Carrie’s Threeway Ch. 1

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Les’ story

I knew from the start that my wife Carrie had always been attracted to older men. We had often talked about this even before we were married and she had mentioned a few affairs with older men, but she didn’t want to get into a permanent relationship I suppose because she didn’t want to be left alone at age 40 or 50 after her older husband died. Then there was the children issue…she didn’t feel that a man of 50 or 60 could be the kind of father that could run and play ball with a pre-schooler. I’m sure there have been men who have done this, but according to her, these were her long range concerns.

I am 26 and Carrie is now 24. We have been married for 4 years now and it was just recently that Carrie had the chance to experience an older man again. I had seen the way she looked at some of the older men we passed in the mall, and in the movies and such, and I felt like the desire was still there. I have asked her many times while we were making love, just what it was that turned her on so much about older guys. She would always get a dreamlike look in her eyes as she explained that older men seemed to know just what a woman needed without being in a rush to complete the act. And the “forbidden” aspect of an older man, making it with a woman who could be his daughter. I finally learned one night that she had an affair with her 45 year old mailman when she was only 16. Anyway, Carrie is what you would expect of a young woman in her twenties. Her body is tight from constant aerobics. She has sandy blonde hair, blue eyes, long muscled legs, and two of the most beautiful, 36C, tits tipped with pinkish brown nipples that always betray the fact when she is turned on!

I had always had a tinge of jealousy when we would meet men in a business setting and I knew that she was hot for them. One time while applying for a bank loan, we sat opposite the guy’s desk answering his questions etc. When I looked at Carrie I saw that her nipples were straining against the front of her shirt, and she was obviously flirting heavily with him. Oh I knew the look! A smile cemented on her face, the blue eyes flashing. It was obvious from the loan officer’s actions that he had some ideas of his own. I guess the fact that Carrie’s dress had worked it’s way a little higher and she seemed to be crossing her legs constantly didn’t help matters much.

Just as an experiment, when we got back in the car, I reached to caress her thigh as I often do, but I reached a little higher this time and my fingers were met by her soaked panties. We did get the loan we wanted and if Carrie’s little show had anything to do with it, then I guess it was a good thing. When we got home later, I asked her point blank if she had the hots for this guy. She said that she was only playing with him, and that her days of having other men were over. Somehow, I didn’t think the fires were out just yet. That night, as were in bed, I asked her…”If the right man came along and you had the opportunity, would you fuck him?” “Of course not! I am a married woman now and I have all that I need” she replied. Well it was now or never I thought so I unloaded my secret hidden desires. “Carrie, if you had my permission, would you?” Carrie sat up in bed and just looked at my face for a few minutes in shock. “Do you mean, you WANT me too?” she asked. All I could muster was a nod of my head. The tension in the room was thick enough to cut with a knife. She laid there for what seemed like 30 minutes in silence. I wasn’t sure if she was hurt, pissed off or what, until finally she whispered “I love you, and I want to give you the things you want. If the circumstances were right and I felt good about it, I suppose I could”.

Part of me was scared about the whole thing, part of me was jealous that she would even consider it, but a part of me was turned on thinking that my wife would be screwing someone. We didn’t say anymore, but we held each other making love with a passion we had not experienced before, and it all seemed right.

Weeks went by and the subject never again came up in conversation, but the idea was never far from my mind. It was in late October that the plan fell literally into our laps! We had decided to trade in my old clunker Chevy for a new car. I had just gotten a raise and my old car was on it’s last legs. As we strolled into the dealership we were met immediately by Frank, one of the salesmen. After asking what we had in mind and showing us the cars that we liked, he invited us to his office to see if we could work out a payment plan. Once again we were sitting across from a man at a desk, who controlled our future. Frank was about 45 or so, greying around the temples with brown hair, and it was obvious that underneath the well fitting suit, that he was in pretty good shape. Carrie seemed to notice right away, and flashbacks of the bank came flooding back to me. As Frank went over the facts and figures, Carrie seemed mesmerized by his easy smile and sense of humor. She was wearing a skirt with matching jacket, bursa escort really a very conservative looking outfit, but it did afford a great view of her legs and high heels. Frank excused himself for a moment to speak with the sales manager, Carrie’s eyes following him on his way out. We didn’t speak but just looked into each other’s eyes for a moment, but then Carrie said something about being warm and stood to remove her jacket. I felt that familiar tinge of jealousy when I learned that underneath all she had on was a thin white cotton shirt. The outline of her nipples was visible and her nipples stood out hard and firm. She looked again at me, and it remained unspoken that Frank was the target of our plan. The jealousy soon turned to excitement as I realized that Carrie had not forgotten our talk and was now going on the offensive so to speak to make it a reality. She sat back down in the chair, making sure to arrange her skirt just right. Frank walked back in and did a doubletake as he couldn’t help but notice Carrie’s tits standing up proudly and her nipples trying to poke holes through the thin material. As he sat behind his desk, his face went into a blank stare for a moment as he studied Carrie’s tits! I looked down to see the nipples standing out to what looked like an inch, but I know they weren’t that long, but it was obvious that Carrie was enjoying the attention.

