Candace Ch. 03

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Please read Chapters 1 and 2 in this series before embarking on this literary journey with Candace and me and our new friends. It will be a wise and enjoyable use of your time, promise…


Candace and I somehow managed to keep our hands and mouths off of each other for the remainder of the day, and we found ourselves at the door to a stately Victorian home on the far southern end of Atlantic City, just across the street from the boundaries of Ventnor City. I didn’t realize it at the time , but it would turn out to be Bill Hearn’s summer home, and I soon learned that my boss was somewhat notorious within the lifestyle, in that sorta-kinda discreet way of theirs, for hosting such carnal group get-togethers.

It also turned out that whatever anxiety I’d harbored about fretting over how to attire oneself for such an occasion was completely without merit. Candace insisted that I dress as I would for any other neighborhood cocktail party, so I was adorned in a pair of khakis and a light cotton sweater.

Candace was in a playful mood, it seemed, so she decided to match my own wardrobe, and wore a preppy khaki skirt, tasteful and not at all revealing nor provocative, and a light cotton sweater of her own. Of course, Candace could dress in a potato sack and still attract the attention of half the males in Atlantic County, but the fact that she had not worn a bra beneath her sweater caused her pink, pert nipples to radiate like a police car’s flashing lights in the cool ocean breeze. She was sex on a stick, and she was mine tonight.

I also soon enough learned that there were quite a few plot twists that would unravel within the next several minutes. Candace was originally invited by her philandering now-former lover, Bill, to be his guest for tonight’s swingers’ bash. After their ‘break-up’ this week, both made unilateral decisions. Candace invited me to be her ‘date’ to try to extract whatever measure of revenge and jealousy that she could, while for his part, Bill moved onto the ‘next best thing’, which turned out to be my soon-to-be-ex-girlfriend, Sherry.

I was blissfully unaware of any of this, though, as Candace knocked on the door, clutching my arm tightly to her chest, and I could feel the hard nubs of her nipples through her sweater as they raked against my skin. I did the math in my head quickly. Two hard, perky nipples on one arm equals seven-plus inches of instant erection. Try that in algebra class someday.

However, when the door swung open and Bill Hearn stared out at us from his vestibule, I’m not sure whose face turned paler, Bill’s or my own. After all, it’s not every day that you show up to your married boss’ house for a swingers party with his ex-mistress on your arm. My immediate mental reaction was to assure that I updated my resume on first thing Monday morning.

Being the consummate cool, some would say, cold, manipulator that he was, Bill composed his emotions quickly and made a gesture for us to enter, no doubt so as not to cause a scene that may dampen the evening’s activites for all.

“Candace,” Bill said icily, “What a pleasant surprise.”

Candace played along with Bill’s contrived cordiality. “Hello, Bill.” She grabbed me tighter by the arm. “I believe you know John, correct?”

Bill glanced at me for only a second before mumbling something inaudible that sounded like it might rhyme with “What the fuck”, before turning his attention back to Candace, surveying the spectacular body of his former lover, no doubt lamenting the loss. Escort Kız Funny thing about men, and this is especially true for rich and powerful ones, no matter how many women they have, they still hold onto the belief that their exes are still somehow theirs, only theirs.

His gaze stopped on her chest, her amazing nipples poking through the cotton. “It must be very chilly out tonight, Candace?”

Candace took me by the hand and eased past Bill into the foyer, saying over her shoulder, “Not really, Bill, it’s actually quite pleasant. I guess I’m just very excited to be here with my new boyfriend, thanks for having us.”

Not to be outdone in his own house, at his own party, by his scorned ex-lover, Bill called after us, “Why don’t you two wait here for just a second, so I can be kind enough to make an introduction or two of my own.”

He leered at me and grinned in his best Dr. Evil imitation. I half-expected him to curl his pinky into the crux of his mouth.

We waited, and I was as uncomfortable as a fox at a basset hound convention, beginning to realize that I was just a prop for whatever sinister ulterior motive Candace had in mind this evening. Of course, I’d also just had the best twenty-four hour sexual escapade of my life because of Candace, so I wasn’t going to do anything rash. At least until this weekend was over, anyway.

