Catholic school can be fun part 3

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Chapter 1:
It had been two weeks since Jessica’s and Heather’s first bathroom fun. These days Heather brought some carrots for use everyday, but Jessica soon got bored of this. So she decided to bring something of her own. She waited until her mom was out of town, then Jessica went into her room and stole the strap on. She had never used the strap on before and she thought it looked like fun. She wanted to try it also because it was the biggest of her mom’s dildos Jessica hoped to god that her mom never found out about this.
Jessica had quite recently lost her virginity to a girl from school named Heather. Heather and Jessica had been friends since kindergarten. Neither had known that they had lesbian feelings for each other until quite recently and now they fucked every opportunity they got. Jessica and Heather both had used normal dildos and also the two way Jessica’s mom had but neither had tried the strap on. Jessica and Heather had at school had to make due with their fingers and various vegetables from their lunches.
Heather had even at one point used a piece of celery as a two way for them. But Jessica had wanted something big in her. So that morning she stole the strap on. She put it in her bag and waited until she got to school. There she had gone up to Heather and silently told her that Jessica had a surprise for her. They had had to wait for first break but they finally got to one of the empty bathrooms they used.
“So what’s the surprise?” Heather asked excitedly.
“This!” Jessica said pulling the giant strap on from her bag. Heather gasped.
“You stole it?”
“Yep. You wanna try it?” Heather gasped again then turned bent over and pulled down her panties and lifting her uniform skirt out of the way. Jessica took off her own panties and then strapped the dildo to her waist. She then went slowly up to Heather. She then slowly began to push the dildo into Heather’s dripping cunt.
“OH GOD!” Heather moaned as this huge fake member impaled her. Jessica slowly fed the whole thing into Heather’s pussy. Heather screamed with pleasure as the giant cock started to fuck her up and down. Heather had never had this much in her and now the feeling of it made her scream. She felt as though she was going to burst. Jessica began to slowly move the huge cock back and forth. The dildo was rubbing up and down on Heather’s clit so that she was soon cuming all over the giant cock. There were juices all over the thing but Jessica continued to fuck her. In and out, in and out, Heather moaned and the pleasure began to rise again. Her pussy squirted out juices as she came a second time the juices spraying all over Jessica’s skirt.
“Oh you got me all wet.” Jessica pouted.
“oh god” Heather moaned almost passed out.
“Yeah you like that don’t you” Jessica said giving Heather another hump which drove the cock into her again.
“AHHH!!” Heather screamed. Jessica slowly slid out of her. Heather slumped against the wall skirt falling back over her pussy. Jessica got down and started lapping at her juices still dripping from her pussy. Jessica than removed the strap on and put it into Heather’s mouth. Heather eagerly lapped the pussy juices up. After this had been going on for a while Jessica decided she wanted that tongue in her pussy. So she pushed Heather to her knees and than stood over her. Heather’s head was under Jessica’s skirt and she was looking directly at Jessica’s hairless pussy. She extended her tongue and licked the cunt several times before beginning to play with the clit. Jessica breathed heavily as she felt the tongue flit over her pussy. She then felt Heather stick her tongue up into her pussy. She felt the pleasure burning through her crotch as Heather played with her pussy.
“OH GOD YES KEEP DOING THAT!” She almost screamed as Heather stuck her tongue along with her finger up Jessica’s pussy. Jessica could not take much more of this and she soon squirted her juices right into Heather’s face. Heather stood up and Jessica licked the juices off Heather’s face and t hen they kissed each other pushing the juices into each others mouth. Both loved the taste of each others cum. Heather especially loved the taste of cum and every opportunity she got she ate Jessica out. Heather and Jessica heard the bell and quickly got there dressed and left the bathroom. As they headed back to class they saw a girl that made Heather’s jaw drop. She was a small Asian who they had never seen before. She was the hottest girl Heather had ever seen. She was very hot with a perfect body and remarkably big breasts for her age. She was noticeably younger like 11 or 12. Heather went over to her.
“Hey I’m Heather what’s your name?”
“I’m Yujin I just transferred in.” She said in pleasant tone.
“I thought you must be new. What grade you in?”
“7th grade I’m 13.”
“Wow I would have sworn you were 11 or 12.”
“Yeah I look you for my age.”
“Well I got to get to class”
“Ok see you.”
Yujin walked away and Heather walked back over to Jessica.
“What was that?” Jessica asked.
“God Damn she is HOT!!!”
“You thinking what I think your thinking?”
“I think we should get her in on our fun.” Heather said.
“Hmm maybe.” Jessica thought for a little while then said. “Why not as long as she won’t tell.”
“Yes!” Heather smiled widely at the idea.
