Carole’s New Friends Ch. 01

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Even you would have to agree that it was a silly accident that started this whole episode of your life. All it took to distract you was a dog running loose in front of a house across the road and when you looked back you were heading into the back of the car in front of you that had stopped at the lights. Fortunately you weren’t going very fast and the damage was limited to a couple of dents.

The other driver leapt out of her car and rushed towards you. You were in less of a hurry, trying to think what on earth you were going to say to excuse your carelessness. As she inspected the damage to the back of her car, you opened your door, got out, and walked towards her very tentatively. She looked up at you as you approached her. She was a woman of about your own age, with long fair hair tied up in a bun, hazel eyes, and dressed in a dark business suit. Her manner was brusque and business-like at first and it made you fear the worst, but suddenly a smile on her face and in her eyes reassured you that things might not be as bad as you’d imagined.

‘It’s ok,’ she said, ‘no damage done, well no more than was already there. Some idiot ran into me last week…’ She stopped, suddenly realising what she’d said. ‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ she added hastily, breaking into a giggle. ‘That was so rude. I didn’t mean you were an idiot. You must have been distracted by the dog too. I thought it was going to run out into the road.’

‘No,’ you replied, ‘I should’ve been paying more attention. I’m the one who should be sorry.’

‘Well, no harm done. The guy who ran into me last week was just in too much of a hurry and he was rude, so I’m more than happy to let his insurance pay for it. And, anyway, us girls must stick together,’ she said with a wink.

‘Thank you so much but hadn’t we better exchange details, just in case.’

‘Sure, why not, and I owe you a coffee anyway for suggesting you were a jerk,’ she laughed.

You wrote out your details on a piece of paper while she handed you a business card. ‘Julia Williams’, it said.

‘It’s Jules,’ she insisted, ‘no need to be formal. I’m on my way to a meeting just now so I must hurry but I’ll call you. Bye, drive carefully. Don’t bump into any more strange women!’

And so they parted.

The incident had almost slipped out of your mind when, a couple of weeks later, the phone rang.

‘Hi, Carole,’ the voice on the other end said, ‘it’s Jules here. You remember, you ran into me a while back,’ she said with a laugh. ‘I’m sorry I haven’t called you before but things have been so hectic. Anyway, I still owe you that coffee. Sorry about the short notice but how about tomorrow morning?’

‘That sounds great,’ you replied after a moment’s thought. ‘I’ll look forward to it.’

And that, in brief, is how began one of the most extraordinary episodes in your life.

During the weeks ahead you found that you were spending more and more time in Jules’s company. Anyone would have thought you’d been friends for life. You began by meeting every few days for coffee, then for a weekly lunch together. She was an easy person to talk with and you found you had much in common with each other. The conversation between you was wide-ranging and increasingly intimate in a non-sexual way.

Finally, when you both had a free day, she invited you round to her place to get the sun beside her pool, have a swim, and some lunch.

‘Don’t forget your costume,’ she said as she rang off.

You arrived at her place at about 11 o’clock. It was in an expensive neighbourhood, befitting the home of two people on excellent salaries. Jules had obviously been watching for your arrival and opened the front door as you got out of your car. She was wearing a bathrobe over her swimming costume and her hair was released from the bun in which she normally wore it. She hugged you warmly and kissed you on the cheek before asking whether you wanted to change into your costume now or later.

When you decided that now was as good a time as any, she showed you upstairs to one of the bedrooms where another bathrobe, identical to hers, was laying on the bed, along with a couple of hangers for your clothes. After pointing out the en-suite shower, adding that there was also a shower by the pool, and making sure that there was a towel for you, she left you to change. As you slipped your clothes off you took time to look around the room, which was obviously not the master bedroom Eskort but the main guest room. It was an airy room, furnished comfortably in a very feminine, chintzy way.

You put on your bikini, brushed your hair and touched up your make up before heading back down the stairs and out into the garden.

The pool was a large one, surrounded by a paved area on which were set out a couple of sun-loungers and a table and chairs. A large awning over the table and the adjacent area provided shelter from the sun, which was becoming quite intense. Jules had already removed her bathrobe to reveal a one-piece but very fashionable and obviously expensive costume and had laid down on one of the sun-loungers. You slipped off your bathrobe and laid down on the other one.

You cast a glance at your surroundings. The garden was substantial and stretched off into the distance. The lawn was immaculately mown and the flower beds neatly kept. Jules had never mentioned that either she or her husband Bob were keen gardeners so you assumed that they paid someone to look after it.

‘You like?’ said Jules, interrupting your reverie.

‘It’s beautiful; it’s a very comfortable home. You’ve obviously found yourselves a wonderful lifestyle.’

‘We enjoy it,’ Jules replied. ‘It’s everything we’ve ever wanted, and more.’

