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Let me say something silly, yet some people don’t get it. This story carries and adult theme. If offended by sexual stories, its simple, don’t read the story. This story is fictional with fictional characters. These characters will never get AIDS.

Please feel free to send me a comment on the story. For those of you who have emailed me thanks for sharing your kind words. I have enjoyed reading the emails about the stories and ideas on what should happen with some of the characters. Thanks for the kind emails. It’s nice to know that people enjoy reading them. Since they take a long time to write. Don’t forget to vote and send me an email!


I’ve been with Gary for five months now. We met at a friend’s party. Gary is six feet tall with short brown hair parted to the side. We just hit it off as he’s so easy to talk to, plus he was very interested in my life. I love tall men as they make me feel so safe, and to have their big arms wrapped around me.

I’m your typical brunette, five feet four, my hair is straight and a few inches past my shoulders, and I’ve been blessed with breasts or as Gary calls them, “The Rack.” Yes, I love to show them off! Gary does not know but nibbling my nipples, well it makes my clit tingle; however I have to be in the mood. It’s a blessing and also a curse. If I’m not aroused then I hate having my nipples touched. I’m not sure if Gary would get upset if he knew, but some of my girl friends enjoy teasing the men and I don’t want that to stop. I’m not sure if I’m bi, but I like kissing my friends. I’m not ready to get married, but I still dream about the perfect life with a house, husband, kids, and the white picket fence. Until then, all I want to do is have some fun.

Gary had planned this camping trip with Steve about a month ago. Gary’s best friend Steve wanted to visit this new camp ground. Oh let me tell you about Steve, he is one male stud! He’s about six three, works out, and has the body to show for it. I think Steve played middle linebacker in college. From the first day we met, I knew he would bed me.

To be honest with you it sounded like fun as I love to be in the outdoors. Its freedom if you will, to not have any worries and to just enjoy life and hang with friends around the fire. Now, to have these two studs in one tent with me? Oh god yes, both men would be looking at me wanting to see more of me! Oh, and both men wanting to fuck me. So would Steve make an inappropriate pass at me? Would I have to flash him? Maybe Gary would be behind me and lift up my shirt to flash him. God, that would be kinky, to have your boyfriend show you off to his friend!

Is it so wrong for a woman to enjoy sex? More importantly is it wrong for her to want sex? Personally I think most men are afraid of that and islam men are very insecure as they have the women covered head to toe. Why else would they want to keep women down? I think these men have small penises and don’t want women to see what a real man can do.

Growing up my father taught me how to fish and for what ever reason I love to fish. Partly cuz I love to eat fish and partly to enjoy some alone time with someone you care about. Yes, I pushed and prodded until Gary would take me. He knew me well enough to know that I would not go girly on him and love the outdoors. I think he liked that about me.

Finally the magic day came and we all piled in Steve’s explorer. There was a little tension in the air and lots of energy. The guys always want me to flash and for me to do things. Yes, I love the attention and boy do they pour it on. Once in the car they both wanted me to flash some of the other cars. However, I was not ready yet and so I kept my clothes on. A couple hours later we found the camp ground and set up camp. The rest of the day was non eventful, until that night.

We had a small tent for all of us to sleep in. The guys decided it would be best to set up one bed and not three. Then they wanted me to be in the middle as it would be strange to have two men sleeping next to each other. Sure, that was a little cheezy but I was game! How kinky to have two men next to me, all night long, one that I’m sleeping with and one that wants to fuck me. I’m not sure that Gary knew it, but I did. Steve would grab me here and there, and he loved gaziantep bayan escort to give me hugs. More then one occasion his hands would cup my checks.

Gary walked with me to the rest room for our last call of the night. We walked hand in hand under the moon light. It was so romantic, the moon and all the fresh air. Oh, and I was a little naughty wearing only a tee shirt and my sexy black thong. Gary didn’t say anything about what might, or could happen; however, his semi hard cock was speaking volumes to me. Once back at the tent, I sat between my boys.