“Course we will need poker oyna to find out if she likes girls the way we do.”
“Yeah we would.”
Heather and Jessica walked back into class.
Chapter 2:
Yujin left class after school and started to walk home. She walked slowly and it took about 30 minutes to get to her neighborhood. Yujin passed 6 men on her way and as she entered her neighborhood she looked back and saw the 6 men right behind her.
“Hey little girl.” The leader said.
“Uh Hey?” Yujin said back.
“We like the way you look in your little skirt and tie.” He said
Yujin ran. Or she tried to run but the six men grabbed her and pulled her down and tied her hands behind her back.
“NO!” She screamed as the men ripped her pink panties down and ripped her shirt off. The men all pulled all there pants off exposing their dicks.
“God no please don’t do this please god.” Yujin moaned. In response the leader went behind her and shoved his cock into her virgin pussy. Yujin screamed as she brutally lost her virginity. Another went behind her and shoved his cock into her ass. She screamed again. Then the third man shoved his cock in between her tits. She continued to scream.
“Shut her up.” Said the man in her cunt. The fourth man shoved his cock into her mouth. Yujin tried to scream around the cock in her mouth but it didn’t work. Soon there was a man fucking her pussy, her ass, her tits, and her mouth, while two more men jacked off. Then the two men stopped jacking off and then moved to either side of Yujin’s head and stuck there cocks into her ears! Yujin had never felt this feeling she felt…Full! Every hole in her was full of cock.
Suddenly she felt a new sensation it was an intense pleasure in her crotch. Soon she sprayed juices all over the man in her cunt’s cock. She moaned into the cock in her mouth. Then the man in her vagina moaned and she felt something spray into her. He pulled out of her and the man in her ass moved to he pussy, and the man in her tits moved to her ass and the man in her mouth moved in between her tits. Then the man who had just cum into her was getting his cock cleaned by her mouth. Then the man in her pussy came spraying his juices into her cunt. Then he moved to her mouth and the men all switched places again except for the man who had cum first, he pulled up his pants and zipped his pants up. The process proceeded until all of them had cum in her pussy. She was full of juices. They then all pulled there pants up and left her tied up and almost naked except for her skirt. Cum was leaking out of her pussy. She moaned. She felt so violated. No part of her was a virgin any more. Even her ears had been filled. She was feeling as though she was going to burst with all the cock and juices that filled her. She moaned again.
“Hello?” She heard the call.
“Here over here.” She called. She heard the rustling of bushes and then Heather and Jessica were helping her up.
“Oh my God Yujin are you alright.” They looked down and saw the juices dripping from her cunt
“Yujin are you ok?”…
Chapter 3:
Heather and Jessica walked in through the front door. Heather looked around.
“Huh I guess Mom isn’t home yet.” Heather said. Jessica giggled.
“Dose that mean we have the house to ourselves?” Jessica asked.
“Yep.” She said catching on to what Jessica meant and giving her a wink. Jessica giggled again.
Heather and Jessica went to Heather’s room. Heather closed the door and turned to face Jessica. Both looked at each other. Ever since Jessica’s dad had picked them up Jessica and Heather had been forced to ‘behave’ themselves now that Jessica’s dad had dropped them off they were gonna have some fun.
“You haven’t tried the strap on.” Heather breathed walking up and kissing Jessica.
“Yeah your right.” Jessica gasped as her friend’s hands began searching her body paying special attention to her breasts nipples and her ass.
“Oh God yeah!” Jessica moaned as Heather fondled her ass. Heather stopped then and backed away then she slowly kicked her shoes off and then began to take off her knee high socks. Jessica sat back on the bed and quickly took off her panties and threw them away and began stroking herself to the show she was getting. Heather then removed her panties. Slid them down her legs and then kicked them off. Jessica stroked her pussy faster. Then came Heathers shirt but the tie remained on hanging between her breasts. Then the skirt came sliding off. She stood in front of Jessica completely naked except for her tie.
“Where’s the strap on?” Heather asked. Jessica reached into her bag and drew out the long fake cock. Heather slipped it on and then came up to Jessica and slowly ran the dildo through her small tits and then slowly, very slowly she ran it down her body and down her legs. Jessica spread her legs eager to have Heather stick it into her, but Heather shook her head teasingly.
“Roll over and get up on your knees.” Heather said. Jessica eagerly did as she was instructed and got into the position. Heather then slowly slid the thing up and down her slit.
“Please!” Jessica begged. “I want it in me please!”
“Well since you’re begging.” Heather said and then slid it into her. The whole thing all at once, Jessica screamed. She had never been filled so much. She felt that she was about to burst.
