Camilla Ch. 109

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Now Camilla was reliving a memory from four days after her son’s drugging and seduction of her; she would re-experience Eros’ second sexual encounter with her.

Again, this was late July, about a month before she was stripped naked by ghosts and first made to hover naked over a water tank in a Montreal aquarium. She’d just come home one night after a hard day of teaching in McGill University, just as she had four days previously. Indeed, she was having the most annoying of bad luck: she already had one summer evening course to teach, but about a week before that night, she’d been told that three other English professors had all suddenly fallen ill, and only she was available to replace them. These professors had also been teaching summer classes on the same days as hers, but in the morning and afternoon. So every Tuesday and Friday of that summer would be exhausting for her, days full of endless teaching.

Little did Camilla know (for she was being psychically blocked from finding out) that the arrangement of all her extra work was Eros’ doing. He’d used Nigrovum to cause those other profs to get sick suddenly, so she’d be tired at night from replacing all of them. He had begun his plans to have her a few weeks before, all using the utmost subtlety: he didn’t want her to suspect that her wooziness at night was being caused by the Rohypnol tablets he was dropping in her bourbon, so he’d make sure she was already tired when coming home two nights out of every week. He–anxious to fuck her–didn’t want to wait another month and a half for the next school year to start, so he used Nigrovum to learn about the other profs’ classes, and ensured only his mother’s availability as a replacement for the profs whom he’d psychically made sick…sick for the remainder of the summer. He’d have her, and she wouldn’t know…until he wanted her to know.

After dropping off a bundle of essays on the living room coffee table, Camilla went to the kitchen to fix herself a glass of Jim Beam and Coke. Then she went back into the living room, sat on her chair, and turned on the TV. She turned the channel to CBC’s The National. That night, Dr. Singh was debating with a member of the Green Party.

“I suspect that the roots of this government corruption go back many years before the rise of the Green Party,” Singh said calmly to his incredulous host and sneering Green opponent. “By promoting a policy of divide and conquer, the Greens–with their friends in the media, the banks, big business, and the army–have kept the masses distracted, too distracted to pay attention to the political issues that matter.”

“Oh, really?” asked the host in a more than skeptical tone. “And what would this ‘divide and conquer’ policy involve?”

“That is easily explained,” Singh said. “The political Left and Right are portrayed in the media as irreconcilable opposites, hopelessly hostile to each other; and yet it makes little difference which party is voted into office–be they Tories or Liberals, or in America, Democrats or Republicans–for basically the same kind of government rules the country, a statist, intrusive government that’s demanding of high taxes, which are spent in dubious ways. The Greens are no different. Similarly, the sexes are divided, and taught to hate each other. Girls are taught in the media that men are the source of all of women’s woes; and, forever addicted to sex through a bombardment of images of beautiful women in ads and pornography, men will always objectify women, and will always be embittered by female rejection. The people are poker oyna thus distracted with hostility and an endless pursuit of pleasure, while the Greens move behind the scenes, insidiously rising in power.”

“You should write novels,” said the Green Party member.

“Indeed, you have an imagination that’s perfect for writing fiction,” added the host.

“Why am I not surprised to hear you agree with the Greens?” Singh said.

“Poor Ravinder,” said Camilla after taking a sip of her bourbon. “Still crazy and paranoid after all these years.”

Eros was waiting upstairs in his bedroom. Eager to have his mother again, he used Nigrovum to expand the feeling of fullness in her bladder, all the while doing it subtly enough so she wouldn’t suspect it was him making her feel the urge to urinate. She got up and went to the bathroom.

He went downstairs and into the living room with a Rohypnol tablet in his hand, as he had four days previously. He dropped it in her drink and went back up to his room.

Camilla again cleaned her vagina and anus in the shower after her pee. After that, she dried herself off, got dressed, and returned to the living room. She sat and gulped down the rest of her drink.

Ten minutes later, the already very tired woman almost lost consciousness, her feeble use of Nigrovum barely keeping her awake.

