Camp of Blessing Ch. 06

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For Sister Beth the morning started like any other. Wake up, say the prayers, change clothes, drink her delicious orange juice and then go for the main breakfast. Well, maybe the day wasn’t so normal, after all. The Sister woke up and felt her newly acquired member hard, with raging morning wood.

When she knelt to pray she remembered last night, the image of choking on thick sperm, being covered in it. She could still smell it on her hair even after the shower, she could smell it in the room. Her lips would say the prayers, but her mind was thinking of much less holy things. Thinking of the warm feeling of being bathed in the “thick blessing” of the mysterious “angel”. Her gaze would often escape to the black dildo. She could remember it vibrating so tenderly inside her. It now sat next to her on the dresser, as if teasing her, tempting her. Sister Beth just continued to pray, feeling a shiver up her spine.

While the nun got dressed it was almost as if her actions were not her own. She was being driven by some force that caused her to touch herself in ways she had never done before. Until a day ago she would have fought those feelings and thoughts, thinking that temptation was of the devil, nothing but a test from God for her purity. But now she accepted it as his will. The episode from yesterday had shown her things she thought to be impossible. Miracles that altered her body, who could do something like that if not God?

She left the room to go work on her daily chores, the black dildo was inside her, held in by her panties. She walked carefully through the corridors feeling the object vibrate against her clit and, depending on the angle, her newly acquired ball sack. As she walked past the door next to hers, the one that had been locked for years, she considered opening it. She stared in doubt at the door handle for several seconds, conflicting thoughts running through her mind. Her hand even reached for the handle ready to try and open it. But she pulled it back at the last second, “The Lord rewards those who have faith!” She repeated in her mind, moving on.

With a smile on her face, she greeted the other nuns as if everything was the same. It was indeed a bit complicated to hide her hard member in her underwear, but the dark and loose nun outfit made it easier to conceal her nine inches erection. Her male parts paled in comparison to the size of the God-sent angel she drank from the previous night. Nevertheless, it was bigger than many men out there. Not that Sister Beth would know such things.

Arriving at her small office, she began inspecting the mail of all the girls. Even if her mind was distracted by the constant stimulation from the dildo inside her, she could still reason enough to do her work. Occasionally she would adjust her member in her underwear and just feel the strong sensation of her touch. Shivering and letting out a sigh of pleasure here and there she went by as she could.

Suddenly, the sister heard a voice in her head, “This gift bestowed upon you was meant to be used, my child. Do not shy away from it.” The nun looked around at her empty office, there was no one there but herself. Her heart raced, God was talking to her! It had to be! She replied to it out loud as her body shivered once again from a particularly well-placed vibration from her toy, “As you wish, m-my lord! I’ll follow your guidance!” In all her years of praying, she had never really heard the voice of God! Her excitement was impossible to describe!

As the morning continued, sister Beth assisted with classes and helped the other nuns and teachers organize. As she saw all the students going by, she couldn’t help but watch them. Never before all these girls had looked so pretty, their skirts and cute outfits, the way they talked and moved. In particular, the sister was mesmerized by one of the students with red hair. She was the newest student in school, Kristanna. And her body was simply out of this world. Even with the biggest size of the uniforms, her voluptuous body filled her clothes, and as she walked around everything jiggled firmly.

Several times between classes, sister Beth caught herself staring at the girls. And when Kristanna was among them she stole her gaze completely. The nun resisted the urge to touch the rock hard member under her habit, but it was getting harder by the minute. She once more heard the voice of God in her head, “They are impure, they need to receive my blessings, as you did”, the nun shook it off, unsure of how she could obey such command.

Before lunchtime, sister Beth found herself rushing back to her bedroom. She disrobed so fast she practically threw her habit on the floor, keeping only her underwear. As she removed her panties the black dildo wiggled out of her pussy and onto the floor. The nun faced her hard dick in the mirror once more, as if she was afraid of it. Unable to contain herself, she guided her firm hands to her cock with eagerness, wrapping one of them around it. Almost without realizing Escort bayan she stroke herself, slowly at first, but quickly taking a furious rhythm. She pictured all those young students in her mind, prancing around the school. Soon the nun was rocking her hips in the air, thrusting against an invisible partner, squeezing her cock with both hands.