Steve made some off color remark as my nipples were rock hard. Yes, I knew it and yes that was that point!

“You guys are dogs.” I’ve always wanted to be fucked my two or more men, one of my most erotic fantasies is to have six men share me. Oh to be passed from man to man, to use my as their pleasure toy. Each man uses me differently, fucks me a little harder or softer then the other man, and to feel how each man gives me different pleasure from his cock. So many cocks varied in length and thickness, each patiently waiting to fuck me.

“Yes, thank you.” They both agreed.

Gary kissed me, “come on babe, you always sleep with out your shirt.”

“And why would I want to do that? Besides why are you guys able to keep your clothes?”

“Fine, if we take off our clothes then you have to take your shirt off?”

“Ah, how about you guys take off your clothes and I’ll take off my shirt.”

With out agreeing or saying a word the guys started to undress. Talk about being nervous, where was this going to go? How far would Gary want this to go? Could I take both men? I’ve done them both in my mind many times, but could I really go though with this? Could Gary actually share me?

I love being nude, and having people look at me. All my life I’ve been an exhibitionist. It’s such a rush showing your tits off to a bunch of men, and to know that all the men want you in bed. God, I love that! Gary knows that I love to show off and he loves to show me off!

What Gary does not know, is that I love having sex in public. The chance of being caught, it’s a rush! Now, I have two men that are going to use me and I want them both to fuck me good. Oh yes, I wanted to feel them, feel how both of these men touch me, and how they fuck me!

This was moving to a fast pace, no going back. Was I ready for them to take me, to be a queen with two men servicing me. Talk about one of my longest fantasies. I knew that these men would worship me as well as use me as their own sex toy. Oh and how did I ever I wanted that!

Gary started to touch me again, so I rolled over on my side to face him. “You guys are bad!”

“What makes you think I want you to touch me? Maybe all I want is for you two to look and not touch.”

Steve looked over at Gary, “oh I think you want more then just that as I think you want to watch us jack off as much as we want to touch you. What do you think Gary?”

“Oh yes, she loves to watch me jack off. So I know she would love to watch both of us. However, I think she wants more.”

Now embarrassed I slap Gary’s shoulder even though what he said was true. “What makes you think that I’m even aroused?”

With that Gary reach down and felt me. He just made some silly male noise calling my bluff. Yes, my panties were soaked.

“Is this what you want?” I moved over and up on Steve. “Oh I just love being on a big strong man.” I reached over and felt Gary, oh yes he was rock hard. Tonight was going to be a night to remember. Steve’s cock started to come to life growing between my legs. My thong offered little protection against Steve’s thick cock as the tip of his cock could easily push past my panty and into me. If I didn’t move off him Steve’s cock would be in me.

“Honey, I think Steve wants to fuck my little pussy. Don’t you?” I looked down at him, grabbed his cheek with my hand. “Looks like Steve has something big and thick between my legs. Oh he’s been a very naughty boy.”

I’m sure he could feel my arousal on his cock as the flood gates were opened. Even I could feel my own arousal on my thighs. It felt light and cool, strange I know. Then Steve’s cock slide under my thong and I felt him against my lips. I love that, to be on top of a man and rub his cock back and forth over my clit. If only I could use him to masturbate. Its foreplay in a way for me, after all he’s hard and ready for sex but I want to hold off a little and enjoy the moment. To feel the mushroom head then the smooth shaft against my clit. Oh, that is so sexy.

It was time to cool off a little, slowly rolled off Gary on to my back. I knew that by being on my back the men could take me in, and there was enough light that they could see my breasts. What more could a girl want? My breaths became deeper as my arousal built and the guys watched my breasts.

The guys didn’t say a word, maybe they were in shock? Maybe all the blood in their body was stuck in a fun place. Grabbing all the pillows I placed them behind me for support. Now, I felt like a queen in-front of my subjects. Time to reward my soon to be servants and reached out to hold both Steve and Gary. Talk about a rush having two hard cocks in my hands. These men wanted me and that is very arousing.

