Camp Mates

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Summer vacation and my parents decided to go camping. Not just that but they decided to go camping with my uncle and his family as well. My dad’s brother lived in Italy, and they were coming over to the states for a two week break.

I am the only child in our family, I’m twenty two, slim, long red hair and I have sweet little tits, I’m proud of them, my name is Caroline, but everyone calls me Beet, as in Beetroot, red, red hair.

My aunt could not have children of her own, due to an accident many years ago. So they had adopted, a son called Liam. Liam was younger than me at nineteen.

Our families had not seen each other for quite some time, something like ten maybe twelve years. Though mum and dad used to talk to them on the phone now and again, just to keep up with things and see how we all were.

My uncle moved his family out to Italy because of his job. They used to be our neighbours, and we did all get along fairly well. Apart from Liam and me, we always fought, as little kids do.

When I last saw Liam he was a plump little boy, with short curly blond hair, and talking about hair, he would always pull my hair, I hated him, every time he saw me he would pull my hair, pull, pull, pull, fucking cunt I wanted to kick him in the nuts.

We were all due to meet up at a camp site, which was close to a beach. We were going to drive there directly from home. Uncle and his family were going to fly in close by and rent a car for the time they were there for.

We had never been camping before, and I was not sure that’d I’d like it; I had my reservations, but was going to give it a go.

We reached the site first, no sign of the others, I helped mum and dad to put up two tents, a big one for them and the other was for me. Their one was much bigger than mine; although mine was a two person one, I wanted a bit of room to breathe in the thing, so a single one which they offered me first, I rejected. I’m a girl I need space.

All three of us had lunch and as we walked back to the tents dad got a call from uncle, who said, ‘That they were not far and would be ten minutes or so.’

I did not fancy helping them to put up any more tents, so I made an excuse and made my way down to the beach for a stroll. It was warm and sunny, just right for a stroll and to check out the local talent if there was any on that beach.

The beach was not that full, there were boys, men, on the beach but none of them caught my eye. One boy did approach me but he seemed very immature and very hyper.

An hour or so and I thought that they must have got their tents up and I made my way back to the site.

Lots of other people had come and pitched up tents while I was on my stroll. I just about found where we were. When I found our tents and saw dad with uncle, I went and said hello and got hugs and kisses from both uncle and then aunt, who came out when she heard us from inside the tent.

Mum came out too and asked about my walk, I told them all that the beach was great and we should all spend some time there.

As I talked to mum and aunt, suddenly my hair got pulled from behind, it wasn’t very hard, but it made me yelp out and turn sharply to smack the person who had done it. Just as I swung my hand to slap them, his hand grabbed mine and I was just inches away from his face.

He laughed out and said, “Hi sis, it’s me, hello.”

It was Liam; I did not recognise him at all. He was not the plump little kid I last remembered. He was taller, much taller and very well built, bit of a hunk. He had denim shorts on and his shirt was thrown over his shoulder. He had a very fit body, abs and tight pecks, his arms were huge, and biceps as thick as my thighs.

I was in shock as he let go of my hand and hugged me. I hugged him back, and he lifted me off the ground and did a full circle with me in the air. He put me down and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

He again said, “Hi how you doing? Been a long time hey, still got the same red hair I see.”

I smiled and lightly slapped his face a couple of times and said, “Haven’t changed have you, with the hair thing!”

Mum, dad and the others left Liam and me chatting; we sat on the ground and caught up with a lot of stuff. Time passed so quickly, when mum came out and said, “Hey kids, we’re all going out for the night to a local club. Do you want to join us?”

When mum said all of us I really thought she meant all six of us. But I was glad she did not include me into it. I looked at Liam and said, “I’m not sure I want to go. I saw a poster on the beach for a BBQ tonight on the beach. We could go there!”

Liam’s eyes lit up and looked up to mum and said, “If it’s alright then I’ll go to the BBQ as well.”

Mum ruffled Liam’s curly blond hair and said, “I wouldn’t want Beet going on her own and I know you kid’s don’t want to hang out with the oldies, okay you kids have fun and be careful.”

It was around nine in the evening when mum and the others came to Liam and me; we Etiler escort still chatted and had made real good friends with each other. I was surprised I got on so well with Liam, mum said, “We’re off now. Not sure what time we’ll be back, the show goes on till four at least.”