This was an almost singularly unique occasion when Below-The-Waist John was actually making a decision in the best interest of Between-The-Ears John. These two internal committee members were constantly at quarrel, but it didn’t hurt that Candace was lightly kissing my neck as she whispered into my ear, “I’m not going to be with any other men tonight, John, only you. And you can pick out any woman you want and we can share her. Together. Sound like a plan?”

She rubbed the back of her palm across the seam of my bulging crotch, and the imaginary umpire within my head declared, “Play ball!”

Candace was still kissing my neck and teasing my genitals, so she did not see Bill and his two guests come up behind her. However, she had to feel me recoil as for the second time within minutes, I felt the blood rush from my face in disbelief, and I half-shouted impulsively, “Sherry? And, Maureen?”

Sherry and her younger sister stared at me emotionless, each arm-in-arm with Bill. It was obvious that Bill had already prepped them regarding who they were about to see.


With Candace.

In Bill’s house.

Who was here with my ex-girlfriend and her sister.

At his swingers’ party.

Again, I heard the surreal imaginary voice of a concessionaire’s voice in my head, hawking his wares. “Programs, get your programs here. Can’t tell who’s fucking who without your programs.”

It was Candace who broke the ice, glacial as it was. She walked towards Maureen and extended her hand and said, “So you’re Sherry’s sister in from Chicago? You’re gorgeous!” Candace took the surprised young woman’s hand and then embraced her in a warm hug.

Maureen tried to wiggle out of Candace’s arms, clearly uncomfortable herself with this awkward setting. Hey, it’s not every day you are introduced to your sister’s ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend by your sister’s new boyfriend. And boss.

Got it?

Maureen, who was beautiful in her own right, blonde and six-feet-tall, seemingly about five feet of it long legs, peered at Candace in a mixture of confusion and unmistakable admiration of Candace’s own beauty, and asked quizzically, “How did you know I’m from Chicago?” I vaguely recalled once, in the not-so-distant past, Sherry telling me something about her suspicion that she thought her little sister might be bi. Hmmmm.

Candace waved her hand cavalierly. “Oh, I think I overheard Sherry talking about it in the cafeteria yesterday.” This was a master touch by Candace, serving to distract everyone from the acutely embarrassing and potentially volatile social quandary in front of us all. She continued, “I just love Chicago, you must tell me about Michigan Avenue and your favorite places to shop. Is Marshall Fields’ still there? What is the Water Tower like these days?”

Candace still had her arms locked around mine, and in one swift motion, she extracted Maureen from Bill’s arm and took her by the hand and led the three of us towards the kitchen, leaving Bill and Sherry behind. Candace continued to gush at Maureen like an old friend, yapping away incessantly, and for the first time, I truly realized that Candace was not the dumb blonde that everyone seemed to think she was at work.

She was brilliant, a master manipulator, a schemer, and on top of everything else, drop-dead stunningly gorgeous. The world could be her oyster, I thought. But for tonight, I was more than happy to be the fish she reeled in.

Despite the shock of just seeing Sherry with my boss, I also realized immediately that I did not care. I subconsciously realized quite some time ago that Sherry’s career would always come first to her, and if this was her way of chasing after advancement, well, it was a curious choice, but it was A-OK with me.

Besides, in just over twenty-four hours, Candace had indeed fully captured my mind, my imagination. She was exciting, she was fun, she was beautiful, she was a world-class fuck, and she was probably very dangerous, but I was pushing my chips all in. Fuck it. I was along for the ride now. Play ball, indeed.

And, just a few moments later, as I watched Candace and Maureen in the corner of the kitchen locked in a passionate kiss, their hands roaming liberally over each other’s torsos, their pelvises instinctively grinding seductively into each others, I realized that Maureen was going to be playing ball on our team tonight.

I reached into the bowl of condoms on the kitchen counter, grabbing a handful, and followed along like an obedient puppy about to be given his treat as Candace led the three of us to one of the private bedrooms upstairs, her hand sliding up Maureen’s exquisite thigh, allowing me an unencumbered view of Maureen’s glistening, panty-less pussy.

