Candy for Breakfast

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Badboy Cowboy Campfire Tale: Candy For Breakfast

I have quite a few favorite hobbies or habits, depending on who you ask. Next to sex, traveling is my favorite hobby. I live for vacations, holidays, weekends, and any other opportunity to get away. There’s just so much to see and experience, that I can’t resist the temptation to pick up and go.

Quite by accident, I ended up taking a trip to Virginia four years ago. My boss’ niece needed help moving, and since I was the most trusted employee Mike Kelly had, he elected me to take paid time off to escort Ashley to her college dorm. On the way, Ashley decided she needed to learn a few tricks in preparation for her new life with college boys. Specifically, giving blow jobs.

“I just don’t want to be a total slut, and I know guys will take a BJ in lieu of sex anytime, right Priest?”

“Well, if we can’t get between your legs, then getting between your lips is the next best thing.” I laughed, trying to make light of the situation and distract myself from the fact that I was getting turned on.

“Do you like blowjobs, Priest?”

“Well, yeah. I’m a guy, aren’t I?”

“So, what would you think if I said I’d like to give you one, right now.”

“Uh, well, you know, you are my boss’ niece, and that could cost me a bit more than I want to pay.”

“Oh, I won’t tell. Please, I really want to know if I’m any good. I mean, good for a real man, not those high school jerks. Hell, a gust of wind can make them cum!”

“Damn, girl, you’ve got a mouth on you.”

“That’s what I’m trying to show you,” Ashley replied coyly as she slid across the bench seat of the moving van and sat right next to me.

I looked over at her and smiled. Ashley was a beautiful girl, and I don’t know many men in this position who could resist being propositioned by a young college bound girl.

Ashley put her hand on my leg, slowly following its length until reaching my bulge. She leaned over and kissed my neck, licking the salt off my skin as she rubbed the front of my pants.

I tried to concentrated on the road as she unbuttoned my jeans and opened my fly. Leaning down, her lips kissed my cock, still covered in cotton and rising.

Taking a deep breath, I relaxed and enjoyed the ride as Ashley sucked at my dick through the fabric. She paid special attention to my cock head, licking and massaging it with her tongue.

I could feel the first drops of pre-cum pour out of my hole. Ashely quickly sucked it through the fabric. My dick saluted, testing the strength of my briefs, and Ashely knew it was time to set me free.

Jerking down the waistband, my dick sprang out at her at a forty-five degree angle. Engorged and scarlet red, Ashely told me how beautiful I was right before I felt her take my meat in her hand and put it in her hot mouth.

Slowly she sucked, rolling her tongue round and round the fat head. She bobbed up and own, and then ran her lips up and down my shaft. Her hand reached under and played with my balls while her mouth worked me over.

“Suck me, Ashley. Suck my cock raw,” I growled as I raced down the highway. “Yeah, that’s it. Oh, yeah.”

Ashley licked and sucked me until I just had to pull over at the next rest stop. When I stopped the car, I grabbed her by the hair and shoved my cock deep in her throat. She gagged but kept on sucking. I moved her head up and down, faster and faster.

She clamped her lips tightly around my throbbing cock and exhibited fantastic control as I pounded her face between my legs over and over until I finally blew my load. I held her tightly pressed against me as I thrust my hips up into her face without mercy.

When I finished, I let her go, and she pulled her head up. I handed her a handkerchief so she could wipe her red wet face off. Her lips were also swollen and red. One look at her and anybody would have known she’d just given the blowjob of her life.

“Why don’t we both go in and wash up?”

“Not before sivas escort you tell me how I was.”

“Darlin, couldn’t you tell? Sweetheart, you are a blowjob queen. Any man would be lucky to get sucked off by you.”

Ashley smiled devilishly. “Okay.” Then she got out of the van and headed to the women’s room. I followed after her, going to the men’s room and washing my dick clean off.

Afterwards, I met Ashley back at the van, and we continued on our way. I got her to her campus, helped her unpacked, and then headed back to Texas.

We stayed in touch and now Ashley had invited me to her graduation. It was the perfect excuse to take a road trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains again. I drove all day until I got to Atlanta. I always stay over in Atlanta. Hot and spicy food. Hot and spicy women.

After I left Atlanta, I headed towards Ohio. This was a real detour from going to Virginia, but I had the time, and I didn’t want to miss the opportunity visit as much as I could in one trip.

A friend of mine that I had grown up with had moved to Ohio six years ago with his wife. Richard Cox. Dick Cox. Yeah, we made his life hell over that one. Kept telling him he ought to be a gay porn star. And in case you’re wondering (which I know you are), yes, he had a big cock. I carry a good-sized package, but Richard packed double meat. Near eleven inches and a good beer can around, so I’m told.