Eros came back down after changing his appearance to that of Brian, the boy she’d spontaneously stripped for in a Toronto strip joint thirteen years before. Eros’ skill with Nigrovum was so consummate that he knew every lover Camilla had ever had, without ever having met them. All he needed was psychic access to her memories, as well as access to Brian’s lust-energy, which always vibrated in the Nigrovum swimming in Camilla’s blood.

‘Brian’ appeared in the living room, standing before seated Camilla.

“Hi Camilla,” Eros said in Brian’s voice.

Recognizing the voice, half-awake Camilla looked up at the speaker, blinking and trying to focus on his face. She saw the walls of the burning mansion of her old dreams, a sight Eros was psychically providing, of course. “Brian? Is that you?” she asked.

“Yes, Camilla, it’s me,” Eros said.

“Hi, sweetie,” she slurred. “I’m d-dreaming again, right?”

“Yes,” he said.

“And you’re not m-mad at me, like those other vengeful ghosts?”

“Not at all. I forgive you for passing Nigrovum into me, and I love you, even though the Nigrovum killed me.”

“You’re so adorable. I don’t know whether to be your lover or your mommy.”

“Be both? Please?” Eros asked.

“Sure, but you are a naughty little boy, aren’t you, Brian?” she said.

“Yes, I am.”

“OK, let’s fuck.”

She stood up, and they, facing each other, began to undress. She unzipped her tight-fitting red dress at the back, pulled the top of it off her shoulders, and let it fall to the floor, revealing her pink lace bra and panties. Pulling down his shorts, Eros already felt his hard-on poking a bulge in his underwear.

He was breathing heavily as he pulled off his shirt while watching his mother unhook her bra and take it off with a grin and a carefree wiggle of her big tits. He pulled down his underwear at the same time that she pulled down her panties, revealing his pointy erection as she revealed her black pubic hair. Now mother and son were both nude, their eyes feasting on each other’s bodies, even though she didn’t recognize him, since he’d changed from his original, giant form.

She got on the floor on all fours with canlı poker oyna her legs spread wide and her ass pushed out, showing off her pussy and asshole. Eros was salivating at the sight, hoping his mother would one day be just as brazen before him, without him needing to disguise himself. He got down on his knees and put his face between her buttocks. He gave her asshole one long, passionate kiss, as if it were her lips; then he began licking her vulva with long, inclusive licks, leaving not one millimetre of her external genitals untasted. She moaned softly from the sensations of his cunning, lingering tongue.

After that, his tongue flickered and vibrated against the wrinkles of her asshole. He worshipped every inch of his mother’s divine body; though she’d cleaned herself thoroughly not twenty minutes before this encounter, he wouldn’t have minded sniffing and licking her even if she’d still had a faecal odour there. He was more than willing to show her his unswerving devotion, for to him, even her natural smells were still divine.

He went back to licking her cunt, sliding his tongue inside and tickling its tip against her tingling G-spot. She sighed out loud in high pitches, coming closer and closer to orgasm. As he kept licking, he couldn’t stop thinking, This is where I came from, this shrine, this Holy of Holies. I want to worship this sacred space, by giving it pleasure.

After another minute or so of receiving his licks, she came in his wide-open mouth. Knowing through his use of Nigrovum exactly when she’d come, he’d opened his mouth just in time to receive all of her cooze without missing a single drop. Indeed, none stained the carpet.

Now he straightened up and aimed his hard cock at her pussy. He slid it in, him grunting and her squealing two octaves higher. When he’d pushed it all the way in, poking at her A-spot, she screamed in whistle register and came all over his cock and balls. The excess dripped all over the carpet.

Oh, well, he thought as he continued fucking her doggy-style; I’ll have a mess to clean up after all. Continuing his aggressive thrusts and making her come again and again an average of one orgasm every five pokes, he thought about how she was his one and only link to humanity. Only her motherhood kept him from being a complete freak; only her motherhood gave him a chance to be like other people. Though he was glad Nigrovum had given her the power to conceive him without a father, he still wished he wasn’t half alien. He wished he was the product of only her divine body.

“Do you…love Mommy, Brian?” she asked in high-pitched squeals. “Ah!”

