Cathy and Chris Ch. 14

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Chris was sat at his desk, drinking a large coffee, happy that he had finally put a very large contract job to bed. The job was one that he’d had on the back burner for many years.

During a quiet spell, he’d gone to a large site ripe for development and measured, took photos and spoke with planners he knew in the town council. He spent free time working on this job until after about two years it was near perfect; even the town planners said so.

His background work meant that when the site was finally bought for development, he contacted the new owners and and asked for his partnership to be considered for the design. They agreed to his suggestion, and two days later he had presented them with his plans. They wanted a few alterations, which he did the same day. They were most impressed and that day he received an email confirming that he would was in line for a bonus. He had to reread the email four times to fully take in how much the bonus was.

It would be more than half his… no their mortgage plus leaving a little bit for a holiday or something.

He sat back at his desk, clicked the ‘send’ button as his multi-million pound business park design disappeared off into the ether. He sank the last of his coffee cheerfully, and stood, deciding it was a good day to have a half-day.

He sent Cathy a text message that he had just played a blinder and would buy her lunch to celebrate. He added that if she REALLY wanted to celebrate then she should get the afternoon off as well and start her long weekend early.

Her reply said she would see what she could do.

He drove across town parking in the visitor bay to her office building. He wore his dark suit, and slipped on his sunglasses against the early summer glare, and walked into reception.

The blonde behind the desk looked up at him, smiling in recognition. It was Cathy’s gorgeous relative that she shared her new house with. She automatically checked his ring finger and saw it was empty, and without thinking pushed her boobs up and out, stretched out her neck to elongate her cleavage, and stretched her hands out on the keyboard so he too would notice the lack of any rings on that finger.

“Hello,” she said softly, “are you here for Cathy?”

“Yes,” he said, “She is expecting me.”

“Won’t you take a seat?” she indicated the large brown leather sofa, “The coffee is not long brewed if you’d like a cup,” she pointed to a large percolator that she refilled at least four times a day.

“Thanks,” he said, taking a polystyrene cup and filling it.

“I’ll ring Cathy and let her know you’re here.” She pressed a button on her keyboard and spoke into a small earpiece headset Chris hadn’t even noticed. “Hi Cathy? Yes, there’s a gorgeous guy down here — waiting to take you out to lunch I expect, you lucky bitch.” She smiled at Chris, “yes, he already has one,” she said, “Nope the donuts have all gone — Oh trust me, if I knew he was coming I’d have saved him one.”

Chris grinned into his cup, knowing what Cathy’s reaction to her outrageous flirting would be.

But for him it had the desired effect and Cathy was in the foyer before he’d finished his second cup of the excellent coffee.

“Sorry Jeanette,” Cathy said, “When you said a really gorgeous guy in the foyer, I didn’t realise it was just Chris,” she folded her arms and stared at him with an accusatory grin.

“Thanks,” said Chris, “aren’t you legal types banned from lying?”

Cathy thought about it, “Yes.” She said with a smile that illuminated her whole face.

“That is a wicked slander McMahon, and you should hang your head in shame.” Chris looked round and saw Cathy’s best mate Carole.

“Hi Carole,” said Chris walking over to give her a peck on the cheek.

“Hi Christopher,” said Carole, “about time you took this skinny bitch out and fattened her up a bit; my office is like a bloody cat walk with all of these anorexic mares walking round showing off their perfect arses, and sticking their tits out.”

Cathy poked out her tongue at her best mate, “See you Monday Caz,” she smiled. Chris smiled too, this boded well that she had the afternoon free.

“See you hun,” said Carole have great weekend now.” He held the door for her and she walked through winking to Carole, hoping that the receptionist didn’t notice.

The receptionist did notice, “So Carole,” she said, “you’re like, Cathy’s best mate right?”

“I like to think so,” said Carole.

“What IS going on there, is she getting it from him or what?”

Carole smiled, “I don’t know,” she said keeping the secret to herself for the time being, “If she isn’t, she bloody well should be,” Carole looked wistfully at the pair as Chris opened the car door for Cathy to get in. “she definitely should be.”

