Captain Jack Ch. 08

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We were in the waiting room for almost two hours. We saw the doctor coming and we jumped up to meet him. He had a smile on his face and that made me feel good. He told us that she was a lucky girl because we got her to the hospital so quickly. During the surgery the appendix had burst and they had to clean the stomach cavity. She was a pretty sick girl but should be fine. They would have to keep a close watch on her because of infections since the appendix had burst and should be in the hospital at least five days maybe more. She was in recovery and would be out for the rest of the day, we could see her but for just a minute. Then we could see her in the morning tomorrow.

What a day this had been. As we left the hospital April was holding on to my arm and I could feel her trembling with anguish, she was squeezing my arm tightly. I kissed her temple and she turned and looked at me with a wan smile.

We got to the boat and she went to her cabin and I went into my cabin and changed clothes, it was hot and I was exhausted. I put on my swim trunks and collapsed on a deck chair. The sun felt good and I laid and soaked it up, my eyes were closed I was almost asleep. I felt a hand on my shoulder and I opened my eyes and looked up and April was looking down at me.

She sat on the chair next to me pulled her legs up into her chest, with her head on my shoulder and her arms around me.

“I just need to be held, please hold me Jack, I need to feel like I’m loved. I need to feel that someone cares; it’s been so long. Just hug me please!”

Tears were rolling down her cheeks and I could feel her sobbing I reached down and kissed her tears and then they stopped, we sat like that and we both fell asleep in each other’s arms. We were both very tired since we did not sleep much last night.

I woke up and looked at my watch it was 4:30 pm and April was still asleep and I looked down at her face and she was beautiful and her face had a look of elegance. I could feel her heart beating against my body and she was so warm, her essences was almost over whelming. I lay with her sleeping and she started moving, I was watching her face and her eyes opened and I reached down and kissed her on the mouth. She snuggled in closer to my body and I hugged her tighter.

“Is this the way you want to be hugged?”

She smiled, her eyes sparkling and she answered, “Ummmmmmm, yesssss I love the way you huggggggg me Jack.”

“You want to go ashore for dinner or stay on the boat?”

“Let’s stay on the boat and just relax it’s been a very trying day, I can fix us a nice dinner. We can have a martini before dinner and a cognac after dinner, while you have a cigar.”

“Then What? April, can I make love to you all night?” She snuggled in closer and kissed my cheek.

“Only if you want to Jack.” She squeezed me tighter and sighed; I could feel her tits pushing into my body.

“ God I love this, this is heaven to me. I love the way it feels when you hold me, I love the way you love me. I love to feel you in me probing and exploring the depths of my body, touching me in places I have never been touched. I love the way you make me feel, with orgasm after orgasm. I have never experienced any sensations like the one I have with you.” She rose up and kissed me and laid her head back on my shoulder.

I picked her up and carried her to the cabin and I sat her on the bed. I started unbuttoning her blouse she sat there and just watched. I slipped her blouse off and cupped her bra-covered breast. She closed her eyes and was moaning, her hands covered mine pushing them hard into her. I unclasped her bra and her tits sprung out dancing with the force of their release.

I took them in my hands and kissed one then the other, I did this over and over. I was on my knees kissing and suckling on her nipples, while she held my head in her hands; guiding me from nipple to nipple. Her head was back and her eyes closed; her mouth gapped open moaning softly. My hands were moving over her skirt covered ass and I found the button and released it and the skirt fell to the bed. I stood and she did too and she was clad only in her pink panties. She put her thumbs in the waistband and pulled them down and off.

I pushed her down on the bed and buried my face in her pussy. She was wet and the taste of her elixir was intoxicating. I slowly licked my tongue up and down her pouting labia; she was squirming and withering as I worked on her love tunnel. I nibbled and sucked her clit and her hips were moving and bouncing. I could feel her hands in my hair pulling my face into her golden triangle. I could feel her tense and moan as she had her first orgasm, she was fucking my face in slow motion, my hands on her ass pulling her into me harder. She then had another climax, with her legs wrapped around my head and was riding hard. I was trying to gasp for air, my tongue flicking her clit and she kept on cuming orgasm after orgasm. She finally lay on the bed quiet, Eskort Bayan not moving a muscle.