They went off and Liam and I went along to the BBQ. We saw other people going to it as well from the camp site.

There was music in the form of a live band which played there. Most of the people there were youngsters. We all danced, drank, sang and shouted along to the songs being played.

I danced with Liam most of the night; I was again surprised with the way he could move. He was a bit touchy feely, but I didn’t mind it; I too got a feel of his taught muscles at times. Then with all that drink in me, I had to find the loos, there was a bit of a queue.

When I came back I saw Liam as he danced with another girl. The smile melted off my face and I went to the bar for another drink. While I was sat there, I for some stupid reason started to feel sad and lonely; one of the boy’s came up to me and asked me if I would like to dance.

I was not in the mood, but to show Liam that I could also get off with someone else, I said ‘Yes.’

We danced and I made sure Liam could see me. More people joined and soon the whole dance floor was just a mass of people, I could not pick out Liam.

I had a couple more dances with another boy, I then felt tired, well not really tiered, but sad that Liam was not with me, maybe he had found a girl and had gone off somewhere with her – the bastard.

It was close to one o’clock. I looked for Liam but I could not see him. I tried to shout out his name but the music and the noise of the crowd was way too loud, ‘Fuck.’

I gave up and slowly walked back to camp. As I walked back there were tents with glows of light from inside. And as I passed close to them the noises that sprung from within were of sex taking place. I bet bastard Liam was probably in one of them.

Outside, small fairy lights were everywhere, which helped me find my tent. I felt dejected and felt very sorry for myself. I thought Liam would have at least stayed with me for the first night.

I passed mum and dad’s tent, all dark and it was too early for them to be back anyway. I passed another tent and I knew it was Liam’s, I kicked the posts and the tent collapsed. I looked back at it in the dark and spat at it.

My thoughts went back to Liam, fuck it, he can do what he likes, he’s old enough; I’m off to bed. I found my tent and crawled in.

I knew I had a small lantern, somewhere in there, it was one of those new ones, electric, battery operated, but looked like an old oil lamp.

I stumbled and fell, ‘Fuck’ I found the lamp, well; actually my fingers felt what could be the lamp. I fumbled for the on switch; I managed to turn it on, but it glowed very faintly, ‘Shit,’ I must have done something to it as I knocked it over. I shook it and it flickered bright for a few seconds then back to dim, ‘Shit I hate camping.’

I left it on and started to take my clothes off, it was a very warm night and I had a bit to drink too, I felt hot. I never wear clothes when I slept, just my bra and thong. I threw everything else into a corner. I made my way over to the make shift bed, I hadn’t got a sleeping bag or anything like that. Those sorts of things made me claustrophobic.

I could hardly see as I lifted a very thin sheet to sleep under, the mattress was one of those blow-up ones.

As I slipped in, an arm came around my body and pulled me in. I shouted, “Fucking bastard let me go, fucking cunt, who the fuck…”

A hand came over my mouth, quietened me. He was strong, he pulled me close and he placed my ear close to his face, he said, “Shhh… Beet, Beet… it’s me, Liam.”

I still kicked out and then stopped; I froze as he said that, ‘Fucking bastard.’ He whispered in my ear again, “It’s Liam! Okay… I’m going to let you go now.”

He slowly loosened his grip from around my mouth. I turned to look at him. It was Liam, the light was faint, but I still made out his features and the voice too, it was Liam.

He fully let go of me, he lay on his side and I was on my back. I looked at him and said, “You fuckin’ bastard what the fuck are you doing? What the fuck are you doing in here?”

He smiled, I think, but said nothing. I said, “I thought you were still at the beach.”

He brought a hand up to my face and stroked my cheek and said, “I left early, I wanted to surprise you.”

I was still in a bit of a shocked state and said, “Surprise me! You bastard, you scared me half to death.”

He leant down and kissed me on the forehead and said, “Sorry.”

I said, “I called out for you… and then thought you’d gone off with some floosy.”

The light flickered from the lamp, it stayed bright for a few seconds then went back to dim. While it was bright and I could see his face, I slapped him, Beşiktaş escort not as hard as I’d like to have but hard enough.

He hardly moved, he said, “Yeah, okay, I suppose I deserved that.”

He leant down and kissed my cheek, then slowly rose back up. I looked at him and said, “You’re a fuckin’ bastard, you know that, a fucking shit.”

