Camp Happy Landings Ch. 02

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The next morning, I awoke with the sun shining on my face. It was later than I usually got up, but still fairly early, maybe 8 AM. I was a bit groggy, and then came awake with a flash. Had it been a dream? I reached down and checked my crotch and found that it was stiff and scratchy with dried juices – My God! It hadn’t been a dream!

I bounced out of bed and then instantly turned away from the other kids in the cabin as I realized that I had developed another enormous hard-on. I slid back in under the covers and waited until it had subsided enough for me to walk up to the bathrooms without embarrassing myself.

If I had had any doubts about the reality of the previous night, they disappeared up near the bathrooms. As I approached I saw Donna and Millie walking over from their cabin. When they saw me they both burst into big grins (as did I). They both said “Good morning!” in very cheery voices and Donna winked at me. And they were a sight to behold. Donnas was wearing a big sweatshirt, but the swaying of her bosom told me that there was no bra underneath and her long tan legs and white shorts called to mind the picture of her lying naked on her bed the night before. Millie was wearing some cutoff-jeans and a pale blue T-shirt. The sway of her breasts was even more unmistakable, as were the fine looking nipples thrusting out. I gave them a little wave and a grin as I went in to clean up from the previous night’s activities.

After my shower I ambled down to the lodge for breakfast. I have to confess that I was feeling kind of studly after the previous night’s adventures. When got to breakfast, I was expecting to find both Donna and Millie, but Donna was sitting by herself, drinking a coffee and eating some cereal. I got the same and sat down across from her.

“What happened to Millie? She still up the hill?”

Donna laughed, and said in a low voice, “No, she got sent back to the cabin by her Mom to change. Her mother caught sight of her unholstered tits and said no way. Millie protested she was on vacation but her Mom said there would be no bra burning on this trip!”

I laughed too and in a couple of minutes Millie appeared wearing a sweatshirt although I would have sworn she still didn’t have a bra on, the effect was much less erotic, which was her mother’s intent, damn her. We kidded Millie a little about it and when Donna had gotten up to get more coffee she pointed her fork at me and said, “I wouldn’t laugh so much if I were you, buddy! Donna was right peeved this morning. She said she was the one who got everything going last night, but she didn’t get anything, if you know what I mean, and she was peeved. So I’d keep your loins girded if I were you or she’ll drag you behind a bush.”

“Well,” I drawled, “I can think of some ‘bushes’ I wouldn’t mind being dragged behind, if you know what I mean…”

Millie burst out laughing; spilling her hot chocolate a little and everyone looked at her for a moment, but then went back to their breakfasts.

“What was that about?” asked Donna as she sat down again.

“Oh, nothing” I replied.

Donna gave me a dirty look but didn’t pursue it. As her mother came up at the point to tell her that she and Donna’s father were going sightseeing and antique hunting and would be back in the late afternoon. After breakfast, I had to do some chores (everybody did a few on a communal basis), so it wasn’t until about 11 that I headed down to the creek for a swim.

I ambled down the slope towards the bluff where the steep path led down to the creek. It was getting hot and the insects were humming in the trees but the camp was quiet – some had gone to town, or sightseeing like Donna’s parents, or were already down by the creek. I was wearing my cutoffs and carrying a towel. Donna’s parent’s cabin was the last one on the path to the creek (a primo location). As I was walking by the cabin, the door opened a little and I heard a voice say “Psst!”

I turned in surprise because I thought the Donna’s parents had gone along time ago. The inside was in shadow and I couldn’t see to well from the outside glare. I stepped up to the edge of the porch and Donna suddenly came partway out of the cabin, grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me inside.

“What’s up?” I started to say, and then I remembered Millie’s warning and the next thing I knew Donna’s arms were around my neck and she was saying, with her lips only inches from mine, “I’ve been waiting for you to come down here. I was afraid you might follow some other route.” Then she kissed me. Her lips were warm and soft and her lips opened and her tongue was warm and soft to, flickering between my lips and on my tongue. She pulled me closer and I put my arms around her. Her body was warm, her skin like silk. She was wearing the same leopard skin bikini of the day before and I ran my hands up and down her spine and she moaned in her throat. Then she slipped her hand down into by cutoffs and squeezed my ass. I followed suit, running my fingers along the crack of her ass. We ground our crotches against each other. I could smell the fragrant, arousing smell of sex emanating from her. We kissed feverishly, güvenilir bahis our hands exploring, stroking caressing. Then she leaned back from me, reached down and slowly unsnapped my cutoffs, one button at a time, apparently savoring the process of releasing my hot, stiff cock. Then she slowly pulled them down, allowing my erection to spring free. It stood up quivering, throbbing it was so hard, a milky tear of cum dripping from the tip.