“Jack take off your clothes and make love to me,” she purred, with her angelic smile.

I undressed and crawled on the bed and kissed her mouth, then each of her nipples, then her belly button and finally her open pussy. Then I slid between her thighs and pushed my gorged mushroom head into her vagina. I pulled it almost out and I could see just the tip of the mushroom between her lips and I watched it glide back into her inch by inch slowly filling and stretching her and then it was back in it’s sheath, snug and tingling with her convulsing muscles.

“AAHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Jack that feels soooooooo good,” she hissed.

I lay there feeling her flexing her muscles; it was like and electric shock running through my cock to my body. I pulled her legs up and she opened wider and I pulled all the way out of her pussy. Then slid back into her liquid heat, I could feel my cock hit the back of her vagina and she exploded into an orgasm that was so exhilarating that I erupted like a volcano with her, my molten hot lava flooding her insides like a tidal wave. Her orgasm would not subside it kept getting more intense with ever stroke I took into her. She was like fucking a wild animal she was screaming for me to fuck her harder and I was really ramming her and she kept on cumming and again I shot another salvo of cum into her. When she finally came back down she was almost in tears, panting and gasping for air. We lay on the bed for and hour resting and just touching, finally she got up and stretched.

“I’m going to take a shower, I really need one.”

She came out of the shower wiping her self, her hair wet and plastered to her face and head. I watched her as she dried her hair, her breasts shaking and jiggling as she moved. Her feet were small, her ankles were nicely formed and her legs were perfectly tapered, her calves were muscular and very well toned. Her thighs were nice and firm and they spread into her perfectly formed hips. I looked between her thighs and her mound was slightly protruding and her lips were pouting, her pubic area was covered with golden blond curly hair, trimmed neatly. Her stomach was flat as a board, and her waist was tiny. I looked at her stomach and thought; this woman has had three children and not a mark on that body. She turned and her ass was firm, her cheeks were round and full, she had a dimple on her right cheek.

My eyes moved up her body to her beautifully formed breast, they hung majestically and were the size of softballs, perfectly round. The top of breast slopped up like a ski jump and the areola sat at the apex, with a nipple the size of my little finger, they were pointing upward. She had a small face with big blue eyes, a cute button nose and very sensual mouth with full lips. A golden flaxen crop of hair, which covered her shell like ears, it was short and wavey, surrounding her face. She was a beautiful sight to see.

“What are you staring at Jack?”

“I’m staring at you beautiful, drop that towel and let my look at you.”

She turned around with a hand on her hip and other on her chin. Her beauty was over whelming. She came to me and kissed me and I watched her breast dangling, her nipples screwed up hard as can be.

“We need to eat something we haven’t eaten all day and I’m hungry, plus I have to keep your energy up.”

I grabbed her pulling her on the bed. She was trying to get away kicking her legs and ticking me, I started tickling her and she was laughing and begging me not to tickle her any more. I finally stopped and she jumped up and said, “Boy, you’re going to get it good, you just wait. Now take a shower and get dressed and I’ll try to get some dinner.

After showering and getting dressed I headed for the galley and she had everything well in hand. She broiled two rib eye steaks, left over green beans and a salad. When we were through we cleaned the dishes and the galley and we sat on deck and watched the activity on the shore as the sun started to set. The sky was clear and it was very balmy and the breeze was nice and soft from the south.

We were sitting together and she was running her sensuous fingers up and down my leg, I began to watch her beautiful fingers travel up and down my leg sending shocks waves up leg. I could feel the sensation moving through my skin into the muscles and running up my thigh and then they reached to my groin. I could feel my body temperature rising and a tightening in my gut, I stared breathing heavy as if I was experiencing the act of sex. I could hear my heart beating loud in my head and I could her hers too. I felt her hand travel the length of my shaft through my shorts; the movement of her hand mesmerized me. My head was lying on the back of the chair and I closed my eyes as she continued her hand traveling over my hard meat. I was in another world drifting with the rhythm of her hand.

