Catching the Eye of a Mob Boss Ch. 05

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I slumped onto the large couch in my office tugging on my tie at the same time. It had been a long day and even with the occasional distraction of texting Jace, and probably both bugging and scaring the hell out of him, I was still exhausted. I closed my eyes picturing Jace’s beautiful face with his expressive eyes. I would get to see him tonight. That thought alone was the only reason I hadn’t just stripped and climbed into the four poster bed in my “special” room as Harold called it.

I reached up and unbuttoned the top button of my dress shirt to release some more of the pressure around my neck. I rested my head back on the couch spreading my legs into a more comfortable position. Jace would be here any minute, just enough time for me to change mindsets and focus on more pleasurable things than endless paperwork, and people wanting to kill me.


I was ushered upstairs like before and pointed towards Diego’s private office.

“I was told to tell you to just walk on in.” The secretary said as she headed back to her desk.

I hesitated slightly at the door, thinking that maybe I should knock but then just pushed the door open. I looked around the room and was about to announce my presence when I saw him. He was half laying on the couch, sound asleep.

I blinked in surprise as I looked at him. I mean I knew he slept, he had slept next to me, but I never imagined I would see him so vulnerable. Well looking at him, he actually didn’t look that vulnerable. It was like watching a tiger sleep, he was barely restrained power. I walked over to him slowly and set my stuff next to one of the chairs in the seating area. I wasn’t sure how best to wake him, but I needn’t have bothered.

You would expect someone to jerk awake when startled from sleep. But he just slowly opened his eyes and blinked at me lazily. There was a smirk lying across his face.

“Good morning” I said, unsure what else to do.


“I would hope not.” He said, humor dancing in his eyes. “Then I would have missed out on our consultation time and any other…things we might get up to tonight.”

He slowly straightened from his slouched position and turned into the prowling predator that I knew he was. I sat on the edge of my seat partially terrified, partially anxious, and partially excited. And of course my sanity was non-existent again. I reached quickly for the bag containing the plans I had in mind for the office space and started babbling.

“I brought the plans and I’m sure you want to go over them and then we can walk around the room and disc-“

“Jace stop.” Diego interrupted me in a quiet, commanding voice. “I will look at the plans but first come here.”

I shook my head, not trusting myself to be anywhere closer to him than I already was.

“Jace that wasn’t a request.” His voice had dropped and turned more gravely, causing a shiver to run down my spine.

I slowly got up from the chair and walked around the coffee table that was between us to stand beside him. He reached up and put a hand around my waist bringing me to stand directly in front of him. Then pulled down gently


I slowly did as he asked, trembling. I wasn’t sure why I was following his commands, but he was irresistible to me. His hands traveled up from my waist to my neck. He rested his thumbs on my cheeks as he cradled my head in his large hands.

“I love how you tremble for me; partially out of fear and partially out of desire. I like you on that edge; not knowing what I’m going to do to you but unable to resist me either.” He murmured almost to himself as he explored my face with his eyes. “I am going to take you to a whole new level of pleasure tonight.”

His thumbs shifted from my cheeks to just under my chin causing me to lift my head ever so slightly towards his.

“I didn’t get to do this last time, but I think you deserve a proper one before we go further tonight.” He told me as he leaned towards me.

I wasn’t exactly sure what he meant but it didn’t take me long to figure it out, as he leaned his head towards mine and kissed me. This was my first kiss ever so I wasn’t sure what to do or even how to react. It felt different having someone else’s lips pressed against my own and moving oh so slowly across them. Then the feeling of Diego wrapping his lips around my bottom one and sucking on it oh so gently. Then he nipped it with his teeth causing me to gasp in surprise. Diego responded to my gasp with a groan of his own as he took the opportunity to deepen the kiss. His tongue slid into my mouth to taste my own tongue which had remained placid throughout this experience. At the first rub of his tongue I moved my own, but not in the escape that I would have done if he had kissed me the first night.

Instead I moved it towards his, giving it a tentative lick in return. Another moan escaped him as he pulled me closer to him. The kiss deepened as our tongues tangled more fiercely together. I’m not sure how or when my fatih escort hands got involved, I was too distracted by the feel of Diego’s mouth. But when I thought to look for them, or even think about it. I could feel them gripping his biceps in a death grip keeping him close to me.