“Well that was one ‘getting it’ smile she gave him,” said the blonde Jeanette, “and if the wink was anything to go by.” Carole managed to contain her own smile. It was true, her best friend was too fucking stupid to admit she was crazy about the guy she was sleeping with. Escort Sefaköy “So are they brother and sister or what? ‘Cos that could get weird,” the other girl said.

“Brother in law and sister in law, his late wife was her sister. Their kids are all of a similar age, and when her arsehole of a husband died they sold their houses and bought one of those huge Georgian Flint places over on the outskirts of town, got it for a song because it had been on the market for about three years. He did a shit load of building work on it apparently.”

“Ooh he’s almost perfect,” said the other girl.

“Yeah, well look but don’t touch,” Carole said, “they both have enough problems on their hands without you coming along and getting in the middle.

“Getting in the middle of what?” said the girl with a cheeky grin, “Actually now that Cathy is dressing her age and has lost all of that weight, I wouldn’t mind getting between them!”

“You dirty bitch,” said Carole with a chuckle, “make some more coffee before I throw a bucket of cold water over you.”

They sat in an Italian restaurant, sipping chilled Coke, with her eating her favourite pasta al forno and him working his way through a large calzone.

“So what are we celebrating?” she asked.

“You know that big business park project I was working on?”

“The one you’ve had in your bottom drawer for a couple of years?”

“Yep, I contacted the new owners and said I had something ready to go, they’ve accepted with a few alterations, which means they are about four or five months ahead of schedule, I even had the planning application completed for them.”

“Great!” she said, “Why am I celebrating then?”

“The developers have paid me a bonus for finishing early.”

“Oh that’s super,” she said, “you’re not blowing it all on this lunch are you?”

“No,” he said, letting her get a mouthful of food, “I’m blowing it on reducing our mortgage by half.”

The fork hung in the air, her mouth stopped chewing. “How much?” she said in astonishment, through a mouthful of pasta.

“Fifteen grand,” he said, “The taxman wants his bit or course, but there should be enough left to take ten off of the mortgage, we’ll be home free in five years rather than ten.”

“Oh Chris, that is fantastic!” Her face erupted in a most genuine look of delight, and she leaned across the table and kissed him without thinking.

“It means the mortgage will finish as Colleen, Karen and Robert start that whole college and Uni’ thing.” He grinned.

Cathy was barely used to the idea of Dan going to a university, suddenly she had visions of all four of them in various graduation photos and she flushed bright red,

“Oh just think,” she said “all of our babies at University, how wonderful!”

“Yeah,” he could only beam back her ecstatic face. She was beautiful.

They continued their meal chatting pleasantly, day to day conversation the same as thousands or other couples that lunctime. He wondered why she could do this during the day but couldn’t at night. He was minded to point this out, but she looked at him and smiled, and he didn’t want to lose the moment.

They finished their meal and he drove her back to her office and collected her car, “Let’s go to the country park,” he said as she made to get out of his car.


“Because the sun is shining, we have two hours before we have to pick get the children from school, and…” he paused, “I’d like to blow the cobwebs out with a walk in the woods, it’s been a hectic few weeks.” He avoided the suggestion that they were ‘going out’.

“I thought you wanted to go home and blow some cobwebs off of something else.”

“I could always be persuaded,” he said, when his heart wanted just to go for a walk and hold her hand.

He followed her home, and they went into the kitchen, rather than the standard rush to the bedroom undressing each other on the way, he stopped in the kitchen and made two mugs of tea, asking her if she wanted something to eat.

She noticed.

“We’ve just had lunch,” she said, watching make tea, “Something I said?”

“Oh, no, sorry,” he said, “No,” he tried to think of an excuse, “No, have been drinking coffee all day and fancied something different,” he walked over to her and took her face in his hands.

Kissing her long and passionately enough to take her breath away, he said, “Wont you step this way?” He took her hand and pulled her slowly to the bottom of the stairs. She giggled and went with him, her head to one side, grinning at him.

He speeded his walk, pulling her behind him, she stopping at the bathroom. “I’ll be right in,” she said, opening the door.

She did what she needed and headed into her bedroom, stripping out of her suit and hanging it in the wardrobe. When she lived with Brian her work clothes had been boring and frumpy. Since the weight loss she had invested in several black suits.

