Camping Trip [2]

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I stared at the ceiling of the tent while on my back, unable to completely process what had just occurred. The bag was still unzipped, and Hannah had drifted off 30 minutes ago; she was turned on her side and facing me with an emotionless expression, breathing softly, cuddled under the thick blanket. I had this strange happiness bubbly up inside me, and a weird attachment that was growing on her. Nostalgic feelings started punching my gut; familiar smells, warm breath, hot skin. Something was eerily similar, but what the fuck was it? Am I drunk yet? I don’t know what the hell is going on.

Due to the cold air and confused, scary thoughts crossing my mind, my member was about the size of a quarter, especially after the treatment it was just given, I could be bone dry of my seed for a good couple of days. I turned to my side, facing her and just stared for what seemed like an eternity, attempting to piece the puzzle together by scanning over every square inch of her face. Nothing happened. I just saw my prized younger sister. I must have found solace in something, because after running scenarios in my head for a while, I dozed off to the sound of the crisp, slow wind billowing against the fabric of the tent.

I would say things turned back to normal, and that I woke up to my shy sister shoving me out of bed; that I woke up to my friends knocking on my tent as I slept in like normal, and that I would have to leave the tent for her to change.


I woke up to a warm feeling running throughout my body. Not enough to make me sweat, but enough to snap me out of it. The sun was just cresting over the horizon and peeking through the trees, leaving a distorted silhouette on our tent of branches and leaves. I breathed deeply, noticing I was on my back again, the blanket seeming a bit heavier than usual. I began to roll over to check on my sister but found I couldn’t, and when my head turned without my body, it was greeted by small, toe-curling foot.

I freaked out and glanced down my body, lifting my head to get a face-full of my sister’s delicious ass and damp pussy. That ‘warm feeling’ was her mouth going to work downstairs, that sly little tongue and tender lips kissing up my hard cock, wrapping her mouth around it and gagging down on it until her lips hit my balls. I didn’t hear any movement or murmuring from the other tents, knowing they must all be enjoying their sleep. My mind went into a panic, as if forgetting the last 24 hours.

The scent of her drooling cunt hit me like a freight train; I immediately became rock-solid, and those nostalgic thoughts flooded over me again. My mind and heart agreed instantaneously as I leaned up and peppered that lonely slit with small kisses, my hands instinctively planting themselves on that bubbly ass, pulling them apart for better access. A small, surprised squeal was heard from below just as she swallowed down my entire length, feeling her throat tense and her lips part, pulling her head up to look back at me, giving that sly half-smile while her tongue darted out to lick her lips.

“Good morning, big Brother. Care to feed me?”

I locked my eyes onto hers, narrowing them a bit while wrinkles showed on the outside of my eyes to show my smile. I delved deeper into her snatch, flicking my tongue up against her swollen lips, twirling it slowly around her clit. Her mouth opened into a blissful moan, encouraging me to go faster while I tongued my name into her clit, lightly kissing and suckling on that little nub; she became distracted as her hand stopped stroking me, so I brought my hands up to grab two fistfuls of hair, pulling them out like ponytails and tugging her down onto my throbbing cock, hearing muffled moans escape her stuffed mouth.

She began grinding her hips back into my mouth, a blatant, blissful response being shown as her cunt was practically drooling with desire, her legs quivering while I made a happy, sloppy mess between her thighs. My cock throbbed against her saliva-coated lips, precum trickling out while she immediately swallowed it down, bringing one of her hands down to go to work on the base of my shaft, eagerly wanting that hot seed to bloat up her throat. I could tell I was getting close, especially knowing she had been doing this for a while and her cute little moans didn’t help any, so I changed my grip, keeping one hand on the back of her head, fucking that hot little mouth, while the other took my tongue’s spot; I curled two fingers into her hungry pussy, making a ‘C’ with my middle finger, index finger, and thumb, finding her g-spot and grinding against her clit while I did so. Despite the usual difficulty, it took mere seconds as she gave high-pitched moans of encouragement onto my shaft, her legs beginning to shake while she made loud slurping noises on my meat.

