Carol , Ryan At School

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Carol groaned as she clutched Ryan’s head as he sucked her pussy. His tongue drove her crazy as he plunged it way up into her pussy, sucking her as he swirled his tongue around in her hole, loudly slurping her juices which were running from her pussy in response to his wild tongue. She arched her back as he moved up to her clit, sucking it into his mouth as he butterflied it with the tip of his tongue, causing her to scream out loud.

“God, I love it, I love it,” she cried. “Don’t stop now. Keep on sucking. That’s it, suck me, suck me, SUCK ME!!!” she screamed, as her orgasm ripped through her body, cascading her juices into Ryan’s eager mouth as he sucked her pussy, slurping up her juices as fast as they poured forth from her hole.

As Ryan sucked the last of her juices from her pussy, chasing up her hole in search of more, Carol collapsed to the ground in front of him, her legs splayed open, her pussy glistening and engorged from the expert sucking it had just received. Ryan sat back and grinned at her, his face shining with her juices. Leaning back on his elbows, Ryan watched Carol as she regained some of her composure. All these years of sucking her had taught him how to bring her to an orgasm so overpowering that he was used to seeing her take a couple of minutes to get a grip on herself.

As Carol felt herself returning to reality, she reached forward and grabbed Ryan’s cock, which was standing straight up in the air, all ten inches of it, its purple head spreading almost two inches across as it seemed it might burst. Leaning over, she drew his cock into her mouth, softly sucking it all the way in, straining to stretch her mouth all the way around it as it slid down her tongue into the back of her throat. Letting it slide back out to her lips, Carol probed her tongue into the slit at the end of his cock, pushing it in as far as she could, causing Ryan to writhe on the floor. Then she let his cock slide back into her throat, this time relaxing her throat and letting the entire length of his huge cock slide all the way into her throat until her nose was pressed up into his pubic hair. She let his cock throb in her throat for a second before letting it slide back out to her lips, where she sucked mightily on it, working the length of his cock with her hands as she sucked on him. Then she began to bob up and down on his cock, each time letting it slide into her throat all the way, massaging it with her throat muscles and sucking on it with her mouth and tongue as it slid back out each time.

Ryan’s head was now lolling back, his eyes closed as Carol went to work on his cock. No one had ever sucked his cock like her. No one had ever been able to deep throat him, not even close. Now she worked with a fever on his cock, pumping him like crazy as she sucked on him. Loudly sucking, Carol began to massage his balls with one hand while continuing to pump his cock with the other. She felt his balls rolling around in her hand as she gently massaged them. She could feel his cock tense as his balls spasmed, getting ready to shoot his load of cum out of his cock. As she felt his balls really start to churn, Carol gave his balls one last squeeze, sucking his cock hard, and slid a finger into his ass as he started cumming. Ryan gave a loud groan as he felt her finger slide up into his ass as his balls began pumping their load into her eagerly sucking mouth. Carol noisily sucked his cum, swallowing it as fast as he pumped his load into her mouth, filling it. Sucking the last of his cum from his cock, Carol sucked it all the way down into her throat once more, slowly letting it slide back out, then sat up and smiled at him, her lips puffy and slightly swollen from her labors.

“Well, that’s the best way I can think of to dedicate and break in our first apartment,” Carol said. “Now we’ve set an example that has to be lived up to. We hereby dedicate this apartment to the fulfillment of sexual desire,” she laughed.

“Well, since neither one of us has ever had our own apartment, I guess we’ve figured out how to get started,” he agreed.

“It sure was swell of Mom and Dad to pay for this apartment for the semester,” Carol said. “Otherwise we’d be living in the dorm with all the other first year freshmen.”

“That would definitely be a drag,” Ryan agreed.

“I wonder what they’d say if they knew,” Carol mused.

“We’ve been over this before,” Ryan said. “We’re both 18 now and they haven’t a clue. Besides, what could they say? They’re the sex freaks that gave us the idea to experiment with each other.”

“Well, I’m sure not complaining,” Carol said. “Having you to fuck has made my life a lot easier. It saves so much hassle.”

“Yeah, it does make things easier,” Ryan agreed. “It’s been nice to be able to come home and jump your bones when my date wouldn’t put out,” he laughed.

