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My twin sister Callie and I were driving in a hard rain to meet her husband at the local airstrip when a detour sign where I didn’t expect one sent us skidding onto a back road. The road was high crowned, more so than any I remembered, and it wound and twisted over hills and into narrow valleys that I couldn’t recall being anywhere near the strip. I really had to concentrate on my driving.

“Rod,” said Callie, “this is kinda weird, isn’t it? The night, the rain, that funny detour sign…us together…?”

“What was ‘funny’ about the detour sign, Cal’?” I asked, suddenly feeling very horny and, for some reason, short tempered.

“It was red on white, not black an’ yellow. I haven’t seen that kind of sign…Rod.” Her voice changed. She laid her hot hand on my thigh.

I felt something in my crotch stirring, which it certainly should not have been doing. Suddenly I wanted Callie!

“I feel really odd, Rod…,” she shifted my way on the seat. “Silly, I didn’t mean to rhyme…but I really do, I feel very…strange, in my…and Rod…I don’t want to wait…I need you, Rod!”

“Well, Cal’, I’m no Superman, but I’ll do my best to take care of you, count on me.” God, I could smell her need! She laid her hand on my hardening bulge. I changed the subject quickly.

“Hey!” I said, “there’s a garage, or country store, or something. I’m gonna stop and ask where this ‘detour’ leads.” I pulled up in front of the place. Like most country gas stations, it was really a store, I thought. The pumps looked like antiques—they had handles!—and the windows were really small, too, which puzzled me.

“Rod, let me come in with you, O K?” Cal was trembling, and I grabbed her hand to calm her down.

I apologized to the three people inside, “We don’t mean to bother you, ‘f you’re waitin’ for someone. Can you tell us where this road ends up?”

The golden-skinned woman smiled; she looked to be in her thirties, but the two dark little girls just looked at us. Strange eyes glistened. The pretty golden one said, smiling broadly,

“It ends here, pet. We’ve been waiting for a pair just like you to enter our parlor.”

The tone bursa escort bayan and smile were perfectly gentle, but her words made Cal’ jerk her hand from mine and start back. She must have fumbled for the door handle, for she whispered, shakily,

“Rod, there’s no handle on the door!”

“Oh, don’t worry about that, my dears, you’ll not want handles,” said the woman. “You’ll stay here with me.”

Something compelled us to walk quietly after the woman, as the two little girls came behind us. Callie whispered to me,

“Rod, those are very strange…little girls…behind us. And I have that really weird feeling, again.”

She must have been feeling something. I smelled her scent, much stronger, and I felt myself becoming much hornier, my penis rising against my shorts and trying to bust out of my trousers. There seemed to be a lot of space inside this “country store.”

We followed her into a room which was covered with soft, resilient padding. Our captor halted and something jumped on my shoulder. I felt a sharp pain on the back of my neck and an instant later a huge spider dropped off my body. I tasted something kinda sweet, salty—good! We stiffened, my eyes went out of focus.

“O-oh, I feel so fun-ny, Rod” Callie’s voice ran down.

“Take your clothes off, pets,” said the pleasant voice. I could not help myself, yet I was perfectly conscious and could see again as I took off my clothing and watched Callie take off hers.

I had not seen Callie fully naked since we were little. She had a really sexy body: slightly rounded belly, pert breasts, her nipples stiff, an almost hairless mons. I felt myself rise and stiffen. Callie twitched her lower belly so that her lips opened and made my erection grow rigid out and jump.

Callie and I were facing as we stood there, naked. The golden woman murmured in myu ear as she stroked my neck,

“Pet, lick between her legs.” I felt momentary shock, yet my body willingly obeyed her. I knelt to Callie and pushed my face into her hot, damp pubes. The pubic hair was tasty, slightly salty, her hips urgent, her labia opening to me. I tasted a faint bit gorukle escort of her scent as I licked at her soft lips, and then as my tongue penetrated, she pushed herself against my mouth and her cunny oozed sweet-tasting fluid to meet my seeking tongue. I found that I could kiss her very deeply, and the woman murmured above me,

“You like it very much, don’t you? You’re making yourself feel so good.”

My prick was throbbing, straight out from my belly as the woman placed her hand on my back again and rubbed softly.

“You won’t mind coming together, will you?” she murmured, and Ithought –Right, I wouldn’t mind one little bit.

I wanted to be the blonde female part of me whose cunt I was presently sucking; I loved every bit of it. I was speechless, but I knew what she was supposed to do as I looked up at her from my kneeling position. She turned away from me and knelt, looking at me over her shoulder. I began to feel her empathetically.

She could feel my penis, its rigidity, throbbing with passion; the head was big; she wondered how her cunt could take it, but she bent forward and her hand was already guiding me into her slippery orifice. She wanted badly to lick my prick, but her other need was more urgent, so I slid slowly in, as the other part of me grunted and pushed my butt back against myself. I wondered if I could hold back enough so that my two parts would cum together. My hands went to her breasts, and together we felt them, firm and heavy.

Suddenly we spasmed and I felt my male self melding with my female body. For a second or two, male me held back, yet how fiercely the power was making us meld! The woman said, softly, “Let go of yourself, pet.” I didn’t understand, except that “let go” I must!

I did, suddenly. With a rush I felt the two parts of me joining. I could feel an urgent need, I could feel his penis in me, while I could feel my penis deep in her! I felt the itch-ache, and lovely it was, of our breasts, and the heat of our nipples as they strained to be harder yet. Our hands on them helped a little, but increased the tickle in our cunt and penis. Feathers bursa merkez escort bayan stroked our ass lightly, and breathed in our ear; we were lightheaded, floating, and the feeling inside was ecstatic. There was a wave of ecstasy, the wave crested to climax, and my cunt clamped as my prick shot cum onto my waiting palm.

When I was able to see and breathe normally, my golden lover stood beside me, nude, stroking my breasts and stomach. I looked down and saw that my nipples and penis were erect, but my lover’s strong, gentle fingers were playing with my cunt! That felt soothing yet exciting at the same time.

“Bend down, Luscious. We’ll make real love now.” It felt good to have her arms around me, her belly against my cheeks, and a rigid prick in me. The spider girls began stroking me in all my tender spots. It was delicious and I felt fierce arousal, yet I could control myself. One girl sucked on each of my nipples, making them rigid, making me feel as though the girls were spiders still! My lover had her big penis deep in my cunt, one hand stroking my breasts, her other hand massaging my penis—such a wonderful combination of feelings. I wanted to kiss hir, and I twisted to wrestle with hir tongue as I grew more and more excited, my body twitching and trembling as hir hands did marvelous things to me. My fingers were in hir cunt, tickling at hir clitoris, and she suddenly gasped and hir penis jerked and pumped convulsively within me. The hot cum jetting into me felt s-o-o good.

“It is so much better with two, rather than alone,” shi murmured.

“Are there any others, lover?” I asked, slowly relaxing.

“No. The charm only makes one of us in a very long time, perhaps once each generation. We have not had brother and sister twins traveling together, seeking something in bad weather, for more than a fifty years!”

“Made for each other, as you two were, love. You could feel it in you, couldn’t you? The magic worked very nicely for you, didn’t it?”

“Oh, yes, lover, yes.”

I knew that Callista and Roderick had been lovers in our mind(s) for years, really. I remembered how my prick had felt as we were driving; hardening—my wanting Callie so much and me wanting Rod, my cunny getting wet at the thought. And, seeing her in oast Summers in a bikini, how much I had wanted to strip the bottom off and suck on her forever! Now, I could suck on Lover’s penis or cunt and still finger my cunt and prick—at last!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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