In less than a minute the nun felt the orgasm, she rolled her eyes, her legs trembled as she fell on her knees. The warm cum shot out of her prick in thick ropes, hitting the floor in front of her. She let the experience and the new feelings flow through her, pleasure washed over her body as she trembled with her eyes closed. The shocks of pleasure went through her, she gasped and moaned in ecstasy from the pleasure she never felt before. When she opened her eyes, she saw the splatters of cum on the wooden floor, a generous load, way beyond what any man could cum in a single orgasm. It was nothing, however, compared to the bath she took from her “angel” last night.

As all of the built-up tension left her mind, the nun felt remorse. She let go of her penis as if she was scared of it and looked at herself in the mirror. Wearing just the headcover of her habit and a bra, her dick dripping cum on the floor. The nun noticed that her skin was much smoother, no more sunspots on her arms, age marks were severely reduced. She caressed her arms and just felt her skin silky and smooth as never before, another welcome change from her angel. She remembered the voice of God telling her to purify those girls and bless them, but she was hesitant to act, “Is this what you want, my Lord? Is this who I am supposed to be? Will this agony plague me every day until I give in to the needs of the flesh?”

There was no answer this time, the nun simply smashed her fist on the ground getting up. She cleaned herself and the floor the best she could before going back to her chores. She was able to go the whole afternoon without having to masturbate once, but after dinner, she felt overwhelmed again. There was nothing in her mind except those girls, their breasts, their swaying hips. She wanted to have them, to do unspeakable things to their young, beautiful bodies. Images of acts she couldn’t possibly fathom ran through her mind. She day-dreamed about sex, fucking all these girls, plunging her cock inside them and letting out her load. She knelt on her altar and prayed, trying to push these thoughts away.

On the other side of the wall and into the other room, Kristanna lied on the bed naked. Her flaccid prick rested on her lower abdomen, covered in partially dried cum. Next to her and sleeping deeply was Aisha, equally drenched in spunk. In her slumber, she caressed her cum filled belly. So distended it made her look nine months pregnant, were not for the fact that occasionally a blob of thick spunk would pour out of her asshole, revealing the true contents of her swelling.

The two friends had managed to sneak back into the “Secret Room” as they now called it, taking with them some cleaning equipment. This way they could have their fun in private and clean up after themselves. As Kristanna looked up at the ceiling, basking in her fully energized state, she heard whispers coming from the wardrobe again, “Sister Beth is praying! I should listen” she thought while getting up silently and going to the wardrobe.

Between traditional prayers and several repetitions, Kristanna would hear the sister’s desperation, “Help me, Lord! Send your angel to give me clarity” among other requests for guidance.

Sitting behind the wall Kristanna couldn’t pass on this opportunity to influence the sister further. She didn’t want to talk or reveal her gender for fear of being identified, but now she felt like the risk might be worth it. After last night there were no repercussions, and during the day she had felt the hungry gaze of sister Beth moving through all the students. More than once she caught the nun staring at her while she moved about. It seemed like the sister was falling for her spell even without realizing it.

Feeling her heartbeat growing with nervousness, Kristanna knocked on the wall a couple of times. The nun gasped with surprise in her room, “My angel!” She responded as she immediately began to detach the cross from the wall, opening the hole into the darkness.

“Am I an angel now?” The redhead thought. It seemed like the nun had attributed some holy meaning to her. This could be useful. Kristanna spoke with a whispering voice, so she would be harder to identify, “What is your affliction, child?” She asked trying to be as brief as possible, keeping the aura of mystery to feed into the nun’s fantasy. Sister Beth began to talk, eagerness and desperation in her voice, “I am… confused about my role in the Lord’s plan. It’s the gift he bestowed upon me, the male organ. It gives me desires of the flesh… feelings I never had. I know I was supposed to use it as an instrument of holiness, Escort but I couldn’t help myself and give in to my desires, I spilled my seed!”