“Oh God don’t stop fuck me, fuck canlı poker oyna me hard!” She screamed at Heather who obliged. She thrust in and out of Jessica and knew that she was feeling exactly what she herself had been feeling earlier that day. She thrust harder into her and faster. She felt Jessica shudder as the thing went in and out of her.
Jessica had never felt anything like this her whole body felt weak and she felt so small with that giant thing in her. She could feel the thing in her right up until where it ended. She wanted more though she wanted more. She was feeling the pleasure build but she held herself back. She wanted this feeling to last a long time. She had never felt this much pleasure. It was still building and she tried to contain it. She looked over her shoulder and saw Heather thrusting her hips forward the tie she wore flopping in between her breast which bounced up and down. She could not contain it any more and so she let lose. A flood of cum sprayed out of her, covering the area of the bed she was on and covering the fake cock that was in her.
“Oh God!” Jessica moaned as the orgasm finally stopped.
“Kids you here!” The shout came from the door.
“Oh crap, Mom’s home!” Heather said shocked. She quickly withdrew the strap on from Jessica, which sent another surge of pleasure through her, and then looked around and saw a dress which would work, no time to find her panties. She then took the strap on off and looked around for a place to put it. No place worked then she saw that Jessica wasn’t wearing panties.
“I’m sorry about this.” Heather whispered into Jessica’s ear and then shoved the strap on up her pussy. She then covered what was remaining out of her (The strap s and such) under her skirt. Then Heather quickly tried to find Jessica’s panties but couldn’t. The door opened and she sat down on the bed just as her mother walked in.
“Hi Mom.” Heather said brightly
“Hi, Hi Jessica.” Heather’s Mom said.
“Hi Mrs. Murphy.” Jessica said.
“What were you doing in here?” asked Mrs. Murphy.
“Oh just talking.” Heather said quickly.
“I see. Well you tow have fun I’ll call you when dinner’s ready.” Just as she was leaving she saw that the patch of blanket Jessica was sitting on was soaked, also she then noticed the dress Heather was wearing it was very short and looked like it should be more a shirt than a dress.
“You should change out of that if you’re going to go out Heather it is much to short.”
“Ok Mom.” Mrs. Murphy again began to withdraw but then noticed the pile of cloths and was about to make a comment about how Heather shouldn’t leave her school uniform lying on the floor, but then she saw a pair of panties. That was odd. Shouldn’t Heather be wearing the panties? But then she noticed a second pair. Those certainly weren’t Heather’s. Then Mrs. Murphy tried to get a look under Jessica’s skirt without the girls noticing sure enough she could see… She wasn’t quite sure what she saw. There was something sticking out of Jessica’s pussy and there were straps attached.
Oh My God! She thought Jessica has a strap on up her pussy unless I am very much mistaken. But how could Heather not… The revelation struck her daughter and Jessica were … were. She couldn’t even think it. She quickly withdrew from the room.
“Do you think she noticed?” Jessica asked.
“I don’t think so but maybe we should get out of the house just to be sure she doesn’t see anything.” Heather said
“Why did you have to shove this thing up my pussy?” Jessica asked indignantly.
“Where else was I going to put it? Besides I figured you wouldn’t mind that much it dose feel good.”
“Yeah but I came right when she came in. What would have happened if I had accidentally showed it hmm.”
“I don’t know just lets find our panties and get out of here, ok?”
“Ok you want me to smuggle the dildo out?” Jessica asked, almost eagerly.
“Yes.” Heather said knowing what Jessica wanted to do. They found their panties and quickly put them on, Jessica put hers on over the strap on still in her pussy. Heather pulled her dress down so that her panties weren’t showing. They then walked to the front door.
“Mom we’re going out for a little bit, ok?” Heather yelled
“Fine!” Her mother shouted back. They exited the building and began walking.
“Then they heard a scream coming from down the street. They began running then Jessica stopped and screamed herself though not as loudly.
“What is it?” Heather asked.
“Cuming!” Jessica moaned. After her orgasm subsided they began running again toward the screams. Jessica stopped every now and then because of orgasms. They eventually reached the spot they thought the screams had come from. They heard a groan from the bushes.
“Hello?” Heather said.
“Over here,” said a voice from the bushes, They ran over and found Yujin tied up with her shirt ripped off and her panties torn and around her ankles, her skirt was lifted revealing her pussy (Which Heather couldn’t help but admire, it was shaved and looked inviting) which was dripping cum.
“Oh my God Yujin are you alright.” Heather asked and getting no response she asked again “Yujin are you ok?”
Chapter 4:
“Take me in side please.” Yujin was crying. They untied her and helped her to her house then they entered, it was completely dark.
“Is anyone home?”
“No.” Yujin gasped internet casino still crying. They helped her to her bedroom and laid her on her bed and then they started to ask her what happened.
