Canoe Soo Two

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My first year of Wilderness Guiding was coming to a close. I only had one group of two that wanted to do the difficult Carson River from Lake Lancaster to Fort Beneteau. It was the first week of September so it was easy to get a flight. The weather made the nights a lot colder, but the rock formations still held a lot of the summer heat, and the water could feel almost warm in contrast to the cooling nights.

We had to catch a float plane to Lake Lancaster where we would spend one night together at the Eco-lodge then the three of us would be running single canoes down the Carson River to the Fort. My clients had fished the lake and surrounding area the previous year, so they knew Arthur and Chastity Simpson, and guides are free, when accompanying paying guests, so it was a no brainer for me. I had met the young family, with my parents, and they were very friendly.

The section that we would traverse was only used by the Native Peoples who were still trapping and hunting in these lands that they call home. I had no experience on this part of the Carson, but I had extensive notes from my Native friends, and my two Patrons were avid canoeists and back country enthusiasts. They both taught at Sioux Forestry College where I graduated last Winter.

Peter Cornell taught Canadian Botany and Isador Phillips taught Survival Skills to the potential Rangers and Guides that might depend on his teachings to keep them alive in the wilderness.

Neither man was married, with one being a widower and the other a divorced man. They were both in good shape, with Peter being in his late forties, while Izzy was 58. The oldest guys that I had guided to date, so I wondered if they would be looking for some ‘action’, or just an adventure.

They had both been my teachers for a few courses, but I had not associated with either of them after class.

I was flying into Lancaster with two of the single canoes and all of the camping gear and the food. Peter and Izzy would fly in from Sudbury with one canoe and their personal equipment. I was confident that they would travel light.

My pilot friend Cooper, was stationed out of Thunder Bay, but he dropped into our little stretch of water at the Witamaki Outfitters, so that we could load up there, instead of me driving the 6 hours to his home base.

Tom and Paulee were there to help us get everything loaded. Paulee was just learning the outfitting trade from his Uncle Tom and Aunt Sally. They took the phone calls and put together the plans and provisions for our trips, and they made good money doing it.

Cooper was excited to strap down his plane, and stay the night with me at the Lodge, but there was going to be a lot of wind overnight, so he made the smart decision that he would fly home as soon as I was safely on shore.

“I was really looking forward to spending the night with you Loren,” he yelled above the wind and prop noise. There were no working headphones for the second seat, so this was the only way that we could communicate.

I felt cheated too. I just had an off week, where I only got laid by one of the Summer Rangers, but that was 5 days ago, and I didn’t know if I would get as much as a kiss from my former Professors.

I put my hand on Cooper’s thigh and raised my eyebrows in a conspiratorial way. He immediately moved the steering yolk to its highest position, giving me more than enough room to get my head into his lap.

I unzipped his coveralls, remembering that they called it a flight suit. Cooper smiled but kept his hands on the controls. He pushed his shoulders back and the suit fell to his hips when he shifted the garment off his arms, one at a time and settled back into his seat.

I popped his expanding cock over the top of his briefs and carefully brought the balls out with it. I was quite familiar with Cooper’s equipment.

I blew on it and watched as it stood up to its full length of 6 or 7 inches. His gangly form left no belly in my way, so I moved in to give him a little tease with my tongue going up and down on his shaft. I do have a clip that I can put in my tongue, but I didn’t have it in at the time. It makes my speech thick and some people already think of me as a whore, so I didn’t need a cock sucker’s stud in my tongue all of the time. Still, it did give the fellas something to think about when I ran it over the underside of their cocks.

This was far from my first time though, so I sucked him into my mouth and gave him the blowjob of his dreams. I couldn’t help but strum my own clit while I jammed his tool to the back of my throat. He came quickly and the volume of his release was quite impressive, so I let some dribble down my chin and onto my neck.

When he was finished I leaned back in my seat and pulled my shirt over my head so that he could feast on my prized tits. I let the dribble continue down my neck and onto my right breast. My bike shorts hugged me tightly so I had to squirm to get them down to my ankles, but I figured that Cooper would enjoy a little show. Maybe escort videoları he would think of me when he gets home tonight? There was no underwear to get in the way. Just swimsuits and clingy shorts for me.