The afternoon went on with Frank making offers, running to the sales manager’s office to deliver our counter offers, and the teasing between Frank and Carrie continued. A few times as she crossed her legs, she would purposely spread them, giving him what I know was a full view of her damp panties. After what seemed like hours, we finally agreed on a price and the long process of paperwork was started. We were ushered into to meet the sales manager and sign our lives away on countless forms. Carl, was equally impressed by Carrie, and I felt like Frank had already filled him in on the hot looking fox in his office. Carl was probably a few years older than Frank, a bit more pudgy, but well groomed in his tailored suit. We were about finished signing all the papers, when suddenly Carrie stopped the proceedings! Both Frank and Carl could see the deal flying away and began to put on the hard sale’s pitch. Carrie assured them that she intended to go ahead with the sale but that she wanted to speak with me in private. We were ushered back to Frank’s cubicle, where Carrie took my hand, and reminded me of our bedroom conversation weeks earlier. She told me that she wanted to go to bed with Frank, and sheepishly again without words, I nodded my head in agreement. “Leave everything to me, Les. Just follow my lead and I will make this happen”. “I want to take him to our house, just to be safe, and if you want to be there, it’s OK. I would feel a lot safer if you were there” she said. “If that’s what you want, but I’m not too sure they will try anything with me there” I answered. Almost as if she had done this a million times before, Carrie had all the details worked out “You go home first, and stay in our room, I’ll get Frank to take me home.

We went back into Carl’s office, where Carrie laid out the plan and finished signing the papers. She said that she wanted Frank to take her out in the new car for another more in depth test drive, since she wasn’t comfortable with the new unfamiliar car. Naturally Frank’s eyes lit up, when he learned that I would be “going to work the late shift” soon! This was Carrie’s idea to set the thing in motion. I got into Carrie’s car and waved to Frank and her as I drove off, but I couldn’t go home just yet. Frank had agreed to follow her home to make sure she got there OK. I pulled down the street a few blocks and waited. Sure enough, Carrie pulled out with Frank in the passenger seat for her test drive. I followed from what I thought would be a safe distance behind and could see them laughing and talking with Frank leaning over to show her some of the car’s features, and I knew that he was getting an eyefull of Carrie’s. They didn’t travel far before Carrie pulled the car off on the road shoulder, and I managed to pull into a nearby gas station to see what would happen next. They sat for a moment but then Carrie turned to face him more and I could imagine that her legs were spread wide for him to see all the way up the short skirt. Frank turned toward her and leaned in her direction. I couldn’t see their hands, but I was sure he was touching her. After a few more minutes, I saw them lean together and share a kiss. My heart sank as I watched my wife kissing another man, but this soon passed as I realized that my cock was straining at the front of my pants with excitement.

