Caramel Sundae

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“Hey, Teá? Where’s the ice cream?”

Teá Norris lay on the couch, her trusty notebook computer resting on her lap as her fingers flew over the keys. Trying to finish her sociology research paper before the next day’s deadline, she barely heard her girlfriend’s voice calling out from the kitchen.

“Hmm?” Teá murmured, still typing.

“Teá? Where’s the ice cream?” Devon repeated.

Teá never even looked up. “Huh?”

Devon came to the doorway between the living room and the kitchen. Her soft, olive skin was now flushed red with displeasure. Her deep, sultry voice rose a bit louder. “The ice cream. Have you seen it?”

Teá’s silky brown fingers didn’t skip a beat. “What’s that hon?”

Devon growled. “Teá?”

Teá paused and looked up from her computer. “Wait– Devon? What are you doing home so early? I thought you had practice today?”

Devon’s voice was short. “I did. Now I’m home and I’m looking for the leftover ice cream.”

Teá’s face went blank. “What ice cream?”

Devon’s jawline suddenly tightened. “Can you come in the kitchen for a sec?”

Teá shivered at the slight change in Devon’s voice. As she watched Devon walk away, a frown spread across her face.

Having known each other since freshman year, the outgoing and bubbly Teá had first found Devon hard to read. At the time, Devon Shelton was the amazingly tall and athletic, yet ever-so-quiet girl that sat behind her in their English class.

Teá quickly found that Devon always kept her thoughts and emotions to herself. As a result, despite being immediately attracted to the beautiful amazon, Teá often found herself frustrated with her failed attempts to get to know the reserved and reticent Devon.

However, Teá was undaunted. Sensing a mutual attraction, as evidenced by Devon’s inability to keep her eyes off Teá’s curvy body, Teá kept up her efforts to break Devon’s reserve. Finally, after a spur-of-the-moment late-night study session that led to a hot, sticky, multiple-orgasmic encounter, their worlds suddenly fell into sync and they became inseparable.

Now juniors, and living together in a tiny, off-campus apartment in pure romantic bliss, Teá was keenly tuned in to Devon’s moods. As such, now that Teá was finally paying attention to what Devon had just been asking, she suddenly realized that Devon’s first questions about the ice cream seemed harmless. However, Devon’s last request to come to the kitchen held a tinge of irritation.

As she remembered how much she loved her sweetheart and never wanted to disappoint her, Teá set her laptop aside. “I’m coming!” She slid off the couch and she hurried her 5’4″ curvy body toward the kitchen.

As she passed by the windows, she was surprised to see that night had fallen. She glanced at the clock. “It’s nine-thirty?” Having started on her research paper early that morning, she was amazed at how much time had passed. “Wow. I guess Devon’s practice is over,” she mused.

As she reached the doorway, ever naughty, her mouth had formed a spicy retort to her girlfriend’s inquiries. However, as soon as she stepped inside the kitchen, her breath caught at the sight of the glamazon before her.

Bending down, Devon had one arm resting on top of the refrigerator door as she peered inside the tiny freezer compartment. Her long, dark brown hair had been pulled back into a severe ponytail and her smooth olive skin gleamed with a light sheen of perspiration.

Ordinarily, her hazel eyes danced with an inner joy and the angular bone structure of her face was stunning, but now her eyes were dark and aggravation had hardened her features.

No matter what mood she was in, however, dressed in a loose T-shirt and jeans, her casual clothes could never hide her toned physique.

A 6’2″ point guard for the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team, Devon made it a point to stay in top physical condition. Her long arms, lean, toned and sinewy, extended from underneath the short sleeves. Her slender, yet muscular legs, though currently hidden by the loose denim, were well known and had been well explored by Teá’s eager fingers, lips and tongue.

Remembering how much passion they felt for each other — a raw, erotic passion that was expressed nightly — a deep love and desire suddenly welled up in Teá and made her blush. However, needing to ease the tension, as well as temporarily compose herself from the sight of her attractive girlfriend, Teá hopped up onto the kitchen counter and gave Devon a big, bright smile. “Whatcha need, honey?”

Devon sighed as she looked up from the fridge. “Teá –”

Then her eyes widened and her mouth dropped open.

Teá grinned at Devon’s shocked expression. Not one for a lot of clothes, all Teá wore was a tight, nearly see-through UConn tank top and a pair of skimpy royal blue shorts. The thin material perfectly doeda showcased her ample breasts, thick thighs and a soft, cute tush that jiggled as she walked. She was further blessed with a pretty face, jet-black hair that had been cut into a cute, shoulder-length bob, and soft, mocha-colored skin.

Knowing she looked amazing, Teá crossed her legs and hit a sexy pose, showing off her thick and lovely body. “Now what were you going to say?” she teased, fluttering her eyelashes.

