Cassandra’s Revenge Ch. 02

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This is the continuation of part 1. In short, Cassandra a.k.a. Cassie has been cheated on by her boyfriend Kaiden for the last time. Deciding to get revenge, she has asked her closest friends to have sex with her and capture it all on film. Her friends are two married couples, Donovan and Ashley (aka Peach, who is also 7 months pregnant) Hayes and Mike and Katie Kay. She has included her friend Pat as well; the man she probably should have been with instead.

After agreeing to her outrageous proposal, they have all gone up to the Kay’s bedroom where Cassie has just finished giving all three men a spectacular blow-job, getting every last swallow on tape. After having a good laugh about how things were progressing, our story continues…

Peach and Katie were the first to recover from their fits of mirth and decided to keep things rolling. While Cassie was still giggling, they practically tackled the younger girl and began to kiss and fondle her aggressively. They both tasted cum on her lips and took turns lapping up the juices pouring out of her snatch.

In seconds, all three men were hard again. Their laughter had stopped as soon as their mouths couldn’t seem to stay closed anymore. Don kept the camera rolling as the three women continued licking, sucking, fingering, and grinding against each other with abandon. Laughter was replaced with the animalistic groans of three women in heat passionately molesting each other.

Pat and Don were content to stand and watch for as long as they were willing to keep at it, but Mike figured that they could probably stay at it indefinitely. He coughed loudly, followed by an obvious clearing of the throat. When that didn’t work, he finally got the women’s attention by letting out a sharp whistle. All three women stopped to look up at the men standing at the edge of the bed and grinned sheepishly.

Then Peach and Katie grabbed Cassie and held her down on her back while lifting both her legs straight up in the air.

“Well?” Katie asked with a wicked smirk, “Which one of you wants to fuck her first?”

The men glanced at each other and without saying a word decided that Pat should get the honor. Cassie was the girl he had been lusting after for a long time. It just made sense that he should finally be allowed to get what he wanted so badly. Besides, Mike and Don knew that their turn would arrive soon enough.

Taking the hint, Pat hopped onto the bed and quickly got into position between her raised legs. After lining himself up, he couldn’t resist throwing a look over his shoulder to face the camera directly.

“This one’s for you, stupid ass,” he winked as he thrust himself balls deep into Cassie’s dripping wet cunt. Her bestial groan was all Pat needed to hear to know that his comment would have all the impact he could have hoped for. Without waiting to see if she was ready, he starting hammering away at her tight pussy.

Cassie responded by breaking her legs free from the other women’s grasp to wrap them firmly around Pat’s back and fucking him back stroke for stroke. Don quickly moved around with the camera to the side of the bed so he could get a better shot of the look on Cass’s face and get better close-ups of Pat’s cock pounding into her twat.

Peach and Katie sat back to watch for a little while as their friends fucked like wild animals before deciding that they were just as horny as she was and wanted to be more involved. They weren’t about to let the younger woman have ALL the fun.

“Swap?” was all Katie had to say to get a nod out of her friend before they moved towards each other’s husbands. Ashley was slightly hesitant, but her head was spinning from the powerful hormones that were flooding the room and she moved without really thinking about it.

Peach motioned Mike over and pulled him so that he was lying on his back right next to Cassie on the big bed. Katie crawled to the edge where Don was standing and lay perpendicular to Cassie. With her legs hanging over the edge of the bed, she rested her head on Cassie’s smooth belly.

Pat smiled down at his friend’s wife while he kept feeding Cassie’s cunt every inch of his meat. Katie just smiled up at him as she managed to hook her ankles around the back of Don’s legs.

Don looked away from the viewfinder when he felt the tug and was a little shocked to see who it was. He handed the camera to Katie, thinking that it was what she was asking for. After taking it from him, she pointed the lens at her own crotch and gave him another tug with her feet. Finally realizing what she wanted, he decided to just go with it. To seconds later, Katie was capturing the image of her best friend’s husband popping his ridiculously fat cock inside her pussy.

The dirty movie they were all making rapidly increased in vulgarity as Katie opened up with both barrels of her infamous dirty talk. Mike smiled when he heard the familiar sound. That, and the fact that his friend’s gorgeous wife was easing herself down onto his rod. Her big Bayan Escort belly just increased the sexiness that she naturally possessed.