“And for me when I didn’t want to put out,” Carol agreed laughingly. “I don’t want to tell people that we’re brother and sister,” Carol said. “We poker oyna don’t look anything alike, even though we’re twins, and since I’m using mom’s last name, no one should figure it out. That way we can have lots more fun without freaking anyone out.”

“You won’t get any argument from me,” Ryan agreed. “What do you have in mind?”

“Oh, I don’t know, but I’ll think of something,” Carol said. “Meanwhile, fuck me, you big stud, and let’s dedicate this place properly.”

Ryan laughed as he lay back, letting Carol mount him, easily impaling herself on his cock. As she began to ride up and down on his cock, Ryan reached up and began to play with her breasts, rubbing and massaging them, then squeezing her nipples and pulling on them, watching them grow hard and stick out from her breasts.

Carol had great breasts. They were full, with big nipples that stuck out almost a half an inch when they got hard. Reaching down between her legs, Carol let her fingers slide along Ryan’s cock as it slid up and down into her pussy, filling her with its hugeness each time she bounced down on it. Then she let her fingers wander to her clit, rubbing it as she rode up and down on his cock, causing electricity to shoot through her body.

Quickly jumping up off his cock, Carol turned and sucked on it for a moment, then got on her hands and knees, presenting her cunt to him from behind. With a laugh, Ryan got to his knees and instantly buried his cock in her pussy, jamming it all the way in with one sudden thrust. Carol grunted as his ten inches filled her pussy, then began pushing back against him as he began to pump his cock in and out of her pussy. The sound of his cock sloshing in and out of her pussy filled the room, as did the aromas of their combined fucking.

As Ryan continued to pump her pussy, Carol reached back between her legs and let his balls rub across her fingers each time he buried himself in her, letting them rub her clit as he pulled away. She could feel that he was approaching his orgasm already, so Carol concentrated on rubbing her clit so that they could cum together. As Ryan arched his back and began to dump his cum into her pussy, Carol’s orgasm once again swept over her as she rubbed her pussy, feeling his cock spurting deep inside of her pussy, filling it with his cum. When Ryan pulled his spent cock from her pussy, Carol turned around and sucked it into her mouth, slurping their combined juices from it greedily, sucking him clean. Then she lay on her back, her knees wide open, her cunt oozing cum. Holding her cunt lips open, she told Ryan to suck her too, that she didn’t want his mess just left lying around. With a grin, Ryan pushed his face into her pussy and sucked on her, tasting his own cum as well as hers as he feasted on her gooey snatch. When he finished, he crawled up her body and kissed her, letting his tongue swirl around in her mouth.

After they lay there for a few minutes catching their breath, they got up to finish arranging their apartment. As Carol put kitchen things away, Ryan went into his bedroom and finished cutting the hole in the wall that he had been working on before Carol had insisted on breaking in the new apartment. When he finished with his project, there was a 12-inch square two-way mirror on each side of the hole, allowing them to look into the other’s room by simply taking their own mirror down. This arrangement had been Carol’s idea. Most ideas were Carol’s, Ryan mused, but what the hell, they were usually really good ideas. Hell, it had been her idea when they had started playing with each other a little over two years ago, and the first time they had fucked, she had fucked him, from on top. She loved being in control. But I don’t care, Ryan thought, she’s the best sister a guy could ask for and by far the best fuck he’d ever had. As far as he was concerned, he’d be happy living with her forever.

The next few days were pretty hectic, the normal first days of college where everyone was trying to find their classes and learn the routine. After a few days, Carol informed Ryan that she had a date that night and that she might bring him back to the apartment afterwards. Ryan shrugged his shoulders and told her just to let him know if she wanted him to leave the room and he’d go into his own room.

When Carol came in that evening with her date, she introduced him to Ryan, her roommate. After drinking a couple of beers with them, Ryan excused himself to his room to work on his schoolwork. After about a half an hour, Ryan heard sounds which he realized were coming from Carol’s room. He quickly removed the mirror from his wall and looked into her room. They were standing at the foot of the bed kissing, his hands running all over her ass and up to rub her breasts. He could see Carol sucking his tongue into her mouth as she reached down and rubbed his cock through his pants.