This kiss lasted for at least ten minutes, before Diego started to slowly pull back from the kiss, softening it. I whimpered when he ended it completely and rested his forehead on mine. I was gratified to discover that I wasn’t the only one panting for breath.

“Well that was more intense than I was expecting it to be.” He said half laughing. I nodded in agreement, still gulping in air. It had felt more than just intense, it had felt exhilarating. I wanted to do it again. And that was a very bad idea indeed. I closed my eyes and leaned my forehead more fully against Diego’s. I loosened my death grip on Diego’s biceps and let my hands fall to my sides.

His hands moved too, they traveled through my hair and down my back to my kakis clad butt. He stuck his thumbs in the waistband of both my pants and my boxers, caressing my bare skin, sending another shiver through me.

My self-preservation kicked in and I tried to pull away from Diego but his arms tightened, not allowing me to.

“Not so fast jace.” He said all humor gone. “We have some more firsts to experience tonight don’t you think?”

“I..I..I’m not sure if that’s such a good idea.” I mumbled.

“I think it’s an excellent one.” He said as he removed one hand from my butt to grab my arm and pulled me to my feet. He guided me to the door that led to his private torture chamber. I bulked at that, and began to pull away from him, hard.

“I’m not going in there.” I said. “Not again, not after what happened last time,” fighting in earnest now. Diego held my arm tightly and shifted his other arm to hook around my waist and pulled my body into his own. I used my other arm to push against his chest. I found my palm pressed flat against him. I could feel his pectoral muscles rippling underneath my fingers. He felt solid. He felt good.

“Jace that’s where the bed is. I won’t tie you up unless you fight me. Or unless you beg me to.” He murmured in my ear.

“Why would I beg for something like that?!” I asked incredulously. Shocked that anyone would want to be tied up. He Shrugged.

“For some people it’s a turn on. It’s a turn on for me to tie up people like you. You know what, I might just tie you up anyways. It’s hot seeing you all helpless and scared.” A new gleam entered his eyes.

I shuddered at the idea, horrified that I was still turned on even when he was saying those kinds of things.

“Yes. I know exactly what we are going to do tonight.” He said suddenly brisk and business like. I felt him twist my arm he was holding behind my back so I was facing away from him and towards the torture room door. He pushed me towards it. I struggled but he was as immovable as he always was.

“Diego, why? What are you going to do to me tonight? I don’t understand. Wha-” I said frantically trying to get him to stop.

“Enough Jace.” He interrupted, commanding tone filling his voice. “Don’t fight me on this. It’s going to end the same way. You are just making it harder for yourself.”

I didn’t exactly slump in defeat, but most of the fight went out of me. I knew he meant it, and a small part of me, a very very small part of me was actually looking forward to it. Not that I would tell him that.

We got to the door and he it opened like before then ushered me inside. He let go as soon as we were fully in and I heard the door click and lock shut behind me. I whirled around at the sound still wary of what Diego had planned. He leaned back against the door watching me through hooded eyes. This was looking dangerously familiar. I stepped back into the center of the room and looked around, nothing had changed, which was good.

“Jace stand still for me would you love?” Diego said casually. I looked back at him focusing on his face and froze at the serious expression that belied his casual tone. He meant every word and he wouldn’t put up with any bull shit from me. I stood still for him.

“That’s a good boy.” He said as he shoved his shoulders off the wall and walked, well actually more like stalked towards me. I was expecting him to come right to me but he surprised me and walked around me towards the wardrobe. I followed him with my eyes and was about to turn my body when Diego spoke.

“None of that now stand still for me Jace.” His voice was causal still but I whipped my head around and stared at the door intently. I heard him open the door of the wardrobe and grab at least one thing out. I heard the wardrobe door close and the sound of his footsteps as they drew closer to me. I felt his hand as it was put between my shoulder blades and slid down my back to the base of my spine.

