Case of the Missing Toothpaste Ch. 01

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I’d like to thank Elenia26 for the assistance in editing and adding creativity to this piece of writing.

My wife’s 20 yr old sister, Tina, had been staying with us for a while now. She’d graduated from college and was actively seeking a job. We’d told her she was welcome to stay with us until she found a stable job and accumulated some savings before moving out on her own.

Both I and my wife had full-time day jobs, her working longer hours than me. This meant that she had to leave a couple of hours earlier than me in the morning. Tina got up later than my wife, but before I left for work, and we usually had breakfast together.

A few days ago Tina walked into the bathroom to grab the toothpaste when I was about to take a shower. Since it was just my wife and me, we never locked the bathroom door. I was completely naked with no towel within my reach. My immediate reaction was to use my two hands to cover myself.

She froze and our eyes met for a long moment. I was painfully aware that this was my wife’s twenty year old sister. In the second that we were both rooted to our spots, I was aware of the way her t-shirt fitted around her breasts, her long legs, and the way her eyes flitted to me and then away. Then she muttered something inaudible and quickly left with the toothpaste. It was only after she left that I realized the head of my cock and half of my sack were somewhat visible despite my attempts to hide them.

“Oh God, did she see that.” It was the first thing that came to my mind.

Part of me wished she had, and like a little kid who wanted his wish come true my mind started to conjure the possible ways she might have managed to take a peek during that short time. As my thoughts escalated I started to picture Tina more vividly. I had just seen Tina with her t-shirt clinging to her body, her nipples poking out through the material as though they were screaming for attention. My mind went back to the few occasions where Tina had bent over in front of me and I caught a glimpse of her light brown nipples. Tina sports a pair of breasts that any woman would be proud of. They were neither huge nor tiny, and would bounce a little in a hypnotic manner when she’d walk fast. While she may wasn’t slim as a runway model, she wasn’t chubby either. She had a lovely figure that she worked hard to maintain. The only thing I’ve seen her complain about is her height. Standing at 5’3″ she’d always prefer wearing heels on social outings. The nice thing about this was the way it accentuated her curves and brought out her ass. She might not have an ass to match her breasts but it did sway gracefully when she walked. Even with the heels I was taller than her, at 5’7″, and stronger, too.

As I made my way out of the room all fully dressed I saw Tina sitting at the dining table. I took in all of her at once. Her dark brown hair with copper highlights falling onto her face. Her luscious lips smudged in milk from her cereal bowl. It reminded me of the times when she told me how her boyfriend back then mentioned how kissable her lips looked.

At breakfast we acted as though nothing happened. Tina didn’t mention it, so I decided not to say anything. I also decided my wife didn’t need to know, as casino siteleri I didn’t want to make a big deal out of it.

The next morning, as I was about to step into the shower I saw the bathroom door creep open and there walked in Tina.

“I really need to buy my own toothpaste”, she said, glancing in my direction out of the corner of her eye.

I grabbed for a towel and pulled it toward myself but in my haste I was a little clumsy and dropped it. I picked it up right away but in those 10 or 15 seconds Tina had picked up the toothpaste and turned towards me. I couldn’t help but notice she looked directly at my crotch and only averted her eyes once I covered myself with the towel. She scurried away quickly.

Part of me found it thrilling to let my wife’s youngest sister see my most private parts.

I stepped into under the shower and let it run. The water kept trickling down my body, and my mind kept wandering . I was certain that Tina had seen me in all my glory. Not only had she taken a peek, she had been staring at me. Her eyes were fixed on my cock, not taking her eyes off until I covered myself. Soon my cock started rising, pulsating in tune with my breathing. It dawned to me without any shred of doubt that I was lusting after my sister in law. I was having lewd images of my wife’s youngest sister.

I closed my eyes and wrapped my fist around my cock. I started stroking myself, pushing out the thought that it was wrong to fantasize about my wife’s sister. In my state of arousal I justified that I was only thinking about her and there was no harm in that.

As I kept stroking I could feel my cock grow to full mast, the whole length of it resting on my palms. I looked down and imagined Tina was on her knees, taking the swollen mushroom head in her mouth. The veins at the base of my cock were standing out visible. I kept stroking my cock from its base all the way to the head, imaging it disappear in her mouth. As I pulled back my tight fist around it I could see the swollen purple head re-emerge. I started to wonder if Tina would like to suck on it. Would she like the taste of my cock?

I closed my eyes and imagined us in bed. It felt naughty fantasizing about someone forbidden, but it made me want her more at the same time. I started to wonder if Tina would fancy me. Would she want to lay on top of me, running her hands on my chest as I kept stroking her tight body. Would she love the fact that I take care of myself? I didn’t have six pack abs or anything like that, but I kept myself toned, and my belly was flat and my arms and legs, strong. I kept stroking myself faster as my mind wandered different possibilities, different scenarios in which I could have Tina under me. Or up against the wall. That thought made me crazy. I knew I was strong enough. The thought of fantasising about my wife’s sister being wrong was taken over by pure lust. I wanted Tina, I had to have Tina.