She grabbed it with both hands and stroked it, caressing my balls and working her hands up the shaft, essentially milking more pre-cum from it. It oozed out of the tip as my cock swelled even more, turning a darker shade of purplish-red. I moaned and Donna grinned devilishly. She leaned forwards and ever so gently ran her tongue around the tip, gathering the pre-cum onto her tongue. Then she licked her lips and looked up at me from under brows as she bent over my cock.

I reached down and pulled her up against me and kissed her, our tongues dancing, sliding twirling. I slid my hands down her sides, marveling at the hot silky texture. It was hot in the cabin and we were both beginning to sweat, which made it even more exciting. I slowly sank to my knees and pulled her bottoms down. Her hands came off my cock and she leaned back as I buried my face against her muff and breathed in and out deeply. I flicked my tongue once against her pussy and she ground it against my face. I rose back up, rubbing my cock against her as I did so, the sensation very pleasurable for both of us. I half-turned her as I stood and ended up behind her. I ground my cock against her ass, feeling it slide up and down between her cheeks.

“God, last night “, I said, my voice hoarse, “I was so hot, you had me so turned on, it was all I could do not to groan and thrash and start fucking you when Mrs. Kominick was there.”

“God yes, ” she murmured as we continued rubbing against each other.

I ran my hands over her ass and hips and up to her back and unsnapped her top, which fell to the floor. I reached around as she leaned back into me and cupped her breasts. They were two hot, hand-filling mounds of delight. I rubbed them and caressed the nipples and Donna began to moan.

“Oh, fuck me, oh fuck me!” I turned her around again we embraced again, kissing and rubbing our bodies together. Her breasts felt heavenly against my chest, the erect nipples a soft tracing as she rubbed them back and forth across my chest. Then she sank to her knees and took my cock in her hands and kissed the head of my cock. She took a few long, slow licks, then swallowed about half of it in one long suck. “Oh, God” I moaned, my knees literally became a little weak.

Then Donna rose up and we embraced again. She was a little taller than I, with those long legs and her pussy was a little higher than my balls. So I just bent at the knees, pressed forward and my cock slid into her pussy. She moaned again and we stood there, slowly rocking, fucking while standing up. Then Donna began pulling me backwards, towards her parent’s bed. Her legs reached it and she fell back onto it with me on top.

Bracing myself on my hands over her, bent and kissed her, tracing my tongue and lips down along her throat to her chest, nibbling between her breasts, then dragging my lips along her breasts and over the nipples. I didn’t suck on them, I just dragged my lips over them as I caressed her hips and belly with one hand. I took each nipple in my mouth and sucked them in, running my tongue across their tips. As I did this I ran my hand across her silky mound and let my finger trail into her pussy, sliding the middle finger between the damp, hot lips.

She moaned even louder and said “Oh, Jesus, fuck me! I want you in me!”

Well, I was hot as hell too so I knelt between her legs placed my cock at her heavenly door. She took my cock and rubbed it back and forth across her pussy as I leaned forward and my cock slid in. Oh fuck, she was tight and hot! She felt so good around my cock! We were both now extremely excited and began pumping, slowly at first, then rapidly increasing the pace, faster and deeper, faster and deeper. She wrapped those long legs around me, her feet behind my ass driving me deeper and deeper into her. We slowed a bit as I slid my knees up kneeling, with my cock sliding up and into her in a slow rhythm. Then faster again and I felt her arch into me and felt warm pressure all around my cock and I began to spasm with an orgasm as well. We strained, pressing into each other, holding my cock deep in her pussy as we both rocked in ecstasy. We eventually relaxed and I lay on top of her, both of us panting, covered in sweat. Between our exertions and the cabin’s heat, we were both drenched. We lay there intertwined for several minutes, and then she began to rock her hips again. I was still semi-hard, and the slow movements began to revive my erection. We rocked slowly at first, and then we rolled over so she was on top. My cock was hard again as we began to pump once more. We were both perspiring heavily. Donna’s hair was in ringlets around her head, he face shiny with perspiration. Her shoulder and breasts were türkçe bahis shiny with sweat and a trickle ran down between her breasts. One trickle even ran down her breasts, hanging off the stiff, protruding nipple like a dewdrop. I leaned forward and licked at her nipple with my tongue, tasting the salty, sexy smell of her.