His first girlfriend broke up with him out of fear. His second girlfriend was, well let me put it nicely, a very “friendly” girl,” and even she could only ride that beast for a limited time only. Richard about died when she broke up with him. Figured he’d never have sex again. Never heard a man so pissed ’cause his cock was too big.

But then he met Roseanne. Took a while, but from what I understand, trying to find all the ways to make it fit turned out to be most of the fun. Hell, before long he could even fuck her ass with that thing. So, of course, he married her!

Currently, Dick had his own auto repair shop. Roseanne put him through school so he could get certified. Her daddy helped him get started with a loan for equipment and such, and well, they were doing really well. They had three kids and were happy. I was happy for him. He was a great guy and deserved to be happy. I kinda envied him.

I fell in love, I mean madly in love, twice. I’ve been faithful and completely true to a woman long term, once. Bitch cheated on me. I’m still bitter, sorry. I mean, gimme a break, the dude swept the floors at the bar, and that, my friends, really sucks. Especially when she married the guy. I’d been asking her to marry me for months, and she kept saying she wasn’t ready to settle down. But in six weeks of knowing the bar sweeper, she was ready.

Anyway, I haven’t found a reason to give my heart or my loyalty again. No one worth taking that risk for. Sounds arrogant as hell, I’m sure, but you know, at least, I’m truthful. I haven’t made more than a weekend commitment to anyone since, and I’ve had a few see that as a challenge. That didn’t last long,either.

Anyway, getting back to the task at hand, I decided to visit ol’ Dick in Ohio. So, I drove up I-75. I stopped for breakfast at a Tennessee truck stop with the tastiest steak, prettiest waitresses and strongest coffee I’d ever had the pleasure to partake of. Girls still young enough for their breasts to slightly reach for the sky and old enough, well, old enough. Real friendly and flirty, well deserving of a nice sized . . . tip.

Candy was just that. Sweet and made your mouth water before you even had a taste. We flirted shamelessly, from how hot I liked my coffee to the size of meat I ordered for my steak and eggs. When it came time for the bill, she wrote “my shift is over” on the bottom of the check and then sealed it with a kiss of her lipstick.

After I reading what she wrote on the check, I looked up at her staring at me from across the room. I smiled and must have looked like I did in elementary school when I was up to no-good. She smiled back even bigger, her perfectly formed white teeth blindingly acknowledging the thoughts in my head.

I motioned my head towards the bathrooms. Candy winked and nodded that she understood. I left an obscenely large tip and then went to the restroom doors to wait on Candy. I didn’t have to wait long.

Candy walked up to me, put her hand on my chest, and grabbed my shirt. With one hard jerk she pulled me into the supply room next to the men’s room. I did not resist.

As soon as she locked the door, she turned towards me and pushed me against the wall. I wrapped my arms around her waist and swiftly reached around her ass and raised the hem of her uniform. She moaned, pressing her hard nipples into my chest while she raised one leg so I could slip off one side of her thong.

I supported her leg with one hand as I held her tightly around her waist with the other. Candy wrapped her arms around me as our mouths locked together. Wet, hungry, lustful lips danced in a twisted fury. Over and over our mouths fed on each other as our bodies throbbed in rhythms against each other.

Running my hand up her thigh, I slid round Candy’s smooth, soft flesh to the heat between her legs. Her mound fresh and full, smooth like my freshly shave face, felt delicious to touch. My fingers followed the wetness, spreading her lips open with two digits while the third found her slick pearl.

Circling motions made her moan and press herself harder against me. Without much delay, she was wet enough for my finger to naturally slid deep into her dripping cunt. She was way too wet for one finger, so I put in two and fucked her pussy deep and hard. She rocked up and down as I continued to support her with my body.

Looking around, I noticed a prep table with just enough space to fuck. I pulled my fingers out and stuffed them in my mouth while she dropped her head into my shoulder. After sucking her sweet juice off my fingers, I reached down and pulled her up by both legs. She immediately locked her legs around my waist as I walked over to the table and sat her bare ass down.

Candy looked at me and then eyed the enormous bulge threatening to ripe open the front of my jeans. She smiled as she ran her hand over my crotch, feeling the slick film of her pussy juices covering the fabric.

Slowly she unbuttoned my jeans and carefully unzipped my fly. She spread the front open like a butterfly’s wings, jerking them along with my underwear down far enough for my hard meat to pop free.

I closed my eyes and leaned my head back as she ran her hand up and down my rod. I opened my eyes in time to see her fingering herself and getting her hand coated with her wetness. Smiling I watched as she used her own juices to jack my cock. I thrust towards her with every stroke, my ass tightening in anticipation.

