Casual Encounters – The Birthday

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Note: The following was written before Craigslist dropped its Casual Encounters section – a sad loss!!


“Yuck!” Nancy muttered.

I gave my little Asian girlfriend a questioning look, but her attention was back on the screen in front of us. Watching porn was our usual Sunday evening entertainment and the video we were viewing was approaching its conclusion.

“That’s disgusting,” Nancy amplified, as the dark-bearded man pushed his cock deeper into the redhead’s ass. The redhead bit her lip as her anus was penetrated farther but seemed willing to continue. She’d spent some time sucking the bearded man’s cock, then had got on all fours to allow him to fuck her doggie-style for several minutes. Nancy had slipped her hand between her legs and had been vigorously playing with herself when the action switched to anal.

We were sitting on the ancient threadbare couch in the apartment we were sharing, both of us just in tee shirts after pushing off our shorts and underwear as the scene in front of us hotted up. I’d never tried anal, but was happy to watch and my cock, released from its clothing, was fully erect and rock-hard.

I glanced at Nancy, sitting by my side. She seemed to have overcome her distaste and was gazing at the screen as if mesmerized, her fingers moving rapidly back and forth across her clit. The redhead had apparently overcome any doubts also and was vigorously thrusting her ass back onto her partner’s prick as she emitted shrill excited cries. Nancy was making little gasping noises now, and I nudged her to move onto my lap.

“Christ, yes, stick it in me, Pete, just my cunt though,” she managed to get out as I maneuvered her into reverse cowgirl position. I just had time to see how wide open and wet her pussy was before she plunged down onto me.

“Fuck me, Pete! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Nancy chanted as she rode my stiff cock. My little girlfriend was always excited by watching porn but seemed even more aroused than usual this evening. I was happy to oblige her, feeling her cunt muscles gripping and loosening around my shaft as I thrust deeper into her.

I glanced past her shiny dark hair to see the action on the screen. The bearded man was still fucking the redhead’s ass, but now with his meaty hands on her hips, lifting her up and ramming her down onto his cock. The screen showed the man’s big dick almost out of its tight hole before pushing hard up to the hilt, then switched to a view of the redhead’s face, her mouth wide open in a guttural scream. Suddenly, the man pulled out of her, swung her around and aimed his cock at her open lips. As a stream of white cum sprayed into the redhead’s mouth and across the lower part of her face, I felt Nancy rise up, jam herself back down onto me and cry “I’m c-u-m-m-i-n-g!” It was more than enough to set me off too. I grabbed Nancy’s hips and held her down as my cock spasmed again and again.

“Whew,” Nancy commented as she swiveled around, still with my prick embedded in her cunt. She grinned at me. “You’re a disgusting pervert, Pete, loving that butt stuff.”

“I try,” I ran a hand up between her ass cheeks and smirked at her. “Seemed like you overcame your distaste pretty fast, too.”

Nancy slapped my hand. “Just don’t think you’re ever going to be able to do that stuff to me.” She prodded my wet cock as it slipped out of her. “Not with that fat thing.”

“Yeah, I know,” I agreed. My dick wasn’t any kind of a prizewinner for length but its girth was definitely substantial. “Still fun to watch though.”

“Uh-huh. Maybe.” Nancy wriggled off my lap. “Anyway, I need to take a look at the books for tomorrow’s seminar.”

“Me too, I suppose,” I responded. We were in our final years as graduate students at a Western Oregon university. “Though I don’t know what might be worse, flunking out or graduating and having to look for a job.”

“Lazy bastard—” Nancy’s comment was interrupted by her cellphone.

She picked up the phone, glanced at the caller ID, and mouthed at me: “Karen!”

I listened to Nancy’s side of the conversation, hoping there might be some fun in store for us. Karen and Alan were a couple we’d met on Craigslist Casual Encounters three months earlier. We’d had a couple of very exciting evenings of sex together in a Portland hotel, but then Alan had gone on a lengthy business trip to Paris, taking Karen with him, and we’d seen them only once since they returned.

“We’re great, but we’ve really been missing you guys…”

“Are you still recovering from Paris? We were so envious…”

“I bet!” Nancy giggled. “I thought Alan was supposed to be working all the time though…”

“You should be ashamed…” More giggles from Nancy, then: “Your birthday? Oh, we’d absolutely love to… That would be wonderful…” Nancy had a big smile on her face now, then I saw her frown. “Of course, we’d be delighted to meet Jean-Claude…”

Nancy made a face at me, then: “Great, we’ll look forward to it. And to meeting Jean-Claude… See you in ten days’ time, then. Bye.”