The mix of emotions, sights, and sounds kicked me over the edge; her legs began to convulse, her toes curling while her mouth tensed and squealed on my cock, never slowing down her rhythm. I spanked one of her plump cheeks for encouragement, lapping my tongue up her content cunt while I began shooting thick loads of hot cum into her mouth. She had experience due to last casino oyna night, keeping up with my supply while swallowing down every last drop. She was lightly panting, using her lips to toy with the tip of my cock while I took in the sweet smell and sight; my gorgeous sister’s cunt had just grinded into my mouth, and the smell and taste was.. addicting. I knew it from somewhere. I’ve felt like we’ve done something before but.. there’s no way.

I took a deep breath, in a similar situation from last night, my cock-addicted sister kissing and licking along my cock, bringing up her leg to get off me while constantly keeping her lips glued down there. I sat up and shook my head when she looked up at me, grinning. I could hear some stirring in the tents around us, so I quickly rolled her onto her back, pinning her wrists down so I could stoop down for a small kiss on her lips, her legs wrapping around my waist, lifting her butt up to grind against me. I shook my head and mouthed ‘no’, giving her a last kiss on the forehead while I changed into my clothes and gear for the second day.

After about 20 minutes, the bed was neatly made to hide all evidence, and I had everything packed and ready to go, standing outside the tent while Hannah came out dressed in new attire. She was wearing a tight-fitting black bikini, barely containing her proud breasts while the back of her bottom piece was almost swallowed up by that perfect ass. All of this was being ‘covered up’ by very long, button-up blouse; however, the fabric it was made of coupled with how thin it was made it practically see-through, the bottom stopping at her mid-thigh. I laughed and looked down at myself with playful, exaggerated disappointment, wearing just black swimming shorts and a dark-blue, sporty t-shirt, snuggly hugging my frame.

One of my friends left his tent and came out with some weird ensemble of clothes with high hiking socks. He looked at us, then everyone else’s swimming attire and dived back inside. We laughed and his blushing girlfriend came out in a bikini. We walked out of our encampment, following the assumed, cleared path for about 3 minutes until we heard and saw the soothing river before us. It warped around steady slopes and trees, dropping down a small 14-foot fall until it widened into this massive swimming hole; the current was slow and calming, the water licking at small boulders that blocked the end of the current, where it narrowed into a small, more aggressive stream downhill.

With the clown of the bunch starting us off by jumping from the cliff, we swam, laugh, and drank the small supply of beer we could carry from the campsite. It lasted for a couple hours, taking small breaks on the shore and occasionally playing improvised pool games. When the sun resembled around 3 PM, the couples and groups began breaking off to their own corners of the woods. People on the shore, sex-fiends deep in the woods, and some couples even tailing it back to their tents to hangout.

Hannah, however, had a very different thought in mind. One that would both scare the living shit out of me, and would also make me blow the biggest load of my life.

As I sat on a small rock ledge by the waterfall, farthest from shore, she waded up to me and folded her arms to rest on my legs, placing her head in my lap and smiling up at me, her body floating in the water. I smiled down at her, knowing she had to be having a good time now. She opened up, but not a lot, acting as her usual, quite self when around my friends. She had drank a little, but I started slowing her down when her light-weight tolerance began showing. Her straight, white teeth beamed out as she nibbled on her bottom lip, one of her hands beginning to idly stroke my thigh.

“I want you to fuck me. Right here.”

She said it clear as day, with emphasis on the last part. I just laughed and shook my head.

“Hell no. I’m not giving my friends brother-on-sister entertainment. C’mon, you’re a little drunk.”

Her eyes twisted into big, round, pathetic globes; her lip quivering as she held onto my thighs and pulled herself up from the water, plopping her perky tits onto my lap. The small waterfall luckily made a faint mist, covering up a portion of our area, only one couple able to clearly see us. While I was distracted on surveying the situation, she had expertly tugged my shorts down and sprung my cock free, pulling up the thin string of her bikini top to nuzzle my cock between her wet, soft breasts. She didn’t break her character, begging like a child while she slowly let me tit-fuck her, her hands pressing her breasts together as a long, warm tongue darted out to lap at the underbelly of my now semi-erect cock.

“Please, big brother? I’ll let you fuck my ass and cum inside me~”

I opened my mouth to deny her but she knew just the words to say. Since we lived together for our whole lives, she was great at finding my weaknesses, even the ones she shouldn’t know about!

“Pull my hair, Brother. C’mon~ Spank me and fuck me reaaal good. I won’t bother you any more if you do?”

“Hannah.. agh, fine, yes, please, not right here, we’re not getting caught.”