The next half hour or so passed with idle chatter and then Jules suggested a swim before lunch. With the temperature climbing, the thought of slipping into the cooling water was an appealing one. The air was heavy and languid and, as you eased yourself into it, the water seemed equally so. The heat deadened all sound so that all you could hear was the gentle lapping of the water, the buzzing of insects and, in the distance, the faint sound of some children playing. It was turning into an idyllic summer’s day.

You and Jules swam gently, not wanting to exert yourselves and almost not wanting to disturb the water’s placid surface. You floated on your back, letting the sun shine down on you. Jules came alongside you and did the same, reaching out with her hand to slide it into yours.

‘I’m enjoying this…’ you both started to say simultaneously, before bursting out into laughter.

‘See,’ said Jules, ‘we’ve almost become twins. We know each other so well.’

You floated on your backs for several more minutes before she suddenly dropped her gentle grasp of your hand and then rolled over in the water, scooping up a handful and splashing it over you. You shrieked in surprise but, by the time you could think about retaliating, Jules had reached the edge of the pool and was climbing out.

‘Come on,’ she said, ‘let’s have some lunch.’

She walked over to the poolside shower and let the warm water flow over her for a few moments, then towelled herself off, put on her bathrobe and headed into the house. You took the opportunity of her absence to shower yourself. When she returned she was carrying a tray laden with plates of cold meats and salad, which she placed on the table. She then went back into the house and came back with a bottle of wine in a cooler and two glasses. After drying yourself off, you also put on your bathrobe and joined her at the table.

To be honest, in the heat you didn’t really feel like eating but it seemed rude to refuse the meal that she’d laid on. The cold wine was very welcome, though, and without realising it the two of you had soon finished the bottle and you realised that you were feeling mildly tipsy. The conversation flowed easily but, even so, her next question came as a surprise.

‘Do you have a good love life?’

‘Yes…,’ you answered, but the slight trace of hesitation was obvious.

‘But…,’ Jules probed further.

She sensed your reluctance to respond and answered the question herself.

‘You’ve been married more than a few years,’ she said, ‘so things are bound to have settled down into a routine. Don’t you find yourself wishing sometimes that it could be a lot more exciting?’

‘Perhaps,’ you replied, wondering again where this was leading and wishing that she would drop this line of conversation. You thought about the fantasies that regularly filled your thoughts and how exciting the idea of them was but, good friend though she’d become, you were far from ready to talk to Jules about such personal matters. Instead, you decided to turn the tables to remove the pressure from you.

‘What about you and Bob?’

‘That’s what I mean,’ she answered. ‘Our sex life did turn rather boring, in fact most of the time we simply didn’t bother. But it’s fine now. We’re having the time of our lives.’

Her answer left you intrigued. Were they into swinging, had they decided on an open marriage, or had Jules found that she was bi? The possibilities raced through your mind. You were anxious to ask the obvious question but you knew that, if you did, you risked prolonging a difficult conversation. But your curiosity overcame your reluctance.

‘What changed?’ you heard yourself asking.

‘Oh, this and that,’ Jules replied. ‘We found something we both enjoyed.’

It was clear that she had no intention of explaining further. You were both intrigued and disappointed.

‘I’m going to take advantage of the sun for a little while,’ said Jules, as if to change the subject. With that, she got up from the table and walked over to her sun-lounger. She peeled off her costume, and laid down on her front.

‘Would you be ever so lovely and put some sun lotion on me?’ she said, handing you the bottle.

You took the bottle and opened it, pouring some of the lotion into your right hand. After letting it warm for a few moments you began to spread it over her back and shoulders, then down and over her behind.

‘That’s nice,’ she murmured appreciatively.

You weren’t sure whether she wanted you to do the backs of her legs but you decided to continue anyway. Like the rest of her body, she had neat calves and thighs, taut without being too muscular. She obviously worked out but without being excessive over it. You rubbed the lotion into the backs and sides of her legs, working up from her ankles.

As your hands approached the tops of her legs you felt uneasy as to how high you should go. Jules spread her legs wide to enable you to reach as much of her as possible, exposing her smoothly-waxed cunt lips. You were careful not to touch her there, although the temptation to do so was more than you could ever have believed possible. Maybe it was the heat affecting you.

When you had finished, you asked Jules whether she would do you too.

‘Of course,’ she replied, ‘I’d rather hoped you’d want me to.’

It was your turn to lay flat on your sun-lounger. Jules came across and knelt beside you. She unfastened your bikini top and moved the straps aside so that the whole of your back was exposed. Then she applied the lotion to it but she wasn’t just applying lotion, she was massaging and caressing your body. She took her time over it, giving all her attention to your back, your neck, your shoulders and your arms. She raised your arms and crossed them under your head, so that your upper body was raised slightly from the lounger. That allowed her to run her hands down your sides and under your breasts, rubbing the nipples between her thumbs and the side of her palms. You felt them involuntarily swell and harden.