Nancy put the phone down. I said: casino oyna “So, tell me.”

Nancy shrugged. “Good news—and bad news, too, I suspect.”

“Go on.”

“Well, the good news is we’re invited to dinner Tuesday next week at Alan and Karen’s house to celebrate her birthday.”

“And the bad news?”

“There’s going to be another guest, some French dude who’s a bigshot in the Paris office of Alan’s electronics company, name of Jean-Claude. Sounds like he’s quite a bit older, like in his forties—”

“And not likely to want to play games…”

“Karen didn’t say anything, but the guy’s too old and too important a colleague, I’m guessing, for what we were wanting to do. Shit! It was just sounding so good, for a minute…”

“Flattering to be asked, though,” I tried to put on a cheerful face.

“Yeah, Pete. And I suppose you weren’t looking forward to fucking Karen?”

“Well…” I shrugged. Karen was the loveliest woman I’d ever had sex with, and I knew Nancy had been eager to play with Alan again. “You’re right. Shit! We’ll just have to behave ourselves and hope the four of us can get together some other time. Meanwhile, dinner next week.”

* * *

Alan and Karen’s house was in a pretty tree-lined street in the Portland suburb of Lake Oswego, with dense shrubbery hiding it from its neighbors. We parked in the driveway and got out of the car, more smartly dressed than in our usual summertime shorts and tee shirts. Nancy was in a pretty yellow cotton dress that emphasized her olive skin and I was in tan dress jeans and a blue sport shirt. I remembered, as I rang the doorbell, Karen telling us she was able to sunbathe nude in the yard, it was so secluded. It was too bad we weren’t going to see that lovely naked body this evening.

Footsteps sounded and the front door opened.

“Happy birthday!” We told Karen together, presenting her with the bouquet and bottle of champagne we’d picked up on our drive north.

Karen was looking especially beautiful in a long silky dress, its dark blue matching her eyes and contrasting with her blonde curls. She set the flowers and wine down and hugged and kissed us both. “It’s so good to see you guys again!” As she hugged us, I could feel her gorgeous body through the smooth soft fabric. I was about to run my hand across her ass when Nancy nudged my arm and I heard approaching male voices.

A moment later our friend Alan appeared, deeply tanned like his wife and casually dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and shorts. Following him was a tall slim man with a greying beard and closely trimmed gray hair, wearing a long white chef’s apron over denim shorts and dark blue shirt.

Alan hugged us both and kissed Nancy warmly on the lips.

“It’s great you were able to come this evening, it’ll really make Karen’s birthday more special,” Alan smiled at us. “And I’d like to introduce Jean-Claude Gaspard. Jean-Claude is the firm’s European sales director, and he also showed us around Paris.”

The bearded man shook our hands very formally. “Enchanté.” He moved quickly away and gazed at us with slightly pursed lips.

As Karen and Alan led the way into the house, I made a face at Nancy. If Jean-Claude was going to act the formal company manager, it could be a long evening.

“Help yourselves to champagne,” Alan invited, as we entered the long living room with windows opening out onto a flower garden. At one end of the room a dining table was set for five. A smaller table held champagne flutes and bottles—of much better champagne than Nancy and I had brought, I noticed—in ice buckets. At the other end of the room was a pair of big couches and another table with more glasses and several unlit candles.

Karen held a whispered conversation with Jean-Claude, already on his way out of the room, then joined us as we poured glasses of champagne. “We’re incredibly lucky this evening, Jean-Claude is cooking for us.”

As Nancy gave her a questioning look, Karen explained: “Jean-Claude was a professional chef before he got into electronics sales ten years ago…”

Alan interrupted “He’s fantastic! And he was an amazing host for us in Paris, too.”

“Really amazing,” Karen added. She grinned at Alan. “He showed us places in Paris ordinary visitors never get to visit.”

I caught an answering grin from Alan. “You know, little museums and such,” he explained.

It sounded pretty boring to me, but Karen was obviously happy about it, on the verge of laughing even. I’d not thought she would be so interested in museums, but I knew that both she and Alan had had a very good time in Paris. It seemed a little contradictory, though.

As we sipped our champagne, Alan and Karen talked about their six weeks in France. The four of us had been so eager for sex together on the one occasion we’d been together since their return that we’d heard almost no details of their trip. They’d been able to spend weekends exploring not just Paris, but also Versailles and Mont Saint Michel, as well as pretty villages in Brittany and Normandy. Karen was describing canlı casino Versailles when Jean-Claude appeared from the kitchen.