He was already getting hard while I started to masturbate for him. I pushed my tits in with my arms while pushing two fingers into my muff and I used the other hand to flick my clit from side to side.

I had a nice orgasm in less than a minute. It wasn’t a deep one, but it was better than nothing. Cooper reached under his seat and pulled a leaver that sent his seat back nearly a foot! Then he tapped his left thigh in an obvious invitation.

Cooper pulled a condom out from behind the airspeed indicator and handed it to me. I’m sure that he was a Boy Scout by training. I quickly had him suited up with a latex rubber, then I swung my right leg over his lap, bringing my nipple into his face for a second while his right hand positioned his newly aroused penis at the entry of my love nest.

I only let the head pass my labia and into the opening, then I held myself high while my pilot kissed and suckled my nipple. I was more than wet enough to take him to the full depth in one motion, returning his sight lines over my shoulder. He deliberately moved the entire plane up and down with the simple movement of the steering column. I think that the aviation people would not have approved, but it added some fun to our lovemaking.

I had a much better orgasm as I put hickeys on his neck. He needed longer, but I didn’t mind. I had nowhere else to be.

“Just relax Captain, and let me do the driving while you take care of the flying,” I spoke right into his ear so I didn’t have to yell.

He decided to engage the part of the autopilot that maintained the altitude so that he could look me in the eye or enjoy the look and feel of my swollen nipples and explore my mouth with his tongue. When he finally had his second explosion, I joined him in the bliss of another love spasm.

“Loren, oh Loren!” he moaned.

He is a very passionate friend.

We were on the water by 2 in the afternoon, but the wind was already making it hard to get the two canoes off of the floats. The Simpson boys rushed out to the end of the dock to help us, and though they are only 13 and 14, they are strong lads. Cooper was soon able to grab a saintly kiss from me and head back to his home base. He gave me a little wiggle of his wings as he disappeared in the distance.

“Are you on your own this trip Loren?” Casper asked me, as he lugged the heaviest pack to the boathouse. He was the younger one, always trying to show me that he was just as mature as his brother.

“There are two coming in tomorrow, Dumbbell,” Zeek chided his brother.

They were both bound to be great outdoors men. They were gentlemen, like their father, but their high spirited mother gave them their only insight into women.

This Eco-lodge had a bank of solar cells over the main building that helped them to maintain contact with the rest of the world. They had internet only during a narrow window, when their old satellite dish could align with the few satellites that circled in this northern latitude. An old, but dependable ham radio was maintained for emergencies. There were no tv screens to be found here, but they had a projector that they could use to show movies on the back wall of the great room. Otherwise they had laptops to keep up with their son’s education and to accept reservations for the trippers and fishermen that took up lodging here throughout the spring and summer.

“I hope you two appreciate how lucky you are,” I said, but realized as I said it that I didn’t appreciate how lucky I was until my parents died. They died together, and in each other’s arms, when they hit a logging truck only two and a half years ago.

“It would be better if we had more visitors like you, Loren,” Zeek responded as he waited for me to help him take my canoe off his shoulders. He didn’t want to scratch it, since we had applied a fresh gel coat on the bottom just a week ago.

Casper took the back and I went to the front, but I let the two boys impress me with their ability to work together and get my pride and joy safely to the ground.

“Do you guys have any friends up here other than the dogs?” I asked, not having any idea about the Native population in this area.

“Only the young ones that our neighbor has, but they are only babies,” Casper replied sullenly.

Their mother, Chas, finally came rushing down from the Lodge to greet me.

“Loren! It’s so good to have you here,” she shouted as she jogged down the gentle slope. She was wearing cargo pants with pockets all the way up the leg, and work boots, but she had nothing on above her belt! Her small breasts bounced pleasantly for me, but both of her boys looked away.

“I see that things have changed since I was here two years ago,” I announced with a smile.

“You mean the extra gaziantep escort bayan videoları storage behind the boathouse?” she replied, but I could tell from her smile that she knew I was referring to her going around topless!

“I saw that our browser history showed some pornography on it, so I thought the boys needed to know that women are proud, sexual creatures and I took the advice of our Prime Minister, who said, ‘they’re only tits, sir. We all have them!’,” she responded and she fluffed both of her son’s heads, while they grimaced and kept their eyes averted.