My hands found her firm tits, rubbing and squeezing her wonderful flesh. Candy continued her physical assault on my dick with one hand as she felt up my balls with the other. I quickly returned the favor, placing one of my hands on her pussy, fingering her as we kissed.

Balls tightening, I could feel the eruption about to blow, and so could Candy. Quickly she hopped off the table and dropped to her knees. She shoved my ballooning rod into her mouth, taking it all the way down her throat without hesitation. S

he moved her head like a piston, vacuum power suction over and over until I blasted my hot cum, filling her mouth until it flowed out the sides of her mouth – despite her best efforts to swallow every last drop.

Candy got up, wiped her mouth, and bent over. She reached both hands around her plump ass cheeks and spread them. The view was breath taking. I walked up behind her and stuck two fingers in her soaking snatch. I fingered her viciously as she moaned and continued to hold her ass open, waiting for me.

Pulling my fingers out of her pussy, I played with her puckered rose until I could slide my finger in. And then another. I put my other two fingers back into her pussy and fucked her deeply on both sides. Candy released her cheeky grip and grabbed the edges of the table.

Spying a bottle of olive oil, I reached over and grabbed it while keeping my fingers buried to the knuckles inside her. Holding the bottle tightly in one hand, I put the top in between my teeth, clamped down and then twisted it open. I spit out the top and then drizzled olive oil down her ass crack. Pulling out my fingers, I used my hand to open her arse hole wide and let the oil fill her up.

I put the bottle down, pushed my pants and underwear down around my ankles, and then put two fingers from each hand in her greased up hole. After fucking her with a few strokes, I gently pulled her hole open, getting her muscles used to being gaped open. Her breathing was heavy and hot, her entire body rising and falling with excitement.

My cock danced with renewed life as I used my oil slick hand to rub a nice long hard on ready to plunge into Candy’s waiting hole. Teasing her, I rubbed my mushroom up and down her slit, massaging her clit and poking in her pussy for a few hot strokes. Candy moaned and grabbed the table tighter.

“Fuck my ass, baby, please. I can’t stand it.”

“Let go of that table and grab your ass, bitch.”

Candy did as she was told, and I pressed my dick head in. It didn’t take much since I made sure she was well coated in oil. Her ass gripped my wide load so fucking tight, I had to concentrate hard not to lose control.

“Oh Daddy, yes, put your cock all the way in. Mmmmm, it feels so good. Oh yes, yes….” Candy’s voice drifted off into non-sense as I pressed forward until the entire length of my prick disappeared between her fleshy mounds. Candy grabbed the table edge once more while I began to pump in and out of her. A slow rhythm became a hardcore fuck as her ass relaxed more and more and gave in to me.

“Ooo, yes, Daddy, fuck my ass. Fuck me. Fuck me!”

Pounding against her, I humped her ass over and over. Long strokes. Deep stokes. Quick, quick, slow. Almost out and then, slam! All the way back in, deeper and deeper.

“I wanna cum, Daddy. Please.”

Quickly, I grabbed Candy and flipped her over onto her back. Pulling her legs tight against my chest, I held her in place with her legs open just enough for her to reach between her legs and masturbate while I pumped her ass with all my might. My balls slapped loudly against her skin as her pussy juice began to squirt all over.

“Oh shit, baby! Oh fuck, I’m coming for you, cowboy!”

Her ass hole puckered and pulled at my cock, pulling my cum up the shaft and soon spurt wildly into her. I shoved hard, muscles contracting so forcefully that I thought I would fall over. Instead, I fell forward, her legs up and hanging over my shoulders with my dick buried deep and recovering.

We lay there for a moment, trying to recompose.

“Jesus,” I whispered as she began to giggle. “What’s so funny, darling?”

“We smell like sex and salad, cowboy.”

We both laughed and then peeled away from each other. Candy looked around and found two bottles of anti-bacterial soap.

“Here,” she said handing me one of the bottles. “You can wash up in the men’s room. I’ll cleanup this mess.”

I kissed her and did as I was told. When I finished, I waited for her until she exited the women’s room. I took her hand and we walked out of the restaurant with big shit eating grins on our faces.

“So, I guess you’ll be going now,” Candy whined.

“Yeah, baby, I’ve got a schedule.”

“Well, here’s my number. Call me the next time you’ll be in town. I’ll make you a real meal, with a real salad.”

“I’ll bring the olive oil.”

We smiled at each other, laughing through that after-sex with a stranger moment. Pulling her close, I kissed her long and hard and then patted her ass. “I’ll be in touch, darling,” I whispered in her ear as I turned away and got into my truck.

I might have been behind schedule now, but that was the best meal I’d had since Atlanta.

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