The camera, now under Katie’s shaky control, began to swing around from scene to scene. First, Cassie’s red face shifting between multiple expressions of pure lust and amazing pleasure; then a quick flip to Pat’s grinning face before panning down for an extreme close-up of his dick sliding in and out with Cassie’s glistening juices covering every inch of his tool; next a similar scene from further away of her own cunt being split wide by Don’s shiny prick; finally, a shaky image of her own husband being ridden by a very pregnant Peach with strokes that they would later swear had to be hitting all the way up where her baby rested.

Katie kept the camera rotating between scenes while continuing to swear like a sailor at the top of her lungs. Her husband was undeniably hung, and she loved fucking him as much as anything else in her life, but Don’s wide cock was hitting places inside her that she hadn’t known she had as it stretched her pussy to the limit.

For his part, Don was thoroughly enjoying the unique feel of Katie’s pussy as he thrust himself as deep as he could with every stroke. Her cunt seemed to respond by literally grabbing onto him every time he withdrew. It was like fucking and getting a hand job at the same time. Her cunt was also shallower than his wife’s and he was experiencing what it was like to bottom out firmly for the first time in his life. The sensation was incredible and it made him think that her cervix must be bruised to hell every time she fucked Mike.

What Don didn’t know was that Katie loved the feeling of her cervix being pounded. He also didn’t know that his own wife was just starting to learn the exact same enjoyment from that particular sensation.

Ashley had started slowly at first, nervous about fucking another man, and keeping her condition firmly in mind while easing her snatch down on the enormous length of Mike’s dick. When he hit bottom with about two inches left to go, Peach couldn’t stop herself from relaxing her hips and almost fainted on top of him as the rest of a strange cock wedged itself up against her uterus.

Thankful that her due date was still two months away, she was spurred on by the long, satisfied groan that she elicited from Mike by simply grinding her hips around a little. The pressure against her womb was more than she had ever known before and she decided that it was worth the risk. With a little effort, she was soon bouncing up and down the entire length of her new lover’s rigid shaft. Little black spots kept exploding behind her eyes every time the head slammed up against her cervix but she was too lost in the new experience to care.

As the camera kept panning around, the three women were all caught up in waves of orgasms while the men grunted and groaned like wild boars. Pat and Peach occasionally kissed in heated passion while Mike and Cassie did the same. Feeling slightly left out, Katie handed the camera up to Pat before rolling herself up into Don’s strong arms.

Don had enough time for a startled grunt before his mouth was enveloped by a new and unfamiliar pair of lips. He was now fucking his friend’s wife while standing with her legs wrapped firmly around his waist and her long tongue probing the inside of his mouth.

After a few awkward thrusts, Katie guided his left hand to her firm ass cheek. He caught on fast and quickly repositioned his other hand to her ass while she wrapped her arms tightly around the back of his neck.

With a firmer grip, he could plunge into her juicy twat as she bounced up and down in his arms. They continued to kiss like horny teens as they both learned the feel of each other’s bodies inside and out. After a few dozen thrusts, they broke their kiss to catch their breath but found that it didn’t help since they both immediately began groaning with their newfound pleasure.

Meanwhile, Pat was back to his routine of insulting Kaiden while extolling Cassie and making sure that she knew just exactly how amazing her body was and how great her tight pussy felt around his cock. As for Cassie, she was becoming lost in a haze of lust as orgasms washed through her entire body again and again. The sight and smell of sex filled all her senses and she couldn’t stop it even if she wanted to now.

The original idea of revenge was a distant memory that didn’t even matter to her except that it was the reason she had worked up the courage to initiate what was quickly becoming the best day of her young life. She realized that Pat was asking her a question with a look that suggested he had already asked a few times and struggled to focus on what he was saying.

“Uh, sorry…what?” she managed to sputter before another climax started to take her breath away and she couldn’t say anything other than unintelligible moans.

“I said, where do you want me…unh…to cum, baby?” Pat repeated for the fourth time. He asked it loudly in the hopes that she could hear him over the sounds of the other heated cries and her own boisterous moaning.

Cassie heard him loud and clear as her orgasm subsided and suddenly everything snapped back into perfect focus. She could hear the others with preternatural acuteness and felt every inch of her lover’s cock rippling inside her belly on the precipice of eruption.