The first one was from a chain store and had been less than £20. Once she realised how good Yenibosna escort bayan and how hot she looked in it, she lashed out on some more expensive versions that showed her slimmer figure, even going so far as to buy suspender belts that matched her bra and panties sets. She loved the fact that the tiny studs could be seen through the tightness of her pencil skirts, and they made a nice change from her usual pantyhose.

After a particularly great session one morning she had chosen not to wear panties at all instead hiding a pair in her hand bag just in case. She attended meetings, met clients, everything she normally did feeling her the air around her bare puss. Only after an hour long meeting with her male colleagues did she put on her tiny thong to prevent her wetness marking the back of her skirt.

Today was a pantyhose day though and she removed them leaving them on the side of her bed. As she made to open the wardrobe, her Blackberry rang. Shit, she should have switched it off at the restaurant and set a temporary answerphone message saying to ring back on Monday.

Looking at the number she recognised it and took the call. It was client wanting to back out of a court hearing, and she worked hard to convince her not to. Eventually, the tearful woman rang off grateful for Cathy’s kind words and Cathy disconnected the call, making a couple of notes that would automatically update a file back at the office. She set her temporary greeting and happily switched off her phone.

She went through to his bedroom, to find him lying flat on his bed, sound asleep. His bedside alarm clock told her she had been undressing and on the phone for twenty five minutes. At first she wanted to be annoyed with him, but then she thought about the long days and nights he’d been working on this job, which had, as he said, halved their joint mortgage.

Whatever he’d said in his text this morning about taking the afternoon off, and the suggestion of a few hours shagging, taking five years off of a mortgage kind of did for any complaints she might have had.

He was lying across the centre of his bed, and there wasn’t enough room for her to get under the covers at either side. He was still dressed, which was strange, while she was naked and although warm she didn’t want to sit in his room naked, so slipped back through into her bedroom, and slipped under the covers of her own bed. She relaxed into the mattress and pillows, the duvet up to her neck and before she knew it was sound asleep, waking only when Chris gently shook her to say that he was going to the primary school to collect Colleen, Karen and Robert and that he wouldn’t be long.

She shook the sleep from her eyes to notice that he had changed into jeans without taking the opportunity while naked to slip into bed with her.

She heard the front door close, and lay slowly coming too. Her waking mind considered his not coming to bed with her. Two months ago, a month ago even, he would have run into the house with her and they would have starting stripping, kissing and caressing each other before the front door was even shut.

Today, he’d stopped to make a cup of tea and, worst of all, he’d fallen asleep while she was sat naked and almost ready for him. She tried to figure if he was bored with her now, didn’t find her sexy anymore or worse — had she upset him?

The walk; he had asked her just to have a walk in the spring sunshine through the woods. It would have been very romantic, and of course that was it wasn’t it. Hadn’t she been avoiding anything that suggested romance, especially outside of the house? Wasn’t everything he did for her romantic in some way? Even their love-making… shagging… sex… however she could describe it, had become the most glorious, passionate, romantic expression of… Shit, it was love wasn’t it? What else could it be for fuck’s sake.

She rolled to her side, and considered that most of her friends and close acquaintances were still at work, her place of work and wouldn’t have seen her. It wouldn’t have killed her just to have held his arm or his hand and walked through the woods with him for an hour, to have stopped for an ice cream or cold drink and just sat chatting in the sunshine; it might have been quite lovely. But then his falling in love with her, what about that? He said that he was OK with being a fuck buddy but then what did Cosmopolitan have to say about ‘fuck buddies’ taking romantic walks in the woods.

Whatever her concerns, when he came into his bedroom at eleven that night it was to find her sound asleep in his bed, already naked and looking amazingly peaceful.

He’d slid the covers to one side waking her from her light doze, “Well,” he said, “what a pleasure, a beautiful naked woman in my bed.”

She grinned her special Cheshire cat grin, which she seemed to save just for him these days. He slid in next to her and pulled her close, they kissed and cuddled for a while, their tongues melding and washing over each other, as hands fondled, caressed, Halkalı escort stroked and gently held. They didn’t have sex, but it was still lovely. Just the comforting feel of another person’s skin in such close contact was enough, she felt his erection and he felt her wetness, but for both it was wonderful just to lay with their lover, to hold and be held.

