Candy From Strangers : Prologue

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Welcome to Heavens Cove!

Located in a quiet corner of New England is the small sea side town of Heaven’s Cove, population 5000. It’s a sleepy town, with a handful of traffic lights. A single cinema, a small police station, a small fire department, small businesses and slow pace of life. It blossoms in the springs and the “ outoftowners” boom the population in the summer. But for the most part, nothing exciting happens here

Historically , HeavensCove is only known for rum runners in the 20’s and as a location that slaves used on the Underground RailRoad to travel by sea. The community is mostly white, but due to the aforementioned Underground Railroad connection it stands as anomaly having a significant African American population for the region, less then 5%, but considering the make up of local towns it stands out.

The town is conservative in politics and in religon. The churches are full every Sunday, and there’s barely a dirty magazine to be seen in 20 miles. Fishing is still a big business and the men for still dissapear for weeks at a time in the summer. And hunting and fishing are big just as well. Heavens Cove is a town where time has stood remotely still into a slice of classic Americana

It’s not to say there arent problems in this sleep hamlet, but like most small towns the secrets are buried and not talked about. There are whispers of KluKluxKlan meetings in the woods, and the occasional burn crosses found in clearings do nothing to confirm it. Racism is still an issue, but there seems to be a concentrated issue to resolve it, or at least pretend it isn’t there; so much so there was an a deliberate attempt to get a new sherrif who was black just to put a happy face on the surface

Summers always involve some kind of fights between tourists and locals, and there are always vandalism Topkapı Escort concerns from the high school kids who are just bored kids stuck in a small town. Domestic violence has dropped and the black community just finished rebuilding their Baptist church which was burned down by the Klan 30 years ago in their last attempt at attention.

In short, the town is a small town and a quit town. A good place to raise your kids, there’s always jobs available, the homes are modestly priced and the rents are cheap. Next to no crime, quiet nights with a community based on quiet modest morals, even if they can be a bit stifling.

That was at least untill two years ago

Nowadays when you arrive in town casually, you will noticed something has changed but you cant immediately put your finger on it. The two Churches are still full every Sunday, the American flag is still seen in every business window. The crime rate is still low. It still seems the same care free small town you remembered it as two years ago, but you still can’t help but shake the feeling something inherent basically changed.

Then you begin to look a little closer at the details around the town Of course there’s a couple new coffee shops acorss town, a burgeoning tourist trade demands it. But then you notice the new shops, there’s a cold beer and wine store right on main street. You had to drive to the liquor store on the highway 20 minutes away before or buy from the bars near the pier. Plus a few women’s clothes botiques, and a store for infant and toddler closthes and ware. Not to mention the candy shop which seems to be incredibly popular

The candy shop sets in a corner of the town square and is famous for its candies built right on premises in the old warehouse behind the shop. And every Friday night Escort Bayan there is virtually a line up of women down the block waiting to go in just to come out with a small bag of jelly beans. Oh that’s not to say they don’t buy other candies, but there is always a small bag of jelly beans with them. The Magic Candy Shoppe , as it is called is staffed even curiously by a large staff of roughly 20 African American men who always seem to be more than happy to give prolonged tours of the inner workings of the candy factory.

That’s when you notice the women themselves and it really begins to dawn on you. It seems that nearly the entire female population of the town of Heavens Cove has stepped out of a Russ Meyer film. Ample cleavage abounds everywhere, and scarcely can you see a woman with a cup size under that of D.You first think your mind must be playing tricks on your memory or the last time you were in town, but even the teenage girls, some as young as14 seem to be exceptionally top heavy.

You step back and watch the daily comings and goings of the town and you really begin to see the differences. There’s a been sudden explosion of children in the town, most now just reaching toddler stage. You notice the significant numbers of strollers being pushed down the streets, by couples, by women, by men and a few by teen girls.

You’ll notice when couples walk down the street many of the men walk a step behind, or ending up pushing the strollers. You will also notice the same ladies you remembered as friendly family folk often walking around town on the arms of other men whilst still sporting their wedding rings.

And as the day winds down and the town slowly closes for business, you notice other changes. For one The Mgic Candy Shoppe never actually closes and women still come in istanbul Escort and out at all hours of the day. The women start dressing less conservatively and their husbands are even rarer to be seen.

And when you finally stop and study the comings and goings, you finally realize that this sleepy town is now a façade for something carnal in the twillight hours.

Husbands and wives will be sitting at dinner at a patio place, where a tall muscular man ; typically black, but not always, will simply take te wife by the hand and lead her away from the dinner with her husband even in mid sentence. The husband will simply meekly smile as she walks away and sit and wait for her to return. Often it’s a couple hours later she returns , her hair messed and her make up smeared and wobbly slightly as though she’s been freshly fucked. Often she doesn’t return at all and the husband waits till the place closes and they kick him out

Sometimes a woman will simply taken by the hand and pulled into an alley, if you peer down the alley you often see her bent over and being fucked from behind. Sometimes by more than one man, sometimes with the husband watching. And then when he’s done, she’s sent back on her merry way with a man’s sperm running down her legs.

That’s when you think about the children, and you look at them and notice the startling number of mocha hues to the standard white as rice Caucasians. Or they have different hair colours or different eyes of their alleged father.

What is to be done about this moral debauchery? Going to the police or the mayor will net you nothing. Heavens Cove’s first female mayor is 5 months pregnant with the sherrifs baby and despite her belly bump spends every Monday after work getting gangbanged by the entire police department of 12 men and 2 women

How did this madness start?


Jelly Beans

How will it end, who knows, but I must take you back to the beginning so you can understand the peril of taking candy from strangers

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