“Inside me!” She screamed so loud the others actually stopped moving in astonishment. “Pour your hot…uh…cum deep inside me, Baby!” Cass continued. She had never been a big dirty talker before, but it was like she had been possessed by some ancient goddess of pure lust and the words just kept on coming without even thinking about them. “I fucking need it Pat! I want…ohh…to feel you shooting inside me! Shoot it…aaah…all the way into my womb! I can’t live without your…uuunh…hot jizz in me for one more second! Do it! Do it fucking now, Baby!”

Pat was blown away by the sudden barrage of sexy, dirty encouragement and kept thrusting with everything he had. He was already close so it was mere moments later when he spun the camera around to look into the lens and shout, “You heard the lady!” Then he groaned like he just got punched in the stomach as his cum raced up his shaft and sprayed the inside of his dream girl’s belly.

Cassie felt it the instant it started and the filthy words refused to stop pouring out of her as fast as Pat’s semen was pouring in. “Yes, Baby…oh…fuck yes! Cum for me! Fill me up with your baby juice! Fuck! Put a baby in my belly! Oh, Fuck! I’m gonna’ cum while you…uuuuhhhh…cum in me! Ohhhhhh fuuuuck! I’m Cumming!!!”

Pat kept pouring cum into her until he wasn’t sure how he still had any left. The other four had stopped going at it while they watched Cassie shout obscene, but incredibly sexy words over Pat’s groaning. To his credit, Pat managed to keep the camera focused on the majority of the scene the entire time he was draining his balls.

When it was over, he weakly handed the camera over to Peach who was still sitting impaled on Mike’s pole in wide eyed awe. Don had set Katie back down on the bed and was standing just as dumbstruck with the combined juices of their athletic fucking drying in the pheromone laden air. Ashley focused on Cassie as she came down from her wild climax and looked up at her holding the camera steady.

“I’ve never cum like that with you! Ohh…shit! I guess I just needed to find a real fucking man with a real fucking cock to fuck me properly!” Pat let out a short laugh before leaning over to kiss the beautiful woman on the lips. Their tongues wrestled with each other for several seconds before Cassie broke the kiss with a gentle push.

“Easy, big boy,” she said with a wink, “We’re just getting this party started.”

Pat smiled before sitting back up and pulling his spent cock slowly from Cass’s dripping snatch. “That’s what I’m…mmm…talking about!” He remarked as Cassie groaned softly while he withdrew.

“Well, then,” Katie said, “let’s get on with it.” She crawled over and grabbed Pat’s hips so she could steer his wilted prick towards her mouth. Pat let out a startled ‘Hmmmm’ as she wrapped her long tongue around him for the second time and cleaned the jizz and cunt juice off his shaft.

“So?” Cassie asked as she scooted up towards the head of the bed, “Who wants to be next?”

Don looked past Pat and Katie at his wife still sitting on top of his best friend.

“Oh, I’m good, Honey,” Peach said with a big smile from behind the camera. “You go ahead.”

Don couldn’t help but return the smile tenfold. “Well, if you insist.”

Cassie took a short bunny hop over to the edge of the bed before turning her back to Don and hunkering down on all fours as low as she could get. She motioned for Peach to focus on her again as she put on her sexiest grin on. “Hurry up, Big Boy. Stick that fat fucking cock all the way inside me!”

Don took one look at the young woman shaking her beautiful round ass at his crotch before stepping up behind her. He grabbed his manhood and rubbed it up the inside of both her thighs to re-lubricate his dry pole with the juices dripping down them, not even caring that most of it was probably his buddy’s spunk. Then, he rubbed his wide cock head up and down her exposed crack causing her to moan softly whenever he bumped it into her sensitive clit.

“Oh, quit fucking…ah…teasing me!” Cassie growled in frustration. “Hurry and show…uh…Kaiden how to fuck like a man!”

Confident that he was oiled up enough, Don found the entrance to her cunt by feel and started pushing. Cassie slapped the mattress with both hands before grabbing fistfuls of the blankets as her breath left her in a rush. Don’s cock was wider than anything she had ever even imagined she could fit inside her. It stretched her pussy lips wide open as it drove deeper and deeper into her belly. The way she was hunched down with her knees together just increased what was already going to be a tight squeeze. When he finally bottomed out, Cassie could feel the intense heat of his cock radiating against every single nerve in her recently fucked hole.