“You men seem really ready for something?” I moved up to Gary and kissed him. Steve moved behind me and was rubbing his throbbing cock against my skin. “You can’t use this against me. I love you and don’t want to ever upset you. So, I we do this you have to want this. You know what could happen and you have to be comfortable with it. Do you really want this?”

“Yes, if you do.”

“This hard and long as tomorrow you can’t have any regrets. Remember if both of you fuck me that changes things and might change between you two. I don’t want that. So can you handle this?

They both agreed.

“Remember when we watch the movie ‘Wild Thing’ and how you loved the pool fight scene?”

Gary looked a little confused, “yes.”

“Well, I feel the same way about having two men.”

Steve piped in, “Wow, that’s hot!”

“Gary, if we do this you can’t hold this against me.”

Immediately he responded with, “never.”

A hot night of sex was not worth destroying our relationship so I had to be sure. “This is your only time to stop this. If you remove my panties then I will know you want this. More importantly, you will never be upset about this.” Gary reached out and ripped my panties off my body. God, that was hot!

Steve moved closer, his cock was inches from my wet pussy as I felt him against my leg, then cheeks. Steve worked himself between my legs until his cock was pressing against my lips. From our positions Steve could not penetrate me.

With Gary’s loving kiss I closed my eyes. His tongue filled my mouth while Steve started to bite my neck. Oh hands here all over me, touching me, and I had now clue who was touching me. My mouth opened as Gary started to kiss me, hard on his lips. My tongue probed his lips as my arousal built I darted my tongue deep into his mouth. I wanted his tongue in me and started to suck on it like Gary’s tongue was a cock. Slowly I moved on Gary leaving a love trail on his thighs until I mounted him. It was so erotic having his cock between my lips.

“Steve how is the view? Can you see my breasts as I’m on Gary?”

“It’s so freaking hot!”

Oh honey, I hope that your cock is not cold from being wet! Can you feel my arousal on your cock? As my juice drips onto you, you don’t mind do you? Do you like that honey?” Oh I was past the point of no return!

All Gary did was grunt and tried to line his cock up to penetrate me which was something I was not ready for, yet. I wanted to feel Steve and see him. Opening my eyes I immediately focused on his cock. Reaching out I pushed his hand off that pleasure tool. “Oh god, I want to have that in me.” Gary turned his head to watch me stroke his friend’s hard thick cock. Slowly I worked Steve’s cock in my hand sliding up and down that thick shaft.

“I want you to watch me take that cock!” Now I knew what I wanted. Rolled off Gary to his dismay and pushed both men apart to give me some room. I wanted to feel them, how both me would touch me, kiss me, and fuck me. More importantly I had to feel each man’s weight against my body. To feel their body weight against my body as we both get pleasure.

“Where are you going?”

“If you’re going to fuck me, then I want to feel all of it. To feel your body against mine as you men slide your big fat cocks in me. I want to be on my back when you fuck me.” I didn’t specify who was going to fuck me as I wanted them both. “Steve I want that cock of yours in me!” I looked over at Steve, then Gary, and finally back at Steve. “Are you going to fuck me, stud? Slide your big, thick cock into my little, wet, tight, pussy?”

Steve followed my lead; I know that Gary wanted to see his cock in me. Gary’s a little kinky like that. This is the first time that I actually wished it was light outside, while I was nude. Steve moved on top of me. Slowly he put his weight on me as he positioned his cock to penetrate my pussy.

“Oh god Gary, his cock is touching my pussy lips. It’s so big!” I said that for both of them.

Slowly, Steve started to push his cock past my lips. Inch by inch Steve’s cock filled me. His cock felt different then Gary’s, as he slowly filled me. Each time he pushed, I gasped for air. That cock, oh it took me a few seconds to adjust to him.