I open my eyes and she was gazing into my soul, her eyes were alive with fire and lust. I was completely under her spell as she continued to kindle my desires. Her lips were pressed against mine, and her tongue searching and probing my mouth. Her hand and fingers were still stimulating my cock, and her tongue raping my mouth. She released my mouth and I could see the stars twinkling in the heavens, night had fallen and all was still.

I looked down and watched her hand caressing and gliding along the bulge in my short. She was nuzzling my ear and darting her tongue in out in causing a tingling sensation that brought me to the brink of and orgasm. I shifted on my side and ran my open hand up her leg to her round fleshy cheek; I felt her panties covering her crack and that nice firm ass. I ran my finger along her panty-covered pussy, which was wet with her nectar. She was still moving her hand across my meat and her tongue in my ear again. I loved the feel of her ass and I pried my fingers into her panties and found her rose bud.

Her hand left my cock and found the button on my shorts, the zipper followed and I could feel her searching for her prize. I felt her hand close around my shaft and I pushed my finger into her tight little flower. She jumped and moved my hand away, and I put it back and pushed it in to the first joint. She shuttered and had a climax, she was moaning and moving. I pulled out and moved to her pussy, I pushed in my finger and she was flowing. I found her nub and moved it back and forth and she was flowing again, moaning and sighing. I was trying to pull her panties off and could not, she stood up and lifted her dress over her head and pulled her panties down and stood there naked under the stars.

She grabbed my shorts and pulled them down and I was naked from the waist down. She grabbed my cock and sucked the head into her voracious mouth, bobbing her head into my cock, back and forth like a piston, I fell back on the chair and then onto the deck. She was on her knees on the deck between my legs sucking with the velocity of a hurricane. I erupted into her mouth and her pace never slowed and I was in excruciating ecstasy. She was in a state of total animalistic delight. I could not believe her behavior she was completely out of control. I could feel her teeth raking my shaft and closing on the mushroom. When she gained her full sanity again, she was very docile and apologetic.

I was sprawled on the deck and she was still holding my meat in her mouth, when she released me, I was relieved.

“Did I hurt you Jack,” with a sheepish look on her face.

I looked at her with a look of wonder and replied, “No, I’m ok, what came over you, I though you were going to eat me alive?”

“I just couldn’t get enough of you and I lost control.”

She was lying on the deck next to me and had her eyes closed. I lay there looking at her in wonderment. What a paradox she was an elegant lady oozing class and dignity, get her in bed and she was a whore who loved sex, for just the sex alone. It’s hard trying to figure her out; she’s like two different people. She opens her eyes and rolled to her side facing me, she grasps my shaft and holds it with both hands. She is resting her head on my shoulder and her magnificent tits snuggled into me.

She leans down again and kisses the mushroom and licks the crown around the perimeter, over and over. Then she stops and sucks the it back into her mouth and her head starts bobbing up and down, her mouth is traveling the length of my pole stopping monetarily to kiss the knob and then back down. She is keeping a steady pace and I’m in ecstasy, laying there reveling in the manipulation her mouth was performing on my hard member. She increased her speed and I was staring to tremble and I could feel the climax trying to start but it was lingering trying to erupt but it just lingered. I was trying hard to bring it out and then it hit like a ton of bricks. I was suspended in mid air and my ass and balls were flying and I was spewing streams of ivory cream into her throat and into her stomach. She never slowed down she just keep fucking my cock with her mouth. I was trying to break her clasp on my meat and finally she did. I lay there wondering what the hell hit me; I had a hard time standing up.

We both sat in the balmy night air nude and she was still fondling me and she was asking me to fuck her. My cock felt like it had been through a ringer, bite marks and all. I told her we should go inside and she wanted to screw under the stars. I grabbed her and picked her up and carried her to the cabin and she was kissing me all the way there. I lay her on the bed and we lay and rested for a while. April was very aroused and kept on running her hands up and down my body and finally I fell asleep.

I awoke with a start and it was pitch black, April was sleeping and I got out of bed and went on deck. I looked at the clock and it was 3:00 am, and I realized I was still naked. I needed a drink and I went to the saloon and poured myself a stiff cognac, I took a sip and I figured why not a cigar too. I sat out on the deck sipping a triple cognac and smoking a Cuban cigar in my birthday suit. I was watching the lights and thinking about Sally lying in the hospital, when I heard a noise and I looked up and April was approaching, with her tits swaying as the boat moved, she looked like the goddess of the night. She sat next to me snuggling and kissed my chest.

