Cassandra and Her Mother Ch. 02

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Part 2: Mother’s Day

All events and characters in this story are fictional

Steven here! Just thought I’d pop back in and tell you all another great story about my girl Cassandra (now my fiancé) and her mother, and all of our sexy adventures!

It was two years after our first fun little excursion, and I was now 20 years old, in my second year of college. Cassandra went to the same college as me, and we fucked every chance we could get. It was approaching Mother’s Day, and Cass wanted to get her mother something really special.

“What did you have in mind,” I asked her when she told me that.

“Well,” she said, grinning at me, “I know she had a great time fucking you back in high school, and I bet it’d be a great gift for her to be able to do that again.”

“I’ve got no problem with that,” I said, grinning.

“But I want to get her something else, too. She told me that she’s had one fantasy for a really long time, ever since she first fucked.”

“What’s that?”

“An orgy,” Cass said, locking my door and taking off her pants. She was wearing small pink panties, and I could see that her pussy was already soaking wet. I grinned and unbuttoned my pants, letting my cock spring free. She took off her panties and jumped on top of me, sinking my cock into her cunt.

“She wants to be tied up and blindfolded while anyone can come in and fuck any of her holes, over and over again,” she said, bouncing up and down on my hot dick. I groaned as I imagined her mother, Greta, tied to a bed, surrounded by horny men. I soon shot my load into Cass’s cunt and she offered it to my mouth. I sucked my cum out of her and ravaged her pussy with my tongue until she screamed and came all over my face.

“I’ll ask around, see if I can find any takers,” I said, just imagining the responses I’d get if I asked my friends to fuck a horny milf.

“Good. I’ll see you tonight,” she said, putting her pants and panties back on and leaving the room. I immediately grabbed the phone and started making some calls.


When Mother’s Day rolled around, I had recruited 10 guys – Bill and John from the football team, Kirk from the hockey team, Guy and David from the wrestling team, Justin and Lee from my science lab, and my close friends Jim, Carl, and Sam. All of them were more than willing to fuck a hot single mom for her mother’s day gift. A few of them wouldn’t believe it, so I had to have Cass help me convince them. After her special brand of persuasion, none of them had a doubt. We took the trip back gaziantep bayan escort to our hometown the day before Mother’s Day, and I had all the guys spend the night at my house. Cass and I told them that we would take her out to dinner that night and then bring her to a hotel for a surprise. The guys were to wait at the hotel until we showed up, and then come up to the room about twenty minutes later, after Cass and I had gotten Greta all set up (and after I had fucked her a little bit to get her ready).

The plan went off without a hitch. We took Greta out to the Olive Garden for dinner, and talked of nothing important. She was really hitting the wine, and by the time we were done with dessert, she was hammered. We took her to the hotel and told her what was going to happen in totally frank terms. She just smiled and let us tie her to the bed. We wrapped her hands and ankles to the posts with small silk scarves, but tied them tight enough so that she could only move a few centimeters in any direction, other than her head for easy cock sucking. I lifted her skirt to see that she was again wearing no panties, and her pussy was puffy, wet, and red – she was hungry for a good hard cock. I dropped my pants and started stroking my cock to get it just right for her always-tight pussy, but Cass intervened. She stepped in front of me and dropped her pants and panties to the floor, offering her ass to me while she bent over to eat out her mom’s twat. Nothing got me hotter than a bit of anal while watching some lesbian action, so I eased my cock into her ass while she happily munched on her mother’s fragrant, juicy cunt. Cass moaned in harmony with Greta as I pounded her ass hard, shoving her mouth into Greta’s pussy. Greta was thrashing about – at least as much as her bonds would allow – as she squirted her cum into Cass’ waiting mouth. I saw Cass eagerly swallowing her mom’s juices, and it pushed me over the edge. I moaned and gave one last powerful thrust as I released my seed into her tight asshole. Cass squealed and started cumming as my hot jism filled her asshole, her juices dripping onto the floor. I pulled my cock out and admired Cass’ hot, round ass as my cum leaked slowly out of it. She dropped to her knees and started cleaning my cock, and under her ministrations, I was hard again within minutes. I heard a soft knock on the hotel door.

“Coming, guys,” I called as I blindfolded Greta. Boy, was she in for a good time. I answered the door with my cock still hard and exposed, but none of the guys paid any attention to me; instead their eyes were transfixed on Greta’s hot, naked, bound body.

“Holy shit,” Kirk said, “Is that her?”

“Yep,” I said, watching and grinning as all then of them approached the bound sex goddess on the bed, waiting for them.