“Fuck, Baby, that’s big!” Cassie moaned to the camera. “Oooh, your fat fucking cock is filling me all the way up!” Cassie knew it wouldn’t be long until she was unable to think clearly again so she made sure to make the most of her time by insulting her cheating ex.

While Don withdrew, Cassie’s feral growl said more than any words ever could about how much pleasure she was experiencing. When he pushed back inside her, Cassie let out a series of curses that would force Kaiden to picture every wide inch as it disappeared. Just when she thought she was getting used to it, Don began to thrust in and out with the force of a jackhammer. As his pace increased, so did the dirty talk spilling from her mouth.

“Oh my god! Yes! Fuck me with that fat prick! Oh, Peach, your hubby is fucking me sooo deep! Yes! Keep fucking me like that!”

Ashley handed the camera back to Pat so he could film it with a steadier hand as Cassie’s filthy mouth started to rival Katie’s in both vulgarity and originality. Peach had more important things on her mind anyway. Mike had been patiently laying back rubbing her smooth thighs and the huge, swelling curve of her belly, but his cock was still rock hard in her twat and she wasn’t going to waste it.

She carefully got off of him and spun around. With agility that was surprising for someone in her condition, she quickly managed to squat back down and steered Mike’s giant hard-on straight back inside her box. She groaned in ecstasy as she sat all the way back down on it. Before Mike could get started with what would probably have been some intense reverse-cowgirl fucking, she gently leaned back and to the side until he caught on and helped her roll onto her left side so that he was spooning tightly behind her. Now, with the extra weight of her belly resting comfortably on the bed, she lifted her right leg up and guided his hand up to hold it firmly in place.

Two heartbeats later he was driving his huge prick in and out of her with long, urgent thrusts. Peach began to ride the wave of her first orgasm in this more comfortable position as she enjoyed the way new parts of her cunt were rubbed with slightly less impact on her already tender cervix.

She closed her eyes and smiled between moans of passion when suddenly a pair of soft lips pressed up against hers and she found her mouth being invaded by an impossibly long tongue. Her eyes popped open to find her best friend’s familiar eyes staring right back at her. Katie was laying on her side facing Ashley, clasping hands with her husband over the round curve of Peach’s belly.

Peach’s initial shock increased when her best friend’s husband increased the pace of his thrusting in response to his wife’s grasp. She was even more stunned when Pat pushed Katie’s legs up against her belly so she was in the fetal position before he hunkered down by her friend’s ass and stuck his revitalized cock in her pussy.

The two of them kissed even more urgently. Ashley was now being vigorously fucked from behind while Katie rocked her hips to meet the thrusts of the kneeling, and still filming, Pat. Before long, they couldn’t keep their mouths together because it interfered with the wails that intense orgasms brought screaming from their lips. When they both came down, they went back to kissing with even more intensity.

Meanwhile, Cassie was missing most of the action because her eyes were squeezed shut tight out of fear that they would pop out at the peak of each orgasm which were now coming in very rapid succession. Don’s amazing cock was stroking every square millimeter of her cunt and his balls were slapping up against her tender clit at the bottom of every thrust. Her stream of dirty talk had degenerated into a long string of guttural moans and screams of lust without any decipherable words.

On Don’s end, the combination of intense pressure and the sounds of three women screaming in the throes of passion had brought him to the peak of his own orgasm. He slowed his pace just enough to ease back from the precipice a few steps before leaning over to talk directly in Cass’s ear.

“I’m gonna’ cum,” was all he managed to say before Cassie groaned like a dying animal and started thrusting her hips back at him with reckless abandon. Don stood back up to brace himself as the younger woman literally threw her own cunt at his crotch over and over.

Pat had been switching between the two scenes when he heard Don’s grunted exclamation and had just enough warning to focus entirely on the two of them as Cassie began to fuck Don as hard as she could and the same dirty words came rolling forth like a storm cloud before the rain hits.

“Yes Don! Fucking cum in me! Uhhh…knock me up like your hot wife! Shoot your hot jizz in me like Peach! Oh, Kaiden…uh…his cock is soooo fucking fat and hard! I can’t wait, Don! Cum in my tight fucking pussy now!”

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