Gary reached out and held my hand as Steve started to fuck me. Gary snuggled up next to me and started to kiss me, nibbled on my ear while his friend’s cock was in my pussy. Oh this was hot to have them touch me and enjoy my charms. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure that these men were giving me.

It’s hard to describe, the feeling of a new man, a man that you’ve wanted to bed. The way he feels as he’s on you, and in you and his weight on my body, his muscles flexing as he pushed his cock in and out of me. I loved how Steve fucked me, it was simple and hard! I didn’t want any emotion, just wanted him to fuck me. That cock of Steve’s felt so good in me. Oh did he slam me into the bed, pushing me hard into the bed. Steve used all of his body and I swear he pushed me three inches into the bed as he slammed that meet hard into me. Oh was I in heaven.

No worries and nothing to think about, just fucking.

Steve started to fuck me harder, slamming into me. I think he liked hearing me talk like that. He started to grunt and groan, oh yea he was getting close. As I wrapped my legs around him I screamed, “come for me baby! Cum in my pussy!”

That pushed him over the edge; he flexed, pushed his cock deeper into me, god all of him was in me! Then the head of his cock expanded and started to pulse. Oh he was cumming in my pussy. How erotic, having my boyfriend best friend, fuck me while my boyfriend watched. Oh yea, Gary was rock hard and he would be next.

I was so worried having this happen, but Steve’s cock never softened. He rolled off me once he came. Gary didn’t miss a beat; he placed his hard cock in me! I’ve never been fucked back to back before. Oh I felt it building; it started with Steve but would finish with Gary. God, was I close after Steve and now Gary was driving me bring me to the edge.

Then only like a man, “baby you look so hot, how do you feel?”

What the fuck kind of question was that? I kept my cool, “I feel so hot having him fuck me, knowing that you’re going to fuck me next!” God, that pissed me off with his silly male comments. I’m sure that he was a little insecure as his friend just fucked me like no other man had. What I worried about is how Gary would feel. With him it’s special and tender and that is something Steve could never give me. “Baby tell me that you’re going to fuck me next? Come here and fuck me. Make love to me baby! Tell me that your hard cock will be in me.”

“Oh god, I’m going to fuck that hot pussy.” Gary mounted me, kissed me hard as his cock penetrated me. Most of the times after Gary cum’s I go and clean up. Now, my man just pushed his cock in me, but his best friends cum was in me.

Oh that was too much and I started to cum! No warning, I just started to cum with him in me. Normally my toes and head tingle as I get close all I could do was scream. Gary just kept on fucking me all through my orgasm. I was so sensitive after I came, but Gary would not stop, I knew that.

“Oh god baby, fuck me. Yea baby you fuck me so good, make me your little slut.”

Gary pushed harder, pumping me for all he was worth. He was so close. I swear that his cock was growing thicker as he was about to cum in me. “Cum for me baby, I want to feel you cum in my pussy.” Talking dirty makes me feel kinky, and I was so close to cumming.

“That’s it baby, cum for me. Yea, that’s it cum in me! I’m going to cum on your cock baby. Oh, oh god, I’m cumming.”

Did I faint? I’m not sure how long that I was out for. Both men had enjoyed my body and I knew that should have rush to the bathroom to clean up, but Gary was holding me, and my body would not move. After sex I love to cuddle and I my body would not move. Steve moved around a little as he settled in. I’m not sure if they have done this before but my men didn’t seem uncomfortable with what just happened.

Both men laid next to me, a little spent, but very happy. Oh yes, I was one satisfied woman. What better way to end a day, then to have two studs fuck your brains out. That was the first time I’ve ever cum from a man fucking me. Sure, I cum when my clit is being stimulated but this was better. My feet and head tingled from this one and to have my pussy stuffed with his cock. Let’s just say that I’ve never cum so hard before.

Off to sleep we drifted, with Gary holding me.


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