She leaned forward canlı casino and beamed a childish, spoiled smile, hugging me around my waist while pressing her tits into my cock, letting it grind between those pillowy mounds of flesh.


They all laughed on the shore from the clown’s comment, picking up their towels to move up towards the top of the cliff, away from our line of sight. From their perspective, she was just leaning up onto my lap, obviously pestering me about something. Of course, if they moved 10 feet to their left, they’d see a raging-hard cock pressed between a teen’s gorgeous tits.

I clenched my teeth and forced a smile, waving over and nodding while they left, looking down at her fiercely while furrowing my eyebrows.

“Uh, Hannah?? Fuck woman, we get caught and shit will go down! We’re here for another 2 days, you know that right??”

She giggled and turned back to see everyone climbing up towards the top, disappearing over the edge. She turned back towards me and loosened her bikini top, folding it up to let me see her flawless tits while she bounced them on my shaft, nuzzling her cheek against my girth.

“Nnn.. go ahead Bro, let me feel your anger. Spank me and teach me a lesson; I want you to use all that pent-up stress and just fuck me blind; make me your little cum-dump and use me.”

The way her words rang out just punched me in the gut. I was immediately primed to fuck her little heart out, but there was more to it, almost like I was conditioned. When she spoke dirty to me, it sounded so damn familiar, like a Déjà vu. I wanted to question it, but didn’t want to delay any further.

I brought a hand up to tuck her wet hair away from her face, sliding it to one side so I could get a handful of air and tug her mouth down onto the top half of my cock, an excited squeal responding from her hungry mouth. She replanted her hands onto the sides of her tits, squashing my cock between them while I fucked her mouth. My other hand clenched back on the ledge of the rock, keeping me steady while I nervously kept glancing up to scout out anyone wanting to come back down. The rushing torrent of water was wonderful at masking her girly moans and squeals, a lot sluttier than our previous 2 encounters. She kept gliding those wet, soft tits up and down my length, suckling on the top half and twirling her head around until it was covered in a thin layer of saliva and water. She broke away for a moment, pulling her bikini top back down and releasing my member, only to push me further back against the wall while she pulled herself up and out of the water; the small patter of drops was heard on the smooth stone, her long, toned legs were on either side of me until she plopped down into my lap, grinding into my crotch while she passionately made out with me.

Her lips with smooth and addicting, unable to part myself from her while I kissed just as fiercely back, wanting to hold her and protect her, while also wanting to fuck that little harlot’s brains out. She got onto her knees and tucked her bottom bikini piece to the side, showing her smooth, wet pussy. She looked up towards the ledge, at least somewhat coherent on our situation, before locking her lips with mine to stifle any moans or gasps while she slid my cock inside her. We didn’t move for minutes, our wet, warm bodies pressed into each other, her delicate frame impaled on my cock, while we just kissed and whispered sweet nothings into each other’s ears. Most of hers consisted of “I want you” and “Your cock feels so good”, but I’m almost positive she murmured “I love you” after a small silence. I was too busy drowning in the moment, only able to response with “I need you. NOW.”

A happy moan escaped her lips as she began slowly riding me, wrapping her arms around my neck and keeping her lips locked with mine, in a passionate, close embrace. Her wet cheeks would slap against my exposed thighs, my trunks slipping just above my knees in case I needed to dress because of my friends. I could tell lust was beginning the war of sex vs love, because she became more aggressive, loud, and quick, humping and bouncing in my lap greedily. Those smooth, hot inner walls would hug and milk my cock as if I was fucking an angel, eager to let me unload at any moment. I knew this wouldn’t make me last long, especially from her interrupting kisses. Her moans started becoming louder until I held her down onto my lap, keeping her still while she squirmed out.

“Bend over, and shut up.”

She nodded appreciatively, standing up and slipping off me, crawling over, facing the waterfall, the small ledge just big enough to allow this. She arched her back, her arms crossed on the ground, using them as a pillow with her face down and wiggling ass up. I rubbed two of my fingers a couple of times up and down her drooling pussy, making her smile until I slipped them in and slowly fingered her for a couple seconds. She quivered and looked at me, disappointed, giving a desperate ‘fuck me’ face. I laughed and turned my head, looking up past the waterfall, noticing no movement whatsoever.