With that said I threw my arm around his neck and pulled him down and kissed him, I opened my mouth and forced my tongue into his. He opened wider and we kissed, I kissed him in a fuming fury. Tongues darted across each other’s; we sucked each other’s tongues and lips. We kissed each other on the cheeks then resumed in Frenching.

I hugged him tightly, eyes closed. He still lay to the side of me; I put my arm around him and pulled him. There was no way I could have actually pulled him over, but he got the message.

He came over and lay on top, I moved my legs apart and he lay in-between. It was then I felt his fucking hard cock, at least I thought it was his cock. I’m no virgin believe me. I’ve felt hard cocks up against me before. But that thing was not just hard; it felt like it rose up to my tits.

I was sure he was naked, what a presuming bastard. I placed my legs around the back of his thighs and pulled him in. We continued to kiss as I lowered my hands to his arse. And yes, he was naked. I squeezed and groped his arse.

We had to break off for air, fuck; it got really hot in that confined space. He bent down and kissed my tits through the fabric, I said, “You were very sure of yourself, weren’t you?”

He stroked the length of my nose, from eyebrows to the tip with a finger and said, “You can still say no.”

I rose up and undid my bra; I threw it over to somewhere, it didn’t matter. I lay back down and he started on my stomach, he lay soft kisses as he made his way back to my tits, oh my fuck he made me moan out. I didn’t have big nipples; in fact they’re really small, but fucking sensitive.

He swapped from one to the other as I threw my head back and squeezed his bare arse. He made me grown and cry like a bitch. Bastard was good, I wanted to see that cock, I threw my hips up hard against him; I couldn’t wait to have that cock in me.

He came back up to my lips and kissed me again. I moved my hands up to grab his shoulders and pushed him up. I un-wrapped my legs from around him and he sat up on to his knees.

I rose up and took my thong off, and that too went over to some other corner. I crossed my legs into a yoga position in front of Liam. I looked at that thing and then looked up at him and said, “My little Liam, you certainly have grown.”

I looked back down and licked that thing from balls to cock-head. I grabbed it. Holy fucking shit, he was so huge, fucking huge.

I had only seen it in the shadows, but then the lamp flickered and I saw his cock for a few brief moments. I had both hands on it and still his knob-head stuck out above my second fist around his shaft. He was hard, fuck he was hard. I lowered my mouth to take in the big knob. I dribbled some spit onto it and with my fist I rubbed it around the knob and shaft.

The lamp went bright again, and as I was about to spit on his cock again, I saw what I had felt. The veins on his cock were massive, they went all along and around his cock, fuck that cock needed those veins to feed blood to that monster.

If I had to assess his length, then fuck, he was as long as my fore-arm, which must be around ten inches. I’m not sure if that thing would fit into me. But that’s a problem for later.

At that point in time I just wanted to suck that white Mandingo. And suck him I fucking did.

He placed both hands on my shoulders as I blew him off. I took him in as deep as I could, to make it as wet as possible as I stroked and twisted my fists around his fat shaft. He bent down on several occasions to kiss me on the back of my head as I blew him.

I’ve sucked and blown off many a cock, all sorts of sizes and colours, but none as big as that, and none lasted half the time I had been blowing him off for.

I let go of his cock and grabbed his arse; I let him face fuck me for a while. I think he wanted to go deeper, but there was no way on earth I was able to take even half of him. I grabbed the shaft lightly between my teeth and let him move and fuck away.

I thought he must have enjoyed that as he grabbed my face and really did move faster. ‘Fuck,’ he went on for ages. My face was going numb; I took off the pressure from my teeth and bound my lips as tight as I could. He went deeper and deeper, I almost choked, I had to hold him by the hips and restrict his movements.

Again he fucked my face for a while; I ran my hands down the back of his thighs and slowly back up again. It was then his movements became erratic, he jolted forwards in spurts and he blew a load. It was hot and creamy, very salty, and it was oh so wonderful.

I managed to swallow most of it; some Taksim escort ran out and trickled down the side of my mouth. He had a tight grip on my head which he loosened as his movements slowed to a halt. When he had finished, I still swallowed and savoured his cum.

He pulled out and I licked his cock-head as it left my lips. He jolted as his sensitive cock-head spasmed.