“I often like to let mine out,” I admitted, “…but I think I’ll keep them covered until these pervs are a little older.” They both looked terribly uncomfortable, so I regretted my words as soon as I said them.

“Okay, what do you want up in your room Loren? Let’s get these guys earning their keep,” Chas suggested.

“Well, if it’s bear-safe we can put the food in your ‘New’ storage shed, then I guess I just need this pack here with my toiletries,” I said, lifting up a small pouch that I pulled from a dry bag.

Casper grabbed it just ahead of Zeek and they both ran up the path to the Lodge.

“So how is that handsome husband of yours and your two mastiffs?” I asked while Chas came in close for a sisterly kiss.

“Cal lost a leg last year when he and his brother surprised a mamma bear trying to get in our boathouse,” Chas soberly replied. Her happy attitude changed quickly as she remembered a hard day. “Bick kept his brother from being killed until Art got to them, but the leg was too bad to save.”

I heard barking and turned to find the two dogs barrelling down on us, with Art not too far behind them. Cal was going a little slower, but not much. Chas waved her arms in an effort to slow them down but they ran past her and jumped up on me for kisses.

“Oh, you are just my favorite doggies in the whole wide world,” I promised them as their tails wagged like fly swatters. Cal dug into my chest a bit too much with his one front leg, so I moved them gently to the ground and bent over so they could continue their slobbering over me.

“We try to keep them from doing that Loren,” Art puffed out as he trotted in behind them, then he gave me a kiss too.

Art is 40 and a real lumberjack of a man. His shoulders are wide and strong and his arms and hands are just as powerful as any back woodsman that swings a heavy axe for an hour or two every day.

“I bet that you love the new look,” I suggested.

“Ah. the new look you mean? I encourage spontaneity in all of my female friends,” he confessed.

“I bet you didn’t have any lunch Loren,” Chas interrupted us. “Let’s get you a sandwich and maybe Art will give you some homemade hooch that he has cooked up, and we can start getting caught up. I need to hear how fantastic your first season has gone.”

Chas took my hand and we headed up the path, with the three males following.

“You look like you already had sex today,” she whispered and she giggled.

“You did too,” I guessed, and she laughed in a sneaky way, which revealed that I had guessed right.

“These tits may be small, but they are well liked,” she whispered, and we giggled some more as the wagging tongues followed close behind us.

The hooch turned out to be beer, and it was pretty smooth for bathtub beer.

“So, how is the business going?” Art asked, getting right to the commerce side of things. “We loved your Web page!”

“Art cannot afford your prices, or he would sign himself up tomorrow,” Chas suggested.

“Do you have a ‘friends and family discount’?” Art asked, but smiled to suggest that he was just joking.

“If you went tripping with me Art, I would have to contend with Chas, so you won’t be playing in a hot tent with me, my friend,” I insisted.

“Maybe you have a two for one special, so we could both come with you… on a canoe adventure,” Chas suggested.

“Now that one we should do, if you two want some fun next year, just let me know when and where, and I’ll make sure it happens,” I agreed, not knowing if they were suggesting that we would be sharing Art in the process. He is a good looking lumberjack, and I’ve seen the bulge.

I just had the one beer and an egg salad sandwich that was laced with home grown garlic and onions. It’s a good thing that I wasn’t sharing a tent with anyone for the next two nights.

I could hear the chickens in the back, so I knew how fresh the eggs were.

“So how many trips and how many men have you done this year, girlfriend?” Chas asked, while Art was getting himself a second glass of beer.

“…and do you fuck them all?” she whispered.

“I started with a great group of four, but only did doubles after that,” I confessed. “I did the same route 4 times! Which got to be a bit boring for me so Old Tom, my trip planner, started switching it up a bit and I did 2 fly-ins near Red Cedar Lake, which I gaziantep escort videoları hadn’t seen since Mom took me there when I was 15.”

“But what about the,… uh, you know?” she whispered with a real needy look. She wanted details.

“Overall, 12 trips, and 26 very, and I mean very satisfied campers,” I confessed with a smile that told even more.