They pulled away and headed back to the dealership and I reluctantly made my way home. I entered our apartment and turned on a few lights since the sun was getting low. I then sat on the sofa contemplating what was about to take place right here later tonight. After about 30 minutes, altıparmak escort I was brought back to reality by TWO sets of headlights running across the front window. This is it, I thought as I hurried to our darkened bedroom and partially closed the door. I sat at the end of our bed which gave me a pretty good view of the sofa, then Carrie’s laughter filled the room. She walked in with Frank following closely behind, and then Carl passed by!! Frank had ridden with Carrie and Carl was to take him back to the dealership as I later found out. “Well, it’s not every day that I buy a new car”, Carrie exclaimed, “and since Les is not home, you two have to help me celebrate. Have a seat and get comfy and I will make us some drinks”. Frank and Carl made themselves right at home and removed their jackets and loosened their ties. Carrie walked into the kitchen and once again removed her jacket, her nipples hard with anticipation. She returned with a tray of drinks and then she sat in the chair which is opposite from the sofa. After some small talk about the car, and car sales, I watched as Carrie started to act a little drunk. I knew she could hold her liquor pretty well, so I thought this was all part of the act. She sat making sure to hike her skirt even higher, continually crossing her legs in front of the two men. I could not see Frank plainly, but it was obvious that Carl was enjoying the show, by the obvious bulge now forming in his dress pants.

After a couple of rounds for all, Carl suggested that they should be getting back, but Carrie pleaded with them to stay a little longer. She told them that she was in the mood to celebrate but that she had to get out of her suit. I could see the men look at each other grinning at the prospects. Carrie came into our room, and giggled at the sight of me sitting in the floor. She knelt beside me, and taking my face in her hands kissed me hotly on my lips.

“Les, one final time, are you SURE, this is what you want? Absolutely sure? I can stop this anytime.” she asked.

I answered “Carrie, do YOU want it?”

“I think so.” was her answer

“Then do it” I whispered

With that Carrie started taking off her skirt, panties, hose and was completely naked in front of me. Taking a deep breath, she moved to leave the room. Walking in to the living room, she exclaimed “Let’s party!!” once again feigning drunkeness.

I could see Frank and Carl’s faces light up as they each began shedding their clothes. It was tough enough for me to prepare to watch my wife with one man, but now it appeared she would have two! Carrie rushed to Frank and almost tore his pants off. As soon as his cock was free, she hungrily sucked it into her mouth. Carrie loves giving head and after a few times with a little coaxing from me, she learned to love to swallow. Frank slid to the floor with Carrie never breaking contact with his cock. I had seen blowjobs in movies before, but never from this perspective. Frank’s cock was about 7 or 8 inches long, longer than mine but about as thick. Carrie was really getting off on sucking a bigger cock, and she tried to take it all in a few times. Carl, not wasting much time, kneeled behind her and rubbed his swollen cockhead up and down through her pussy lips. Encouraging him, Carrie lifted her ass and pushed back against him, craving to have her pussy filled. Carl had a cock about 6 inches long but the head seemed to be a lot larger than it should but he managed to easily slide into her sopping pussy. Carrie was going wild now, her head bobbing up and down on Frank’s cock, her hip arching wildly to match Carl’s thrusts.

My head was spinning a hundred miles an hour! I thought I could have a difficult enough time seeing my wife with another man, but now I found myself watching from about twenty feet away as she took on two at once! If Carrie had any reservations at first, they had disappeared now. She was bucking and moaning like an animal and totally devouring Frank’s cock! I watched as she tried several times to swallow him to his balls, but she couldn’t quite take it all. Carl’s huge cockhead made her pussy lips bulge out obscenely as he would pull his cock almost all the way back out before slamming it hard inside her. I knew that Carrie had to be loving it because she always gets off fast on long, hard strokes. It was only a few more minutes and Carrie pulled Frank’s cock from her mouth and arched her back, literally screaming in orgasm! She gasped loudly and then immediately pulled Frank’s cock back into her mouth. I guess it was seeing and hearing this that triggered the guy’s orgasms, and I guess I returned to reality for just a few moments as I wondered how she would handle that. Neither of the men wore condoms. Carrie was on the pill, so pregnancy wasn’t an issue but with all of the diseases running around I became a little concerned about it. Before I could think much more about it, however, Frank’s face grimaced as if in pain and his whole body stiffened as he görükle escort started groaning in orgasm. Carrie never let up, and took his complete load of hot cum into her mouth, swallowing and sucking as hard as she could. She seemed to be starved for cum as she pumped his shaft with her fingers while sucking hard on the head. Carl followed closely behind, slowing his strokes as he pumped her pussy full. I never thought he would stop cumming actually and I was amazed that when he pulled out his spent cock, the cum virtually poured from her pussy in thick, white, rivers!