“I don’t know men followed me home from school and then…and then.”
“Oh my God. You were raped?” Jessica gasped? Yujin nodded and began crying again.
“Don’t cry come on now.” Heather started to comfort but then Yujin leaped into her arms still crying. Heather looked at her still in her tattered cloths and still leaking the men’s cum and something came over Heather and she kissed Yujin on the lips long and passionately. Yujin struggled at first but then started kissing her back. Soon Yujin was on Heather lap kissing her. She pressed her tongue into Heather’s mouth, while Heather put her hands on Yujin’s tits and started squeezing and then slowly feeling downward until she was sliding her hands along Yujin’s thighs and upper legs.
“Let’s let Jessica in on this.” Heather breathed as they momentarily broke apart. Jessica had put her hand in her panties and had been moving the dildo in her up and down bringing her close to a climax.
Yujin got up and went over to her dresser and took out a small vibrator.
“I love this toy.” She said moving over to Jessica and pulling her panties down.
“What’s this?” She said as she saw the strap on that was impaling Jessica’s cunt. She pulled on it and it slowly slid out of her. Jessica came as the dildo exited her. The juices sprayed all over Yujin’s hand. Yujin got the dildo fully out and looked at it.
“A strap on? Wow have you two been doing… you know.” In response Heather came over and jammed her finger up Jessica’s pussy and began fingering her. Heather looked at Yujin’s pussy and saw cum slowly dripping from it.
“I should get that out.” She said getting on her knees and laying Yujin back down slowly on the bed. She then opened Yujin’s pussy with her fingers and started sucking the cum out. There was 6 men’s worth of cum not to mention Yujin’s and there was still not enough for Heather. The taste of cum drove her crazy, she loved it she buried her face deep into Yujin’s cunt trying to suck all the cum out and get more. This was the first time she had ever tasted a man’s cum she loved it she wanted more but there was no more to be had. Still Yujin’s was great and she tried to get more. She played with the clit with her fingers and slid her tongue in and out of Yujin’s pussy. She was soon rewarded with a shriek form Yujin and a mouthful of juices. Jessica came over and slid her own fingers into Yujin. With her other hand she took her vibrator.
“Let me see your strap on.” Yujin gasped as her climax finished.
“Ok.” Jessica handed it over and Yujin took it and strapped it on under her skirt. Jessica lay down on the bed and spread her legs so that her pussy was showing and then she took the vibrator to it. She turned it on and felt a great sensation run through her. Yujin came up to her.
“Turn over.” She said.
“Trust me you’ll love it.” She said smiling. Jessica nodded and turned over. Then she felt a pressure on her ass hole. Then it increased, and then her ass gave way and something forced itself into her.
“Yujin what the hell…” She never finished as Yujin then stuck the vibrator into her pussy. It felt so good and pleasure erupted in a way that left Jessica speechless to protest as her ass was fucked. Yujin started slow but soon was full speed fucking her. It hurt and Jessica wanted to tell her to stop but the vibrator still kept her moaning and gasping for air. Soon she was going to climax. She felt the pleasure build but she felt something else to. When she came it was the most intense she had ever had. It tore through her and she felt weird but there was pleasure coming from her ass aiding the orgasm to great strength. She still felt the pain but the climax was great. Soon she lay there motionless as Yujin pulled out of her. Her juices were soaking Yujin’s bed and soon Jessica was forced to put her panties back on.
They heard a car pulling in to the drive.
“That’s my mom you better hurry and get out of here. She is afraid of having anyone over or me going to anyone’s houses.” Yujin gasped as she quickly undid the strap on.
Heather grabbed it and shoved it up her own pussy had to stop as a climax raced through her then shoved the rest in. They all put on their panties (With the exception of Jessica whose panties were on already) and then Yujin raced them out the back and quickly went upstairs to change.
Chapter 5:
Mrs. Murphy was troubled. She was certain of what her daughter was doing. She was confused about it to. Her husband had known about her one night stand with Jessica’s mother a few years back and had lest her for it. It was true that Mrs. Murphy had done one lesbian thing once, and she still didn’t regret it… but her daughter. That was different. She also was strangely aroused by the thought though. And that confused her even more. She called up Jessica’s mother’s cell phone.
“Hey Paula.” She said
“Oh Hi Lindsey!” Paula said back.
“Yeah, you remember that one night two years back?” She asked nervously.
“When can we do it again.”
“I’m out of town right now but I’ll be back Saturday and I think Jack will be gone that weekend.”
”Great cause I need to blow off some steam.”
Continued in Part 4.

If anyone has ideas for part 4 or any other parts I may right please comment on them. I would like to know what you want to hear about.

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