Breaking off their kiss, Carol slowly started peeling her clothes off, starting with her shirt, which exposed her breasts canlı poker oyna to him. As they fell into view, he moved forward and sucked first one, then the other into his mouth, sucking on her nipples and then trying to suck her entire tit into his mouth, which definitely didn’t fit. Pushing him away, Carol knelt down and undid his trousers, pulling them down and freeing his cock, which was standing straight out in front of him. Quickly stepping out of her own pants, Carol grabbed him by the cock and dragged him back towards the bed where she sat down.

Pulling him closer, she opened her mouth and let his cock slide all the way in, totally disappearing into the depths of her throat. Ryan could see him throw his head back and arch his back as Carol’s talented mouth went to work on him. After a few minutes she stopped and lay back on the bed, her knees wide, showing her whole pussy to him. As he crawled in between her legs, Carol grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face down into her pussy, literally jamming his face into her cunt. He quickly recovered and began to explore her pussy with his tongue, running it all around her cunt, sucking her lips, plunging it into her hole, tickling her clit.

As he continued to eat her pussy, Carol raised her head and looked straight at the mirror and smiled, then waved, sure that Ryan would be there watching her. Ryan smiled as he realized that she was putting on a show for him. He let his own cock out of his pants and began to slowly massage it as he watched Carol being eaten. Finally she pulled him up from her pussy and kissed him, tasting herself on his mouth as they swirled tongues. Then rolling him over onto his back, Carol straddled him, sucking his cock up into her pussy as she began to fuck him. As she rode him, Ryan could see his cock as she rose up each time, glistening with her juices as she fucked him. He suddenly started to moan and groan, then very obviously he started cumming, much sooner than Carol had wanted. She ground her hips into him, trying to milk every bit of cum from his cock before he fell limp on the bed, totally spent.

Still not satisfied, Carol crawled up his chest to plant her cum-filled pussy on his face, in spite of the look of horror as he realized that she was going to put her gooey pussy in his face. Rubbing her pussy on his nose, Carol told him to pick up with his tongue where his cock had left off. Slowly he started to eat her pussy again, this time filled with his cum. After another ten minutes, Carol suddenly tensed up and threw her head back as her orgasm caught up to her. Ryan could see that he was getting into eating her much more now and was struggling to suck up all her juices as they flowed from her pussy. When she finally stopped cumming, she rolled off of his face onto the bed and lay there, satisfied.

After a few minutes she sat up and told him he needed to go, that tomorrow was a school day and that she had some studying to do. In between many kisses and fondlings, he got dressed and left. As soon as he left, Carol burst into Ryan’s room where he was sitting on the bed with his cock in his hand.

“God, fuck me,” she demanded. “He only succeeded in getting me horny, now I need some real fucking.”

With a smile, Ryan patted the bed next to him. Carol rushed over and lay on her back, her legs spread. Positioning himself between her legs, Ryan pushed his cock into her pussy, feeling her cunt muscles grasping him as he began to plunge his cock in and out of her, stroking all ten inches each time. Carol immediately started to writhe on the bed as her brother fucked her. He was pounding her pussy, causing her body to bounce up off the bed with each stroke.

As he fucked her, Carol was feverishly rubbing her clit, stimulating herself even more as he fucked her. Suddenly she screamed as her orgasm hit her. Ryan kept on plunging his cock into her as she came, fucking her as hard as he could. When she finished cumming, Ryan felt his own cock about to explode. Quickly pulling it from her pussy, he straddled her chest and stuck his cock into her open and willing mouth, easily sliding it all the way into her throat as she sucked her own juices from his cock. Then he began to cum, filling her mouth with his cum as he slowly fucked her face. Carol noisily sucked the cum from his cock, swallowing it all as he continued to fuck her face. Then milking his cock with her entire mouth and throat, she slowly let his cock slide from her mouth, a satisfied smile on her face.

“No one fucks me like you,” she said, “no one. I’ll bet it would take half a dozen guys to please me the way you do.”

“It’s just the inspiration of fucking you,” Ryan said with a smile. “No one turns me on as much as you, so I fuck you like nobody else.”

“That’s the truth,” she agreed. “There’s a girl I met in one of my classes that I think I’ll bring home for you to meet,” she said. “I’ll bet you like her.”

“Sure, why not?” Ryan agreed. “By the way, what was internet casino that guy’s name tonight? You never told me.”

“Huh, I’ve already forgotten. It’s not important,” she said.