You lay there, wondering how far she was going to take this. You worried that you would have to tell her to stop and were afraid that somehow that might spoil your burgeoning friendship. But before you knew it, her hands had slipped down to the bottom half of your bikini and was easing it down over your hips and thighs. You knew you should protest but you felt completely unable to do so and even lifted your body slightly to ease her task. You were soon as naked as she was.

Her hands rubbed the lotion into your behind, spreading your buttocks and exposing your hidden secrets to her gaze. She ran her hands over your hips and down the outside of your legs to your ankles, pausing there for a second or two before parting your legs. A sound of surprise escaped from her lips as slight wisps of your pubic hair were revealed.

‘I’d never imagined you were unshaved,’ she exclaimed.

It crossed your mind to wonder why she might ever have considered the question.

Now the insides of your calves and thighs were available for her to touch. Her hands ran up your legs and, arriving at the top, showed no caution whatsoever. Fingers pressed against your sex, parting the little lips and exploring between them. A thumb ran along and spread the crease of your behind, rubbing against your tight rear entrance. You could feel the wetness developing in you and, if this continued, you knew that it was going to become a flood. You had never experienced anything like this before and you couldn’t decide whether to feel shame or give in to the desire.

‘Very nice indeed!’

It was the soft voice of a man right behind you. Jules’s husband Bob had arrived home without you hearing and he wasn’t just watching as Jules caressed you, it was his hands that had run up the inside of your legs and were opening up and arousing your sex.

You sprang off the lounger and grabbed your bathrobe, hugging it against yourself to cover both your body and your embarrassment. You had no idea what to do next.

‘Welcome home, darling.’

Jules greeted him as if nothing unusual had happened. She planted a lingering kiss on his lips, rather more than the peck on the cheek that suffices for most long-married couples. ‘I’m so glad you got away from work early. I was afraid that Carole might have left by the time you got home. Carole, this is Bob. Bob, Carole.’

You blushed, grabbing the bathrobe tighter to you, realising that if you tried to put it on you would have to reveal even more of yourself. Both of them watched you closely as you wrestled with your dilemma.

Then Bob began to peel off his clothes. He looked fit compared to most fifty-something year olds and still had a full head of hair, even if it had turned silver. As he took of his underpants you could see that he was tanned all over, as though he spent a good deal of time by the pool. His cock was decent-sized and semi-aroused. He sat down on the sun-lounger you had just vacated.

You decided to bluster it out.

‘I’m sorry but I’m going to have to be on my way,’ you said. ‘I’ve an evening meal to get ready and a husband who’ll be home from work before too long. In any case, I’m sure you two would rather be on your own together. Alright if I pop up and get changed, Jules?’

‘Of course,’ she replied, ‘you know where it is.’

You turned around, with your exposed back towards them, and headed into the house and up the stairs.

The bedroom window looked out over the pool area and you glanced out when you got to the room. Bob and Jules were talking, and talking quite intently, but even though the windows were open, you couldn’t make out more than a few occasional words of what they were saying.

‘I think so,’ Bob seemed to say.

‘Yes, I do too,’ replied Jules, nodding her head to reinforce her agreement. She glanced up towards the window and you darted back out of view, not sure whether she had seen you.

You dressed quickly and went back downstairs. Bob and Jules were waiting in the hallway for you as if nothing had happened.

‘That was a lovely day,’ said Jules. ‘We really must do it again when we get the chance.’

She kissed you on the cheek.

‘Good to meet you at last,’ said Bob, adding his kiss to your cheek. ‘See you again soon I hope.’

‘Yes, that would be lovely,’ you replied to the both of them.

They stood in the doorway as you left. You got into the car and set off down the drive.

You didn’t know what to make of the episode. You liked Jules and you had been excited by the way she had touched you. You knew that, deep down, you would have liked her to go further. But it was clear that she and Bob came as a package. If you’d stayed at their house any longer it was obvious that things would have gone a lot further and both Jules and Bob would have fucked you before the afternoon was over. You found it very difficult to know whether that was really what you wanted. You knew that it was a step too far but, the more you thought about it, the more your body told you that it was a step you wanted to take.

You felt awkward about phoning Jules but a few days later it was taken out of your hands when Jules called you. She had been invited to a girls’ weekend away with some old friends and would you like to join them? It was to take place at the country home of one of these friends.

You hesitated before you replied, unsure whether to accept or not. Quite apart from being a newcomer amongst friends who had known each other for years didn’t entirely appeal, you still weren’t entirely sure about what had happened a few days before.

‘It’ll be good fun,’ Jules insisted, ‘and they’re a really friendly crowd. You’ll get on with them like a house on fire.’

‘And if you’re worried about the other day,’ she added, ‘I definitely got the feeling that you were starting to enjoy yourself. Maybe that’s a side of you that you need to open up. I’ll pick you up at lunchtime on Friday. You’ll only need a small weekend bag.’

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