“You slut,” she whispered so quietly that I wasn’t even sure she said it, but her look was one of envy.

“What about these two that are due tomorrow?” she asked.

“Well, they are a bit of an unknown for me. They are both Professors at the Soo, so it could be that they are just supporting their students?” I suggested. “My rates are twice as high as the average guide, and they didn’t ask for a discount, so I just don’t know what they will want.”

“Are these guys a lot older?” Chas asked. “Are they fit?”

“Oh, neither one needs any help in the wilderness, if that’s what you mean, but yeah, they are on the older side, so it will be new territory for me.” I mused. “I think the oldest guy I’ve done the nasty with was maybe 40,” I guessed.

“Me too,” Chas said, smiling.

That made me think about Art, and it was my turn to feel envious.

She showed me around the property, with their fenced in garden and a chicken hut with over 20 laying hens.

“We have deer and moose in the deep freeze right now, and the boys gathered enough wild blueberries yesterday for me to make two pies, but we need to save them until tomorrow, when we have a full house.” She explained. “There’s a couple coming in from Sudbury in the morning and your two guys will have to share the third cabin tomorrow night.”

“So how long have you been doing the topless thing?” I asked my slutty friend.

“As soon as we had a warm day this year I let them loose,” she informed me. “I had to put them away during a two week stretch when we had kids among our guests, but otherwise I only cover them when it’s cold,” she confessed.

“No guests complaining?” I wondered.

“They all seemed to enjoy the freedom!” Chas explained, “…and I encourage the ladies to join me.”

I stayed with Chas while she chopped up a great looking garden salad, and we talked about her sons and how their schooling was going. At this point Casper wanted to be just like his father, running a business in the wild. Zeek was now keen on being either an RCMP Officer or a bush pilot. My pilot friend Cooper let him take the wheel on their flight in from Thunder Bay, where they live in the off season.

“No Wilderness Guides in your family?” I asked her.

“Get rid of that shirt girl, and maybe they will swing in that direction,” she laughed, knowing that her sons were just at that age where they would be very impressionable.

They were already in and out of the lodge more often than usual, stealing glances at their pretty guest.

“If I thought that your sons were mature enough I would go topless,” I explained to Chas, but I knew that Zeek could hear me. Their mother just peeked her eyebrows and smiled.

We watched Art as he got the BBQ going and he put half a dozen tinfoil wrapped potatoes on the top rack to start cooking.

Chas combined some asparagus with garlic and butter in a tin pan, to be added when the steaks went on the grill.

The wind was still raising whitecaps on the lake, but the sky was cloudless, making it perfect outside with no flies or skeeters. They could be the scourge of the North if you’re not prepared for them.

I don’t drink much, so the third one was making me regret accepting it. I’d rather have a whiskey or a joint, or both, but you take what you get when you travel in the wilderness.

The smell of the moose steak was making me hungry.

Art gave me way too much steak, so I cut it in half, and offered the extra to the boys, who politely declined.

“Well, I’m sure the dogs would love this,” I suggested, but noted the alarming look the boys gave their mother.

“They can each have half, Loren, if you’re sure,” Chas agreed.

That changed their attitude as they took their extra with smiles and lip licking. The fat was saved to add to the dog’s dishes.

“These hedgehog mushrooms are wonderful,” I told Art.

“The boys picked them,” he responded, then pushed an overloaded fork of meat and mushrooms into his maw.

They don’t usually get this big in September, but we are pretty far north, so I was not surprised. I saw them before they were sauteed in butter and garlic and there wasn’t a hint of blue or purple, nor any scales on the head, so I knew that they were edible.

“So, you had a good year?” Art said. “I saw your prices, and the other guys are asking for a lot less than you.”

“True. I am trying to hit that niche market though, so I don’t think the extra is going to be a problem. As I said to Chas, I had 12 trips and 10 of them put in a deposit for next season, and I’m trying to get some Native friends certified so that we can expand.”

“There’s that much demand?” Art asked, but his smile revealed that he was not surprised at all. Sex in the wilderness will never go out of style.

“You boys can feed the dogs and then do a perimeter check,” Art finally announced. “We might get more wind, so make sure that everything is secure,” he added as they excused themselves and took their plates and silverware to the kitchen.

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