Casual Uni Cutie

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I first met Meg at fencing. For some reason, our uni had a thriving, burgeoning fencing team. In fact, to call it a team understates it: we had an Army. All different weapons were represented. Professionals competed in tournaments all across the country. Every semester, there was a huge influx of newbies to try, train, and never catch up with again as they decided to move on.

Such was life on a college campus. Such are college freshmen.

Meg and I were the same first year freshies with completely different majors. She’d gone the biology route, while I studied history and psychology. Fencing brought us together. Fencing kept us coming back.

By coincidence, we were walking back to our dorms when we realized we lived in the same building. She was only one floor up, so it was easy to coordinate traveling to and from the gym for practice.

Over time, we lingered longer and longer outside her door. I moved my study sessions to the quiet rooms on her floor; she couldn’t help but notice, and we spent even more time together. I was starting to like this girl. It seemed she started to like me too.

One night, after practice, we had cleaned up and were occupying a study room, though not really studying. Mostly just putzing about on our laptops. I would make a really corny, terrible joke, and she’d smile and quietly giggle. It was the most amazing, girly chuckle you could imagine. Her tone was soft, graceful, measured. She liked to give side-eyes as if she were blushing and wanted to judge my reaction.

I summoned my courage and asked her, “Hey, wanna head back to my room?”

She gave me one of those side-eyes. “And go down a floor? Pff, please.”

“…Oh. You mean… you want to go to your room?”

She hid her giggle behind her smile. “C’mon, silly!”

We packed our things and walked to her dorm room. She and her roommate had decorated it with traditional girly trappings. Photos, Christmas lights, music posters, that sort of thing. It was weird being in a girl’s bedroom; I hadn’t had any sisters growing up. But it didn’t bother me that much – I had other objectives on my mind.

Meg sat down in the chair at her desk. She turned on her desktop computer, booting it up out of hibernation and logging in with her password. “Can’t be too safe,” she said with her wide smile.

“D’you play any games?” I asked.

She nodded. “I keep up with a certain MMO. It’s nice to just sit back and grind a little after a hard day’s studying.”

I paused before answering. “…That’s what she said.” We both laughed. So she wasn’t averse to a little naughty humor.

“What kinda games do you play?” she asked back.

I shrugged. “Mostly FPS’s. I have a lot of classics I didn’t get to experience. Our computers sucked, or they were too violent according to my parents.” I rolled my eyes.

“Ah yes, those ‘parentals,'” Meg joked. “But they can’t stop us here!” She spread her arms wide.

I laughed. “Nope… You done anything your folks wouldn’t explicitly approve of?”

“What? Like smoked weed or kissed a guy?” She chuckled roguishly.

“I dunno,” I said. “I’ve pirated a couple dozen movies.”

Her grin widened. Her head bobbed forward and her eyes narrowed. “What… kind of movies?”

Oh, God, no, not like that. She was venturing into territory I did not want to admit to. “Nooo, no no no, not THOSE kinds of movies! Just action flicks, that sort of thing. Everything I couldn’t watch in high school.”

Her eyes rolled, then snapped back to me. “Sure, aha ha ha!” She leaned back in her seat. I could see her inner thigh. Almost as if she wanted me to look at her. She had on baggy kaçak iddaa sweatpants, light and dark gray like gravel; and a tight-fitting white shirt without sleeves. It was incredibly sexy. I couldn’t stop sneaking peaks at her ample breasts held up by the bra underneath that tight shirt. Everything just conformed to the top half of her body, and the bottom half was so loose… That contrast drove me crazy.

Then it was her skin! Oh, her dark, sultry, soft skin… And her hair! Rich black flowing hair. And wide, gracious eyes, with a soft, smiling mouth. She was gorgeous.

She could tell I was gawking too long at her. Her head cocked to the side. “What are you ahh… thinking about… huh?” That giggle. She got mock-serious for a second. “It’s rude to stare, y’know!” was her reprimand before laughing again. She was just so full of mirth, she couldn’t contain it, and it was deeply infectious.

I instinctively looked away – looked down anyway. Guilty as charged. “Sorry, I just… you’re uh…” I looked up. “You’re really cute.”

Now she blushed.

“Beautiful, even,” I continued.

“Beautiful, huh. Well let’s not get TOO ahead of ourselves now, shall we!” she said, laughing.

I leaned back in my chair. My lower half went forward, aiming my torso up. “I think… I’m thinking what you’re thinking.”