Devon shook her head. “Anyway Teá, I know you’re working, and I hate to bother you, but I’m looking for that ice cream I bought the other day. I know Coach’ll kill me if she ever saw me with it, but I was dying thinking about it during practice. So, have you seen it? There wasn’t that much left in the box, but I had a taste for it and I wanted to finish it up right quick.”

Teá frowned as she suddenly remembered how she’d scarfed down the last bit of Butter Pecan earlier that day. She nervously tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear. “Ummm, yeah, about that…”

Devon closed the refrigerator door a bit too hard. “Damn, baby! I was saving that as a treat!”

She sighed as she leaned against the door. “Practice was awful today. Ever since we won that game against Arizona State and made it to the Final Four this year, Coach’s been riding us hard as hell. So I wanted to treat myself to something that I can’t usually have. Something Coach won’t let me have.”

“So practice was rough today,” Teá said softly.

Devon’s shoulders slumped. “Yeah. It was.” Then she reached out and softly pinched Teá’s thigh. “And I’m sorry I’m such a grouch.”

“It’s okay, honey,” Teá smiled as she grabbed Devon’s hand and squeezed it gently. “Y’all are in the Final Four this year. That’s a big deal; a huge deal. So we’re all a bit stressed out.” Then she playfully poked out her lip. “So…you really, really wanted that ice cream?”

Devon sighed. “Yeah, I did. I had my heart set on a caramel sundae.” All at once, she smiled and her eyes brightened. “Ice cream, caramel sauce, whipped cream and a cherry on top?” She licked her lips, then grinned. “I was really, really craving something sweet and delicious!”

“Well, since you want a sweet treat so much,” Teá said as she wiggled her hips, still sitting on the countertop, “why don’t you make a sundae out of me?”

It only took Devon a moment.

She smoothly stepped between Teá’s open legs and fitted herself perfectly between her lover’s ripe, juicy, chocolate thighs. Then she reached out and grasped a lock of Teá’s hair. “You know we can’t do that until after the big game,” Devon whispered as she twirled the silky dark strands between her fingers. “Coach said.”

A soft moan escaped Teá’s lips. She then leaned back and lifted up her tank top slightly, exposing the silky, chocolate brown skin on her stomach and just under her full, rounded breasts. Her thick nipples strained against the light fabric and she rubbed them gently. “Well, what Coach doesn’t know…”

“…Won’t hurt her,” Devon smiled as she took her index finger and traced soft circles on Teá’s full lips.

Teá snaked her tongue out and licked Devon’s finger. Then she opened her mouth and pulled the slim digit deep inside and sucked hard. Inflamed with desire, she used her lips and tongue to work Devon into a raw heat.

Devon groaned, squirming at Teá’s touch. After several intense moments, she finally slid her finger out of Teá’s mouth, wrapped her arms around Teá’s waist and pulled her close. “I want you, baby,” Devon moaned into Teá’s ear, her voice hoarse with passion. “I want you so bad.”

Teá’s full, pouty lips curled into a smile. “Then come and get it!”

In an instant, Devon leaned in and pressed her lips against Teá’s…

…And all time stopped.

Teá closed her eyes, overwhelmed with ecstasy, as her lover kissed her deeply. As they embraced, a delicious tingle began deep between Teá’s legs and quickly turned into an insistent throb. Kissing softly at first, she shivered when Devon’s tongue thrust into her mouth, and she used her own to match Devon’s ardor. The erotic sensations pulsating inside Teá deepened as their kisses grew in intensity. Suddenly, Teá could no longer stand it.

She pulled back and admired Devon’s soft, olive skin and toned, athletic body and her passion began to peak. Without warning, Teá leaned in close, pressed her lips to Devon’s neck and began to lick and suck Devon’s heated flesh.

“Oh God, baby,” Devon moaned. “That feels so good!”

As Teá increased her delightful teasing, Devon threw her head back and her body began to tremble. “Don’t stop, baby! Please don’t stop!”

Teá licked and nipped the sensitive skin, loving the taste of Devon’s soft flesh. She moaned as she tried to devour as much of the silky smooth skin as possible. Then she slid her hands underneath Devon’s shirt and went straight for her hardened nipples. She tweaked the taut flesh, trying to drive eş değiştirmeli porno Devon wild.

“Ohhhh,” Devon moaned.

Feeling Devon’s temperature rise, Teá bent her head and captured one of Devon’s nipples in her mouth. As she sucked deeply, she felt Devon shiver violently.

“Yesssss!” Devon panted. “Oh God, baby, yes!”

Inflamed with passion, Teá moved her head from one nipple to the other, licking, sucking, and running her tongue all over the erect flesh. She hungrily devoured Devon’s sizzling-hot skin.