“Can I have a sip of your drink?” I handed her the snifter and she took a big swallow and handed back the glass. I took a big drag on my cigar and blew out the smoke.

“Jack, please take me to bed, I need to be loved again.” She looked up and smiled sweetly and kissed my nipple.

“Let me finish my cigar and drink first, ok?”

“Please Jack, I need to feel you moving inside of me, filling me with your massive loving probe, making my body come alive, touching me in places that no other man has ever touched.”

She knelt down beside me and kissed the head of my cock, she was making love to it. She swirled her tongue around the crown and sucked it as deep as she could. I picked her up and carried her to the cabin and I threw her on the bed; she bounced on her back and her tits moving in every direction. She was lying on the bed legs extend, reaching out to me. I moved between then and she grabbed the mushroom as started rubbing it on her lips.

“Oh god, that feels so good, you’re so hot and hard, Mmmmmm I love feeling your cock on my clit rubbing like that.” She continued to rub my head between her cunt lips. She moved the head in her and was moving my cock in a circular motion.

Oh Jack, that feels so good, its like, like it stretching my little hole wide, just let me do it, Ummmmmmm yesssss I love that feeling of stretching, its sooo good.” She pushed a little more and I slid deeper into her hot pussy and she laughs and sighs, her hands squeezing my cock harder.

“Oh damn, Jack it feels like a box car, its spreading me so wide, Mmmmmm I know you want to fuck me, but let me do this my way, I want to savory the feeling of you spreading and stretching my tunnel like it was elastic.”

She moves her hips slightly into my cock and it slides in deeper, I could feel her flexing her vaginal muscles around the part of the shaft that’s in her. Her face was all-aglow and she was in ecstasy savoring the feeling of my shaft.

“Oh, I love that, yes its sooo good, I love this feeling Mmmmmm its so snug, do you like that feeling Jack, that nice warm snug feeling.”

She has her hands on my ass now and they felt so small but very hot and she raised her legs up and then rested them on my back, I looked down and could see my cock descending through her lips and into her channel until it disappeared. My shaft was completely surrounded by her body, she was impaled on my member and she was not moving she was talking like a magpie.

“Oh god, I love your cock, it feel like its part of my body, I loves it big head it feels so hot in me. I want it in me all the time, all the time, all the time, oh yes all the time.”

She slowly starts to rotate her hips on my cock and it feels like its being shocked with an electrical charge. I just lay with my cock in her and let her do all the work, she is now moving a little faster and my shaft is hard and hot.

“Now Jack, now Jack, fuck me, fuck me, fuck meeeeeeeeeeee. Oh yes fuck me Jack.”

I and now meeting her thrust with one of my own and its like we are flying among the stars, I’m pulling all the way out and ramming all the way back into her hard. She has an orgasm and is fucking me like a wild person and I keep ramming her hard and she cums again, her legs hooked on my ass and she’s fucking like a dog in heat and she cums one more time.

“I’m cumming Jack, I’m cumming Jack, OH GOD, I’M cumming Jack, harder babe please harder.”

I’m pounding her pussy and she keeps cumming like a fright train and I just keep pumping, trying to cum but I just can’t reach the summit, so we just keep on riding the clouds and it’s a great ride. Then it happens it comes out of left field, it explodes like the atomic bomb, I’m shooting huge wads of cum and she is cuming with me and I can’t stop cumming and finally the wave subsides and I can breath again. I think that she is finally satisfied and we both fall asleep.

When I awoke she was not in bed and turned looked out the porthole and the sun was shinning, I could hear water running she was taking a shower. I stretched and sat on the side of the bed, put on my short and walked on the deck. Wow, what a beautiful day it was going to be today. I went and checked the water level in the tanks and headed back for the cabin. She was drying herself and had a towel wrapped around her head. I headed into the head to take a shower and April grabbed my arm.

“Don’t I get a good morning kiss Jack, or are you tired of me already?” I grabbed her shoulders and kissed her wet hungry mouth, her tongue was gliding across my mouth, “Mmmmmm, that’s better.”

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