“In five minutes, I am thinking, we will be able to start to eat. Perhaps, Alan, you can please to help me serve.”

As Alan followed Jean-Claude into the kitchen, Karen explained: “I haven’t been allowed to help or even see what’s being prepared. Alan hasn’t been allowed to do anything either, although he says Jean-Claude asked him for advice on dessert, which is obviously going to be a big deal.” She grinned at us. “Knowing Alan and Jean-Claude, I’ve an idea of what they may have in mind. It’s something you two will like a lot, I think—”

I gave Nancy a puzzled look—we rarely bothered with dessert other than an occasional tub of ice cream and I’d no idea what Karen would think we’d like—but Alan and Jean-Claude were already reappearing with the first course.

As we seated ourselves, Jean-Claude refilled our champagne flutes. “This evening, a very light meal, at least until the dessert—” He was interrupted by Alan spluttering into his wine glass. Jean-Claude continued as soon as Alan recovered: “So, first, the poached oysters with caviar and marinated cucumber…”

I’d never developed a taste for raw oysters, but the poached shellfish dish turned out to be wonderful, the oysters somehow ocean-fresh and elegantly sophisticated at the same time. As I finished the last of the half-dozen, I asked Jean-Claude why he’d switched from a career as a chef.

“It was, I think, mostly I wanted my food to be more perfect than the owners wanted to afford. Always, they complained that I was using too good of the ingredients. And, then, in Paris are too many American tourists who do not understand good food.” Jean-Claude gave me a rueful smile. “Please excuse me, I was not sure when you arrived if you would appreciate tonight’s menu—”

“Other than dessert, of course,” Alan interrupted, grinning at the Frenchman.

I stared at our friend. What was it about the dessert? Some very elaborate birthday cake, perhaps.

I didn’t have time to worry about it. Alan picked up our empty plates, and a few minutes later he and Jean-Claude reappeared with the next course, along with a couple of bottles of what I guessed was a very fine white Burgundy.

With Alan and Jean-Claude seated again, the wine flowing freely, and a superb main course—medallions of fresh lobster in a light lemony cream sauce—in front of us, everyone was having a good time. Even Jean-Claude—now apparently satisfied that Nancy and I were not totally unappreciative of his culinary skills—had relaxed and was telling amusing stories of his earlier Paris restaurant life. Opposite me, Karen was laughing at something the Frenchman had said, and looking utterly desirable in her long silk dress.

Shit, I thought, this was a lovely dinner party with good friends and dynamite food, but I’d still much rather Karen and I were fucking. I felt my cock stir as I visualized the pair of us on a bed, with Alan and Nancy watching us like the two or three times we’d all been together. Nancy, sitting next to me, must have sensed my thought. She slipped a hand under my napkin and ran it lightly across the front of my jeans, then shook her head at me. Bitch! My only consolation was that she was probably missing playing with Alan just as much.

More wine, and we moved on to an endive and pear salad, another marvel of lightness and flavor from Jean-Claude, along with more laughter and an increasingly warm sense of friendship around the table. I glanced across at Jean-Claude, chuckling over one of Karen’s stories from her job as an emergency room nurse. He was quite a bit out of our age group, but he was proving much more fun than I’d expected. I could tell, too, from the looks she was throwing at him, that Nancy was beginning to be attracted by the tall bearded Frenchman.

“I’ll clear the salad plates, shall I?” Alan asked Karen. “And then we might move to the other end for dessert.” He nodded towards the couches.

“It’ll certainly be more comfortable,” Karen commented, then giggled. “Follow me, you two.”

She was definitely merry, I thought, as we seated ourselves on one of the couches and Alan and Jean-Claude disappeared into the kitchen.

Karen kicked off her shoes. “That’s going to be better for dessert. You guys should do the same.”

Nancy gave me a quizzical look, but Karen had jumped up to draw the drapes and light several candles on the table beside us. She returned to the couch as we finished removing our shoes and continued: “I think dessert is going to be a riff on something we enjoyed with Jean-Claude in Paris.” She paused. “Jean-Claude did take us to places ordinary visitors miss, but they weren’t all little museums.” She ran her tongue across her lips. “There were some very interesting little clubs, too. The kind you guys might enjoy. Very uninhibited…”

I was just beginning to get the picture when Alan and Jean-Claude returned, carrying three platters, each covered with a silver dome.