“Yes, Mamma,” he groaned. “Always, and forever. Unh!”

She came again, that time her tenth since his cock had gone inside her. The carpet had a lake of come on it. He pulled his cock out slowly, making her sigh with pleasure at the electrifying sensation of his shaft touching her vaginal walls.

“Oh, thank you, baby,” she moaned when it came out. “Since you…demeaned yourself…for me…way back then, many years ago, dressing up…in women’s clothes…as my priest, and receiving anal…from my gay friends,…I want to…give you back…my love. Wanna fuck…my ass?”

“Oh, yes!” Eros said. “Thank you, my Mother Goddess!”

Since she was too disoriented from the Rohypnol to be able to use Nigrovum any more than to keep herself from falling asleep, he used his powers to lubricate her anus and rectum, instead of her doing it. Within seconds, she was perfectly lubed and ready to receive his cock. Not wanting internet casino to hurt his mother, he pushed it in her asshole gently and slowly, grunting and groaning as it went in, inch by thrilling inch.

When he had his cock all the way in, he gently pulled out half-way and pushed back in, loving the tightness of her squeezing anal lips around his happy shaft. He reached forward and cupped her breasts in his hands, gently squeezing them and pinching the nipples. She sighed at his sensitive touch.

The tightness of her asshole was giving him a new thrill that made fucking her pussy seem almost boring in comparison, and he could feel himself nearing orgasm.

“I love you, Mamma,” he moaned before finally ejaculating inside her rectum. “Oh!”

He pulled his cock out of her ass, and lay on his side next to her where none of her come had yet soiled the carpet. She remained on all fours, as she had been when the sex had begun. They took a minute or two to catch their breath.

“Did you…enjoy that, baby?” she asked him.

“It was…incredible,” he moaned. “You are…so beautiful, Mamma.”

“Thanks, sweetie. I shouldn’t have…made you wear…women’s clothes…back then. That was…excessive.”

“Oh, I don’t mind,” he said, still pretending to be Brian. In too much of an ecstasy to be careful with his lying, he then said, “I remember getting Emily to buy me girls’ clothes, and wearing them for you; but you didn’t like me dressed that way, and made me change back into boy’s clothes.” Suddenly, he remembered that that wasn’t something Brian had done, but something he, as a six-year-old boy, had once done. A shock of fear shot through him, and Camilla vaguely sensed his fear with what little psychic power she could consciously feel. Not wanting her to suspect anything, he quickly put the memory out of his mind, got up, and began cleaning the area.

Again, he lapped up all of her come off the carpet, using Nigrovum to keep the lint and dirt from going in his mouth while getting the carpet so clean that it would soon be as dry as if it had never been soiled by her come. With her come inside him, he had more of her humanity inside him. With his come inside her, she had more of him inside her; their identities were slowly psychically merging.

She soon gave in to the Rohypnol and lost consciousness. Now it was safe for him to change back into his original form: giant, black-haired, black-eyed, and pale-skinned. He picked her up and carried her upstairs to her bedroom. He lay her on the bed and covered her with the blankets. Then he put her clothes in the laundry as he had the last time.

After that, he went to bed himself, thinking about what he’d done that night. Yes, Mother, he thought. I satisfied you a second time, even better, I think, than I had the first time. I am truly becoming the best lover you’ve ever had. If only I could tell you. Soon enough, you’ll know; and with the new powers I’ve acquired from Nigrovum, you’ll be able to relive what you now don’t remember; then you’ll have the proof, that I’m the one and only lover who can truly satisfy you, in ways that no other man–or woman–could ever do. Then you’ll have to accept me as your lover. I’m no baby, Mamma: I’m a man, and you’ll know how much of a man from the feeling of my cock inside you.


The Camilla of two months later felt more of Eros’ energy–and power–in the Nigrovum in her blood. Indeed, she was reliving what the Rohypnol had made her forget, seeing through his ‘Brian’ disguise. Though the sex was indeed some of the best she’d ever had, she could never feel good about how he was shaming her, and himself.

She could only keep hoping that his powers would help her find a way to deliver her from the masked men.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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