“Ooooh!” Devon cried, her voice breaking. “I love you so much, Teá! God, I love you! You make me feel so good!”

Teá felt an intense rush of love and warmth at Devon’s passionate words. All of a sudden, she desperately needed the ultimate release. “Go get the whipped cream, honey,” Teá winked. “Please?”

Realization slowly spread across Devon’s face. She grinned, then dashed to the refrigerator. She pulled out two jars and a metal can and set them on the counter next to Teá’s curvy body.

“Now…how about we get rid of these clothes,” Devon said as she grabbed the hem of Teá’s tank top and pulled it up and over her head. Then she quickly removed Teá’s shorts. Looking at the neat triangle between Teá’s legs, Devon grinned at Teá’s lack of underwear.

“Why you ain’t got no panties on?” Devon chuckled. “You so nasty!”

Teasingly, she stroked the bottom of Teá’s feet, causing the mocha beauty to squirm in delight.

“That tickles!” Teá giggled as she wiggled on the countertop.

“It was supposed to,” Devon smiled, exposing dazzling white teeth. Then she looked down at Teá’s naked beauty.

Teá’s smooth, chocolate skin was luminous and radiant, and simply gleamed in the soft glow coming down from the ceiling light fixture. Her jet-black hair gently kissed her shoulders, and shimmied and shook with her every moment. Her full, ripe breasts sat high on her chest and her thick nipples were dark and erect, just begging for a wet mouth to caress them. Her rounded stomach and curvy thighs were soft and smooth, and as her full tush pressed against the countertop, Teá began to quiver with anticipation.

“Hurry!” Teá whispered as she watched Devon’s breath quicken. “Come on!”

Devon pursed her lips and shook her head. “I ain’t rushing nothing, baby” she said quietly. “I’m gonna take my time with this one.”

Then she picked up a small glass jar and grabbed a spoon out of the drawer. She stirred the thick liquid until it began to warm and soften. Once she was satisfied, she dangled the bottle over Teá’s wriggling body and slowly tipped it over. “First comes the caramel sauce, baby.”

Teá shivered as the warmed liquid streamed all over her heated thighs. She gasped as drops of the caramel sauce dripped onto her wet pussy. “Oh my God,” Teá moaned as her pulse began to race. “Oh, Devon! Devon, please!”

“Next,” Devon said as she grabbed the metal can and aimed it right for Teá’s pussy, “comes the whipped cream.”

“Baby, yessss,” Teá hissed as she watched Devon shake the can. Teá closed her eyes, then arched her back as the icy foam touched her heated skin. “Oh my God! Yes!”

“Now for the cherry on top,” Devon smiled as she plucked a cherry out of the jar, placed the stem in her mouth and held it between her teeth. She bent down and deposited the juicy, plump fruit right on top of Teá’s mound.

Teá shivered at the cool sensation racing through her body. “Oooooh,” she moaned. “Come on, Devon! Please!”

“I got you, baby,” Devon moaned as she leaned down. “I got you.”

Her tongue ready, she took slow, careful licks of Teá’s quivering thighs. She feasted on the sweet mixture atop her mocha skin.

“Mmmm,” Devon groaned. “So good, baby. So, so good!”

Her body on fire, Teá needed Devon’s tongue deep inside her pussy. Immediately.

“More, baby!” she cried. “More!”

In an instant, Devon buried her face in the sweet, sticky confection that covered Teá’s wet pussy.

“Oh God, yessss,” Teá sighed as she leaned back on the counter. At the last moment, she decided to prop herself up and onto her elbows so she could watch her lover’s every movement. Watching Devon devour her pussy made her temperature soar. “Oh, Devon, yes!”

Devon spread Teá’s legs wide and slid her tongue deep inside Teá’s candy-coated wetness. She used her lips and tongue to draw out drop after drop of Teá’s sweet juices. “You’re delicious,” Devon moaned. “I swear, baby, you taste so damn good!”

Teá’s body rocked against the countertop and she closed her eyes in pure ecstasy at Devon’s tonguework. “Mmmmm,” she moaned over and over again. “Oh, honey, do me! Do me good! Make me cum! Make me cum!”

As Devon lapped up the last of the sweet flavors she’d applied, she took her fingers and began to tease Teá’s soft pussy lips. She trailed her tongue up one side and down the other, then let her fingers follow her eager rhythm. Soon, her lips genç porno and tongue were working in unison to bring Teá to her peak.

Teá shivered at the delicious sensations racing though her as Devon worked on her pussy. “Oh baby, eat me!” Teá groaned. “Oh God, eat me!”

Yielding to the lustful sensations, she thrust her hips forward, forcing Devon’s tongue deeper into her wetness. To steady herself, Teá placed her feet on Devon’s shoulders and pushed back hard.