Candace closed the door behind us when we reached the room, indicating that this was to be a ‘private’ party. That was just fine with me, as I had quickly become a proponent of the adage ‘Three’s Company’.

Candace took the lead, as she was wont to do, and Maureen trembled slightly as her marvelous body became exposed. There is something about a tall, angular woman’s body that excites me tremendously, and despite the fact that Candace was the most beautiful woman I had ever been with, I couldn’t help but to find my eyes riveted on Maureen as Candace exposed her firm breasts sitting on top of an impossibly firm abdomen. As awesome as her sister’s body was, Maureen’s was even better.

“Be gentle with me, please,” Maureen whimpered. “I’m very aroused, but I’ve never done this before.”

Candace continued to lick her way down Maureen’s collarbone to the top of her tits. “What have you not done before, baby, been with a woman?”

Maureen leaned her head back and moaned softly in response to Candace’s lips beginning to circle her nipples. She smiled softly. “I’ve been with women before, and I love men, but I’ve, um, I, never had a threesome before.” Hearing this aroused me even more.

Maureen continued, “I was just coming tonight out of curiosity and to kind of watch out for my sister, I really hadn’t planned on this happening.” She took Candace’s head in her hand. “But you’re just so beautiful.” She leaned down to kiss Candace deeply, and the tent in my pants nearly burst at the passionate erotica just inches from me.

When she broke the kiss, Maureen turned to me and said, “And I’ve heard all about that cock of yours, too, Johnnie boy. Personally, I think my sister is crazy for letting you go, but she has always been a career girl first.” I didn’t know whether to feel vindicated or saddened by this revelation from Sherry’s sister, but I didn’t linger too much on the premise, duly distracted when Candace and Maureen began to lick my cock together, quickly sharing my seed as it burst onto both of their beautiful faces within minutes of their dual oral administrations.

As Candace and Maureen then turned their attention to each other, I left the room shortly thereafter to wander through the house, which I realized was taboo for a single man to do, but I was determined to act blisfully ignorant of the ‘house rules’ of the lifestyle if stopped.

A door down the hall was left open, and I saw a small gathering of people spectating a foursome on the king-sized bed. I entered tentatively, and when I did, I saw Laurie Timmons on her knees, her tiny, tight ass being impaled from behind by Bill Hearn while her boyfriend Kevin was grabbing Sherry’s pageboy haircut in his hands as she bobbed her head up and down on Kevin’s big rod.

I decided I’d seen enough. Why spectate when you can participate, I reasoned. I had the two hottest women at the party making love to each other, waiting for me, so I scurried back to the room. I soon had my cock buried deep in Maureen’s velvety cunt while Candace finger-fucked her anus, and then I watched from the sidelines as Maureen brought Candace to another squirting explosion by the talents of her tongue. Candace told me later that it was the best tonguing that she had ever experienced.

We invited Maureen back to our room at Caesars, but she politetly declined, explaining that she could not leave her sister behind, but Maureen did invite Candace and me to visit her in Chicago. We agreed that we would, soon, although we never did. At least not as a couple.

I write this story months later, now living in Highland Park, Illinois, with my new girlfriend, Maureen.

I took a new job and relocated there soon after my night at the swingers’ party, realizing that the events that night were irreconcilable, at least as it pertained to my career. And, truth be told, I am very attracted to Maureen, she is everything her sister wasn’t, kind, generous, and sharing. Fortunately, that includes her girlfriends, liberally, which is a wonderful incentive package.

Sherry was soon thereafter given a generous severance package to leave the company, since Bill Hearn had made a ‘business decision’ to instead promote the perky and ambitious Laurie Timmons to the unofficial role as the company’s ‘social ambassador’.

As for beautiful Candace, well, I thank her for giving me the weekend which will shape my life for years to come.

And, if you want a date with Candace these days, well, you’ll just have to go to Vegas to do so. But it will cost you two grand per night.

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