He let go of my head and fell back onto his arse, which rested on the back of his legs. His strong manly chest heaved as he tried to speak, he said, “Fuckin’ hell Beet, you suck a mean cock.”

I placed a finger to the side of my mouth and scooped up some of the escaped cum, I scooped it back into my mouth then licked the finger. I placed both my hands onto his heaving chest and ran them down slowly to his ripped six-pack; I felt every ripple of that tight fit young torso.

I ran my hands onto his flaccid cock; it was still amazingly long like an Anaconda. I gripped it very softly in my fist and stroked it from base to head, I used both hands one at a time, like climbing a rope but letting the rope slip from my hands. Even in that state with the dim light his cock looked menacing.

I could not wait to see if I could get it all into me, and I wondered how it would feel if I did get it all in. I wondered if he knew how to handle it, he lasted quite some time with me blowing him off. Let’s hope he can go some while fucking. But first I had to get that bastard of a beast back up again from the dead.

So, in the meantime, l had to find out if he was any good with his tongue on my very wet pussy. I placed my hands back onto his stomach and slowly back up to his peck’s. I had both hands on his chest and I lightly pushed him over onto his back. I uncrossed my legs and crawled up his fit tight body, and I kissed him, I stuck my tongue down his throat.

I bit his lips and said, “Let’s feel your tongue at work!”

I rose up and scuttled over and along his body. I reached his face and I placed my pussy at his mouth. His tongue instantly came out and I felt it, all hot and wet, straight into my hole it went. He licked along my slit; he pocked his tongue in and out of my hole. And then finally, his tongue found my clit, oh my fuck, it felt real nice, oh god it felt so fucking nice.

He flicked my clit and then a massive electric shock ran through my body as he grabbed hold of it between his lips and sucked softly on my bud. I had to let him know, “That’s it, oh that’s so fuckin’ it.”

My hips swayed slowly, uncontrollably, along his mouth; I pushed hard into his face. He had a hold of my hips, I ran my fingers through my hair and I gently tugged on it. I did it for Liam; he liked to pull my hair. Although I never liked him doing that, things had changed, oh my god how things had changed. I loved it, oh my god I loved it so much.

He sucked and licked so nicely and it wasn’t long when I had my first orgasm, I pulled hard on my hair and shouted out, “Fuck that’s nice, just there, that’s it, fuck yeah.”

The waves of pleasure travelled through my body, right to the roots of my hair. My pussy released its juices; I just hoped Liam liked it. He did not seem to complain; he seemed more eager, he continued to suck and lick and on occasions kissed my pussy and clit.

His hands pulled harder on my hips, he drew me closer, tighter into his mouth, ‘Fuck,’ and it wasn’t long before another gratifying wave shook my body. I released another joyful acknowledgment, “Jesus fuckin’ fuck, that’s so fuckin’ nice. Don’t stop, don’t stop, oh fuck, oh fuck.”

I must have released another torrent of juices; he seemed to lap it up. As my groans of happiness and his sounds of swallowing emanated around the tent.

He continued with an ever increased zeal for my pussy and its offering. He darted in and out of my pussy hole, and back to my then increased sensitive clit. My clit felt like it had doubled in size; it had certainly quadrupled in sensitivity.

It was the third orgasm that tore right through me and I had to jump off, I shouted, “Holy fuck! that’s… that’s… oh fuck, that’s so fuckin’, fuc…”

I had to lift off him, I pushed on my legs and rose just enough and I fell to the side. Oh fuck I was shattered. I literally had to take long, deep breaths. My body shook and trembled as wave after wave still travelled from my pussy to my head.

Liam came across me and nibbled on my small sweet nipples, I let him do that as I still gasped for breath. I placed a hand onto the back of his head and pulled him closer.

As he lay to my side, I felt his cock against my thigh. He was hard again, I was not sure I was up to actually getting fucked. I felt like I had been fucked already.

We both lay there, me still coming back down, while Liam nibbled and licked my tits and nipples. I’m not a big girl up there, but I was happy Liam liked them.

Not sure how long we laid there for, but all I remembered was his cock on my thigh. He moved it gently, rubbed it on my thigh, I felt it get hotter and harder.

I had just about come back to earth, as I moved a hand over and found his cock. I grabbed hold of it and squeezed it gently; I stroked it just across the head. He lifted off my nipple and brought his lips to mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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