I shivered and sucked in my breath at his unexpected gentle touch. I felt his other hand come up etiler escort and wrap around my waist pulling me back into him. I was surprised that his hands were empty, I knew he had grabbed something out of the wardrobe. I felt the length of his body pushed against my back, as his hand drifted up my torso to my throat causing me to tilt my head back to rest against him between his shoulder and his collar bone. He leaned his head down and kissed me full on the mouth for the second time in one night.

The kiss was different from before, more commanding. This wasn’t a battle like the last time we kissed. This kiss was all about Diego taking full control of everything. The only choice I had was to submit to his every command. The kiss lasted for only a few moments, too soon for me, but then again it wasn’t up to me. I whimpered as he pulled his mouth off of mine after one last lingering glide of lips on lips.

I leaned back against him fully, panting. He smiled down at me watching my dazed eyes come back into focus.

“You are so beautiful when you get lost in a kiss.” He whispered as he traced my jaw with a fingertip. I closed my eyes embarrassed at his words, and how easily I fell under his spell. His hand left my throat and the one at the base of my spine pushed me back onto my feet.

“Take off your shirt for me Jace.” Diego said all business again. My hands trembled as they reached up towards the top button of my dress shirt. I shook harder as I tried to get the top button undone. But it was hard with me vibrating this much.

“Easy love.” Whispered Diego’s voice in my ear as his arms enveloped me from behind and he cradled my shaking hands in his own. “A valiant effort but it looks like you may need a little help.”

My tremors didn’t entirely cease, but they did ease with Diego wrapped around me like he was. He slowly let my hands go and started to unbutton my shirt for me from behind. He did it efficiently and without much fuss from me. When he finished unbuttoning it, he pulled the shirt from my pants and pulled it down from my shoulders and off of me. I now stood in my usual tank top, kakis, socks, and dress shoes.

“Take your tank off. I think you can manage that.” Said Diego as he moved a step or two away from me. I reached for it, the trembles returning. I was able to yank it from my pants and over my head in jerky movements. I wasn’t sure if I should drop it on the floor or not so I just held it in my fists twisting it around my fingers. I felt him move back up behind me, making an approving noise at my now half naked state.

“Go ahead and drop the tank top love. We will worry about clean up later.” He said satisfied, as I dropped the tank top from my numb fingers. “Now put your hands behind your back for me.”

I slowly moved my arms behind me.

“That’s it now clasp your hands, fingers interlaced.” He said

I did as requested. He hummed in approval as he grabbed my hands and started wrapping a rope around my wrists. I couldn’t see what he was doing but I could feel him fiddling with the rope for five minutes. I could feel the constriction on my wrists getting tighter, but not painful. After he was done he tested the bonds with his own strength, grunted in approval then backed away from me again. I looked around wondering where he had gone, but before I could fully turn my head he was back behind me again. He pushed my head to face forward and was back with more rope. He wrapped the rope around my upper torso so my arms were locked to my sides making what I could only guess were intricate knots.

This kept up for about another ten minutes before he stood back facing me. He examined my trussed up state and nodded in approval. My arms were pinned to the side by rope that was wrapped around my chest there was another loop of rope that went underneath my nipples along the lower part of my chest also helping to pin my arms to my sides. My hands were tied at the wrist behind my back with a rope connecting them to the piece wrapped around my throat. I’m not sure how he did it but the ropes were not painful, it was slightly uncomfortable but that was about it. Even the rope around my neck was balanced in such a way that I wasn’t choking myself in any way but I could definitely feel the pressure of it across my windpipe.

“Now for the final touch.” He said as he stepped towards me again and moved his hands towards the upper set or ropes covering my chest. He had one last piece of rope in his hand that he laced under the rope and tied into a knot at the center of my chest. The other end was in his hand. When he tugged on it I stumbled forward.

“Perfect.” He murmured.

He stepped backwards toward the bed pulling me with him. Our eyes were locked as he sat at the foot of the bed. And pulled me to stand directly in front of him between his long legs.

“Kneel love.” He commanded.

My legs trembled but I did as I was asked.

“Now I know you’ve never sucked cock before but I think you’re a pretty fast beşiktaş escort learner.” Diego said, as he ran his left hand through my hair. I gulped not sure what to say or do so I stayed silent, watching him.