The whether that moment could be considered ‘romance’ was lost as she lay in his arms warm, comfortable, safe and content; more so than she had ever been in her life before.

Adding to the feeling was the knowledge that she now had four days off of work. She’d had two days of leave to use by the end of the month so she’d taken the Thursday and Friday.

In the morning she’d watched him load the kids into his car. She waved them off, happy to be in jeans and a sweater for once, with the pressure off about getting to work on time. She made a coffee and slid onto the big sofa with a magazine, warm and cosy.

This house was three times the size of the two-bed semi she’d occupied with Brian and she was initially perturbed that she might not settle here. But Chris was no fresh air freak like Brian was, Chris had no problem with closing windows and putting the heating on whatever time of the year, even going so far as to get all architectural and show her the sums that said it worked out cheaper to keep the house as at constant temperature rather than up and down with the timer. Mostly though, it was that he cared and said that if she was cold then that was enough reason to have the heating on. She’d hardly put the heating on though. The place just felt warm.

She started to feel horny, being at ease and with all of the pressure off and time to spare for herself and figured she would go to bed. She would dig out her trusty old vibrator which, thanks to Chris, had only seen the light of day twice in the months they’d all lived together, both of those times had been with him though.

They had been lying in her bed, talking about orgasms. She’d said that his tongue, fingers and penis were the greatest stimulation, while he said that there was no way he could compete with the mechanical marvel of her rabbit vibrator.

Much as she tried to convince him, he would have none of it and would only be convinced when she got her rabbit and tried it. He spent that evening making her come so many times that she lost count and lost track of what was oral sex, his fingers or the rabbit ears of vibrator. If truth was told he was enjoying himself so much he actually used all three. He was so impressed he repeated the same thing the next night, until the vibrator batteries ran out.

Now, the rabbit was in one hand and the Nancy Friday book he’d loaned her in the other, her pussy was tingling and her nipples were so hard they ached. She was going to spend the morning pleasuring herself.

Deciding that she wanted to be in his bed to do this, she went through the wardrobe into his room with her toy, she could have walked through the real doors much more easily but the wardrobe was ‘their’ entrance, the one for passion, for sex. Slowly she began to strip out of her clothes, a piece at a time. She watched herself in the long mirror on his wardrobe doors, narcissistically admiring her body that had shed the pounds and shaped up because of the excellent diet they now consumed and the extra exercise they all took.

The sweater came off first, revealing her white bra. It gave her a cleavage that she was proud of and showed off when she felt like it. With Brian, she’d never bothered because he was so funny about it. Chris on the other hand loved it, and told her so.

“Fuck no honey, you worked bloody hard to get a body like that, show it off, you won’t find me complaining.” He’d said as he lay on his side watching her appraisingly as she dressed in his room.

Next, she slid the tight figure hugging jeans down her thighs, choosing to stand and to bend at the waist rather than to sit down. Her bottom now; she was really impressed with how her bottom had turned out and she marvelled at sexy film star look of the thin strip of white cotton that separated the cheeks and the tiny white bulge of her labia she could see between her closed thighs. She had a gap between her legs now too, before they had touched almost all the way down.

The bra was next and she rubbed her breasts through the material, following the same patterns that Chris did, even closing her eyes and imagining his hands at work rather than her own. Her nipples sprung to her touch and she gasped at the tingling from them, and she pinched them and rolled them between thumb and forefinger.

Whenever Brian did it just hurt, when Chris did it, she just wanted to melt in his arms.

She weighed them in her palms, squeezing down them towards the nipples before slowly strumming their length gently.

Finally, she turned her back to the mirror to take down her knickers, staring over her shoulder and sticking out her bum like a pole dancer as they slowly descended.

She had done this in the past for Chris half jokingly but this time it was all for her, and with her panties at her knees she turned back to face the mirror. Putting an arm across her breasts modestly, she slid her other hand down to the slight rise to her belly. Her hand trembled slightly as she finally reached for her vagina.

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