My own hard on was raging at this point and I continued to stroke myself while staring wide eyed at the scene just feet away. My young, typical, suburban, housewife had transformed in front of me into a sex starved jungle cat! Frank and Carl were both winded and sweating profusely and both collapsed at once on the sofa to grab a drink. I thought Carrie also would end it here, but I watched as she crawled over to Carl’s lap and began to clean his remaining cum from his cock and balls. Carl threw his head back and moaned, and then looked at Frank in disbelief at their good fortune. Carrie smiled up at him and began licking his cock while smiling up into his eyes. I have seen this before when she would playfully suck my own cock, and there is no man alive who wouldn’t submit to this. Carl reached down and pinched her nipples which made her purr. Carrie wasn’t finished with these two just yet. Carl pulled her up onto the sofa, and with her ass in Frank’s lap, she started sucking Carl with a renewed hunger. Carl’s cock slowly started firming up again, and the huge head was the object of much of Carrie’s attention. I watched intently as she licked all around the ridge around the head, before covering the head with her mouth and sucking hard enough to make slurping noises. She pulled off for a moment, and looked into our darkened room as if she was looking directly into my eyes. With a smile at me, she took the tip of her tongue and pushed it into the slit at the end of Carl’s cock! >From out of nowhere, I felt the most tremendous orgasm I have ever had rush from my cock! It literally felt like a tiny hand had reached into the shaft and was pulling a huge load of cum from deep inside my balls! I managed to keep quiet, but I was not able to prevent hot cum from spraying all over me, the bed, the carpet, and probably the ceiling! Carl was in a combination of ecstasy and agony as Carrie sucked him unrelentingly! She wasn’t able to take him very deep at all because of his huge mushroom shaped cockhead.

It was about now that I realized that Frank had mounted her from behind and was pounding her furiously. His cock made loud swishing sounds as he pumped it through Carl’s cum that remained inside my wife. Carrie’s eyes were glazed as if she was on some kind of drug, but it was just primal heat that drove her now. Her cheeks would go hollow as she sucked hard on Carl’s cock, her body being rocked by Frank’s thrusts from behind. What happened next just took me by total surprise. Carrie reached between her legs, grabbing Frank’s cock, she seemed to be manipulating it somehow that I could not see, but in just a few minutes, it was obvious that she had moved it to her ass. Carrie and I had only attempted anal a few times, and I had only managed to work the head into her before the pain was too much for her. She was guiding Frank’s cock slowly into her ass, her face strained and red as she struggled to take him in. She still stroked Carl with her free hand and was licking the head of his cock like an ice cream cone. God I wished I could see it, but her ass was turned away from me. I could tell however that Frank was already farther than I had ever been, as he slowly pushed it deeper inside her. Carrie adjusted her legs further apart and pushed her hips higher into the air, and I could see Frank’s heavy balls near her pussy lips between her legs. I think he was almost totally inside her. With one final grunt, Carrie pushed backwards against him and took it all! She looked back at Frank, and simply said “slow – please- go slow”, and then returned to sucking Carl in front of her. I guess it was too much for Carl because he erupted into her mouth immediately. I could plainly see her cheeks bulge as he pumped another huge load into her. Carrie gagged slightly but then swallowed it all except for a few drops which ran down her chin. Frank had picked up his pace a little now, and Carrie’s face just fell into Carl’s lap as she moaned and gasped for air. Softly between gasps she was whimpering “yeah….oh yeah….fuck it baby….fuck my ass”. Needless to say, my own cock erupted again but at least this time, there wasn’t as much to try to contain, but the effect was just as gratifying. I looked back into the living room to see Frank pumping my wife’s ass even faster now, Carrie’s face contorted in a combination of pain and crazed lust while Carl sipped his drink and stared in amazement at the sight I couldn’t see. Suddenly Frank said “Oh God baby….I gotta…… or out?……I gotta cum!” “IN ME! I want it IN ME” cried Carrie. I couldn’t believe this, but Frank stiffened again and started shooting his load into virgin territory. Carrie pushed her self up off of Carl and groaned and yelled like I had never heard her as she once again had a powerful orgasm!

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