Karen went on talking as Alan kaçak casino and Jean-Claude set the three platters down on the small table with the lighted candles, then opened bottles of dessert wine: “There was this one little club where a group of chefs were members…”

Alan continued for her: “Guys that Jean-Claude knew, who had a little game they and their ladies played.” He smiled. “The idea was to prepare desserts that would kinda illustrate what they’d like to do…”

I saw Nancy’s mouth open a little. I grinned at her as I got the idea. I’d no idea how far things might go this evening, but maybe we were going to have some fun with our friends after all.

“Voila!” Jean-Claude lifted the nearest silver dome. “The first dessert for Karen’s birthday, the trio of meringue…”

I stared at the confection in front of us. Three fragile tawny pink shapes were arranged on the platter, the center one overlapping a little with the other two. It took me a moment to work out what I was looking at.

Nancy was quicker: “Oh my God! Spit-roast!”

I focused in on the meringues. Nancy was right. The center meringue shape, very definitely female, had a delicate blonde topping, while the others had clearly defined cocks, one poised between the female’s legs, the other just touching her mouth.

It was obvious from the blonde topping who was the model for the female figure, and I felt my own cock starting to tent the front of my jeans.

“Happy birthday, Karen!” Alan told his wife. “And you remember from Jean-Claude’s club in Paris what happens next?”

“Oh yes,” Karen grinned. “I remember it very well.”

I glanced back at the meringues, my cock jumping some more. This was looking like more than I could have hoped for this evening.

Karen was silent for several seconds, then stood, smiled at each of us, reached around the back of her dress, and slowly unzipped it. “I remember it very well indeed.”

My mouth was suddenly dry as Karen gave a little wriggle and her dress dropped to the floor. Her body was gorgeously familiar in her skimpy dark blue underwear as she turned slowly around for our inspection. Her breasts filled the lacy bra, her nipples obviously hard, pushing out the delicate fabric. On the matching lacy panties I could see a tiny damp patch at the crotch.

“Spit-roast, hmmm?” Karen smiled at us. “One of my favorite desserts. And more to come.” She giggled. “So to speak.”

She stepped out of the fallen dress and turned to her husband. “Very well done, Alan, giving dessert advice to Jean-Claude, but I’m thinking I should share this course with just our male guests.” She hesitated. “Is that okay?”

I waited for Alan’s answer. My prick was now rock-hard in anticipation.

Alan smiled back at his wife. “I always enjoy watching.” He paused. “But hopefully Nancy and I can watch and play together at the same time.”

“Oh, please,” Nancy said softly from my side.

“That’s all right then,” Karen told us. “So perhaps Pete and Jean-Claude could get more comfortable. Those things in your pants look really awkward.”

Jean-Claude and I took the hint, slipping off our shirts and reaching for our belts. In a minute we were standing naked in front of her, our cocks rigid.

“Help me get these things off, will you?” Karen asked us.

Neither one of us hesitated. As Jean-Claude unhooked Karen’s bra and dropped it to the floor, I slipped a hand into her lacy underpants and slid them down her legs.

Karen stepped out of her underwear, spectacular in her nudity. I caught my breath as I saw her lovely breasts, the rich rose-colored nipples surrounded by paler pink areolas. My gaze dropped to her beautiful smooth shaved pussy, the lips beginning to be more apparent as she touched a finger between her legs. I glanced at Jean-Claude, a rapt look on his face as he ran fingers and thumb down the length of his stiff pole.

Karen smiled broadly, gave each of us a long kiss, then dropped to her knees next to the nearer of the two couches. As Jean-Claude and I stepped towards her I saw that Alan and Nancy were now seated on the other couch, gazing at our group of three. Alan had removed his shorts and Nancy had pulled up her cotton dress and was playing with herself.

Karen took Jean-Claude’s cock into her mouth. Like the rest of his body, the tall Frenchman’s cock was long and slim, much slimmer than my own, but almost two inches longer and shaved smooth. Karen raised her eyes at me, swirled her tongue around the cockhead, then licked her way slowly down towards Jean-Claude’s balls. I heard Jean-Claude groan. Karen nibbled her way back up the long rigid shaft as the Frenchman made soft gasping sounds.

“Now you, Pete,” Karen told me as she released Jean-Claude’s prick.

Christ, I was turned on! As Karen opened her mouth I moved closer to allow her lips to fully encase my prick. We’d had only a couple of sessions in the three months since the evening we’d first met in Portland and I was amazed all over again at the feeling of her soft lips and tongue. I put one hand behind her head and gently pulled her a little nearer. Lick, suck, lick, suck, one ball, the other ball, both balls… I took a breath and tried to control myself, we’d only just started the first “dessert.”

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