“Ohhh,” Meg replied, “what AM I thinking about, hmm?” That demanding, inquisitive grin.

I tried adjusting my now-raging boner but it obviously failed. She could see the whole thing and laughed mirthfully. “Need a little help there?!”

“Yeah, I uh, NO, no, I’ve got it, I th-…” My voice trailed off. She’d gotten up very adroitly, cat-like, and moseyed on over to me. Her hands fell to my knees and her fingers slid up my thighs. Her torso leaned forward, I could see her cleavage with her boobs close-fit to her body from the bra and the shirt. Meg leaned forward, brushing her soft cheek against the stubble of mine. She whispered in my ear…

“Let’s do something that’ll really make our parents mad.”

I shuddered. My body slowly did things of its own accord: my hands rose and reached around her back, my arms hugged her tightly, my cheek pressed against hers – warm from the blushing, and my core thrusted up involuntarily. Meg reacted with a “Oh-ooo!” and a giggle, agreeing with the movement. and responding in kind.

I began kissing her cheek, then her ear – pulling at her earlobe, then down her neck. She kissed me the same. I was slumping down in the chair too far to do much at this point, so I pushed both of us up to our feet. My hands went for her hips, rubbing up her sides, avoiding the breasts, and tenderizing her back muscles with my wrists. Meg’s fingers gripped my back while she did a number on my neck; it felt so damn good, her warm and wet tongue rubbing into my neck, flicking this way and that with a gentle ferocity.

Meg pulled her hands down and shot them up under my shirt. Her palms crept up my torso, over my (admittedly small) pecs, and played with the nipples very gently, even respectfully. My own fingers began slipping up a knuckle or two under her tight white shirt. With each withdrawal, my fingers went further up. I soon had both hands fully under her shirt and my fingertips tapped at her bra.

We pulled back. Silently, we asked the other, gave consent, then advanced.

Off came my shirt. While I wasn’t muscular by any means, I was still thin, a testament to the golden age of my late-teens metabolism. She kissed down to my pecs, licking the skin as she went, brushing her soft cheeks against my chest hairs. Meg paid some – but not too much – extra attention to my kaçak bahis nipples, ensuring their hard pointiness. She had made her way down to my navel by now.

Her hands slid up and down my thighs. She was on her knees looking up at me. Her head cocked to the side. “Well?” her expression asked.

I hesitated. This was way farther than I’d ever gone before. Was she about to… y’know…. blow me? Naahhh, that was preposterous, I thought. Maybe we can get away with a little handjob or something. I kept the waste basket in my peripheral vision just in case.

Seeing me nod Yes, she smiled somehow even wider, then undid my belt, the button, and finally the zipper to my pants. She pulled those down. My cock was bulging beneath my underwear. She crept her fingers over the lip of that underwear, one finger at a time, then, pulled down gently. My cock followed the lip of the underwear, till the force was too great and it sprang up with a SLAP to my body. She giggled, her laugh was so cute and somehow knowing.

“Glad you’re enjoying yourself,” I remarked with a smile.

Meg just smiled back and took a good look at my member. Her hand gently, slowly rubbed up and down on it. No hard grip yet, just getting a feel for my reproductive muscle. “I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one enjoying herself here, hmmhmhmh!” The ends of her fingers ran up the shaft, over the head, then down the other way of the shaft, down to the balls in their scrotum. I flinched at the touch. Her fingers made the round trip back up my penis. At the end, she gripped it at the base and leaned forward with her mouth.

My cock grew in size immediately. My breathing intensified. My heartrate quickened. Meg’s dark face moved closer, her milky white eyes and their hazel brown pupils concentrating up on me. Her breath caused me to quiver. It took every ounce of control to keep my hands at my sides, though they did clench into fists.

With her lips, Meg kissed the bulbous head of my cock. I’d never seen it this large before, and to have this beautiful babe acknowledge it with her mouth sent me into overdrive. She hummed her approval, before putting the head into her mouth. It was so WARM! It felt so WET! She probably wasn’t a pro at this, but I didn’t have the slightest care about that! I was having the time of my LIFE!!

Meg’s head bobbed forward and backward to a very slow and sensual pace. She had my whole, huge head in her mouth now. Her tongue circled the head, intensifying my pleasure. I moaned eagerly, graciously, desiring more. She went a little deeper but pulled back. That was as far as she’d go. That’s fine, I thought, that is so, wonderfully, perfectly fine.

