while his moist lips descend to the apex of my neck and shoulder; then sliding his tongue towards the top near my ear, biting gently upon arrival at his destination.

Time moves into slow motion. The wine relaxes and intoxicates me. His lips descend to the valley of my izmit escort breasts and erotic heat is building, strengthening, gaining momentum within me. Nick’s lips circle and nibble slowly inward to my hard, raised, pebbled, eraser-like nipple, while one of his hands is firmly massaging, pulling and tweaking the nipple of my other breast.

Oh! It is so exquisite! Goosebumps form up my arms and down my chest. Heat sears its way through my abdomen toward the core of my being.

His hands slide down my skirt, then under it and back up my thighs, grasping and stroking my ass cheeks; his lips and tongue nibble and kiss their way down and around my stomach, rimming and teasing my belly button. He quickly removes my skirt and slides off my panties.

I open my eyes to gaze at him.

Lifting my thigh onto his shoulder he leans his head into my hot, aching and moist slit, inhaling, savoring the scent of lust, then exhaling cool air over me. Looking up with a devilish smile, he sticks his tongue out and strokes from my dripping well, all the way up to my clit. Which he grasps firmly with his teeth, sucks, licks and lets go!

My legs quiver and turn to jelly. Nick grabs me gently, shoves me onto the bed. Covering me quickly with his body, he slides down, eases my thighs open further and latches onto my pussy like he was starving and this was his last meal.

“Oh! My!” I’m in paradise and quickly escalating towards heaven.

Nick spreads my slit open and drags the flat of his tongue up and down, up and down, dipping into my wet musky pussy, curling his tongue and slurping my nectar down his throat as if he were parched! His tongue slid up to my clit, as one then two of his fingers slid into my pussy; he bites into my clit with his teeth and curls his fingers, firmly gesturing to come here. I lose it! My back arches, stomach and thighs tremble. I clutch the sheets in my hands; my pulsing pussy clenches down on his fingers and refuses to let go as it gushes over his face.

I open my eyes to find him gazing down upon me with a grin that is priceless.

He ever so gently swoops down, licks my lips then delves his sweet tangy tongue into my mouth. Swirling, stroking, sensuously fucking my tongue with his.

Nudging my thighs further apart, he gathers me to his chest and flexes his hips, sliding his hot cock in just an inch, holding it there, then swirling it, mimicking what his tongue is doing to mine.

I bring my legs up and wrap them around Nicks hips, trying to draw him further into my grasping cunt.

Oh, it feels soooo good! Why won’t he thrust? The yürüyüş yolu escort tingling and heat is becoming overwhelming. Oh god! If he would just thrust, I’d be right there looking over the edge, ready to fly off.

Nick lowers his head and whispers into my ear, “what do you want?”


“Tell me and I’ll give it to you.”

I raise my hips, trying to thrust myself upon him. He pulls his hips back, looks at me and says, “Say it. Tell me what you need and it’ll be yours.”

Nick’s cock is rubbing up and down my clit, teasing me, driving me insane. My chest is arching into his and my thighs are stroking his hips. My throbbing pussy is so excited it is weeping and aching from the tension.

Nick cups my face between his hands, stops all movement and stares into my eyes; waiting patiently for awareness to surface.

My breathing starts to slow and my eyes began to focus on him. He lowers his lips to mine, nuzzles them and says, “say it.”

“You.” “I need YOU!”

The corners of his lips edge up in a triumphant smile. Pivoting his hips forward, he smoothly thrusts, coming to rest against my cervix.


His thick cock lodged into my wet rippling pussy feels just like coming home after a long absence, like snuggling down into a warm bed on a cold night. (long sigh)

Nuzzling his nose across my jaw and ear, licking and biting my neck with his mouth, Nick withdraws his cock slowly, rotating his hips as he does, feeling every ridge, bump and crevice, pulling his shaft and cockhead all the way out to the tip. He drives it back in more forcefully; bottoms out and starts increasing his pace with each thrust of his cock. Sweat rolls down his chest and arms. He draws his legs up under his thighs, wraps his arms around my waist, balances on his knees and starts stroking. Picking up his pace, circling his thumb on my clit. He throws his head back, pistoning his hips for all he’s worth.

The friction we create drives me up higher and higher, right over the edge and I fly like I hadn’t flown in so long. Toes curled tight, body strung taut like wire, hands clenching the sheets as if I might actually fall.

Ok, I did actually fall; my mind, that is!

And as I tumble, Nick follows right along. My pussy clamps down on his cock so hard, rippling, contracting, coaxing, inviting his hot sperm to race to the finish line. His balls tuck up tight, jettisoning his hot thick roiling sperm up his shaft, shooting out the tip and spraying towards home. He shouts, grunts and groans yes! Mine. As he collapses on top of me gasping for air.

Nick rolls onto his back, wraps his arm around my waist and slides me against his side, tucking me into the crook of his arm. He leans his head toward my ear to lick the outer shell and whispers, “What do you need?”

Grinning a tremulous, quirky smile I respond, “you!”

As we drift into an exhausted sleep I hear him sigh, “Me.”…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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