Devon’s strength and athleticism came in handy as she gripped Teá’s legs and held them steady. Then she swirled her tongue even faster, lapping up more of the liquid sugar. As Teá’s body rocked harder, Devon began to tap her tongue insistently against Teá’s sensitive clit.

“You’re so juicy, baby,” Devon moaned as more of Teá’s sugary juices flowed into her mouth. “So sweet and juicy!”

Teá’s heart was pounding and her body was enveloped in a savage, raw heat. She bucked against Devon’s tongue, trying to get more of it inside her hot, wet, sticky depths. On an impulse, she reached up and grabbed her breasts, twirling her thick nipples in her eager fingers. She cried out at the additional sensations overtaking her body, but she needed more.

So much more.

“Fuck me, Devon!” Teá cried, her body needing the most erotic, most intimate intrusion. “Fuck me hard!”

Devon grinned as she placed a slender finger just outside of Teá’s pussy. “You sure, baby? You sure you’re ready for me?”

“Yessss,” Teá groaned, her body wriggling in delight. Though she loved the feel of Devon’s wet tongue tickling her most intimate parts, she needed a strong thrusting in her pussy to really reach her peak. Her turbulent passions were sending her senses into overload. “Oh God, please!”

Devon thrust her finger into Teá’s tight pussy and Teá’s body nearly leapt off the counter. “Ahhhh!”

Devon pumped hard, creating a delicious rhythm that drove Teá nearly out of her mind. Feeling Teá’s walls close in tight, she added a second finger, driving in and out even faster. Then she went back down to Teá’s pussy and slurped up the thick, sweet juices that flowed even faster. She swirled her tongue in small, tight circles all over Teá’s pussy, dancing all over her swollen clit.

Tears came to Teá’s eyes as she felt the intense erotic tingling begin deep inside her pussy. Devon’s tongue, lips and fingers were exciting her more and more with every passing second. She braced herself against the countertop as her body began to rock back and forth. Deep moans and cries escaped her lips as she hovered over the most intense, most powerful climax of her life.

Teá’s entire body tensed. “Now, baby, now!”

“That’s it, Teá,” Devon cooed as Teá’s cries grew louder. “Get it for me! Get it now!”

“I’m gonna cum, Devon!” Teá shouted as her orgasm hit hard. “Oh God, now!”

Teá closed her eyes as her body exploded and her wet, sticky juices flowed deep into Devon’s mouth. Devon licked and sucked all the hot liquid, moaning as Teá’s body shook underneath her.

“Ahhhhh!” Teá cried. “Oh God, yes!”

“Keep going, baby,” Devon urged as Teá’s body continued to shake. “More, baby, more!” She used her tongue to tease Teá’s pussy even harder.

Teá continued screaming as her sensitive clit sent her into a second orgasm, with Devon right there to lick up all of the honeyed sweetness.

After several long moments, Teá’s body eventually relaxed and she slumped against the countertop. Soon, a satisfied smile spread across her face.

As she opened her eyes, Teá saw the look of hunger on Devon’s face. Sensing her lover’s raw need, Teá sat up, thrust her hand into Devon’s jeans and slid it right into Devon’s panties. She took her first two fingers and captured Devon’s swollen clit between them. She stroked the slippery flesh fast and hard as Devon shivered.

“Damn, baby,” Devon groaned, her body writing with passion. “Yes, baby, yes!”

“Come on, honey,” Teá panted as she stroked the turgid flesh. “Cum for me!”

Devon, somehow still on her feet, put her hands on the countertop and rocked back and forth. “Ooooh, yes!”

“I need more room, honey,” Teá whispered as she unbuttoned Devon’s jeans. As the thick denim fabric slid to the floor, Teá slid both hands into Devon’s panties. Teá was amazed at the amount of juice that flowed from Devon’s wet pussy. She swirled her fingers in the sticky wetness and lifted one finger to her lips.

“Mmmm! Tasty!” Teá giggled, loving the hot, sugary liquid.

“Come on, baby,” Devon groaned in agony. “Don’t stop! Don’t stop, please!”

Teá went back to her erotic manipulations as even more of Devon’s juices covered her fingers. As she stroked Devon’s clit, Teá used her other hand to grip and squeeze Devon’s ass. She manipulated the taut, muscular flesh between her fingers, trying desperately to add to her girlfriend’s pleasure.

“That feels good, baby,” Devon sighed as she rocked against Teá’s fingers. “Just don’t stop! Please don’t stop! I’m so close! I’m so close, baby!”

Teá smiled as she took her hand from Devon’s ass. Before Devon knew what was happening, Teá took that hand and slid two fingers deep inside Devon’s pussy. Teá smiled at the tight, wet sensations around her fingers as she stroked inside as well as out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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