She removed my cock from her mouth and released her hand from the base of it. I looked down at her with wide eyes, brimming at the pleasure. “That was AMAZING,” I loudly whispered.

Meg smiled mischievously, hiding her mouth with a hand.

I pushed my pants off the rest of the way, snagging the condom from the pocket. Didn’t think I’d be using this so soon, but here I was! Naked in front of a gorgeous, tanned beauty. And I was about to make her naked too.

Meg moved to the bed, lying on her belly. She stuck her butt up; the baggy pants beautifully accentuated her legs and buttocks. And her upper half stayed so thin and compact, incredibly thinner compared to her lower half. I only wish I could describe it better, but she looked like the softest, gentlest breakdancer you could imagine. Meg wiggled her hips, and jutted a finger towards me, gesturing me over to her. “C’mere, big boy.” Her soft voice cracked just a little. Ooooo, she was hot!

I hopped onto the bed illegal bahis beside her, my bare rock-hard dick at full mast still. I felt up her torso. I stopped and fondled her breasts between the bra and the tight-fitting shirt. I pulled up the shirt with some effort and saw her intimate black bra underneath. I kissed the back of her neck while I worked to undo it. This was a challenge for one so untrained as me, so she reached a hand back to help me.

The moment Meg’s bra fell forward onto the bed, I gasped in joy. Her bare back – so tan, so dark, so voluptuous – curved perfectly between her hips and her bosom. I caught glimpses of her even darker nipples, and my fingers went to caress them as they fondled her bare, well-endowed breasts. They were perfect in size: pillowy soft, large enough to cup, not obnoxious or unwieldy. She moaned pleasurably. “What are you waiting for, big guy?” she demanded very quietly.

Dang, okay, I thought, she wants it. She wants it NOW. I tore back her oversized sweatpants. Her black thong didn’t do justice to the absolutely immaculate ass she had. I rubbed both buttocks twice, then slipped off the last barrier keeping her clothed. I could see her vulva now, dripping wet in anticipation. It was a dark pink, ready for this man – me, ME of all guys! – to slip himself in and enjoy it.

I prepared the condom over my cock, placing the head at her opening. I leaned forward to whisper: “Fast or slow?” I asked.

Meg replied, “However you like. You won’t encounter resistance.” She moved her head up to nuzzle her cheek against my neck.

Huh, I thought. Not a virgin. Might be a good thing, in fact.

I kissed her at the base of the back of her neck before straightening myself. I wasn’t practiced with the real deal, but I did my best to enter her. Meg’s pussy made it really easy: she was sopping with wetness. I slid in without a hitch. We both gasped audibly. “You’re okay?!”

“Yes,” she said. “Keep going.”

I did.

I rocked an uneasy rhythm, in and out of her. She was so tight! Her insides wrapped around my cock the way her arms wrapped around my body earlier. Except WAY better! Meg moaned an earthy, natural, deep moan as I did her doggy-style. I looked down: my pale white cock, covered by the condom, penetrated Meg’s perfect dark-skinned pussy! It looked incredible! Just the sexiest thing I could imagine! Couple that with her moans, and I was past my wall and ready to burst on a moment’s notice!!

“Meg…” I started, “…Meg,… Meg, I-I’m gonna cum s-soon.”

Meg didn’t reply. This late teen was taking my cock and too delirious with pleasure to answer me. Her perfect, hourglass body welcomed me, it was so pleasing to my eye. My cock stayed rock hard as it audibly plunged into and out of her wet vagina. The condom shone with her love juices, egging me further and further in.

“Meg… C-… CUMMING!!”

I thrust deep inside her and let loose all I had in my balls. The ejaculation felt like tectonic pulsation through my loins. Huge globs were coming out of my penis and filling the condom. Her body convulsed a little as well, and I got at least two more pulses after the initial seven-round burst.

I sighed. I exhaled again. I sighed a third time. I smiled. “God, Meg… That was… INCREDIBLE.” I flopped down onto her back, which she’d arched forward, and hugged her, wrapping both of my pale white arms around her very tanned bosom. Her toned, sweaty body felt amazing after that orgasmic rush.

We stayed there for a minute or two, breathing heavily to recover some semblance of normal respiration. I pulled myself up, withdrawing my still rather large and not-entirely-flaccid cock out from her pussy. I had to grab the condom as I pulled out. The end of it was HUGE with the sperm it held! “Yeah… That was a good one.”

Meg smiled in her afterglow. She agreed.

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