“If you fight me I did bring something that will help you behave.” He said as he dragged something out of his back pocket. He held it up and dangled it in front of my face. It looked like the ball gag but there was something different where the ball gag should be. It was a ring with four hooks at each corner.

“So will you behave or will I have to put the ring gag on you?” He asked me as he lifted one eyebrow.

I shook my head wondering if I wanted to be a willing partner in this or fight against it. I had already been willing for the most part but that was as a receiver not as a participant. The question was did I want to be a willing participant in my own sexual degradation. Not wanting to have the gag in my mouth won out over any feelings of what it meant to be an active participant.

“I..” I cleared my dry throat so I could answer him. “I’ll be good.” I finally was able to say.

“Good.” He said nodding in satisfaction. He set the ring gag aside and reached for his pants.

I watched, mesmerized as he undid the top button, and slowly pulled the zipper down. He partially stood up to slide his pants and boxers off his hips and down his thighs. My eyes focused on his dick as it bounced free of his clothing, hitting his stomach. He pushed the fabric down to mid-thigh and left it there. He sat back down and reached a hand out to me. He gently grabbed the back of my head and pulled me forward. He stopped when my face was just inches from his pulsing member. His other hand was wrapped around the base of his cock guiding it towards my face.

“Open up jace. Take it slow, I’m not in a rush tonight. No teeth.” He groaned out.

I hesitated only for a moment the threat of the ring gag forefront in my mind. I opened my mouth part way and leaned forward unsure of what I was supposed to do. It seemed too intimidating just to put the whole thing in my mouth so instead I tentatively licked the side of the head. I heard Diego hiss out a breath of air. The sound gave me courage so I did it again with more confidence. I looked up at his face to see what expression he had as I went in for another lick. He was watching me with hooded eyes, and a lust filled expression. That look gave me even more courage.

I decided to try putting at least part of his cock into my mouth. I tilted my head so I was hovering above the head of his dick. Took a deep breath for courage and enveloped the head with my lips. I heard a groan from above me encouraging me. I ran my tongue around the head of his cock getting used to the taste and feel of him. He smelled musty… no more earthy; all male. He tasted like he smelled. The hardest part to adjust to was the texture. The head was kinda spongy while the rest of his dick was satin covered steal. I was surprised that I wasn’t completely disgusted by the fact that Diego’s penis was in my mouth. It actually felt good.

As I got used to the feel of sucking Diego’s cock, I got more comfortable, which in turn made me braver. I started taking more of his cock into my mouth. I bobbed up and down with more enthusiasm and the encouragement of his guiding hand on the back of my head.

“Yea just like that baby. You got it.” He groaned out between clenched teeth. I flicked my eyes up to see his head was tilted back and there was a look of restrained power on his face. His eyes were tightly shut and his breathing was coming out harshly between his teeth. Seeing the expression turned me on more than I would have liked to admit. My semi-hard cock had grown rock hard while I was sucking Diego off.

“I need you to take me further down your throat baby.” He gasped out.

He didn’t really give me much of a choice as he pushed my head further down onto his cock. I wasn’t expecting him to be so forceful so I was unprepared for it. I gagged as he tried to shove his cock into my throat. I tried yanking off of him for air but was held tightly in his unbreakable grip. I struggled harder, choking on his dick. He finally let me pop off. I jerked off of him so hard that I lost my balance and fell backwards. I hit the tiled floor hard, bruising my left shoulder and hip in the process.

I looked up at Diego who was still sitting on the edge of the bed staring at me with lust filled eyes. I gazed back at him dazed at what I had just done. He slowly straightened into a standing position and stalked towards me. I shook in fear as he grabbed one of my arms and dragged me to my feet. It was awkward trying to stand but Diego made sure I made it to my feet before letting me go.

“We can practice that more later. Right now I need to be inside of you.” He said impatient.

He let me go long enough to strip off his tie and shirt. Next he sat on the corner of the bed to yank off his shoes and socks. When he stood he peeled off his pants and boxers. He walked towards me fully naked; his muscles gliding under his beautiful skin. He stopped directly in front of me and reached for my belt buckle. I looked him in the eyes as he unbuckled my belt and undid the button of my pants.

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