I kept visualizing her lovely ass sway as she walked, her perky breasts heave and settle as she breathed. The hard light brown nipples she tried hiding but failed, to my delight. I looked down at my cock imagining her tiny fingers and not my masculine hand wrapped around it. I felt my body stiffen and canlı casino my orgasm draw close. I wanted Tina’s mouth to be wrapped around my cock as I came. I wanted her to swallow the milky white cum that was spurting out of my cock. I wanted her to fingers to be covered with it, and I wanted her to suck me dry.

I began to come back to my senses once my orgasm had subsided. Did I really want my sister in law to blow me? Was I going to let my wife’s youngest sister play with my cock?

But the thought of Tina walking in on me two days in a row left me wonder whether if it were an accident or if she had at least planned one of those visits. The fact that she had seen me naked turned me on. I knew there was probably no chance of it going further, but it was hot to fantasize what might possibly happen.

But what if her second visit had been deliberate? I decided to put my theory to the test. The next morning I woke up before Tina and moved the toothpaste to the guest bathroom.

While under the shower my heart beat faster with anticipation. I wanted to be right. I wanted to Tina to want to come in. I wanted some assurance that this sexual tension that I was feeling was not one-sided.

And then like clockwork in walked Tina. “I’m really sorry. I think I need someone to remind me to buy me toothpaste.”

I was already done with my shower and was drying myself. I decided to take things a tiny bit further and didn’t cover myself. I just dried myself, half covering my face, but leaving enough to see her reaction. My cock was on full display for her to ogle, and ogle she did.

“I left the toothpaste next to your toothbrush, in the guest bathroom,” I told Tina, completely aware that my cock was rapidly growing to its full 6 inches.

She stood there without saying a word, her eyes glued to my cock that was now at full mast. My words startled her out of the trance-like state she had fallen into, and suddenly her face turned crimson knowing that the gig was up.

“Are you blushing because you see something you shouldn’t, or is there some other reason? … ” I let my words trail, waiting for a response from her.

At this point my cock was pointing at her and Tina was biting her lip, probably trying to come up with a good response.

By now enough time had elapsed for her to walk out if had she wanted to. My breathing had quickened and my cock was throbbing in sync with my rapidly increasing heartbeat.

I slowly wrapped my fist around my cock and started giving it slow deliberate strokes.

“Would you like to take a closer look?” I asked taking a couple of steps back so that I could lean casually against the wall.

Tina took a deep breath and started walking towards me, her eyes glued to mine. It was like her eyes were seeking affirmation – is this okay with you?

Was it okay with me? I knew it was wrong but it was so damn hot, my cock just didn’t care.

Tina was now directly in front of me. I held my breath and slowed down my stroking. She slowly moved forward and stretched out a hand to touch it, but immediately changed her mind and took it away; sighed deeply.

Perhaps she wanted some sense of approval, some form of permission. She was about to kaçak casino touch a cock that had been there for the sole pleasure of her sister for the past couple of years. Maybe she wanted something from me.

As quickly as she had taken her hand away, she whipped around, probably to leave. My heart sank and all of the anticipation that had been building up suddenly disappeared.

Before taking a step away from me she turned around once more and took one last glance at my cock, and then looked into my eyes. Her dark brown eyes were wide and I could almost sense the tremor in them. No words were spoken but it seemed as though she was acknowledging that she had started this.

I took her hand and she froze. I could feel her hand shaking. I wondered if she could tell that mine was, too. I brought her hand close to my cock. She stood there again, mutely letting me guide her hand, her eyes following it, and slowly she started to lean towards me.

By now my cock had gotten hard again. All that anticipation, all that tension had returned. I used her finger to scoop a drop of precum off the tip of my cock. Using the same finger I smeared the precum all over the head of my cock.

It was an incredible feeling, having her delicate finger run softly all over my most intimate part. Judging from the sigh of satisfaction Tina gave out I’d be inclined to believe that all her hesitations had faded away.

Her fingers continued to caress me, a single finger at first, then two and soon her tiny hand had freed itself from mine and gently wrapped around entire length of my cock, and stroked, first one long stroke, then suddenly she was stroking the entire thing.

She looked into my eyes seeking approval of what she doing, seeking assurance that she was doing a good job. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back, letting a moan escape my lips. Our eyes met again and I saw a small smile of satisfaction cross her lips.

I felt her left hand cup my balls and begin to massage them, rolling them in her palms. Her right continued to stroke me as her eyes dropped to my cock, watching the marvelous job she was doing on it.

My balls started having that all familiar tight feeling. The idea that I was being jerked off in the shower by my incredibly cute sister in law brought me close to the brink.

“I’m going to cum”, I gasped.

She got on her knees and started stroking with more vigor. I held my breath in anticipation that she was going to take my cock in her mouth, but she just stayed on her knees and kept stroking me.

And then it happened. I was cumming, cumming in waves. Waves of pleasure shot through me. The first wave hit her directly in the face, and though she flinched, she didn’t move or say a thing. I covered her face and clothes, finally making a mess of her hands.

She stayed on her knees and kept stroking, kept milking out all the cum that had built up in my balls from her teasing.

Once I regained my breath I took a look at the mess that I had made, and I joked, “You could have avoided this mess if you had blown me.”

Tina laughed and said “Maybe next time.”

She got off her knee and looked at herself. “Oh, my top is ruined.” To my shock she took her top off to clean it. Her perky breasts were revealed in their full glory. She clumped her drenched top and covered her breasts with it.

“Can you sneak out from work early? There’s more than just this that I wanted to show you.”

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