I kaçak casino took my lubricated fingers and rubbed them along her asshole, slowly pushing them in to coat the inner walls of that taboo entrance. She gasped and gave a drawn-out, moan, biting her forearm. I pulled them out ever so gently to prevent any more unnecessary noises, only to press my slick, lubricated cockhead into her backdoor, my hands planted firmly on her hips, tugging that sweet little body to me, her asshole swallowing up my thick head while I continued to cram as much as I could until she resisted. It took a couple minutes to get it fully adjusted, but after some cautious movements and careful thrusts, I felt on top of the world when her delicious ass cheeks made contact with my thighs; my sexy little sister was bent over, moaning out my name while I stuffed her ass with my cock. I quickly leaned down and grabbed her hair, tugging her up towards me so she was almost kneeling up, my cock buried in her, while my other hand covered her mouth. She closed her eyes and gasped out again, moaning incoherent, slutty phrases. I kept her in this position, her back arched to puff out her chest, her ass squirming onto my crotch while I slowly pulled out and pushed back in, letting it adjust to my girth so I could fuck my sister’s hot little ass. My hand slowly slipped from her mouth, her quivering lips apparent, knowing she was using all her willpower to not scream out in ecstasy and pain. With one hand full of hair, pulling her back towards me, and the other placed lightly on her neck – not choking, just holding her still – I would nuzzle my cheek against hers, her hands coming back to grab my waist to keep herself still.

“You like having your ass fucked by your brother? Should I fill up my whore sister with hot cum? You want that, Hannah? Your own brother to fuck you senseless?”

She gasped out and bit her lip, nodding uncontrollably, silently mouthing out a ‘yes, please.’ I held her still and pulled my cock out almost all the way, only to thrust it confidently back up inside her, pushing a hot, lustful moan out of her mouth. I decided to not waste any time, my throbbing cock about to burst from those snug walls gripping like a glove. I took my hand away from her neck, only to swat down and slap that bubbly ass, leaving a perfect hand print on her cheek. She kept squirming and gyrating back against me, making it easy to slowly pound away at her eager asshole. She seemed lost in thought, her hands coming up to absentmindedly play with her breasts, my cock repeatedly being swallowed up inside that heart-shaped ass, cramming it inside with each thrust.

I couldn’t help but moan out in pure bliss, my lips pressed to her ear, whispering out words of encouragement, complimenting her perfect ass and riling her up even more. I was surprised when her jaw dropped and no sound came out, only her quivering, tensed muscles, her legs tightening against me as she had a full-body orgasm, shaking from delight while her hands explored and played with her body.

“Fuck me hard, NOW. FILL ME UP!”

The only polite thing was to help a woman in need; I pulled her head towards me and locked into an intense, deep kiss, beginning to pound away into her virgin asshole, her wet cheeks slapping loudly against mine, the water droplets left on our body were dripping off and making the slaps even louder, her ass hungrily swallowing up every inch of me as I mercilessly pounded away at her. Her moans and screams were directed into my kiss, feeling that pressure and heat buildup while both of my hands came up to hold her face into a blissful, pure-pleasuring kiss, while a thick torrent of hot cum filled up her ass. I slowly pulled out as I violently came, each rope of hot seed stuffing her ass while excess amounts ran down my sack and her ass, making a naughty mess between us.

She immediately turned around when I fully pulled out, pushing me onto my back and lying on top of me, our sweaty, wet bodies rubbing against each other while we passionately made out. She would occasionally let a small moan escape her lips, uttering my name, our tongues invading each other’s mouths to wrestle each other, blocking out the world around us to bathe in this intense, life-altering moment.

It wasn’t until we ran out of breath and broke the kiss that I looked to my right. Everyone had left the campsite except for one couple. They were the only two I didn’t know so well, and I always thought the girl was way out of the guy’s league. Of course, both of them were just sitting there, watching us with smiles on their faces, the girl’s fingers wandering down between her thighs. I about had a heart attack as Hannah busied herself with my neck, holding me tightly, whispering “I love you” over and over in my ear.

“Uh.. H-Hannah, we have company.”

It didn’t seem to faze her, her lips occupying my cheek and ear, continuing her onslaught of compliments until saying off-handedly,

“Nnn.. I’m so glad you picked me at Cruise’s Masquerade.. I’d be missing this~”

I froze, my eyes locked onto the peeping couple, as the void began to fill itself. The party, the masks, the music, those lips. Those lips. Her smells and sounds. Fuck! I am so stupid. I don’t know how I could forget that night. It’s all just, rushing back now..

to be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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