“Jesus Christ, she’s fucking hot,” exclaimed Guy.

“Look at those tits, what are they, 36D,” David asked, in total awe.

“36E,” I said, and they all gasped.

“Can we….can we start,” Sam asked, looking at me for approval.

“Go ahead, guys, she’s waiting for you. Feel how wet and hot her cunt is, you can tell she wants a good fucking, and she’s not going anywhere until she gets it.”

They needed no other encouragement. All ten of them stepped forwards and started roaming their hands all over her body, paying extra attention to her tits, pussy, and ass.

“Can we fuck her mouth, too,” Carl asked, taking off his pants and boxers to reveal a six inch erection.

“She loves it in the mouth,” Cass said before I could respond, “and she’ll swallow every drop.” She motioned for me to sit and I did. She climbed on top of me and inserted my half-erect cock into her cunt. As we sat there, we watched the erotic spectacle unfold. Carl was crouched over Greta’s neck, his cock in her mouth, moaning as she gave him a blowjob he’d never forget. Guy had his thick black cock in her cunt, and Jim was underneath her, his cock in her hot asshole. Sam had poured some lube on her tits and was rubbing his cock on them, while Justin, Lee, Kirk, Bill, John, and David watched. All six of them were lightly stroking their cocks, waiting for their turn. Greta was moaning and thrashing about, obviously having multiple orgasms. She screamed in pleasure when Carl finally took his cock out and blew his load all over her face.

“More cock,” she cried, “I need more cock!”

Lee jumped up and took Carl’s place while Carl sat down to recover. He grabbed the back of her head and began fucking her throat, but she seemed totally unfazed.

“Damn,” Guy said, panting, “this bitch is tight! And she’s got everything – nice ass, hot cunt, great tits, and she loves cock! If Cass is as much of a freak as her mom, I envy you, Steve my man.”

“Oh, she is,” I said, grinning, as Cass worked her hot pussy around my slowly hardening cock. She stopped moving after a while and we both just sat back to enjoy the show. Lee was fucking her throat while Jim pounded her ass, Sam fucked her tits, and Guy ravaged her tight twat with his thick black rod. Jim soon cried out and emptied his load into her ass, crawling out from under her. Kirk crawled under to take his place, shoving his 8 inch dick into her well-stretched ass, using Jim’s cum as lube. None of them minded sloppy seconds, not with Greta. She was the best fuck any of them had ever had, and a few of them got more rides than the free campus buses.

“Oh, fucking hell,” Kirk exclaimed as he reamed her asshole, “this is great! Is she still cumming, Guy?”

Guy responded by groaning and emptying his enormous load into Greta’s tight cunt, making her convulse with what was her now tenth orgasm. He pulled out after he finished, and Justin ran up to take his place at the same time as David. For a moment they looked like they were about to argue, but they just shrugged and rammed both of their cocks into her twat at the same time. She screamed around Lee’s cock at the double intrusion, but was soon groaning even louder. Her moans drove Lee over the edge and he emptied his load into her mouth, and Kirk shot his cum into her sweet, tight ass. She screamed aloud after swallowing Lee’s cum as Justin and David fucked her pussy together, stretching it to limits she hadn’t felt in a long time.

“Oh, fuck! Shit! I’m cumming again! Again! Shiiiiiit!” she squealed as the two hot pricks continued to pound her hot cunt.

“Fuck! Take your cocks out, I’m gonna squirt,” she screamed. Justin and David obeyed immediately, and as their cocks popped out of her juicy hole, a huge stream of cum shot out of her pussy and sprayed both of them. When she was finished, they both ran forward again and jammed their cocks in hard and fast, causing her to squirt yet again, but this time they didn’t pull out. Greta’s juices sprayed out the sides of her twat as the two pounded it relentlessly, finally cumming at the same time, giving her a twentieth and final orgasm, as well as a third squirt.

“Holy shit,” Greta panted, “Is…is it done?”

The ten guys all exchanged glances.

“For now,” I said, “But I think the guys would be only too glad to do it again.” I removed her blindfold and bindings and she thanked each of the boys by licking their cocks clean. When she was done, Cass licked all the cum off of her and slurped it out of her cunt and asshole.

“That was wonderful, Steve, thank you,” she said, still quivering slightly from all the orgasms.

“No problem,” I replied, reaching down and flicking her clit. She squealed and squirted again, with Cass diving under her to catch her juices in her mouth.

“Happy mother’s day, mom,” she said, standing and giving her mom’s twat a few licks and then giving her a French kiss so she could taste herself.


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