We began to fuck again, very slowly at first, enjoying the moist slithery feel, then more quickly as we built towards another orgasm. The result was a slithering sensuous moist fuck that culminated in another spectacular orgasm, first her and then me. After that we slid apart and lay panting in the hot cabin.

“Oh, Jesus, but I like the way you fuck!” she said.

I rolled over on an elbow and looked at her. “You ain’t bad yourself, babe!” We both grinned and then I said. “But I think we’d better get out of here before someone notices.”

“Yeah, but you go first,” she said. So I pulled on my cutoffs, picked up my towel from the floor. I gave her another deep kiss and then checked the door. I had to wait for the coast to clear and then I snuck out the door and resumed my stroll down towards the beach.

When I got down to the beach, I dropped my towel, grabbed a inner tube and floated out into the creek. I paddled up into the teen’s area and rolled of the tube and swam in the cool water to refresh myself. I then floated around for a while and dozed in the sun. I slowly drifted downstream until I bumped into the raft. I shoved off back up towards the teen area, but saw a flash of yellow out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and saw Millie coming down the path wearing what I was sure was one of Donna’s bikinis. Donna tended to be rather daring, while Millie’s swimsuits were much more conservative. In addition, Donna’s bust was larger than Millie’s was so that as Millie made her way down the steep path, her breasts jiggled delightfully in the slightly over-large top. Millie’s mother was sitting on the beach and she may have noticed, but didn’t say anything this time. This may have been due in part due to the arrival at that time of Lisa and Mrs. Schiller.

Lisa was Mrs. Schiller’s younger sister. Mrs. Schiller was Karen Schiller, who was recently divorced and had come up to camp with her young son and her sister, Lisa. Mrs. Schiller (In those days, we still called most of the adults by Mr. and Mrs.) was in her early thirties, I guess and her sister a couple of years younger. Both of them were very good looking – especially Lisa. Lisa was without a doubt the sexiest looking (adult!) woman in camp. She was also single, which I think bothered the married women and they all seemed to keep an eye on their husbands when Lisa was around – especially when she came down to the beach. This day Lisa was wearing a white bikini that was not exactly skimpy, but was small enough that when she took off the shirt she wore over it down to the beach, every man on the beach (and me!) was watching. Her figure was perfect, full without being overdone. And while Donna, Millie and Suzie were sexy (and how!) Lisa somehow exuded mature sexiness that was powerful. Mrs. Schiller was an eyeful as well. A bit slimmer and a bit shorter, but also possessed of a figure that caught your eye (as well as other parts of the male anatomy). Both had brown hair and eyes and were tanned to perfection.

I admired her for a moment, then slowly paddled upstream as Millie stopped to talk to someone. I drifted lazily again and then sometime later I felt a tube nudge into mine and I looked up to see Millie grinning at me.

“And where were you for so long, as though I had to ask? Caught behind a bush, perhaps? Hmm?”

My sheepish grin made her laugh. Then she said “But now I’m jealous.”


“Because they’ve both had you inside them and, while you were great last night, I want the whole salami – so to speak!”

“Jesus, you girls are man-eaters!”

“Well, it’s the way the camp is, might as well have fun while we can! So I expect first dibs tonight”

“Oh, so I’m just a stud service now?”

“You bet, stud!” she replied, laughing, and reached out with her foot and pushed on my tube and caused it to roll under and I ended up in the water. I rolled down under the surface and looking up, saw Millie hanging in her tube. The material of the bikini largely covered her sweet ass, but because Donna was larger, the sides of her ass-cheeks were visible. This gave me an idea and I swam up slowly below her tube and reached up and gently caressed her ass along the edge of her bikini, starting at the bottom of her ass and running my fingers up until the reached right beside her pussy. She started a little bit and through the water I could here a little yelp of surprise.

I rose up out of the water, panting a little from air deprivation and held onto the side of her tube. She splashed some water into my face and said, “You rat!”