Ryan just laughed as he fell back on the bed, pulling Carol with him. They naturally fell into a 69, slowly and languorously sucking each other. Carol’s pussy always tasted great to Ryan and he could eat it all day every day. Her mouth felt almost as good as her pussy on his cock, and he loved to feel her sucking him with her whole mouth. They lay there sucking for a good 15 minutes before Ryan rolled Carol onto her back, lifted her right leg, and laying on his left side, slid his cock up into her pussy, filling it. He slowly began to fuck her, long hard strokes, while playing with her breasts with one hand and rubbing and pulling on her clit with the other. Carol just lay there with her eyes closed, enjoying the workout. After what seemed an eternity, Ryan grunted and stiffened as he began to cum, pumping his load up into her pussy as Carol came again for the fifth or sixth time. She came so often it was hard to keep track. When they finished cumming, they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The next day when Ryan got home from class, Carol was already there with a friend, a beautiful redhead with big breasts and an outrageous smile. Carol introduced her as Cathy and they sat down and began to talk, finding things out about each other. Cathy was a swimmer, which explained why she looked to be in such good shape. Carol explained that she and Ryan had gone to school in a different part of the country and both had felt like going somewhere where they could meet new people, not just go where everyone else from their high school had gone. When Cathy inquired if they were boyfriend and girlfriend, Carol smiled and explained that they had been best friends forever and that they had no hold on each other except for their friendship. She explained that they both confided in each other when the need arose and that they always had each other for comfort. Cathy seemed relieved as she nodded her understanding.

Carol picked up on the signals that Cathy was sending out, so she announced that she was going to go study for a while, insisting that Cathy stay and get to know Ryan. As she went into her room, she gave Ryan a look with a big smile. Ryan smiled back at her and moved a little closer to Cathy on the sofa. After a while, Ryan ventured to kiss Cathy, who didn’t seem to mind at all. As they got into making out on the sofa, Ryan marveled at how soft Cathy was. Her mouth was so sensual, full lips, soft, moist, probing tongue. When Cathy felt Ryan’s tongue slide into her mouth, she almost choked in surprise.

Pulling away, Ryan asked her if anything was wrong.

“What did you do?” she asked. “I felt as though your tongue was choking me.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, “my tongue is sort of big and sometimes I forget that it’s unusual.”

“What do you mean, big?” Cathy inquired.

“Well, look,” Ryan said, sticking his tongue out.

Cathy gasped as she watched Ryan’s tongue come snaking out of his mouth, reaching up to touch his nose halfway up to the bridge.

“I never knew anyone had a tongue that big,” she said. “Isn’t it strange?”

“Not to me,” he replied. “It’s always been like that, so for me it’s normal.”

“Oh,” she said, slipping back into his arms and kissing him.

As they began kissing again, Ryan slowly let his tongue slide into her mouth, seeking out her tongue to play with. Cathy hesitantly sucked on his tongue, feeling it tickle the back of her mouth and roll all around hers. As they continued kissing, Ryan slowly forced Cathy back on the couch until they were lying down, their bodies glued to each other, passionately sucking tongues. Ryan brought his hand up to cup one of Cathy’s breasts, feeling its fullness fill his hand as he began to knead and massage her tit. Cathy moaned through her kissing as he began to play with her tit, finding the nipple sticking out through her shirt and squeezing and twisting and pulling on it.

As Ryan started to pull her shirt up to get access to her breasts, Cathy stopped him, saying that she would be embarrassed if Carol came out of her room and saw them. Ryan assured her that Carol wouldn’t mind, but when Cathy continued to show her discomfort, Ryan asked her if she’d like to go into his room where they could have some privacy. Her face flushed, Cathy shyly agreed.

As they went into his room, Ryan quickly knocked on the wall to Carol’s room, letting her know that they were in there, sure that she would be glued to the mirror to watch. As they sat on the edge of the bed, Ryan reached over and pulled Cathy’s shirt up over her head, releasing her breasts. Without the shirt they were even more beautiful than he had imagined, with big, bright red nipples, hard and sticking out from the ends. Leaning over, Ryan took one nipple into his mouth and began to suck on it, causing Cathy to gasp and clutch his head to her tit as he continued to suck. After a minute, he released her tit and moved to the other one, sucking its nipple into his mouth and lightly chewing on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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