Kristanna gasped as she heard the words “male organ”. The nun had grown a dick! It was a much more extreme change compared to what had happened to Aisha. The redhead waited a few seconds, figuring out what to say before she whispered again through the hole, “The desire you feel is to be expected. Don’t deny it.” The redhead said vaguely, it was the best she could do when improvising. Sister Beth seemed calmer but equally confused as she responded, “So… are you saying it’s ok to indulge in pleasure? I don’t understand… isn’t temptation always of the devil?”

This was a difficult one, she didn’t want to get in a theological debate with a nun. Kristanna thought she would distract her until she could come up with something. She stood up and pushed her dick in the hole, the semi-erect shaft almost hit the nun’s face as it dangled inside her room. The redhead continued her whispers “Y-you must use your gift as I do mine, to bring pleasure and bliss. Tell me, what do you feel when you see it?” The redhead whispered, she could see the nun’s aura through the wall, burning up with desire.

Sister Beth swallowed nervously, her mouth watered as she stared at the veiny prick throbbing mere inches from her face, exhaling the strong musk of Kristanna’s cum. “I… I want more of it… your blessing. I want to feel what I felt yesterday.”

The redhead smiled, she was tempting the nun as planned, “Your feelings are honest, they can’t be wrong. Your feelings are not of the devil.” She fed into the nun’s narrative, trying to help her justify her actions as holy. And it worked, as she felt the sister’s fingers softly caressing her cock head. Either that or the nun just couldn’t resist what was in front of her as she began lapping up some of the precum on the head and taking it to her lips.

As Sister Beth got a taste for that precum once more, she let out a moan, her body trembled, she felt her skin crawl. Like a junkie getting her dosage she wrapped both hands around the girth of the dangling cock and began to stroke it, approaching her mouth to the tip. In no time she was making out with Kristanna’s cock, french kissing the glans and sucking on the precum that oozed out. Her dick was so hard it hurt, also dripping precum on the floor. But she ignored it, for now, fixated in extracting more nectar from the giant cock in her hands.

Kristanna trembled with that delicious touch. She softly pushed her prick into the hole, her cock advanced like a threatening animal. Sister Beth understood the message and responded by pushing her head forward, trying her best to swallow more of the cock. But she had no practice in this, hesitating whenever the cock head hit the back of her throat, unable to swallow much beyond the fat glans, it was simply too big, “You need to let go, Beth. Surrender to the will of the Lord.” Kristanna whispered the encouraging words from behind the wall.

The nun nodded, wrapping her mind around what she was about to do. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, relaxed her jaw and her entire body. Letting go of self-preservation, having faith in her angel she took the head into her mouth once more. The next hip thrust pushed Kristanna’s cock past the nun’s throat and down her neck, bulging it with its girth. Sister Beth choked, coughing with the dick in her mouth. Tears began to roll down her cheeks, she did her best to ignore the desire to pull back, controlling her gagging reflexes. The cock moved forward, bent down pushing past her neck and into the nun’s chest. Sister Beth imagined she would be feeling terrible pain, but it wasn’t half as bad as she thought it would be. Somehow, her body was enduring this inhuman violation. This was another piece of evidence proving it could only be the Lord. Nothing else could protect her and give her body the resilience it needed to endure this deepthroat penetration.

The wet sounds of choking continued as Kristanna moved her hips back and forth, using the nun’s throat. In time sister Beth let go of the dick and grabbed her cock with one hand, her other hand caressing her pussy from behind. She pleasured both her genitals while serving as a vessel for the holy prick down her throat. Knelt in her room, head angled up as the arm-long monster slid in and out of her throat. It was as if she had turned into an instrument of pleasure. The bulge moved down her neck and into her chest, then back up. She stuck her tongue out licking the underside of that massive dick, pushing her head towards the wall. With dedication she managed to almost touch the wall with her lips, engulfing the entire cock down her esophagus.

A few minutes and a lot of choking later, Kristanna grunted as a mind-blowing orgasm came upon her. The massive prick erupted in the nun’s throat, thick seed shot straight down her gullet, into her stomach. It filled her belly in mere Bayan escort seconds, then began to make it’s way up her throat. With a particularly powerful gush, the cum blocked her breathing tubes and came out her nose as well as the corners of her mouth. Sister Beth could taste the goo-like sperm as it filled every nook and cranny of her body. She rolled her eyes, the delicious nectar and the air deprivation amplified her orgasm tenfold. She grunted in ecstasy, bubbles of cum forming on her nose as she tried to breathe. Her body practically convulsed as she shot her load on the altar in front of her.