I stroked over and grabbed my tube and swam back, but didn’t struggle into my tube. Instead, I let it drift beside us. At this point we were about 75 yards from raft and looking over Millie’s shoulder I could see that nobody on the beach was paying any attention güvenilir bahis siteleri to us. Looking at Millie, I saw that her nipples were partially erect, pressing at the bright yellow cloth. The warm tan of her stomach swept down into the water, her belly button holding a little iridescent pearl of water. The bottom was cut lower than Millie’s usual suit, so there was a strip of whiter skin above the yellow of the bottom. Somehow, this was very exciting, perhaps because it seemed to draw one’s eye and suggest what was farther down. An idea blossomed in my head, and I reached under the tube again and caressed her ass, gently squeezing one cheek. She looked at me again, prepared to splash me, but I then switched and caressed the other and she relaxed and then closed her eyes, enjoying the caress.

“Is anyone watching us?” she asked, still with her eyes closed.

“Nope. And we’re too close to the cliff for anyone to see from up there.” And I stroked her ass and ran my finger up and over the mound of her pussy. She caught her breath a little as I stroked my finger back and forth across valley of her pussy lips, which I could clearly feel through the cloth. I then ran my fingers up to the top of the back of her bikini bottoms and then traced my fingers along the crack of her ass and up over her mound again. She thrust her pussy forward just a little as I did so and I rubbed my fingers along the wet slippery cloth. Then I spread my fingers and traced with my fingers along both sides where the cloth met her skin and then over her mound again.

“Oh, that feels wonderful, you’re getting me really hot”, she murmured. I could see that her nipples were now really pushing the fabric of her top and she was breathing faster and deeper. She still had her eyes closed, her head back on the inner tube. I ran my fingers along the fabric of her bottoms on one side and gently forced my fingers under the fabric. Because they were Donna’s, they were a little loose and I encountered little resistance. I felt the hairs of her pussy and the edge of her pussy lips. Then Millie reached down and pulled on the bottoms. The fabric was a bit stretchy and she was able to pull it completely to one side. When I stroked her again, I felt my fingers slide right along the center of her pussy, sliding into the warm, slippery folds of her pussy.

“So that feels good, huh Millie?”

“O fuck yes!” she replied softly, “Don’t stop!”

I looked again towards the beach and no one was paying the slightest attention. We just appeared to be hanging, talking. My shoulder was under the water and only if you were nearby could you have seen what I was doing. I began to gently run my fingers in and out of her pussy, while rubbing the top of her slit with my thumb. As I did this, I kept chatting so we looked innocent if anyone looked our way.

“Feels good, huh? Boy I would love to do this with my cock. I’d love to feel your nice tight pussy around my cock.”

“Mmm, yeah” she said. “I want to suck your cock until you come in my mouth. I want to taste your cum tonight!”

As she said this, she began to very gently rock against my fingers and I saw her hand, which had been on the rim of the tube, slide over and under the fabric of her top, gently pulling and rubbing the nipple. I increased the pace and depth with my fingers. I was now running my fingers from the top of her pussy all the way under and along the curve of her ass, dragging my fingers in a warm, slippery track. Because of her position on the tube, she was completely exposed. I ducked under the water for a moment to look and saw her beautiful pussy completely exposed, the pink lips open and inviting. I bobbed back up and kept stroking. I could feel my fingers slide over her clit, down along her pussy, then up along the crack of her ass, then reversing along back to her pussy and clit. Millie was rocking harder now and then she gasped “Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh-h-h-” and I felt her pussy clamp on fingers and I wiggled my thumb on her clit as she climaxed. She remained clamped on my fingers and I could feel the pulses of her orgasm as her pussy pulsed around my fingers.

After a minute, she lolled her head back and rolled off the tube and into the water. I followed her down and she reached out to me and kissed me under the water. We then surfaced gasping and smiling. We chased the tubes and caught them and hung on the edges for a moment. Millie was still breathing hard. She reached down and re-arranged her bottoms and then reached over and squeezed my cock, which was hard and ready.

“God, I’d love to fuck you right now.”

“Too bad we don’t have snorkels,” I laughed. She laughed too and we got back into the tubes as a pair of the adults drifted along with some of the other kids down to the rope swing. I then spent an hour or so playing with the kids and helping them swing on the rope and so on. Then I thrilled them by jumping off the cliff pretending to be an Acapulco cliff diver. After my second dive I heard clapping and saw Millie and Suzie floating together, yelling “Bravo! Bravo!” Then Millie swam over to the edge and headed back up towards the camp, as she had to help with dinner. There was a general exodus and soon there was just one adult on the beach dozing and Suzie and I floating in tubes. The sun was behind the ridge and it was getting rather shadowy along the side where we were floating.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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