In that blissful situation, sister Beth felt like she was having an out-of-body experience. Her member was getting thicker in her hand, harder to grasp. But she could barely notice the swelling now as her mind could only think of swallowing more cum. Running out of air, the nun had to pull her head back, falling on the floor and coughing out sperm. She attempted to clear her throat so she could breathe, not an easy task given how dense Kristanna’s seed was. The redhead’s cock still shoot jets of cum in the air, finishing her load all over the nun and the floor. When she sperm finally stopped flowing out the cock remained hard and throbbing. But the redhead thought better not to push her luck and retrieved back into the room.

Several minutes later Sister Beth recovered her senses, looking up to see an empty hole on the wall. The angel was gone, but the aftermath of it’s “blessing” was everywhere. She looked down to her dick to see it had grown, easily reaching eleven inches in length and proportionally thicker. Her scrotum had swollen bigger as well. The nun cleaned some of the thick cum on her face and smiled, “What my body endured, the bliss I felt. This can only be of the Lord… I need to have more of it, and I will share it with everyone I can!” The thought brought a huge smile to the nun’s face.

In the other room, Kristanna heard as sister Beth woke up, then proceeded to masturbate. Her moans got louder and more wild over time. Until Kristanna had to leave the room with Aisha she heard the nun going crazy in her bedroom, her stamina seemed to have no end and the extremes she went to please herself seemed to only increase. It was clear that the sister was now addicted to pleasure. It was a matter of time before Kristanna could reveal herself.


Morning came the next day, classes were boring as usual, and the Camp seemed to be functioning as intended. Kristanna had just left the afternoon prayers after a long day of study and activities. As usual, she didn’t pray at all but reflected on what to do next. She planned on observing sister Beth. To try and see how far she had gone, and if it was safe to reveal herself as “the angel”. After dinner, sister Beth left to her room as usual. As Kristanna tried to follow the nun out of the dining area, she bumped into big breasts. For a moment she even enjoyed their softness, until she realized they were Valery’s.

The bully and her cronies blocked Kristanna’s way and cornered her against the wall just outside the food court. Renata on her left, Julie on her right and Valery facing her, “Hey, long time no see, bimbo.” Said the blond with a sarcastic smile.

Kristanna’s blood boiled, but she took a deep breath keeping her cool. The last thing she wanted was to get in a fight and draw attention to herself, “What do you want? I’ve done what you asked, haven’t I?”

Valery giggled, “Yes you have. Honestly, I didn’t think you would have the guts to go through with it. But you surprised me, and the doctor could barely stand at the examination, you must have done a number on him!” Her mocking couldn’t get through to Kristanna, she didn’t regret any of that, even felt proud. The blond girl continued, “The fact is, I still know your little friend Aisha sneaks out of her room often, even if her roommate is now discredited with the nuns. The guards could still get an “anonymous tip”, to watch her isle more thoroughly during the night. And you know, catch her sneaking out. I know I wouldn’t want her to live with that fear. Would you?”

Kristanna just stared, she knew it was true, but she wanted to see where this was going before speaking up. Valery backed away slightly but continued to speak, “If you want to prevent this, I need you to do something for me once more”.

The redhead let out a sigh, anger building up in her voice. “And what would that be?”

“I have an arrangement, with the guard at the gatehouse. I should have received a package a couple of days ago, but I got nothing. The nuns here know I influence the girls, they don’t let us out of their sight. But you are no one, you can escape. Sneak out and go to the gatehouse, talk to Jackie, ask about the packages for the blonde. If you don’t do it in a week, or if you tell this to anyone, I will make the life of your only friend here hell, starting with her sneaking out. If you rat me to the nuns, my friends here will know and they will make sure she suffers anyway.”

There was an almost pleasurable tone in Valery’s voice, she wasn’t lying. Kristanna tried bluffing as her last resource, “What tells you she is my friend? Maybe I don’t care.”

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